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Ellen Pompeo: Legalize Marijuana!

Ellen Pompeo: Legalize Marijuana!

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo makes a grocery run at her local Whole Foods supermarket on Friday (October 23) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress reportedly stopped to sign a petition to legalize marijuana in California. An army of volunteers have recently begun collecting signatures for a statewide legalization measure (for Californians 21 and over) that they hope to place on the November 2010 ballot.

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo picking up groceries…

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Credit: SRV; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • boink

    just say no, pot smells BAD



  • b

    where is that kid?

  • Ana

    Very pretty. I love her hair.

  • Lunax

    OMG her breasts are huge after having Stella! main reason i wanna have kids = natural breast enhancement.

    I too wish i come back as skinny! wish me luck on my pregnancy with Mia Noelle :)

  • Realme2008

    I love Ellen Pomeo. She’s such a great actress, and she’s nice. Oh, yeah Ellen ur body is banging these days girl!!

  • Saudia

    wow .. she’s so skinny !! Wonder what she did after she had her daughter.. great genes probably lol. Or does working out during pregnancy really work wonders? LOL

  • ganymede30324

    Good for her! She’s in some show or something, right? I mean, pot’s good for you…and, oh, ran out of chips…

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Greys anatomy fan

    I love ellen she is a great actress she looks amazing in these pictures

  • MARK

    I really loves her smile!! she`s so beautiful, but where is her baby???????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jane

    Cheese and rice! Didn’t she just have a baby? Eat a burger, lady!

  • tam

    she is gorgeous!! and sorry my vision just went straight to her chest, lol

  • MR

    Why not fry everybody’s brains with some hash?
    Wouldn’t it be cool if more kids will damage their memory and cognitive functions, but will think it’s cool to be HIGH?
    All these celebs are so stupid.

  • mattchew

    Good for her. Smart lady!

  • Sydney

    @Lunax: Good luck!!! Beautiful baby name too!!:)

  • Amnda Dubs

    Wow she looks amazing! The baby weight just fell off of her :D Can’t wait for her new boobs to make an appearance in Grey’s!

  • Pat


  • ihavenolife

    very nice boobies!

  • J

    she looks amazing! She’s so talented and beautiful….even more beautiful now that she has had a baby if thats even possible! She already look amazing! I sooooo want to see a picture of her little Angel!

  • britnee

    Did she just have a kid?! She looks too small to have just delivered. Especially at her age!! Something isn’t right about that!

  • yummy

    Those boobs look amazing! :=)

  • namers


    Pot smells great!

  • ted

    OY MAMA…
    she’s gorgeous..

  • ted

    I’m glad she’s back on Grey’s
    I want more meredith pls.

  • Liz86000

    WOW, she looks amazing! And it’s been what, 2 months since she had her baby?? WOW again…

  • Ellen Pompeo Fan

    Ellen looks SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!! :D

    tnx you for the pics :D LOve Ellen :D

  • justine

    If you read well the petition is to legalize it for +21 years old! In some countries in Europe it’s already legalized and it’s really controlled plus it permits to government to put taxes on it which is good to finance more social action and increase the power of dealers… Plus generally when you legalize it, the price is pretty high and people generally give up to take it!

  • justine

    @justine: Oops, I wanted to say break the power of dealers since now government control their market!

    BTW, it can also be used as medicine to relief pain!


  • sarah

    No Stella. Ellen is great. It’s another reason because I like this woman and I hate Heigl. If you want to protect your daughter from paparazzi you CAN but Heigl loves to show her “daughter” for publicity.

  • ted

    Ellens girl is still too small I think :) 1 month and 2 weeks old only.
    but I want to see her on the cover of people mag with an interview soon

  • Jade

    and may I say again WOW…

    lucky Patrick.. eeehmmm I mean Chris…

  • Jamie

    DAMN she’s booby! I like.

  • Consie

    Love her!!! She’s gorgeous! I’m just sad that meredith hasn’t been showing much in grey’s…

    omg, those legalize marijuana people are all over my school!! You can’t get away from them!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    Her body actually looks better AFTER giving birth than before.

    She has a stunning shape and great breasts now, but im sure she will exercise like crazy and loose all her shape :(

  • iinee_

    Lady GaGa – Bad Romance with Lyrics

  • elle

    look at her boobs, can’t stand her though

  • gigi

    Love how gorgeous she’s looking
    amazing body… keep it up Ellen…
    need to see Stella

    can’t wait for Meredith to come back front and center sooooon
    in 608 .. 2 weeks to go

  • mika

    She is looking hot
    She should show more skin on Grey’s much more skin…

  • hanna

    wow..i can’t stop looking at her her breasts. now i wanna get pregnant too. i want those boobs! haha.
    and on the maijuana thingie, good for her. it should get legalized. tobacco and alkohol has a waaay higher kill rate than marijuana. if anything should be illegal it’s alcohol and tobacco. how many doesn’t die as a a cause of those?! marijuana is just some dot compared to that.

  • Mark

    No wonder she wants to legalize marijuana, HER HUSBAND IS A CONVICTED DRUG DEALER !!!!!

    Thats hilarious !

  • jennah

    You’re an idiot, if it legalized dealers won’t be able to control this market, it’ll ruin their business since government and healths departments would be able to control it plus it will bring money thanks to taxes !
    So stop bitching about something you don’t know just in order to bring dirts about her husband’s past. He paid for it so move on.

  • sarah


    Hilarious! Thank you for it!
    Back to the discussion, Heigl, Walsh, Chambers, Dane and wife will be happy to know that Pompeo signed their petition. They love to smoke marijuana

  • Dina

    Nice move Ellen totally agree with it.
    and Ellen looks AMAZING.

  • TJ


    “I don’t care where she was going, what she was doing, who she saw when she got there – this chick is HOT. She just gave birth like .2 seconds ago and already she’s hotter than she was pre-baby. It’s the mommy boobs. The mommy boobs were MADE for Ellen Pompeo”

  • wendy


    She looks spectacular, and the woman was flat as a board, but look at those boobs now, haha she looks so much better.

  • khristi

    She ahould definitely think about keeping this weight on-she was so thin before that even with a little weight on, she still looks thin

  • Karen

    Where’s the new baby!

  • Stone

    Far out!

  • 545455

    Damn, she looks awesome!! Can’t wait for the episode when she’s back full time!

  • Stone

    Hey,let’s all get “busted!”