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Natalie Portman Needs A Nap

Natalie Portman Needs A Nap

Natalie Portman hails a cab after eating with friends at DBGB Kitchen and Bar in New York City on Saturday (October 24).

Looks like before lunch the 28-year-old Israeli American actress also picked up a few things at Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Natalie has been working hard lately. Since last spring, she worked on the indie film Hesher, a comedy called Your Highness, and a thriller titled Black Swan. Soon she’ll be headed to Santa Fe for Marvel’s Thor.

Afterwards, Nat‘s looking forward to some relaxation.

“I will take a nap – for like, two months,” Natalie tells LA Times. “Right now, I’m working probably more than is good for me, but sometimes it’s good to exceed your boundaries and stretch yourself.”

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  • Emma

    She’s still a gorgeous girl, but all that work is definitely showing on her face…At least in these pics.


    What a gorgeous girl!!

  • boink

    large forehead, hard to tell if this a guy or girl

  • anon

    Such a talented actress, and such a heavy workload. Hope she takes a break soon and has some relax time. I admire her, unlike some on JJ who receive far too much attention for the work they don’t do

  • Cristobal

    I love her. One of my favorite actress.

  • Anon

    I now have no respect for her after she signed the petition supporting Roman Polanski’s release.

  • Jenna Patrick

    She’s beautiful and a hard-working actress, we should focus more on these types instead of the crazy ones.

  • S

    So that the show must go on.

  • Roni

    I also love Natalie Portman but do agree with # 6 concerning her support for Roman Polanski’s release. She was one of the very few females who actually signed the petition and I really cannot understand how such an intelligent woman could condone the actions of Polanski.

  • Yowza

    I wonder if she’s heard the k-os song ” i wish i knew natalie portman!” A very random song…I don’t even know if its about her but its catchy!! (L) her! hope she quit smoking!

  • lucem

    I’m sure all the people slaving at their jobs (or hoping to find one)admire the fact that Portman can read words (written by other people) out loud for so many months without a break. She’s a working class hero.

  • Rhinoplastologist

    Here is my favorite photo of Natalie. It gives hope to all the rat faced girls, that they too — with a good nose job — can someday be stars.,,20290122_1047074_851816,00.html

  • me

    I like what Natalie is wearing, she is elegant, plane, comfortable.

  • me

    If you look at pics of Angelina Jolee on JJ, she is also plane, elegant and comfortable, mostly black head to toe. Educated, talented, working, philanthropic actresses who command respect in HW do not need to be slaves of the fashion industry and change twice a day wearing ridiculous belts and shoes and bags and heavy make up to get noticed. Bilson and Hilton and Lohan come to mind.
    Natalie is one of a very few actresses who can get away with wearing no make up or shaving her head and looking great.

  • Ruth

    Most actors have had plastic surgery of some kind (e.g. Angelina, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Jen Lopez). In Natalie’s case it is not obvious and she looks wonderful,

  • me

    Thank you for the link, I have seen it before, I just don’t see what she could have had done to her nose. I don’t see the difference. It is not like she had a big nose or a bump. To me it looks like it is a bogus report. I also thought she said somewhere that she either never had plastic surgery or does not believe in it. I could be wrong.

  • me

    to me her nose looks the same as on the pic above, may be changed a little since she was a child

  • laura

    I love this actress and she’s vegan! good!

  • iinee_

    Lady GaGa – Bad Romance with Lyrics

  • Anonnon

    “Natalie Portman Needs A Nap”?

    More like ‘Natalie Portman Needs A Sandwich.’ She has all the beauty of a corpse!

  • Raichill

    I have enjoyed Natalie’s work ever since I saw her for the first time as a child in ‘The Professional’ many years ago.

  • rh

    Did she actually say “I’m working probably more than is good for me” when the unemployment rate is so high? The verbal diarrhea from this insensitive fool just won’t stop. Hmm, I wonder if she majored in something notoriously easy in college, like maybe Psychology?

  • me

    Yes she looks tired but she does have jobs offers and not having the paz to follow her around all the time . like someone does on this site does. She is top are my list when she’s here.Also jj you could make a better topic for her than this. When you are in demand and have time off how she suppose to look. Still a talented girl and pretty howeever she look.

  • ?

    @rh: So what if she said that. It’s not her fault there are ppl out of work who could be working if they got up off their lazy butts & looked a darn sight harder instead of whinging about it. I have never been out of work.

  • kate

    What a splendid example of “let them eat cake” attitude!

  • lexy

    @#22 – Is it Natalie’s fault that the unemployment rate is so high? Is Natalie accepting bailout money from our government?? Because unemployment is so high are you suggesting that she not work? You’ve got executives at big firms who have accepted bailout money STILL earning millions of dollars plus bonuses despite running companies into the ground and YOU’RE complaining about Natalie Portman?? Stop reading JJ and read the Wall Street Journal so you can get some ideas on what’s REALLY wrong with our economy. I assure you – it’s not Natalie Portman!

    She does deserve a break she has been working too much! She should take some time off and enjoy herself. And it’s always nice to see working actresses on this website.

  • jamie

    She looks like a woman 40 old years, horrible.
    Hey Natalie! When you leave home, use make up for not scare children LOL

  • samantha

    Is a joke? I leave for work early and come back only at night and do it every day in the year, she does this for 2 or 3 months, gets millions for it and still says she’s working hard and needs a nap? Hollywood is surrounded by idiots.

  • Natalie rocks!

    Nice to read about an actress who’s really interested in her work, not paparazzi photo ops.

  • Nathaniel

    Filming movies is incredibly strenuous work. You sit around in your trailer all day long, come out once in a while and say a few lines or stuff your face at the catering table. I simply don’t know how Natalie does it.


    Jared: I am so tired of everyone being… something else and American Last. Do you think you go to England and hear African English? Please. When you choose to live and stay in America and to be an American citizen you are American. Period. You may have ancestry somewhere else unless you are Adam and Eve.

  • ?

    @samantha: Oh pleez, cue the violins – really my heart bleeds for you, you poor overworked lemming. Unless you’ve actually acted then you’ve no idea of how pressurised the job is! Natalie has worked a lot harder than most actresses her generation. She’s talented and professional, not like other ‘celebs’ her age who think getting up to go shopping is hard work!

  • milan

    Natalie, on behalf of all the coal miners, factory workers and farmers, I beg you, don’t overexert yourself. Don’t be a hero. Go ahead and take a three month nap. In fact, go ahead and retire. You deserve it.

  • samantha

    I’m not talking about her or other actresses, I mean how unfair is the difference between actors in Hollywood and normal people, they get more money and work less than us, and say that they are “tired”. I bet that Natalie and the other actresses would not stand a day in the life of an ordinary employee.

  • the african darkside

    Ms portman is respected by me. Just for being a harvard graduate. Because the entertainment industry is such a superficial business.Millions are made and little reinvested in the american worker. Such as fashion,which is largely manufactured in other countries.

    Also,if that’s her voice on her hip hop song/video. Then she has skills there also.

  • Pandora

    Oh, please. The jealousy is palpable in these comments. She’s an actress. That’s what she does and she does it well. She succeeded where many fail. If you so envy her lifestyle then attempt a go at it yourselves. Don’t be bitter! Everyone critiques all the plastique girls, then Natalie appears sans makeup and minus ridiculous clothing choices and she’s criticised for that, too. I like her. A lot.

  • lh

    Talented? She’s was laughably bad as Anne Frank and New York Times mocked her performance. She should work less and take more acting lessons. And acting is a “pressurised job”? Compared to what, ice cream tasting?

  • Stone

    I agree. Unreal.

  • welbourne

    Poor Natalie! If you can possibly fit it into your busy schedule, try learning how to speak with a proper English accent, you talentless hack.

  • Gasol16

    @ #12,
    Yeah…Natalie also looked 12 years old on that picture too! She has grown into a woman now and her face has matured and for the better. Why notshow a picture of Ratchel Bilson in her pre-teens then? Rat face Rachel I’m sure was uglier then hell! Natalie was still cute and has grown into the most beautiful woman in the world. She is the next Audrey Hepburn.

    The way Natalie has been working non-stop I would want to sleep for 2 months strait too but, at least she has work and looking forward to seeing her new films.

  • Beth

    She is lovely, what a great actress!

  • Stone

    Are you sure you don’t mean needs a “cap?”

  • me

    Any job is difficult., dedicating your entire day focusing and making an effort is difficult and acting is hard work as well. You have to know your lines, transform into a character, work with other ppl, it is not easy and doing 4-5 movies a year, dealing with the stress of exposure to the critics and your next job depending on the success of the current project is very demanding. That is why actors do a movie and than take a break to unwind. Yes, they make a lot of money and yes they work several months at a time, but it is still hard and extremely demanding work, especially, if you do not play yourself but an entirely different character.

  • gjc

    Maybe she can visit her good buddy Roman in jail on her time off.

  • don’t tread on me

    At those who are still harping on the RP shit get over it she is a grown woman and can sign whatever she believes in. Why punish her over it. She voted for Obama as well and there are ppl that disliked that man and his platforms do you harp on that as well.

    Natalie is a very talented performer she works b/c she is very talented, other actress’ want to be her, pray to be her they can’t get work some are not even talanted enough to do a ceral commercial but, they have family connections that give them parts in low budget movies or Tv shows. Natalie is the modern day Audrey Hepburn I expect she will go far in her career and in her life.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    when natalie crys in movies, she is very ugly! I wish Jude Law plays too in THOR too. He s very very sexy!

  • ck

    LOL.@don’t tread on me.

    I mean, if there was ever a subject that people might get a bit opinionated on, it’s..I don’t know…supporting a child rapist.

    Will be interesting if she ever tries to lend her support behind womens issues in the future.

  • Roni


    How can you compare supporting President Obama with signing a petition to release a man who confessed to raping a 13 year old girl?

    I don’t know why she chose to support the petition for Polanski but I think it is really weird that a young woman who was herself a child actress would sign such a disgusting document. Polanski cannot be above the law and since he ran away to avoid sentencing so many years ago, he has to face judgement now. I suggest you read the statements from the hearing and especially the testimony of the 13 year old victim before saying that Ms. Portman made a wise decision. Perhaps she was pressurized into it, who knows.

    Btw I am a BIG fan of Natalie who is an excellent performer and a beautiful woman. However I cannot accept her decision in this matter.

  • don’t tread on me


    Our president supports full term abortions that is another word for murder to me, but that is on how you fair on abortion issues. The same idea. It was also stated that the girl concented to the affair with RP so it was not truly rape the only thing it was is he had sex with a minor not a smart move anyway you look at it. Again take it for what you want to believe. I don’t feel there is going to be any issue with woman and her FICA project many woman support what Natalie stands for. If others perfer to put her down b/c she walked out of the house w/o make up on or doing her hair and nails like some LA valley girls oh gee please chastise her for that why don’t you. Or she doesn’t fill her day with senseless shopping, coffee house hopping or donut stuffing herself. Lunching with her BFF on an endless basis how dare she. Natalie is a great lady if she was so super bad like so many haters out there feel then why is it those celebs who are of little talent dream to be Natalie. So Natalie must be doing something right.

  • nolo

    Portman is the modern day Audrey Hepburn about as much as Paltrow is the modern day Grace Kelly. Are you reading her publicist’s notes?