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Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender

Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender

Brad Pitt takes his newest custom motorcycle out for a spin in Beverly Hills on Saturday (October 24) and gets into a little fender bender.

The 45-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor’s side-view mirror reportedly “nicked the mirror of an adjacent car and he lost balance on his bike. His motorcycle reportedly wouldn’t start after it fell to the ground, so the star called his security team for a lift.”

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, the brash biker…

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brad pitt biker brash 04
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brad pitt biker brash 06
brad pitt biker brash 07
brad pitt biker brash 08
brad pitt biker brash 09
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brad pitt biker brash 13
brad pitt biker brash 14
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brad pitt biker brash 17
brad pitt biker brash 18
brad pitt biker brash 19
brad pitt biker brash 20
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566 Responses to “Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender”

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  1. 76
    OMG Says:

    The guy and girl are not paparazzi

  2. 77
    alice Says:

    Hope Brad is ok. I can say Brad looks mighty fine. Now just cut off a little more hair off the beard and he will be perfect.

  3. 78
    liverwurst Says:

    Wonder how many orphans the cost of that bike would have fed? How much “stuff” does this couple need???? Millions on art, homes, jets motorcycles, cars…and all the while boo-hooing on TV how “affected” they are over all these orphaned, homeless refugee children. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. 79
    bdj Says:

    They adopted 3 children, donate to millions and build homes for the homeless. Your hairness has a life supply of hair care products. I won’t ask what you have done. You are making a career out of whining.

  5. 80
    alice Says:

    Liverwurst why don’t you cancel your internet and give that to orphans to show Brad how it’s done. Oh you’re not going to do that. Than shut up trying to tell other people how to use their money.

  6. 81
    liverwurst Says:

    @kelly: Brad suffers from male pattern baldness. Right now he’s getting hair transplants thus the goofy hats all the time. Who wears a hat under their helmet?

    This is true about his hairline and he also had more restylane in his pock marked skin and under his eyes (he wore sunglasses 24/7 for 6 weeks while in public) and of course he loves the botox. Celebs often radically change their look for a time to off set the “fresher” appearance.

  7. 82
    bdj Says:

    Jenhens know all about botox and cosmetic procedures.. Ole girl has a gold card and line of credit at the Surgeon’s office

  8. 83
    an oldie Says:

    Hey, Liverwurst, how many times did you have to sit through ShiiHappens? I feel sorry for you. Hahaha.

  9. 84
    bdj Says:

    You couldn’t pay me to sit through sh*it Happens. I saw Jen’s balloon face in that dog movie while channel surfing. Straight to video is too good for your hairness.

  10. 85
    ayrin Says:

    @liverwurst: just like nippy!!! she dissapears to get urine treatments, I bet she drinks it too, you know:

  11. 86
    Anak Says:


  12. 87
    jessica Says:

    TMZ is reporting that No papps hit Brad Pitt, he was alone and he was trying to get past a parked car when his handle bars hit it and he lost control, this is on video, and no Papp was involved. If a Pap hit Pitt don’t you think the police would have been involved and they would be in these pictures?? Come on get real.

  13. 88
    Jill Says:

    coco @ 10/24/2009 at 6:14 pm

    You sound very angry and bitter. Why do you hate Brad so much just because he dumped your fugly idol? This was a serious accident that could have left six small children without their father. Would you have been satisfied then?
    You need a reality check. Your name is not Jennifer Aniston. The man who dumped you for a better woman is not named Brad Pitt. And the woman he dumped you for is not named Angelina Jolie.

  14. 89
    bdj Says:

    Paps are always innocent. They are choirboys and Jenhens live in la la land.

  15. 90
    Kaylie Says:

    Brad crashed because hes an idiot. the paps did not even touch him or bump him.

  16. 91
    mmsic Says:

    @liverwurst: You’re right”actions speak louder than words”.You keep talking and whining,but i don’t see you building homes for the homeless,donating a third of your salary to refugees,visiting the orphaned children.What’s up man,i thought you say actions speak louder than words,or is that a big lie?

  17. 92
    OMG Says:

    The paparazzi hit him

  18. 93
    Passing Through Says:

    # 43 ugh, that awful beard @ 10/24/2009 at 6:17 pm
    It’s a goatee, not a beard. Speaking of beards – I hear X is back to being one for The Urinator. Getting peed and pooped on is just bonus. Some girls have all the luck.

  19. 94
    a little help Says:

    training wheels

  20. 95
    Passing Through Says:

    # 63 coco @ 10/24/2009 at 6:36 pm
    @Passing Through: You need a life.
    Whuh? Like the stalker-troll/Huanitor-troll “life” you’re living? I’m gonna take a pass on that. Go figure.

  21. 96
    alice Says:

    X17 says the pap did hit Brad. But they go on to say it may or may not have caused him to hit the car in front of him.
    Of course it caused Brad to hit the other car. He had been riding successfully before the pap hit him without any incident.
    But of course TMZ and X17 want to downplay the paps actions because that is their bread and butter.

  22. 97
    Passing Through Says:

    # 65 pokeman @ 10/24/2009 at 6:40 pm
    thanks PT. that’s awesome. that chin is still hidious. no wonder she likes to keep her hair long and mostly styled toward her face because she wants to cover that ugly chin.
    I don’t think her chin looks quite as big in the 4th picture where her hair is short. BUT, hey, when your chin is that honkin’ long, “looks smaller” ain’t saying much.

  23. 98
    coco Says:

    @Passing Through: You are a troll that’s why you sit and collect JA pics and talk about her all day long. Not me. You talked about her chin several times – pathetic much? Get a grip.
    @Jill: Did you take your meds today? I do not hate Brad just said he could use a new look.

  24. 99
    karen Says:


    OH please calm down. One or both are his assistant.. they came to the scene to pick him up.. his bodyguard came back later and got the bike..

    Funny people get a piece of information and run with it and more ofter then not it is wrong. According to several accounts the paps did hit him. And he may have lost control and hit the car.. and to the poster talking about the lack of pics.. use your brain too.. Do you really think that the paps are going to release video or pictures that show them in the wrong?.

    Yeah I have a brain too.. and I can figure out that they will cover their as* every time..

  25. 100
    katie Says:

    i like his beard. weirdy lol : )

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