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Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender

Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender

Brad Pitt takes his newest custom motorcycle out for a spin in Beverly Hills on Saturday (October 24) and gets into a little fender bender.

The 45-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor’s side-view mirror reportedly “nicked the mirror of an adjacent car and he lost balance on his bike. His motorcycle reportedly wouldn’t start after it fell to the ground, so the star called his security team for a lift.”

25+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, the brash biker…

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566 Responses to “Brad Pitt Gets Into a Fender Bender”

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  1. 126
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    lol @ 10/24/2009 at 8:00 pm liverwurst @ 10/24/2009 at 7:02 pm Wonder how many orphans the cost of that bike would have fed?


    it obviously cost less than what he gave out to start on a project to help others.

    It probably costs less than the 50,000 dollars of Maniston single hairstyle when she was in Europe and flew her hairderesser to make a stupid hairdo that costs the price of 5 cars all the while charging 5 dollars to everyday people to promote ‘Stupid Water’ as her most important charity deed of the year.

  2. 127
    bdj Says:

    Some of the rags best ideas and pixs have come from forums.

  3. 128
    Neil Says:


    I think the best part of you ran down your mother’s leg. What an idiot.

  4. 129
    lylian Says:

    @Not Impressed by JA:
    liverwurst @ 10/24/2009 at 7:02 pm Wonder how many orphans the cost of that bike would have fed?

    It costesd one month of Maniston haircare fees.
    When you include Puffyface’s monthly payments to her PLASTIC SURGEON, her yoga coach, her brazilian waxer, and her 2 chefs and who ever and whatever else she needs to keep her looking Fabulous and 40, Brad’s motorbike costs would be a mere bagatelle.
    Talking about money, I have to say, it remains soooooo strange to me why it is that Pff’s multi million dollar home in LA has such a small drive way or garage that Jane Pitt and John Mayer and Paul Sculfer all had to be dropped off/picked up outside her home or park their cars outside her home, behind her electronic gates.
    You’d think that someone who has lived her life in the public eye for years and years and who has claimed numerous times to dislike the intrusion of the paps and media in her private life (even back when she was Mrs Pitt, remember how she said that if someone could be her for one day, they’d be the most pissed off person because of the paps), could make it a priority to purchase a home which had a driveway or garage large enough to accommodate visitors cars. After all, she says she wants PRIVACY.
    And another strange thing about pff’s home is how, we don’t ever see any photos of other famous people entering or leaving her home, like Courtney or Sheryl or whoever, even though we KNOW that she entertains a lot because she has TWO (2) CHEFS who makes sure that there is food in her home any time and yet, no photos.
    But we have paps stalking outside Pff’s home for photos of Jane Pitt, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and Paul Sculfer and Ryan Kavanaugh.
    And of course, the liverworms and christines of the world who scream that the JP’s are pr hos can never actually respond to why it is that the JP’s don’t show up usually to the red carpet of awards where they are NOT nominated, unlike Jennifer Puffyface Aniston who just had to be at the 2009 Oscars with her beloved John Mayer, the oscar boyfriend to present an inconsequential award.
    Yes indeed, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER than words!!!

  5. 130
    Neil Says:

    @So Judgemental:

    Wasn’t that the same report that mentioned that many paps are borderline criminals with personal backgrounds of ruthless behaviour when it comes to making a fast and easy buck. I love how little they are ever called to an accounting of THEIR behaviour. I guess that would be like a “john” ( everyone who supports the tabloid media) condemning p r o s t i t u t i o n.

  6. 131
    Mark Says:

    This is wrong, it’s time the papp’s stop all this harasment. I bet they wouldn’t take if. Easy way to grab a dollar for them.

  7. 132
    mmsic Says:

    @plez: Oh,by the way,where is her wide and thick nose? I don’t see it anymore,all i see is thinner and smaller nose.My bad,the surgical procedure which means 3/4 of her face is fake,fraud and more fraud.But,she sure can afford it.That’s probably why she doesn’t like to have children.She’s scared they might end up looking like her in that first picture posted by PT.I’m bad!!!

  8. 133
    danny Says:


    I always wonder why Jane Pitt had to cross the street to get into her home. Now I know.I think she called the paps so she can say, see she love me more what an insecure woman

  9. 134
    Debra19 Says:

    So Glad Brad is OK!

    These so-called men need to get REAL jobs.

  10. 135
    lylian Says:

    @Tiresome Blather:
    I fail to see the reason for your linking TMZ to this incident. There isn’t a single shred of evidence that a TMZ photographer had anything to do with this accident; they have merely reported the story the same as JJ and every other site has. Moreover, there is reportedly videotape shot by a witness showing Brad attempting to manuever his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and then falling off his bike with no impact from any other vehicle.
    I realize the rush to make up your own account of an event at which you were not present is tempting, but why not wait to see if there is a little thing we like to call “EVIDENCE” that will actually show what occurred. I know you don’t like to cloud your over-blown opinions with facts, but sometimes they can be quite helpful.
    YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! As bdj said, TMZ in da house!!
    Now that we know TMZ’s mouth piece is in da house, it seems an opportune time to ask what videotape shot by a witness showing Brad attempted a maneuver?
    Does it ever occur to you to ask, why on earth would an ordinary bystander or driver in the next car be following Brad and filming his every move on a video tape?
    Please, you and I both know that if there is indeed a video tape shot of Brad attempting a maneuver, the only persons who would be video taping it all are the PAPS.
    Bystanders and ordinary drivers in their cars would not recognise Brad with his helmet and his bike. Nor would the ordinary bystanders or drivers video another person on a bike for the few minutes it takes to video him on the move because they’ve got things to do, places to go and people to meet and that’s what they are thinking about. It’s not like you are in a restaurant, chatting, relaxing, looking around and having at least 1/2 an hour to whip out the camera phone to take a shot.
    So, if there is such a video of Brad doing a maneuver, I’d like to see it because I’d bet it was filmed by a pap.
    Finally, I think the paps need to realise that the Nuremberg defence doesn’t for a pap who intrudes and stalks any celebrity. We’ve all seen Chasing Angelina shown in CNN, and I’ve no reason to believe that CNN exaggerated the lengths that the paps go through to take photos of famous celebrities. We’ve all seen the disgusting behavior of the paps, stalking Britney Spears as she has a public meltdown due to her mental health.
    Now I know the paps like to say that they are taking the photos which the public wants to see. That’s BULLLL SSSHIIT.
    That argument that the public wants it and the paps are doing only what the public wants is equivalent to saying that meth and ecstasy and other really harmful drugs should be made freely available to the public because theres a segment of the public who wants it and pays big money for it.
    Obviously, no one says that meth and ecstacy tablets should be freely available as they are a danger to those who consume it.
    Yet it is OK to endanger the celebrities and snap photos of their children placing them at higher risk of kidnapping because – the public wants it?? YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    Frankly, the paps are like DRUG DEALERS. Sure there’s the public that wants it, and the paps deliver it. That’s what the Drug dealers say too.
    Levin is a lawyer, so he should be able to see the logic and rationale of this argument. I’d like to see him distinguish it.

  11. 136
    AutumnM Says:

    I like Brad, but haven’t really found him attractive in years. Well I was never one of these women who thought he was the hottest man on earth or anything but he is of course a good looking guy but not looking so hot these days. I know he’s older now, but I think he could still look better than this. He should get rid of the beard. It doesn’t look good on him.

  12. 137
    lylian Says:

    Danny, when I saw Jane being photographed outside pff’s home, getting in or out of the car, I was shocked, the world was shocked!!
    That’s when the obvious question has to be raised. How can a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR HOME, of a celebrity who HATES the paps intrusion into her life, not ensure that her home has a drive way large enough to accommodate more than ONE CAR – especially in AMERICA!!! Perhaps I’m wrong, but living in Australia where land is plentiful, and cars a must, even very middle class people have homes with a double garage and a driveway big enough to accommodate at least 2 cars or more.
    If your drive way is big enough for only one car, there’s something wrong with a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR house in America or Australia. If your drive way can accommodate more than one car then what you do is, you drive out a car to make room for your visitors car – NO?? Isn’t that what you or anyone else who hates the paps would do to ensure her privacy??
    And it isn’t just Jane but John and Paul and Vince who have to park their cars outside – people pff wanted the WORLD TO KNOW were visiting her.
    And no one else.
    You’d think that in all these 4.85 years after legal separation, these are pff’s only visitors, yet we KNOW because Pff SAID SO in that interview in Elle by her PAID EMPLOYEE KRISTIN HAHN, that she has LOTS AND LOTS of Friends who visit and enjoy the food served by her TWO (2) chefs. Yet, no photos of anyone else famous coming in and out of her house?
    Now, I’m not conspiracy theorist. I think many times, celebs just go about their lives in LA and accept being photographed as part of life. They are photographed shopping or eating or whatevering. Even if a celebrity does set up a shot, they set up the shot with themselves, front and centre of the photo. Look, here is Denise Richards, shopping or Pamela Anderson, tanning, or whatever. Fine and good and fair enough.
    As for Brad and Angelina, they are just STALKED. No other way to describe it. In JJB someone posted a babel fish translation of an article of the paps in South of France making up stories as usual, trying to squeeze the locals and even offering to pay 5000 Euros for a story. That’s why we’ll always have photos of them going to the supermarket or a movie together of whatever from time to time. Considering how much they are stalked, it’s pretty good how they can fly under the radar most of the time.
    But in the case of Jennifer Puffyface Aniston, the evidence that she deliberately called the paps to photographed just Jane, and John and Paul and Vince and no one else is pretty damning eh??
    But now that Huvane has read my post (and you know he or his minions are reading), watch out for some other photos of visitors going into pff’s house.

  13. 138
    Sofia Says:

    He looks hot

  14. 139

    Tiresome Blather @ 10/24/2009 at 8:30 pm groundcontrol @ 10/24/2009 at 7:58 pm

    TMZ and Harvey Levin are already dealing with legal issues over how they had access to certain police docs and/or info about the Mel Gibson DUI arrest.
    Harvey is yelling First Amendment but you cannot break the law as a journallist or you lose the protections you do have under the First Amendment and related laws. But , for instance, the federal Privacy Protection Act isn’t violated if the Los Angeles County search warrants for Levin’s phone records and bank records regarding the Gibson matter were in furtherance of an investgation into wrongdoing by Levin himself or his agency.
    Those protections for journalists are a lot more limited than people have come to believe they are. So, yea, with the Governor on the war path and with a sympathetic legislature you know Harvey and his ilk are worried about their livelihoods.
    If they hit Brad’s bike – forget it – nothing they say about anything else matters. They would be held responsible for any forseeable results of that action including causing Brad to hit any other car or object, causing him to lose control, as well as Brad being forced to take evasive action to get away from a car that has become a safety threat to him.

    ******** ***********************

    I fail to see the reason for your linking TMZ to this incident. There isn’t a single shred of evidence that a TMZ photographer had anything to do with this accident; they have merely reported the story the same as JJ and every other site has. Moreover, there is reportedly videotape shot by a witness showing Brad attempting to manuever his bike between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light, and then falling off his bike with no impact from any other vehicle.

    I realize the rush to make up your own account of an event at which you were not present is tempting, but why not wait to see if there is a little thing we like to call “EVIDENCE” that will actually show what occurred. I know you don’t like to cloud your over-blown opinions with facts, but sometimes they can be quite helpful.
    Are your insults supposed to be useful in advancing the discussion? They simply read like what I assume they are, Levin or his defenders deflecting the typical dangerous behavior of paparazzi.
    My post above suggesting their fears – including TMZ’s fears – that their conduct in the reckless pursuit of celebrity “news” is getting called into question more and more is completely relevant to the discussion. Your attempts to deflect a legitimate discussion by hurling insults at me and putting words in my mouth are just typical distractions. Nowhere do I say a TMZ agent was involved. What I said, as you well know, is that TMZ has serious credibility issues in reporting on this incident because of its conflicts of interest. All paparazzi and photo agencies are affected by the dangerous actions of the others and their consequences. It is in their best interests to protect each other.
    They ALL have every reason to cloud the turth and cover up any action by a fellow paparazzi that may add fuel to public opinion that would generate additional legislation that could effectively shut down much of their operations thus ending their cash cow of harrassing celebrities to make money.
    See how TMZ is related? But then you already know that don’t you.
    I notice in the TMZ report, which you parrot verbatim above in your post, that the reports that Brad Pitt was hit or clipped by a paparazzi car are completely omitted. Why is that? Where are the FACTS about those reports? TMZ isn’t waiting for all the FACTS to come out before reporting. TMZ is simply putting the best spin on the story to its and the paparazzi industry’s benefit.
    TMZ and X-17 would like the public to think Pitt maneuvering by a car is the only factor involved in the accident. Of course, it is not. It is entirely relevant if Brad Pitt was in any way touched by another car driven by a paparazzi or if he even felt threatened to the point where he had to evade that car to avoid being hit. TMZ and X-17 carefully avoid any mention of this. You’ll note that Pitt was swarmed by paparazzi as soon as this occurred. They were obviously on top of him.
    A videotape may very well be irrelevant if it is incomplete and omits relevant portions of this incident that may have set the chain of events in motion. I certainly don’t trust another paparazzi to voluntarily give up footage that could affect his livelihood or cause damage to the entire industry.
    Tiresome Blather, you sound just like every cop on the stand obfuscating and avoiding the whole truth. Parties with vested interests make poor and unreliable witnesses.
    The notion that the paparazzi and gossip industry is interested in EVIDENCE and the whole truth is beyond laughable. Now that is truly tiresome blather.

  15. 140
    groundcontrol Says:

    The post above was me, groundcontrol, responsing to the TMZ Defender.

  16. 141
    vickifromtexas Says:

    lylian, you are kicking butt and taking names. = )

  17. 142 and learn Says:

    OK jolie-pitt fans..I have to report this bit of information..

    The ff freaks and IUC nuts have reached a new level of crazy that has even surprised me..

    1. they have convinced themselves that Brad and Jenny poo are getting back together by the end of they year..

    2. Ian creeper’s book is coming out in 37 days. yes they are creaming themselves with the thought that he is going to reveal all the Brange’s deep dark secrets.. He has Brangelina as a title.. so 2 years ago.. that is just an outdated term..

    But the kicker is the IUC freaks are on the Break up wagon again. That actually Brad/Angie have already broken up and Brad is in contact with FF and they are back together..

    Can you believe how stupid these people.. I had to do this.. read.. and learn.

    For your reading pleasure-The FF Insider-

    I think Paid to Hush does know them but she doesn’t know the bigger picture. She has a pretty good grasp of what they’re really like, but as for what’s going on behind the scenes, she does not know.

    She said before that there is no way that Jen and Brad are getting back together and I can tell you without a doubt that that statement is inaccurate. It’s well known around here that they are getting back together and have been in contact for months now and that the NY meeting was one of the times they’ve met up recently.

    All of these poor Jen pathetic loser in love stories have been created by Ang and her camp because she knows they’re getting back together and has tried to paint Jen in the worst possible light to cushion the blow she’ll get from the public and the media when it happens. She’s trying to make it look like it’s a pity thing because she’s fighting for her image and she knows it. That’s why Brad has been playing nice, traveling with her, being the adult in the situation…it’s because he wants to limit the backlash that she’ll receive when it happens. And all the stories about Jen getting back with Mayer (or May Hem as some call him)? Not true. She’s biding her time until the time is right with go public with Brad.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just typing what I know. And almost what everyone in HW knows. They are getting back together.

    You don’t need to believe it right now. What your beliefs are have little to do with the reality of the situation.

    You’ll believe it soon. By the end of the year. As soon as they can complete the transition without having Jen being labeled the other woman, and Jolie being the victim of karma. It has to be ‘respectful’ (Brad’s words, not mine).

    The children aren’t keeping them together because they have already ceased being a couple in the romantic sense. They co-parent together, lead separate lives and will soon be announcing that fact.

    Mark my words.

    just an example of what these nuts are discussing.. Don’t be surprised as this kind of stupid stuff gets worst when that idiot’s book comes out.. I for one would not pay a found penny for that piece of crap. And I really doubt if Brad/Angie give a sh*t about it either..But we know that many of the FF freaks love to post here. So just a heads up..

  18. 143
    teri Says:

    I was so upset when I read the earliest reports, must say I was so angry at the papz. They did this contantly to Britney, climbing on her car and chasing her through red lights. When that happend the papz smashed into another car. Talk about idiots on a rampage. I’m thankful Brad is okay and nobody was hurt. Brad is such a super nice guy and very generous when it comes to pictures of him and also his family. Alot of the papz are ex felons and very rough.

  19. 144
    lylian Says:

    GC, there’s a video from X17 of Brad stopping to chat with a couple BEFORE his accident.
    You’ll see clearly from the video that Brad was being STALKED.

  20. 145
    Brad Fan Says:

    Oh Brad please be a movie star and ride in limos okay sweetie?

  21. 146
    teri Says:

    The JP family deserve nice things in life also. They aren’t bad because they spend on themselves as well. They are doing their part, that’s all that matters. Let the haters complain and bellyache over this lovely family, it just brings more joy to me to see them in pain. When jen admitted she found a long gray hair the jenhens cried for days on end.

  22. 147
    lmao Says:

    LMAO at all the children on this thead. Look at their childish posts.

  23. 148
    csw Says:

    What’s up with the Paps?. Remember Princess Diana”"”"”!!! This is outrageous. Celebrities are human beings and should not be put at such risk for the next paparazzi picture.

    Thank God Brad Pitt was OK.

    People those nasty comments about Brad Pitt looks-shut up. Life is too short-the man can grow facial hair, mark up his skin, wear whatever he wants as long as he is not preparing to kill someone.
    By the way Brad Pitt and other celebrities do mavellous charity work. What have you haters done lately?

  24. 149
    jessie Says:

    mhmmm i love me some brad pitt.. and the facial hair is for an upcoming film people!

  25. 150
    lylian Says:

    @Brad Fan:
    LOL!! It’s funny you say this and I understand why you do.
    But I also understand why he won’t just like I understand why my 86 year old father in law whose had a neck operation necessitating him to turn his upper body to look behind him still insists on driving himself even though he can afford to hire a driver.
    I also remember the day I switched on the car and drove and the sense of independence and power that gave me. I’m pretty sure not driving would be one of the last pieces of independence and power I would give up in my old age.
    Incidentally, in the case of my father in law, he makes my mother in law ride shotgun and act as another pair of eyes. And he is only allowed to drive from home to his office about 5 minutes of moderate traffic away (yes, he still works). But still, we all worry….

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