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Rachel Bilson: Tattoos? No Way!

Rachel Bilson: Tattoos? No Way!

Rachel Bilson and a gal pal stop for some coffee and pastries at a local bakery and Starbucks in Los Angeles on Saturday (October 24).

The 28-year-old actress and former O.C. co-star Samaire Armstrong went to the Freak Chic tattoo parlor earlier this week.

Rachel explained, “One of my really good friends – she turned 30 and always wanted a tattoo, so I made her do it!”

As for tattoos of her own, Rachel told, “Nope – I don’t have any. I haven’t slept in the same thing for two years straight, so that’s how I can’t get one.”

Wow, that’s a lot of nightwear!!!

15+ pictures inside of tattoo-less Rachel Bilson

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  • Ahari

    What the hell does any of that even mean? What does your sleepwear or whatever have to do with tattoos? She should NOT be allowed to talk. Ever.

  • christine

    I was considering a tattoo b4 I moved to LA. But then I saw every doctor, priest and homeless person having them in CA. Seeing the old bag ladies w/ their sagging tattoos made me cringe! I’m anti-conformist, and all this just turned me off. What’s unique about it anymore?

  • @1

    She’s an idiot, opens her mouth & cr.Ap comes out. All she’s good for is draping a handbag on & that’s about it. World’s worst actress ever, she reeked in NYILY.

  • AH

    What a pussy! Reckon she’s just a big girl’s blouse, a wimp!

  • AH

    Ah, the blank was just slang for a cat, nothing rude. I like her hypocrisy, tell her friend to get a tattoo but won’t get one herself. Stupid girl, dumb & stupid.

  • stacy wonders, “Why IS Rachel Bilson?”

    I wonder too.

  • marie

    lol i remember erading that
    she is spot on about most celebrities

  • marie

    * reading

  • Nats

    More pastries! Doesn’t she eat anything else! She’s always eating, boy, no wonder her figure’s suffering.

  • Shakira

    I agree with you #5 but I’m not totally agreeing with #2! :p I love tatoos (good MEANINGFUL for the one who gets it done on his/her skin and BEAUTIFUL ones). I want some one day. But yeah, maybe it won’t be that pretty when I get old but I don’t care. I will get some with special meanings (not just to be cool) and let it be sagging =)

  • j

    wow her stupid comment about her nightwear just made me dislike her even more. get off of this website. justjared, youre in part to blame.

  • iinee_

    Lady Gaga – Bad Romance with lyrics

  • Yuck

    Does anyone sleep in the same thing for two years straight, sounds disgusting, another random comment from no-brain Bilson, no intelligence required.

  • paula

    Translation for those that can’t (or won’t) understand.

    She changes he mind too often to get a tattoo. She feels she may regret it later.

    Her friend has always wanted a tattoo and probably wouldn’t regret it later so she encouraged her to do it.

  • Yuck

    I pray for Hayden. I hope he is happy with a girl dumber than pig sh!t.

  • jamie

    rachel: “I haven’t slept (with) same (man) for two years straight.” LOL

  • don’t tread on me

    I agree with #1 and #3. This woman is paying a retainer to seek her out and photographing her non stop. For all anyone knows she could have a few Tats, she lies god knows I don’t think she would know the truth if it bit her in the ass. All she knows is how to exploit herself as she told Bonnie Hunt when the BF appeals to her on better days she will use him. My guess same goes for the sibs, the other family and the bff’s when the mood strikes her.

  • Yuck

    @paula: It’s difficult to understand someone so intellectually crippled that their comments bear no semblance of rational thought. You know, if she wants ppl to understand her then she should learn to talk sense. You would be surprised how much this helps.

  • S

    If you dont understand what she means, then, you are shallow. She can not have her tattoos get erased every two years. Get it now?

  • @15

    Hayden has other girl, he is not alone, a man would never be alone for so long time, he has other girl, believe me.

  • Stone


  • jessica

    I don’t know why she needs to be photographed every day, she’s not famous, don’t have a career, don’t have anyone to help her, her life is just restaurants, shopping and friends, the only way she would stay in the media is to be photographed every day, even if she’s not doing anything interesting for that, is sad, I know. She is also dumb, for it nobody wants hire it.

  • me

    retarded midget nightmare!!!

  • @s

    We all understood what she meant, doofus. What cracks us up is the dumba$$, brain dead way she chose to phrase it. She’s such a dunce, as evidenced on the Bonnie Hunt show.

  • Nats

    @jessica: And eating pastries………….hence the saddlebags.

  • Andy

    If brains were chocolate she wouldn’t have enough to fill an M&M.

  • Mary

    Must be nice to have so much disposable income that you can wear pajamas once and then never again. She’s a vapid shopaholic with too much time and money on her hands.

  • ?

    How many times she was photographed in 2009:

    January – 1 (1 with Hayden)
    February – 23 (0 with Hayden)
    March – 8 (2 with Hayden)
    April – 5 (2 with Hayden)
    May – 16 (5 with Hayden)
    June – 7 (3 with Hayden)
    July – 13 (0 with Hayden)
    August – 13 (2 with Hayden)
    September – 12 (2 with Hayden)
    October – 26! (2 with Hayden)

    They are not a normal couple, I doubt that they are a couple.

  • S

    That is fine, now we all get it! LOL

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    very boring.

  • Smart

    She is using some kind of metaphor and is clever enough not to do things she might regret later.

  • AutumnM

    Well the metaphor didn’t make much sense. I get what she’s trying to say, but it didn’t come across well. Not too bright now is she?

  • Ashley

    She’s soo cute

  • @Smart

    Sure, a kind of metaphor, as in the sort of metaphor that makes little sense. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, to use a metaphor. As for not doing things she might regret later; not acquiring a decent education or going to drama school, are those the kind of things you mean.

  • @?

    I have thought that but she did say that he was her bf on better days. I guess those are the days when he can bring himself to put up with her vapid and irritating stupidity. When he can’t he gets himself as far away as possible.

  • @ Smart

    Gee…Do you actually know what a metaphor means? She is trying to symbolize and being discrete in what she does in her personal life is what your trying to say? Yeah right! Welcome to earth moron! She is only being papped every single day and has a thread in JJ every single day and she is hardly discrete waving her stupid Darth Vader pen and flashing her ring and smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.
    Plus, the woman looks like Skipper more then Barbie with her flat tit’s and plus, having the saddlebags. She is the next Bridezilla. Total gross out and unemployed sell out. In fact I have seen Trannie’s look better then this rapid Crapchel!

  • Smart

    A methapor is a transfer of meaning from one thing to another. We usually use it often in conversation without knowing. That is how i interpret about her phrase, has nothing to do what she is doing in her personal life.

  • coco

    I am just glad that this is a celebrity who actually eats once in a while and does not get a huge overpriced Starfcuks coffee and that’s their calories for the day. Good for her. Normal human.

  • Lia

    Love her! Gorgeous!

  • lexy

    This isn’t brain surgery!! I don’t know who’s dumber – Rachel or those who think she’s so clever. No wonder she can’t get a job and poor Natalie Portman needs a nap b/c she’s got so many roles – look at the Nat’s “competition”. She’d better go to HC’s set and insist he get her a role in his current movie – she’s really not going to do much more.
    BTW, she probably doesn’t want/have a tattoo because she’s Jewish. I know she tries to pass herself off as Italian but Bilson isn’t exactly a Italian.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn another set a pics of rachel
    and it’s not like she’s at some event or something
    just picking up some food

  • emmy jay

    I have to agree that I wonder why we see photos of her on JJ’s so often. It is like watching paint dry. I do think we see way too many shots of her.

    Is Stephen Huvane her agent, by any chance?

    She’s a snooooooozefest….

  • I think

    The person who gave her those hideous pants, should NEVER work in fashion.

  • xxx

    Why is she always getting photographed? Its not like she’s a household name or even working at the moment…. ?

  • GoodGirl


    I don’t know if as you said she tried to pass herself off as an Italian?…But you are right Bilson is Jewish!
    Her father Danny Bilson is 100% Jewish and her mother Janice Stango is Italian.

    Jared I agree with everyone here….STOP posting about her, she’s sooooo boring!! There are so many interesting people to talk about!

  • marisleysis

    She’s clearly jealous of her friend. Why else would she encourage her to get a tattoo, something that she herself considers too stifling because she can’t change it everyday like she changes her pajamas? It’s as if she’s saying “I’m way too cool for a tattoo, but my lame friend should totally get one!”

  • tonie

    She hasn’t worn the same thing for two years? Probably because she can’t run a washing machine. They are complicated machinery, you know.
    Made a big deal about being Italian on the BH show. Couldn’t have anything to do with her fiancee being part Italian, could it?

  • whizbang

    Your photo ops are so dumb profound BilPOOO!

  • emmaa
  • pepto

    Bingo, Tonie, she would use his pubic hair if she thought she’d get some kind of PR attention from it. She’s really a disgusting individual. If she were working and trying, I could understand her paying to get papped, to try and help her career. But all she does is shop and buy expensive coffee and eat at pricey restaurants. She’s decided she wants to be “famous” for nothing. Unfortunately, she wasn’t born a Hilton. At least they have something to talk about.