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Michelle Obama on Jay Leno -- Video Clips!

Michelle Obama on Jay Leno -- Video Clips!

First Lady Michelle Obama shows off her mega-watt smile as she sits down for Friday’s Ten@Ten interview on The Jay Leno Show.

Obama shared some of her current iPod picks: Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige and shared the most annoying habit of her husband, President Barack Obama.

“When he beats me at tennis,” she said, “that gets to be pretty annoying and he beats me quite often!”

The one thing the First Lady refused to share was what her daughters are going to be for Halloween. “That’s top secret,” Obama joked, “you need security clearance for that.”

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  • a realist

    I love our first lady. She is a breath of fresh air.

  • moi

    JARED! You’re so naughty! You know how much pics of MO triggers sh!t. I’m going to slap your legs! lol Btw, I like MO. She’s a capricorn, like moi!

  • christine

    She’s gorgeous!

  • shoes4life

    Gorgeous!!! Michelle has a beautiful smile. I am really enjoying this first family. By the way great PSA by Mrs. Biden & Mrs. Obama they have really been a support to our troops and their families, and are working hard for them to make their lives better during and after their call to duty.

  • mailey

    she’s so pretty.

  • Becky

    I would like to see her lost just ten pounds.

  • nina


  • victoria #1

    @ A REALIST —- AGREE WITH YOU. Michelle is always so dressed
    up, whether she is going to a dinner, or just playing with her daughter’s on the white house lawn. She IS a breath of fresh air!!!
    I love the fact that she buys alot of her clothes at regular stores
    like J.Crew and WhiteHouse and Black Market.

    One of the national paper’s said sales at J.Crew have shot up. I guess they have. The First Lady said she loves to order clothes
    online also. That is so cool. She let’s the girl’s choose their
    outfits within reason at different online sites, like GAP and others.
    Great Mama!!

  • I see a Unibrow

    Those eyebrows are unfortunate.

  • pretty young girl

    Those eyebrows are too tranny looking.

  • Kelly

    OMG having the most horrid weekend so far. This was so cute to watch definitely cheered me up. I love her very much.

  • Monica

    Yes, I have to agree she looks like a tranny. It’s the eyebrows for sure. She needs to soften them and she wouldn’t have such a hard look to her face.

    She’s not our most attractive first lady by long shot.

  • ashley

    She’s sooo cool.

    MoBama rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmm

    C’mon she doesn’t look like a tranny. that’s mean.

  • BOB

    Her dress is horrid and I would think his smoking habit would have most annoying

  • tiny

    It’s wierd sometimes she doesn’t look to bad but when she pulls her hair back woooo look out ugly

  • All Women Stalker

    The print of her dress is actually trendy. It’s great to hear the they are both physically fit. Well, it shows.


  • Halli

    Michelle loos like a normal person. Not pretty not ugly. Just average. So what? People are too judgmental when it comes to Michelle. As if she can;t just be a normal person like the rest of us. Let it go people.

  • Henry

    Michelle is too funny. Only other First lady I liked was laura and Michelle is someone who is even better!

  • Sally

    I wonder if Barack quit smoking…

  • Grace

    I don’t like that hairstyle, I think she should cut it short like a bob… other than that Michelle looks wonderful and sweet.

  • Lance

    Best First Lady in a long time!

  • Louise

    She’s awesome. I love that she is representing America!

  • Howard

    Barack Obama is a lefty tennis player like Rafael Nadal.

    No one like playing against a lefty!

  • Grace

    Tennis, surfing, golf, basketball, fly-fishing…

    This is our most athletic President since Gerald Ford!

  • Audrey

    Yeah Michelle. Love that she is like a normal mom.

    Haters need to get over themselves. She isn’t trying to be anyone else but herself so stop acting like she is supposed to be some sort of Stepford Wife. She is so much better than that.

  • Liz


  • Angelica

    Awwww she looks soooooo pretty! She’s so down to earth too. She’s a great First Lady!

  • Drew


    You’re ugly? Yeah I agree!

  • Jess

    Michelle is too cute. haha!

  • Lizzy

    She is so smart and funny. I love her class and sense of humor!

  • Lizzy

    She is so smart and funny. I love her class and sense of humor!

  • Ana-Lexie

    @a realist: i love that! a breath of fresh air..

  • MR

    The Obamas think they are movie stars and obsessed with publicity.
    What kind of self respecting first lady would go on late night shows?
    This woman thinks she is Angelina Jolie or something.

  • MR

    “Tennis, surfing, golf, basketball, fly-fishing…”

    The Obamas think they came to a country club, instead of actually WORK.

  • drew

    typos touch screen phone sucks still she’s very manly even more than he is

  • G

    Oh Gawd! Yeah I can see she is very attractive, classy like Jackie Kennedy, and definitely different from all the first ladies that we have had. She definitely represents the majority of the American women who are (insert comment here). I hope she has now become a very proud American :)

  • MO

    Why does she dress up like a typical Stepford white woman though? What’s up with the J. Crew , GAP clothes, pearls and pin straight hair ? That’s like saying African American women should dress up like white women….. just sayin… MO is like an Oreo … I know African American women don’t dress up like her. What is wrong with dressing up like an African American woman?

  • tina

    she seriously needs braces for her piranha mouth and the eyebrows make her look incredibly mean. bet she wears the pants in that family.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i thought she was great on the show
    i kinda thought she was gonna be boring but she proved me wrong

  • Beth

    We are so lucky to have her as the first lady!

  • Stone

    Well, she already looks ready for Halloween.

  • voe

    Why are we so lucky to have her as first lady? Because she stashes away her $7K Alaia jacket, dresses and pretends to be the average woman by dressing in average women’s fashion?

  • Ronda

    I love Michelle Obama.

  • Christie


    did you see the indonesdian girlie ball that he threw out. WUSSY in his mom jeans!

  • christine

    Sorry, but compared to ALL the first ladies, Michelle is the most attractive! And strong-minded.

  • lissa

    I wish people would quit comparing MO ot JackieO, not even close. Who thinks Jackie would have ever been photograped with a hula hoop on the SL of WH is nuts. Jackie O was FL of US and went on to become Editor-in-Chief of Doubleday Publishing Company, the largest publishing company in the world. MO does tricks to stay in the press. What will Michelle Obama do for her next TRICK? don’t compare her to Laura either, MO doesn’t have the CLASS to keep up.
    Perhaps Hillary, Compare MO to HILLARY CLINTON, kinda pretty sometimes, kinda not, kinda smart, kinda not, both want to shove their husbands healthcare down our throats, both kinda manly, both kinda fat, both have think ankles. Theres your comparison MICHELLE OBAMA and HILLARY CLINTON!

  • Halli

    @drew: @jmho:

    Nice to see racists still live among us… onlune at least. I guess seeing someone with darker skin now makes them a monkey? Does it make you feel better to know Michelle will never see those comments and will continue to be First Lady?


    Jackie Kennedy didn’t do much she remarried an old man for his money. Michelle is a self-made woman and not a house plant. She and Hillary are a great comparison not because of your personal issues with them but becuase women actually respect them as do men. Get over yourself.

    That being said, Jackie, Hillary, Michelle… GREAT Democratic First Lady’s. They’ve got all the class in the world.

  • Bo

    @Sally: what is ur business if he has not. try minding your biz

  • Leah

    She’s so funny! Finally a First Lady that can keep up a conversation and have fun.