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Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt looks like he’s back to normal after his motorcycle accident the other day as he’s spotted on Monday (October 26) in Studio City, Calif.

While reports differ on what happened yesterday, we do know that the 45-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor was in an accident after losing his balance on his bike. Brad played it safe, wore a helmet, and appears to be just fine – despite a few minor cuts and scrapes. Glad he’s okay!

Looks like Brad tipped the valet 20 bucks! Brad drove off in a black Chevrolet Camaro.

15+ pics inside of Brad‘s post-fender bender form…

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brad pitt fender bender 01
brad pitt fender bender 02
brad pitt fender bender 03
brad pitt fender bender 04
brad pitt fender bender 05
brad pitt fender bender 06
brad pitt fender bender 07
brad pitt fender bender 08
brad pitt fender bender 09
brad pitt fender bender 10
brad pitt fender bender 11
brad pitt fender bender 12
brad pitt fender bender 13
brad pitt fender bender 14
brad pitt fender bender 15

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  • cheech

    still hiding the old bald spot with another idiotic hat

  • kelly

    Face it, Brad was either high or drunk.

  • Pinkrose

    Oh, what morons you all are. Not contend to be late with this “news”, JJ emblishes and distorts. What cuts and bruises? Watch the video on TMS. Brad let go his bike and it fell from under him and he went down slowly on his bum/hip.

  • Shar

    Still looking good even when he’s sporting that ugly beard.

  • Michael

    He looks stoned in these pics.

  • Looking bad…… again

    Brad is nothing but a hipster dufus.

  • Andrea

    Dang! Angelina Jolie must be giving Pitt a hard life cuz he is already grey and balding!!! LOL! All the men in my family didn’t start going grey till their fifties…or balding till later

  • dianad1968



    WOW, you can see that with him wearing sunglasses? D*mn you’re good. Your services are desperately needed in law enforcement.

    You idiots. LOL

  • elaine

    Where my people at?

  • coco

    I see he took my advice and changed out of the peepaw cap. Now he just needs a trim and shave and he is one step closer to normal.

  • dianad1968

    But, But, I thought the tabs and trolls were all saying Brad got fat. Where did the fat go?

    Again, idiots!! LOL

  • kokomo

    is that beard for a movie role? because if it’s not the beard looks SO bad.
    It adds years to his age, and makes him look like he hasn’t showered ! gross! would you want to kiss that? i wonder if angelina would =\

  • Jakey

    He is better in a car or on the public bus since he cannot drive or take care of a motorcycle.

  • Nicole

    No offense, but he is so ugly. What’s so good about him anyway?

  • dianad1968

    D*mn, the haters are like temites crawling out of the woodwork. LOL.
    Brad owns all your a*ses.

  • Heresie

    What’s with the Mel Gibson/Saddam Husein look?

    Oh, and I hope the Jen Aniston/Angelina Jolie loonies stay away from the thread. These people who argue about the lives of people they don’t know are idiots.

  • bdj

    Great to see Papa Pitt looking good. It is also interesting to see TMZ in- house attorney so diligently on the case in the last thread… I tell ya these Paps are circling the wagon. Ole Arnold got them nervous. BP will be alright troll. Mama Angie is in good hands and can kick butts with the best of them. Don’t worry your whiny little heart about her. All the problems going on in the world, wars, famine, poverty, pedophiles harming little children and the troll is spamming a blog about BP. BP is doing some good in the world, an in demand Actor, Partner, father and humanitarian. The troll is setting a personal best on a blog. I tell ya, these put upon, beleaguered Paps should get together and form a union. However, some of them would need a Green Card. X17 needs to get their illegals in check before someone is hurt and spin control will not help. Just saying.

    Read more:

  • meh

    I saw the pictures of him weaving in between traffic, and he should not have been doing that, as it’s pretty risky and unsafe, you often end up in cars’ blind spots and they can’t see you. It really should be illegal in California for motorbikes to weave through traffic.

  • Buske

    Brad always tips 20 bux tip to valet!

  • meh
  • bdj

    Hens sure do worry about Papa Pitt. Can’t blame you hens, the man is fine but you might want to expand your interest.

  • teri

    Such a great guy with a wonderful family to support him. Nothing like going home to a loving family and beautiful wife who respects him.

  • teri

    Aww you can tell he went straight home to make sweet love to his gorgeous wife. She made all his boo boos go away. Glad he can laugh at the haters and at himself.


    Jay-z and alicia keys,new yorkers to the core, will be singing EMPIRE STATE OF MIND,at game one of the world series,great song.

  • sharon

    Brad looks hot.

  • fran

    ” he went straight home to make sweet love to his gorgeous wife”……………………………..and then he fell off

  • teri

    Being such a loving devoted father just melts my heart. Angelina is so lucky to have a great guy to raise her family with. No need to worry your sweaty little selves you nasty pigs, Brad is and always will be handsome regardless what you trolls think.

  • lol

    He look good a lot slimer on this pic and more roughed up. Cloths change appearnce. He has nice smile.

  • awwwww

    Glad to see Brad is fine. Look his sexy gait. He is in terrific shape.

  • pokeman

    yeah, new thread. he is handsome. love this man.

  • teri

    Heck when your Angelina Jolie nothing surprises me. She’s wild and crazy and I’m sure she spices it up for her man. I’ve heard no complaints, she just may wear his super cute @ass out.

  • Attention seeker pitt

    who cares about him. where is Angelina? Brad has a creepers smile.

  • Queen bee

    LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU BRAD!!!….glad your okay!!!

    PS: Intreresting that the TMZ video only shows the 2 minutes before the crash, which fails to give context to the several HOURS that they were stalking him. In trying to avoid their constant harrassment at stopped lights, he probably maneuvered between cars to avoid their camera flashes, therby causing the accident!

    Paps are still scum. Ask Prince WILLIAM!

  • Attention seeker pitt

    of course he’s happier than a pig in shat to see the paparazzi.

  • wow

    Sexy papa is very busy.

  • pokeman

    Heresie @ 10/26/2009 at 6:27 pm

    i hope this will be your only post. take your own advise and don’t be an idiot OK but i doubt you take your own advise. come back with a different name will ya.

  • Queen bee

    ….da mn…..I bet our Brad has cuts, bruises and scrapes all along his muscular back, peck-filled arms, his solid calves, and the back of his firm and milky thighs….ummm, so freakin sexy!….ANGIE’S sooooooooooo lucky!! She got to smother him with hugs and kiss it all better last night!!!!

  • Queen bee

    ….da mn…..I bet our Brad has cuts, bruises and scrapes all along his muscular back, peck-filled arms, his solid calves, and the back of his firm and milky thighs….ummm, so freakin sexy!….ANGIE’S sooooooooooo lucky!! She got to smother him with hugs and kiss it all better last night!!!!

  • toni

    whats up with him? maybe he’s doing the Benj. Button thing…

  • karen

    Can you believe how fast these loser rush to this thread to say what they say on all the thread.. just pathetic.. The man is looking great.. After a bit of loving from The Jolie and the little Jolie-Pitt squad.. Pappa Pitt is back on the road..

    Just losers who have to insult all the time.. But hey wall know that you fools secretly want him so freakin bad you can’t stand it.. I understand. The man is quite sexy.. and the best part. he does not give a shi*t about all you nuts that are stalking him..

    The power of the Brange. these supposed None fans are more obsessed then any fan could ever be.. and to the fool who posted changing names.. sad.. and pathetic.. I guess you need to agree with youself to make yourself feel good..

    LOL and you..

  • Payroll bloggers

    X17 got the xclusive Pitt pix right on time.

  • an oldie

    I have been reading the “Paul Haggis and Scientology” thing. Fascinating stuff. More fascinating than any Tommy Boy’s thriller, for sure. If you are interested, here’s a link.

  • Payroll bloggers

    @toni: it’s called Botox and fillers.

  • pokeman

    # 32 Attention seeker pitt @ 10/26/2009 at 6:45 pm

    you do know angie has her own thread. i know is an old thread but you can see her there. try posting there. why are you here? why don’t you STFU and enjoy this thread.

  • hmmmmm

    I bet Angie kissed Brad’s cuts and bruises million times last night.

  • an oldie

    Here’s another link to the website of an ex-cult member. Fascinating.

  • bdj

    an oldie @ 10/26/2009 at 6:55 pm
    Tiny Tom and the Sci Fi nuts should be in spin overdrive by now. They will make the Paps and Huvane look like amateurs.

  • teri

    Brad’s all smiles and nothing but cheerful. He’s so lucky to have Angelina. Such chemistry, I bet she tore his @ss up for sure, lol. : )

  • Dumping Hogs

    First Angie…………. and now the bikes

  • jess

    Brange must had grotto sex last night.