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Ke$ha Takes TiK ToK to London

Ke$ha Takes TiK ToK to London

Los Angeles singer Ke$ha works out some killer metallic accessories as she takes her debut solo release “TiK ToK” across the pond to London on Saturday (October 24).

The 22-year-old blonde beauty, who first rose to fame when featured on Flo Rida‘s massive hit “Right Round,” has been working on her album with super producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, whose combined credits include Avril, Miley, Kelly, Pink, Katy and Britney.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, watch Ke$ha‘s “TiK ToK” music video! Also, UK’s Guardian has a great piece on her.

Ke$ha shopping for clothes in the trash in Munich, Germany

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  • Silver

    She looks kinda dirty.

  • coco


  • xxx

    What a marvellous example for young girls. Her new song contains lyrics like “all the boys wanna touch my junk.” Umm… yeah, thanks for the info “Ke$ha”… (thats if you even wrote this song yourself!).

    And whats with the name “TiK ToK?”
    Is she illiterate or something? Doesn’t speak English? Got dyslexia?

  • nams

    those clothes she’s pilfering in munich are supposed to go to the needy. what a dumb baish. really.

  • the_boyfriend

    she’s taking clothes from the needy? fail.

  • jane

    Thats NOT trash, those are clothes for the needy. Then she leaves them all strewn out on the ground. What a real live bitch.

  • Darwin

    Cuz she would know that right. Cuz she’s German.

    Gosh you guys are so retarded.

  • Haider

    You guys are the dumbest people ever, except Darwin. Her song’s called TiK ToK … so? It’s a name you remember, isn’t it? And no one knows her so maybe she’s just trying to be funny, which may be her personality or something.

  • the_boyfriend

    whether she knew or not she could of at least not left them strewn all over the place for someone else to deal with.

  • emmaa

    Jared why waste your time posting about this nobody and thief? No offense.

  • gross

    wow. it’s like shopping for food at the foodbank. TASTELESS! those clothes are for poor people not the rich

  • jj

    Well she’s not rich… yet, so :)
    By the way, her song is #10 on iTunes ;)
    Everyone loves TiK ToK, even the haters haha.

  • ok so??

    Who?? I have never heard of this girl. Must be another favor or a pay for posts job. Last it was you trying to revive Amerie’s career, now this blah blah girl. PS’ers spelling your name with a dollar sign = corny.

  • bonnie


    It doesn’t take a genius to see that these are clothes bins for the needy. They have them all over Europe. If she tried this shit in the UK she’d get arrested, selfish little bitch

  • Maria

    i know so many people like her in the US
    who like to digg in trash …lol

  • Jani

    1) She’s not German, but she obviously understood what the bins were for… the US has the same exact bins. So if she was going to stop her van to approach a random bin of the street of München (“Munich”), knowing she would find clothes inside, then she knew exactly who she was taking from.

    2) What a disgusting pig. I’m ashamed that Germany will see her as an example of the US. Filthy people like this shouldn’t be allowed out of the country… what an absolute pig. Someone needs to violently assault some sense into her.

  • Darwin

    I’m no for her digging though trash, nor clothes for the needy.
    I find it weird. Idk. I guess I have more self-respect. Not even in my most needy days I’d go and dig into trash, (don’t itch @ me. I just don’t think I’d let myself) anywho. I love her nonetheless. Her songs are awesome.

    I don’t know why she’d do this, as a joke!? She’s very spontanious, thats not an excuse but oh well lol

    anyways, don’t hate on her o her name. @ least it’s not “GaGa” lol

  • Stone

    If only if I had nothing but time on my hands!

  • Stone

    About time.

  • Pete

    The clothes don’t really go to the needy directly.

    The organization that places the bins sell them to some entrepreneurs in bulk and the money of the transaction goes to the Red Cross or soup kitchens or whatever, still tacky to steal ‘em.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    joss stone look-a-like. this ugly wigger is actually funny.

  • Stephen

    I love how much everyone is hating but in a few weeks they’ll all be jamming out to her music.
    Thank god I don’t visit this site often reminds me of Perez Hilton’s.

  • andietee

    she rocks!

  • In The Know

    Just more auto-tuned over produced nonsense……another widget waiting to be replaced…..Next!

    Viva La Vida was a massive hit…………..not Right Round……a little perspective please!

  • ohmyKESHA

    woot! K MONEY in good old tshurrmanaay! she ROCK$!

  • Taylo

    That’s not a dumpster. It’s a donation bin.

  • Georgie

    tik tok? does it take a genius to work out that its refering to the clock that doesn’t matter because the party wont stop, n i don’t care that it might give a bad influence on teenagers, i am one myself and this is what we want to hear!!! I LOVE IT!!! It’s a great song and i cant get it out of my head!

  • Jacob Heeg

    Hey guys, I’ve known Kesha for years.Her mom is a single parent with 3 kids. Kesha is not a “Spoiled American”. She’s worked her ass off for 6 years, waiting tables, and barely having $$ to eat, or buy clothes, so she’s use to finding what she needs and making it cool for free.And she is one of the most talented singers and songwriters I’ve ever heard. So all you haters can just watch her become the next big thing.And she’s not even a little fake!!.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    hahhah she’s awesome!

  • hur’cha

    How embarrassing.Of course she knows what the bins are for we have them here and if she didn’t what made her even look inside duh. Ignorant bench , then whaatya expect from a nobody who sings all the boys wanna touch my JUNK. A worthless pos that’s on iTunes about #5. That’s our society. UGH. How embarassing for Pink to be associated with the same writers as her piece of crap. PInk’s songs are actually anthems for REAL women.

  • hur’cha

    @Jacob Heeg: Well tell her mom to do better with the others cuz singing about her JUNK is not something to be proud of. And she’s not poor now and can afford clothing. Let her know she is inappropriate. Perhaps look to Kandi Buras as a freaking role model “I FLY ABOVE” is her latest single with a respectable message.

  • Kesha Tik Tok

    You’ve never heard of Kesha?? She sings that Tik Tok song… It’s like really catchy, if you listen to it just once you’ll have it stuck in your head all day.

  • lol190

    lol is this munich? Alt Klwider also sowas

  • dazed4now&ever

    her style is questionable to say the least

  • that_girl

    why are yall such haters ?! there is nothing wrong with ke$ha !
    im a teen and she is my idol. so yeah her lyrics may be a little explicit but atleast she isnt talking about killing herself or being a stalker like lady gaga ! no offense to lady gaga but she is a little on the crazy side ! and ke$ha is not a bitch. wow she did somethings people think is wrong. you can be driving down the interstate and see someones shirt on the ground all wet and moldy looking. so yall are stupid. and ok, she is a good role model because she expresses herself. so stop hatin and kiss her ass ! and dont judge someone you done even know !