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Tom Cruise: Ramekin Run

Tom Cruise: Ramekin Run

Tom Cruise scoops up a delicious treat out of a ramekin while running over to meet his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri on the set of his new movie, Wichita, on Saturday (October 24) in Woburn, Mass.

Katie‘s clothing line, Holmes & Yang, which she designed with her stylist, Jeanne Yang, is currently being displayed in the Maxfield boutique window in West Hollywood. If you’re in town, check it out and send in a pic!

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  • AutumnM

    Tom looks like he’s about to burst there He’s definitely put on some weight

  • GoodGirl

    Oh gosh!
    I really don’t know why but I hate this guy!… I can’t stand him!

    Fat-aSS stop eating!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    I love tom but i have to say seeing these pictures he has definitely gained alot of weight

  • rainbow

    Yea, Tom’s looking a bit round around the middle, but the rest of his body is slim. I guess it’s harder to keep the weight off as you get older, especially when your short.
    Anywyay, Suri looks adorable. I wish I could see Katie’s outfit better. Looks good from what I can see.

  • Pimps Not Parents

    Too bad Suri doesn’t have a Mom and a Dad who can potty train her and ween her off baby bottles.

  • sarah

    Suri’s such a little beauty! And I love Katie’s boots! They’re fierce!

  • buffy

    why are people so “attracted” to this weirdo family?

    they are not even normal in any sense.

    who cares anyway…lol

  • Chau

    Another fashion line from a celeb? From Stepford Katie? *PUKELS*
    She can’t dress for shiznat!

  • Chau

    @buffy: Good question, buffy. Tom has a parrot nose and always has these spy/adventure roles. (Boring.) And Katie…well, only “Dawson’s Creek” comes to mind, and I didn’t even watch that show. And Suri isn’t cute. She looks like an alien. LOL

  • boink

    Wichita is not the name anymore Jared

  • Uh

    I agree that this family is quite boring but seriously? People who make bad comments concerning Suri need to leave her alone. You sink to a new level when you start criticizing the appearances of children. Get a life.

  • rocknmovies

    He’s going to put on some more weight! He is fat.

  • *** JAMIE ***



  • iinee_

    Lady GaGa – Bad Romance with Lyrics

  • ellie’

    I love Tom Cruise and Katie and there children.. Tom is one great father.. and still one of the greatest actors.., Nothing weird about this family..

  • hengame

    wow i like they

  • pooter

    # 15 ellie-

    nothing weird about this family? LOL LOL

    you got blinders on and a pea brain?

  • Sonia0404

    @buffy: I am all very pathologically interested by this freak show.

    I cannot help it.
    How crazy is Tiny tiitty tommygurl.
    How inane and idiotic is Homely the beard.
    And of course, the freak show of the century, the unkempt certified brat Suribot, whose cuteness evaporated like morning dew.

    Also, Suri’s stimming watch is full of fun too.

  • Sonia0404

    @Uh: No, it’s a fair game to comment on Lil Sci’s appearance.
    Please do not forget, it’s her gay midget ‘pimp’ and her inept ‘mother’ keep presenting her as ‘amazingly beautiful’ and ‘fashionista’.

    So I don’t see anything low about criticizing this unkempt, diapered, baby bottle sucking spawn.

  • elisa

    I think Tom is an idiot and Katie is insignificant… But Suri is lovely! She is such a gorgeous little girl. I also love how they dress her. Very pretty and fancy. Love it.
    And she is tall for 3 years old! I don’t think she’s tom biological child.

  • dian

    Look at that sweet little Suri such a lovely family

  • Me!

    Poor Suri! Needs her bangs cut really badly.
    She is always fiddling with her hair trying to keep it out of her face.

  • Stone

    He’s putting on the pounds and needs to put down the spoon.

  • Buske

    I’ll make sure I’ll dash into Maxfield & spend my hard earned $
    on overpriced tripe Katie Alien designed!
    sure Jared, in your dreams!
    If I spend anything on will be good shoes, cashmere sweater & a decent coat for a few yrs.

  • janis

    I have to agree with the people who say they Cruise’s are a weird family.

    They let a almost four year old suck on a baby bottle.
    They refuse to potty train her. They under-dress her in the winter and over-dress her in the summer.

    Look how she is dressed in that picture. All that red, is ridiculous. She should have on a different color tights, or different color shoes, with that dress.

  • denn

    #22, Suri just needs a hair barrette to hold her hair back. Obviously Katie has grown her bangs out.

  • ellie’

    There an amazing family .. Tom the best actor ever.. And Suri is beautiful as ever…

  • Karen

    Wow, love the pictures of celebrity babies, keep em coming!

  • Two

    Right, #11.

    She SHOULD have different colored clothes, #25? What a stupid complaint!

  • annab

    When you’re rich…you can do anything. What a life it must be to have. Shop and eat.

  • Mia

    THANKS KATIE for being natural and not wearing makeup all the time.

    You go Katie!


  • KatBallou


    Right they are an amazing family–amazing that they actually support a cult founded by a sci-fi writer. Amazing that Tom let go of Nicole and traded down for the inane vapid robot Katie. Amazing that they have a 3-1/2 year old who still uses a bottle, determines what Katie is to dress in, wears diaper and looks totally and completely spoiled. Amazing that Tom still thinks he is hot stuff. Amazing that Katie thinks she can dance and act.
    Yep an Amazing Family of flaming idiots. Except for Suri. She can’t help it that her parents are ineffective, egotistical driven twats.

  • dolly

    Suri needs a haircut urgently!!!!!

  • Stone

    Looks like he could use some real running!

  • Morgan

    Hmmmm Tom looks like he’s getting “middle age spread”.

  • Screw Balls

    The Cirucs on parade. That kid has weird hands, and if she’s not stimming she’s picking. And Crazy Titty man is getting fat!

  • Jim

    Katie is upsetting Tom. That’s really bad.

  • Jenny

    Suri looks like she’s wearing a wig. Does Katie ever brush Suri’s hair? Why not just cut it off if they don’t take care of it? It’s probably full of knots.

    Tom is almost a fatass. He lost some weight awhile back but has really packed on the pounds again. Wearing clothes that are 2 sizes to small doesn’t help either.

    Katie looks like a baglady as usual. She probably smells. Put on some makeup, Homely!!!

  • reality

    grow up trolls your envy and misery is really sad

  • amway

    This family is just a beauty in and out and so
    normal. Thanks Jared.

  • ivy

    When will the movie be out?

    I can hardly wait.

  • halloween

    Tom is hot and is one versatile actor. His girls are precious.

  • &

    to the haters changing their names its all done by the same person.


  • Knight and Day


  • iron chef

    Seriously this is one gorgeous family.Katie
    looks hot.

  • EagleEye

    Tom is getting fat because he’s been stuffing his face because he’s been depressed lately. Wouldn’t you be if during the past week, the public found out that 1)you were a boring, homophobic douche on the set of Risky Business 2)you were the inspiration for the serial killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho 3)your cult was exposed as a dangerous cult(once again) on Nightline. All that in just one week! Poor Tommy Boy and his Stepford Bride. They will always be laughing stocks.

  • emma#2

    gorgeous family,loving katies outfit, especially the boots
    suri has hair most girls would die for,but yes agree about putting a little butterfly clip or something to keep it out of her face
    can’t wait for their movies to come out

  • Two

    Scientology is no sillier than other religions, #32.

    You can’t blame a person (that you’ve never met) for falling out of love with another person (you’ve never met) and breaking up. And Holmes had nothing with that so you can’t say he traded down.

    Of course their daughter is spoiled. So what?

    What did Cruise say or do to make you think he thinks he’s all that? Holmes can since and dance.

    Their personal lives are none of your business, #38.

    This has been a lousy week for him, #46. He’ll bounce back.

  • jj thanks

    lovely pics of them

  • alert

    Vogue has some pics of Katie,Suri,some of her dresses and the girls of Yang. So adorable.