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Lindsay Lohan Sticks To the Status Quo

Lindsay Lohan Sticks To the Status Quo

Lindsay Lohan strikes a pose at the opening of Quo Nightclub on Friday (October 23) in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

The 23-year-old actress watched the performance of Raven O, who just completed a two and a half year run at The Box where he was known as “the glue” which made The Box one of the most famous clubs in the world.

Lindsay got her caffeine fix at the club with Coca-Cola and Red Bull.

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Photos: Jerritt Clark/Wireimage
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  • christine

    She must b on a diet of Red Bull. Not good for the kidneys.

  • jane

    she looks so old with this blonde hair..dont get why she shouldnt go back to her red hair….

  • Vivien

    Wow, she is really looking old and used. Hard to believe she’s only in her early 20′s. Wonder if she’ll make it to her 30′s?

  • james

    the reason she dont wantnt go back to her natural hair color is for she dont want be called firec* plus she think this blond fit her but sorry linds youre wrong

  • ka

    horrible hair, face, cloth..what happend to her she used to look good,,,

  • Missy

    looks very deteriorated, i feel bad for her

  • Neil

    Fresh like a left over beer from a frat party.

  • titi

    her blond hair is just awfull! I don’t uderstand these rich “famous” chicks: they have lots of money, stylists, make up artists…and they always look like a hot mess. I guess you can’t buy style and class.

  • Ashley


  • pretty young girl

    wow i used to think she was one of the most beautiful red hairs ever. Now she looks like a c
    rack head

  • Weber from Brazil

    She looks so much better right now \o/
    Love Ya ♥

  • speedo

    how much crack does she do now? she’s a grown up, but how come her mother doesn’t do anything about her problem? I don’t think that lesbian gf of hers isn’t helping her situation too much, either.

  • coco

    Yeah Linds you look hot here. Stay strong and forget the user Sam and her abuser family. I think strawberry blonde might be better for her but she may need to keep it this color for her movie role. I hope she has a good time and ignores the haters! Love u Lindsay!!!!

  • Chanel

    Sooo sad to see that this is where she is.

    She had so much potential!

  • hmm

    she looks better than she did in the last pix

  • marilyn

    my god! what has happened to lindsay? she looks like a wraith and what’s with the hair. somebody please step in and take care of this girl.

  • jenn

    Looks like she got her fix on Coke alright. GROSS!!!!!!!

  • Jill

    speedo @ 10/24/2009 at 4:52 pm
    how much crack does she do now? she’s a grown up, but how come her mother doesn’t do anything about her problem?

    What can her mother do now? She’s a grown woman, she’s responsible for her own life. If she wants to throw her life away, nobody can stop her. At the rate she is going, I don’t think she’ll still be alive five years from now.

  • Jake


  • Ivana

    Oh, I like her hair vary much, she looks good!
    But I wonder how she would look when she would wash her hair alone, without blow dryer and all the stuff…………

  • M.T

    she look good and sexy goo lindsay

  • M.T

    back to red and u look more Hot

  • Shakira

    She had so much potential….. and was so damn pretty as a red head =( I feel sorry for her

  • M.T

    love her Style Oh my god i love you lindsay Stay strong

  • hmm

    just look at how much better Amy Winehouse looks now that she’s cleaner than she was. Lindsay can recover.

  • Jess

    She looks absolutely terrible. Compare her pictures now to pictures of her even a year ago or two ago. I don’t know what drugs she’s using or what toxic crap she’s putting in her body (besides tar and carbon monoxide from cigarettes), but it’s taken a heavy toll on her looks. Her hair looks really thin and her skin is terribly wrinkled for a 23 year old.

    People who say she looks great are delusional. She look like a sick person and needs help ASAP!

  • AutumnM

    @ Jill

    Lindsay may be an adult techinically speaking, but she is still young and probably needs guidance from the looks of things. Not everyone at that age is fully mature and Lindsay sure as hell isn’t. I’ve seen enough candid moments of her to see that she is very much a little girl still. She is not mature at all and is bascially a brat. Lindsay is grown, but her Mother is very much to blame for the way she is, so yes Dina should bare some responsibility instead of always making excuses and babying Lindsay instead of trying to help her.

    If Britney’s parents could step in and help her and she’s older than Linds with kids to boot, why can’t someone help Lindsay? No matter how old someone is, we can’t always do it on our own and Lindsay to me is in need of help but probably in denial. She looks like crap and seems to be on something. I know it sounds terrible, but if this girl doesn’t get help I don’t think she’ll make it to 30.

  • Marta

    scary as usual

  • marina

    @Jill: jill, her mother is an enabler who still calls her a “kid” and states that linds is a genius. not much to do there.

  • jami

    mess! although her skin looks a little better than of late, botox? a peel perhaps?

  • victoria

    Please, all of you that know her and love her, please be honest and tell her the truth. Stop telling her she looks great when she doesnt.
    Thats not friendship. Thats not love. This girl has a lot going for her, very talented, but, the people around her are destroying her and it shows. She doesnt look 23 or even 33. She looks like a 53 year old alcoholic.
    Thankfully, she has time to turn things around…i hope.

  • M.T

    @victoria: she is love her

  • Beth


  • the darkside

    It’s sad to see what fame does to a person over time. Of course, celebrity folks cant control the world. But i wonder is it worth it? Sure,millions of dollar a year is a nice idea. But what about freedom or peace of mind?

  • emmaa

    Why does she have to freaking pose in every shot? Man she looks so bad.

  • happy girl

    A 23 year old woman screaming for help. It’s obvious. Hope she gets the help she needs. She is way too young for living this hard. And it is showing.

  • koko

    Hi Lindsay.

  • xxx

    She looks like she’s in her mid 40′s!
    Get a job you alcoholic hoe.

  • Biff

    Yikes! she look like an aging ho..

    but this is a real…authentic bimbo!

  • Jose


  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    When someone cannot handle fame is this the end result? This young lady looks like she has die and forgot to lay down, Lindsay looks absolutelty AWFUL, she needs to stay out of the media for a minute an try to get jerself together. SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, COME AND RESCUE LINDSAY.

  • boink

    she looks bangin’

  • Who said what?

    The crack pipe said to the meth rock,”How you doin?’
    ” Very well and have you seen Lyndsay Lohan lately ,said the meth rock.’

  • Jill

    AutumnM @ 10/24/2009 at 5:50 pm
    @ Jill
    Lindsay may be an adult techinically speaking, but she is still young and probably needs guidance from the looks of things.

    No argument there. But she’s no child any more and she can’t keep blaming everyone else for all her problems. Her parents can put her in rehab but they can’t make her stay there. How many times has she been in rehab already? All the intervention in the world won’t work if she keeps sabotaging efforts to help her.
    Ultimately, SHE is responsible for her life. Blaming her parents for her problems is just enabling her. She has to start taking responsibility for the mess she’s in. She’s made some bad choices and now she has to face up to the consequences and start making some good choices. Or, as you said yourself, she may not make it tp 30.

  • cece

    what a train wreck…now i just pity her, i wish she could get back to the mean girls days….memories :(

  • Ana-Lexie

    @Vivien: is she really jus tin her early 20′s? oh my god.. her skin looks bad, she just looks really terrible…

  • a

    I am sorry but if someone wanted a definition of a skank, these would be the pics I would show. She looks dirty and diseased. Right now I would think ANYONE, boy, girl, celebrity or whatever would be embarrassed to be seen dating her.

  • a

    that would be ———–s k a n k————

  • *** JAMIE ***

    lindsay needs to put on weight

    get rid of that trashy blonde hair

    wash her face

    lay off the drrugs and alcohol

    and get a real job instead of attending clubs

  • ?

    She is trash, her whole family are trash. Money doesn’t buy you class and Lindsay was never a class act. She looks like where she belongs, a low-life, trailer-trash, vodka-swilling, drug-addicted waster. If she kills herself b/c of her life style, so what? What’s the loss to society? Zilch, that’s what!