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Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt looks like he’s back to normal after his motorcycle accident the other day as he’s spotted on Monday (October 26) in Studio City, Calif.

While reports differ on what happened yesterday, we do know that the 45-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor was in an accident after losing his balance on his bike. Brad played it safe, wore a helmet, and appears to be just fine – despite a few minor cuts and scrapes. Glad he’s okay!

Looks like Brad tipped the valet 20 bucks! Brad drove off in a black Chevrolet Camaro.

15+ pics inside of Brad‘s post-fender bender form…

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545 Responses to “Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender”

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  1. 526
    true story Says:

    4 Q’s , you know by now that Angie can’t do a damn thing without being accused of some bull from the weirdos that hate her but follow her every move.

  2. 527
    Gracie Says:

    In Touch must be the most delusional of all the tabloids, week after week, they print lies about Brad and Maniston link up. These lies only helps to portray maniston as a PATHETIC CLINGY SAD LOSER who cannot move on after she was dumped by Brad. If they are not linking her with JM, it is with Brad, maniston must be the only woman in the world who cannot find love after been dumped. What man in their right mind would want anything to do with such a loser. She yearn for men who do not want her or dumped her for someone else. It is really sad that In Touch see her as a weakling, that she needs Brad to complete her life. Her fans try to convince us she is a strong independent woman but the world and the tabloids don’t think so, or else they won’t continue to link her with Brad, 5yrs after he dumped her. I don’t feel sorry for her at all because she encourages the link ups and for that, she deserves all the riddicules, the jokes and bad karma she is getting. This pathetic miserable old bi*ch will still be yearning for Brad in his old age with Angie and their children by his side and her loser fans and tabloid friends will not stop linking her to him.

  3. 528
    yoco Says:

    @QQQQ: Yeah not only did Angie arrange the book release party, she arranged for the authors to write the book to serve as a distraction.She also flew herself from France early Tues to complete the photo op. These idiots never fail to to amaze me

  4. 529
    cee Says:

    Why is it always assumed that the rumors and stories told about Angie are true. Angie has never lied to her fans and if it were true so what!. She was 16 and he would have been in his 30′s. Angie and her Mom have always had a good relationship. It is time somebody stood up for Angie since she cannot possibly fight all the lies that are told about her on her own. Than goodness she has Brad to see her through. I remeber in an interview that Angie did with Ann Curry and Ann Curry inferred that she had had disrespected her mother and Angie was absolute in her response that she had never disrespected her mother. So this Morton guy is a liar.

  5. 530
    not true Says:

    @cee: huh? who is gonna defend her? she doesn’t have brad to pull her through all he does is sit on the side and watch while Angie is being beaten like a pinata by his fans and media friends. If anything Brad is dragging her down. Publicly Angie has been there to pull him through and defend him more so than he’s done for her.
    I just hate it when fans try to say Brad will pull her through or Brad will protect her. he’s done none of that for the last 4 years of the battle to bring Angelina Jolie down. Next time say “Angelina will pull herself through” Angelina against the world, yo!

  6. 531
    claire Says:


    why do people only see what they want to see
    they are so happy so in love
    so obviously i must want to see such sorrow
    because thats what i see in angelinas face.

  7. 532
    julian Says:

    pittwatch @ 10/28/2009 at 1:59 pm
    “Brad and Angelina looked really happy to be together. Angelina was holding Brad’s hand and she was smiling the whole time. They both seemed proud of each other.”
    These two are lucky to find each other.

  8. 533
    yay Says:

    Angelina cant stop touching Brad. She is so in love.

  9. 534
    Felinelilly Says:

    LOL @ 10/28/2009 at 2:43 pm
    Awww! Here you were, have been for five years, drooling on your keyboard, wishing for a breakup that plays on a continuous loop only in your mind. Poor thing. Don’t be mad because Angelina and Brad keep shoving your insane theories up where the sun don’t shine over and over, without saying a word! How dare Angelina touch all over her man when you were going on and on about them not touching each other anymore and being unhappy!!! How dare they! I’d feel sorry for you if…well actually I wouldn’t feel sorry for you, you’re just annoying. You got one thing right, your moniker suits you perfectly. You and your nonsense theories are a laughable joke.

  10. 535
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    IB daily figures : UPDATED
    Domestic: $119,440,850 (box office mojo)
    + Foreign: $174,597,077 (UIP)


    = Worldwide: $294,037,927

  11. 536
    jealous of Angie & Brad? Says:

    @yoco: You are delusional & pathetic loser.Brad & Angie are back in L.A more than a week now.The whole family flew from France.

  12. 537
    an oldie Says:

    @jealous of Angie & Brad?:
    It’s sarcasm.

  13. 538
    lol Says:

    jared, give us a new thread about Angie and brad going out last night. They look so cute. I loved her dress. btw I hate daily mail just the way they write about angie and the pics they chooses.May be the “book” writer was a writer or something for the paper like someone pointed out yesteday.
    I know out touch is for brainless idots but still how low is pulling the same old maniston card after this all ??? they must think of her a dead bit idot who don’t understand when people try get rid off her and live their own life. The dude said he is with his soul met. If Angie and him didn’t work out ( let say god forbid) no way in anything under the sun he go back to maniston. Sales must be really down. Hope the hens won’t eat this nonsense up and spew it here.

  14. 539
    first and last post Says:

    re: 464 dianad1968 @ 10/28/2009 at 1:37 am
    Hi dianad1968,
    Thank you for posting that you received an actual response from a live individual at jareds and please keep us posted if you learn more.

    I too have emailed Jared in the past and never received a response…so your post is encouraging…you must have the magic touch! Whenever I flag I also write a comment requesting the blog be cleaned up and I only flag the most atrocious…sometimes posts are deleted, sometimes not which is an indication of a “man/woman power’ shortage at jared’s end.

    I’m not one to want registering as a requirement because IMO it doesn’t really do anything, at least through my limited experience and perhaps some of the more knowledgeable reputable posters could clarify and correct me if I am wrong. There are probably many different software programs with varying degrees of filtering. I believe strongly in the right to free speech but the racist and child comments are bordering that right on an ethical level. The legal boundaries are more lenient. As history and politics will reveal who determines what is ethical and what is not? If that were clear, there would be no wars and no hatred.
    IMO jared may need a full time person 24/7 just to decide which posters have crossed the line. That can be costly. Readers sensitivities to tolerance of another’s free speech IMO should not be monitored by the readers for others who frequent the threads but by an independent outsider. The regular posters already have disagreements within the ranks about who treads the fine line of being a poster who failed to state their case clearly and an obvious hater. It is clear that some fans are more reactionary than others. We each ascribe meaning to what we read differently due to reader misinterpretation, unclear intention or inflection by the poster and/or our own biases. There is justification by some who reprimand JP fans who accuse everyone and anyone of being a troll because the fan misconstrued what the poster thought was an innocent statement, hence the “loonie” reference.

    The bottom line is there are too many different personalities, levels of acceptance and tolerance, some take their fan support more right brain than the more left brain and the only one who has the right to monitor it is jared. Having a software filter or blocker that interprets a posters intent is obviously not going to happen, unless PT can figure out a way to make that happen LOL. The only recourse if one enjoys other personalities on the JP threads and chooses to continue is to skip, ignore, laugh…take control of your own actions against unpleasantness. There are intelligent mini-conversations going on consistency amongst the chaos and it’s just a matter of focus and concentration. I personally find JJB boring because there is no intellectual interaction, links are great, photos are wonderful but the topics are staid and one liners don’t provide much depth. Jared’s JP threads are not for everyone ditto for JJB, FF, Perez etc and those seeking a JP blog will find their niche matched to their comfort level. As for jareds JP site a JP lurker in the waiting will take the plunge to finally post and it will all balance out in the end.
    Those who stay have managed to wade through the garbage and/or have turned the garbage into a source of amusement…the illogic name callers are quite funny and they don’t even realize how obtuse and obvious they are which is the amusing side note because the joke is on them contrary to Elle‘s laughable delusion that she can make JP fans angry. And the more whimsical and fast line creative retorts by the more skilled regulars such as PT, jill, cliniqua et al are enjoyable gems.

    The world is more complicated with the internet and Jared’s JP threads are representative of a wide spectrum of the good and bad, trolls and haters, the smart and the not so much, the more insightful and those not, right brain and left brain…all co-existing and the more sophisticated adapters make the best of it and continue on and those who can‘t take it, leave. We all have to do this in the real world unless one is huddling in a protective bubble…Jared’s JP threads are a hub and realistically one shouldn’t expect anything out of reality aka…does your local police protect you from being personally insulted and are they there all the time for all possibilities and scenarios?
    My point being, this tight community will always attract those who want to puncture its solidarity and that is obviously not going to happen, moreover JP fans on jareds will become stonger because of team work, support for one another, covering each others back and like to like core. This has been the case since 2005 and the coming together of the Jolie Pitt family. Haters and trolls don’t have a chance to break up either the JP’s or the spirit of their supporters.

  15. 540
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    The award opening season is coming fast. Christoph Waltz earned its first warad two days ago.
    Waltz swings H’wood award
    Festival to honor ‘********’ thesp

    The Hollywood Film Festival will fete thesp Christoph Waltz with the supporting actor award for his work in “Inglourious ********.”
    From THR

  16. 541
    an oldie Says:

    @first and last post:
    The only recourse if one enjoys other personalities on the JP threads and chooses to continue is to skip, ignore, laugh…take control of your own actions against unpleasantness. There are intelligent mini-conversations going on consistency amongst the chaos and it’s just a matter of focus and concentration

    Absolutely agree with you. I used to say to fans to not engage the trolls, but I gave up after a while, because the troll has multiple personalities now. It will post as a fan of Angelina or Brad alternately, and then argue with itself. It’s best to just skip. What I wish is that we could have the feature where you just click on the name of the poster you want to read and only the person’s posts show up, because I only come to JJ for a few posters.

  17. 542
    an oldie Says:

    LOL, Perez is showing Star’s cover claiming that TomKat is over. It’s good they are spreading the wealth, and not zeroing on Brad and Angelina all the time. Anyway, I don’t believe Star, no matter what it says. Tiny Tom needs katie now more than ever because he is trying to rebuild his image in the media. He won’t let go of her.

  18. 543
    new thread Says:

    —————- new thread ——————

  19. 544
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh yes, they write very truthful articles, this was a personal fav of mine, when they called maniston out:
    Jennifer Aniston Still Bitter Over Failed Marriage
    Jen continues to discuss Angelina Jolie when promoting new projects


  20. 545
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    Brady :D

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