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Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt: Fine After Fender Bender

Brad Pitt looks like he’s back to normal after his motorcycle accident the other day as he’s spotted on Monday (October 26) in Studio City, Calif.

While reports differ on what happened yesterday, we do know that the 45-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor was in an accident after losing his balance on his bike. Brad played it safe, wore a helmet, and appears to be just fine – despite a few minor cuts and scrapes. Glad he’s okay!

Looks like Brad tipped the valet 20 bucks! Brad drove off in a black Chevrolet Camaro.

15+ pics inside of Brad‘s post-fender bender form…

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  • Pokeman

    an oldie @ 10/26/2009 at 7:53 pm

    My take to why the trolls are here bringing up this non-news? Well, to deflect from a major Scientology scandal.

    ITAWU but you have to admit that brad has more power over these trolls than the scientology scandal. that’s why these trolls keep bringing brad’s accident up. they would rather talk about a very handsome & interesting man.

  • an oldie

    Jason Beghe to Scientology Mouthpiece Tommy Davis: ‘You’re Losing Your Soul’
    By Tony Ortega in Scientology
    Wednesday, May. 14 2008 @ 5:11PM

    Scientology defector Jason Beghe on Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis: “You see the eyes, the lying that he’s doing. Anybody can see that this guy is not clean. It’s clear as day.”

    Last week, John Roberts of CNN grilled Tommy Davis, a Scientology spokesman, who was predictably evasive about what L. Ron Hubbard’s wacky minions are up to. ‘Disconnection,’ the church policy of splitting up families in order to shun critics of the church? Never happens, Davis claimed. And as for that high-priced stuff about removing alien souls with lie detector machines? “It’s unrecognizable to me,” Davis told Roberts.

    But it was Davis himself who was practically unrecognizable, Jason Beghe tells the Voice.

    Beghe is Scientology’s most notorious recent defector, a veteran film and television actor who, after twelve years and approximately $1 million spent on the religion, escaped in spectacular manner with a web video in which he denounced Scientology as “destructive and a rip-off.”

    Davis, meanwhile, is the son of another Scientology celebrity, actress Anne Archer. He’s a longtime Hubbardite himself, and helped to run the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. Davis told Rolling Stone in 2006 that L. Ron Hubbard was “the coolest guy ever.” Davis is also well known for provoking BBC journalist John Sweeney into a temper tantrum that became a YouTube hit last year.

  • groundcontrol

    Tiresome Blather @ 10/26/2009 at 2:51 pm groundcontrol @ 10/26/2009 at 12:31 pm
    If you insist – my response in 2 posts.
    Spare me the lame scare tactics. In all caps no less. It doesn’t work. It may not be my practice area but I am versed enough to know what defamation is and what it is not. And I‘ve lived long enough to smell your agenda.
    Defamation is not challenging the veracity of TMZ or any other purported “news” agency in their reportage. Defamation is not suggesting, even declaring, TMZ has a vested interest in blaming the target of paparazzis and exculpating paparazzi behavior. Defamation is not suggesting or even outright naming you as a “TMZ defender.” You can’t be serious about that. Do you even understand what defamation is? If you do then it doesn’t show in your hilarious personal tirade against me. Or in your laughable pretense that I have somehow defamed you or TMZ. You must think everyone else is a fool. What am I saying? Of course, you do. You think everyone else is stupid but you. You think everyone here is uneducated. Your arrogance is amusing considering your inability to grasp my posts and even understand why that video is worthless in exculpating the paparazzi chasing Pitt.
    It seems apparent you have some agenda that has made you lose control of your good sense. Did you even read your post before you submitted it? No one in my profession would write the things you have written about another person.
    Once again you resort to name calling and insults toward me to attempt to win your argument and somehow “discredit” me. You don’t know me and you don’t know my credentials. On this, as on most all other discussion boards, posters discuss what they know and bring what they can to the discussion. Your complaint that my adding to the discussion equates to “showing off” is simply a red herring and a typical diversionary tactic.
    The fact is you don’t like what I’m saying. You don’t like what I’m saying about Brad Pitt’s incident. You don’t like what I’m saying about TMZ. That’s too bad but it doesn’t explain your screed about me calling into question the quality of TMZ and X17 and the other gossip organizations. For you to even suggest that in any way even borders on defamation is laughable and ignorant of the law.
    Since you came to this board under your insulting alias you have repeatedly twisted my words to misstate that I have suggested that TMZ was involved in the Brad Pitt incident. I have repeatedly corrected your distortion of my posts. Anyone can read for themselves my posts. Nowhere do I say that TMZ was present at the incident. In fact, I never thought they were present which was one of the reasons I specifically questioned their reportage of the events. I doubt that they interviewed all the witnesses present to get a full account of the events. I think they just talked to other paprazzi rather than do a thorough job with unbiased parties. Perhaps if you weren‘t so angry and adamant about defending TMZ then you would have been able to grasp my complaint against them.
    You can continue your ridiculous rants for all I care. Your use of class insults as ad hominem attacks on me is quite telling. Your very visible anger is also quite telling. It would be unusual for a poster to be so vehement in their defense of TMZ unless they had a vested interest in either TMZ itself or in seeing to it that all the blame for this incident falls on Brad Pitt alone. Your words to the contrary hold no weight. You are anonymous here.
    Your defense of Ian Halperin is curious. You once again misread my post to fit your agenda so you can mock my words. I am sure that the regular readers here understand my references about Halperin. Ascribing to my words some outlandish meaning is reminiscent of Halperin himself or one of his pathetic followers. Why in the world would you leap to this unethical person’s defense?
    As for the video, it only shows what happens as Pitt drives away from the car following him. That is not conclusive evidence of anything. No matter how many sophomoric insults you hurl my way it does not change that all important fact. It does clearly show, however, that he was indeed being followed by the paparazzi car. Neither they nor you are as clever as you think.
    If Pitt was trying to get away from and place distance between himself and a paparazzi car chasing him or threatening his safety then that paparazzi could be implicated in any accident that resulted from their chase. That the paparazzi car was traveling at a slower speed at the time of the accident tells us nothing about the trail/chase that preceded it. Surely you aren’t this dumb.
    Where is the rest of the video? Where is the earlier chase of Pitt? Are the paparazzi trying to suggest that it was only at those seconds that they first started filming Pitt? I doubt it.


    Poor Angelina being stuck with old Bald Pitt.

  • Jorden

    I’m really glad he’s ok.

    But I swear, if he didnt have security I’d chase him down with a razor. XD
    I want to hold him down and shave off that facial hair! ;)

  • an oldie

    PT, this is the part from that article (link posted above) that talks about the BBC reporter losing his temper.
    Davis, meanwhile, is the son of another Scientology celebrity, actress Anne Archer. He’s a longtime Hubbardite himself, and helped to run the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. Davis told Rolling Stone in 2006 that L. Ron Hubbard was “the coolest guy ever.” Davis is also well known for provoking BBC journalist John Sweeney into a temper tantrum that became a YouTube hit last year.

  • groundcontrol

    Grouncontrol’s response to the Insistent Bother Part Two
    Tiresome Blather @ 10/26/2009 at 2:51 pm
    groundcontrol @ 10/26/2009 at 12:31 pm
    As for the video, it only shows what happens as Pitt drives away from the car following him. That is not conclusive evidence of anything. No matter how many sophomoric insults you hurl my way it does not change that fact. It does clearly show, however, that he was being followed by the paparazzi car. Neither they nor you are as clever as you think.
    If Pitt was trying to get away from and place distance between himself and a paparazzi car chasing him or threatening his safety then that paparazzi could be implicated in any accident that resulted from their chase. That the paparazzi car was traveling at a slower speed at the time of the accident tells us nothing about the trail/chase that preceded it. Surely you aren’t this dumb. You certainly show your lack of understanding of evidence if you think an obviously edited clip of video proffered by an interested party is going to be admitted.
    Where is the rest of the video? Where is the earlier chase of Pitt? Are the paparazzi trying to suggest that it was only at those seconds that they first started filming Pitt? I doubt it. Is this why it took a full day or more to release this video? Normally we would have seen a paparazzi video almost immediately. Did they need time to edit out the earlier trail of Pitt? I had to fight tooth and nail once for images from a bank surveillance video and when I finally got it there were crucial seconds and minutes mysteriously missing: all because the bank was concerned about protecting itself from a law suit. That happens all the time.
    So shove your so-called “video evidence.” It is completely lacking in reliability not just because it is selective in what it shows but because of its source: an interested party, a party that could be subject to a lawsuit. No court would ever accept that as evidence unless the rest of the video was produced. I hope they weren’t so stupid that they destroyed any earlier segments. It may not be under subpoena now but after Pitt’s accident it certainly was foreseeable that it would be subject to one.
    Your idle and completely uninformed threats aside, your posts reveal a bias that helps to explain your gutter insults, your inane use of all caps and irrelevant tangents. Stop pretending to be something you are not. It is all too evident by your demeanor and your failure to understand both defamation law and the rules of evidence that you are not a lawyer. Well, maybe third tier but that would be an insult to third tier.
    I am not impressed. But the smell of fear and panic among the ranks of the paparazzi is unmistakable.

  • an oldie

    More from the same article.
    Davis, however, looked terrible as he tried to spin Roberts. “He’s lying, and it shows. What really saddened me, this was one of the most handsome, beautiful kids I’d seen in my life. And he’s starting to look like a hardcore Scientologist. He’s no longer beautiful. You see the eyes, the lying that he’s doing. Anybody can see that this guy is not clean. It’s clear as day,” Beghe says.

    “I felt sorry for Tommy. If he’s reading this, I want to tell him: you’re losing your soul. Look in the mirror. You look like a liar. And remember what happened to Mike Rinder. You’re starting to look like that,” Beghe adds, referring to a former high-level official who recently “blew,” or left the organization. “They used Rinder as a spokesman, when he was the kind of person you’d cast in a movie as the villain. It was chilling. And Tommy is getting that look.”

    Beghe says that he’s heard the reports that after the Sweeney matter, Davis was put on “RPF” — Rehabilitation Project Force — a notorious program of manual labor that Hubbard created to “redeem” wayward Scientologists.

    “The RPF is there to suppress you, to make you toe the line. They pull all your hidden data [make people confess to wrongdoings in intense therapy sessions], they make you do menial, repetitive labor. And there’s sleep deprivation. This is bad shit” Beghe says.

    After watching last week, Beghe says Davis looks like he’d been through that kind of program.

    “When I saw him on CNN, I thought, ‘Oh my God, what have they done to this guy.’”
    Beghe, who had reached ‘OT V’, one of the highest levels in the church, which charges increasingly substantial amounts of money to learn its secrets, acknowledges that Davis may not yet have attained OT III. At that level, which costs about $100,000 to attain, parishioners are finally told Scientology’s origin story — that a galactic overlord named Xenu brought surplus aliens to Earth and destroyed them, but the disembodied souls of those aliens are still among us, attached to people, and only Hubbard’s “technology” — a talking cure — can remove them.

    If Davis hasn’t reached OT III, Beghe points out, it’s possible that he’s telling the truth when Roberts asked him about the alien souls and Davis responded that it was “unrecognizable.” But as a church spokesman, it’s hard to believe that he isn’t aware how much Scientology’s secrets are now part of popular culture.

    Either way, Beghe says, Davis is well aware of the way Scientology splits up families, goes after critics, and charges people higher and higher amounts for superpowers that never materialize.

    “You stand up there and lie and cover up something that is evil, that is going to take its toll,” Beghe says.

  • Pokeman

    ONE TWO THREE @ 10/26/2009 at 8:07 pm

    oh! it is so nice to read your fake concern for angelina. you don’t have to worry. we are very happy that angie is stuck with him and i am sure angie is too. so, why do you change your name again and write a new post. we’ll be waiting for you.

  • Love Pitt

    I love love love Brad Pitt!

  • loyal

    To anyone seeing the video of the accident, it is obvious he was trying to get away from the paps. Big deal. He wasn’t doing anything dangerous or criminal so you dopes can bug off. He tried and failed. Oh, well. Am sure the beard is for his new movie Lost City of Z. That is going to be good. Love this whole family.

  • Blessings to the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    “God Bless the Jolie-Pitts
    “`God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • Passing Through

    # 99 hehehe @ 10/26/2009 at 7:57 pm
    You actually came here and quoted Entertainment Tonight? The same losers how claimed for 6 weeks that Angie had given birth in May 2008? And refused to apologize for their screw up and then tried to blame Holly for it? That Entertainment Tonight? Biitch please.

  • Ana

    Hello to ALL JP Fans.


    I am sooooo very happy Brad is looking his usual beautiful self.
    NO ONE walks like Brad!

    That is one FOINE man! And I know Angelina agrees completely!

  • http://hotmailaustralia Mark

    am so happy he is ok., he is the best of the best.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Laura

    Can’t get enough of Brad and Angelina, so glad he is ok. God Bless the Jolie-Pitt family their all gorgeous.

  • claire

    Ted Casablanca said we should watch for an annoucment on Angelina.Its going to say that ange is in a rehabilitatoin for methadone addiction and he is devastated but he is more devastated for his children.Brad pitt and aniston have being seeing each other since April this year By the time cannes roled round I THINK Angelina had been told .Alchol plays its role and one wants to kiss the girl.Maybe Jen really moans at him.Poor ange gets so much emotional and psychological abuse.She is working on salt told its over and still has to go to D.C and do world refugee day,trying to stumble over I INSTEAD of we.Its so sad that it has come to this.That devious little jen on cgi evening and is always on jj ,someone said brad and ange should get tested for drugs.As everyone was moaning about ,the kids were unkempt etc. So brad dutifully seems to go apolice station to report something because he seems concerned about it as he removes the pic.The sad thing isbp aj both have something called wiliam syndrome that was passed on to their children and i think witha lot of hard work get better and better but its years of hard work.If you could of seen brad when he was little his mom was amazing and him as well.angelina also worked tirellsly with shiloh she is not quiet thre yet but she will be.i think ange has always taken small amounts of methadne it just makes her calm she has a very fiery temper and i hae read she was glad she had a partner who worked hard otherwize she wood be forced to exert power.oops Poor brad is abit more laid back.w/s makes one very emphathatic and loving .you just feel to much so methadone is like having rittalin or someone on lithium.tohave william/s and still be ablr to monitor that. If she had more when she was taken to be tested it would of being due to th pressure he was putting her under.i think she is thinking she is dealing with it and does not know she is being sold down the river by brad and jens plan.even thogh she has saidshe still wants them to have afather and brad and jen carry on their relationship.That is not good enough for them they want her out of the way permantly.steal her vision of adopting children giving clinics etc and foundations for them to look after.Herun work .for brad and jen to put her children through that.they love there mother and if there is onemother who can get the children with w/s its take the cowards way out and get er to choose 1 more child because she has chosen well before and then go off into the sunset with jen because jen will come running to help because u have to go and do pre productionwork and cant cope with the new little adopttee.awww self less jen look and he dumped her and thats meant to be jens return to being popular.leave the twinsand shiloh with your parents.sorry guys yourdrinking dont want to stop drinking binges and dope smoking those kids are better off with angelina.and what of angelina children gone whse going to hire her reputation u hate her that much jen you dont have w/s like brad he could not have devised this plan alone u really are thebad girl and ange the good girl by the way he did ask ange to marry him infront of all cameras at changeling premiere and she said yes

  • an oldie

    If you are interested, there are more articles about Scientology on this site. Very interesting. Better than any thriller by Tiny Tom.

  • bdj

    claire @ 10/26/2009 at 9:00 p
    And Jen is a crack head living in La la land with her 2 rabid hens, Bet and Ellie.

  • bdj

    The end. Now run back to your cave troll and take a “Grammar is your friend” online course.

  • mission of x
  • Ana

    Groundcontrol, thank you so very much for this incredible education and instruction on how to objectively look at a video replay from so many curious and questionable angles and ask intelligent questions to determine if all the facts can be garnered without bias and presupposition and prejudgment from a (partial) video alone.
    You pointed out so many possible distortions and possible manipulations and adjustments of the video itself that never would have occurred to me in looking a this simple video tape of Brad’s fall.
    After reading what you said, I looked at the video again and you know, surprisingly – there is no really clear picture of what exactly happened to make Brad fall and the bike topple over because that part of the video is partly blocked and obscured. Not to mention what may have gone on even BEFORE we get to this part of the video.
    So the video does NOT tell the real story about what happened in this case. It is NOT 100% reliable as a “witness” to ALL the facts!
    Thank you so very much for this mini lecture on how to look at something more thoroughly and get a better understanding of maybe what we DO NOT know and what the video truly CANNOT answer.
    And, from what I could see, and I admit I am very much a novice in these things, and I might be a bit bias – but Brad did nothing wrong or illegal while riding his bike.

  • an oldie

    With Crappy Photoshopping, the Church of Scientology Risks A Fatwa
    By Alan Scherstuhl in Featured, Scientology
    Friday, Aug. 14 2009 @ 12:43PM
    ​Nobody ever accused the Cult of L. Ron of PR expertise.

    As we pointed out in yesterday’s Studies in Crap post, the hilariously titled promotional pamphlet “Scientology: Something CAN Be Done About It” features a doozy of a photo-illustration guaranteed to offend, say, 3/4s of the world’s religious believers.

    It presents the great leaders of religious history, from Buddha to Christ, all lined up evolution-chart style beneath a dinner-jacketed Scientologist wielding his oversized official handbook.

    The implication: all of religious history has been building to this schmoe measuring your thetans.

    ​ What truly startles, though, is the inclusion of Mohammed just to the left of that bored looking Bed-Sheet Jesus. Yes, only the prophet’s eyes and hands are visible, but that’s not likely to comfort followers of the Hadith rules that strictly forbid any such depiction. Remember those Danish cartoons a couple years back?

    Here’s Mohammed and a friend.


    When it comes to offending all faiths with garish Photoshoppery, the Scientologists hit for the cycle.

    Gape at its creepy, aestheticized “photo” of the Holocaust, which manages to make concentration camp victims look like Jesus, gray aliens, and REM’s “Losing My Religion” video . . . but sexy!


    Doesn’t it look dreamy? This being the Scientologists, the pamphlet blames the Holocaust on psychiatrists. Who but L. Ron’s followers could unite Jews, conservative Arabs and western atheists in outrage?

  • Passing Through

    # 101 an oldie @ 10/26/2009 at 8:00 pm
    PT, I got the link from this site. Will copy/paste the article here.
    Oldie -
    I’ve seen the Beghe stories before. That’s why the Haggis defection is so funny. That Tommy Davis has figured prominently in each of their last major defections that have gotten extended media exposure. I think the Scientololoons needs to think about getting a new, ie, smarter, spokesman. This guy keeps stepping in a steaming pile with the outright lies he’s telling members AND the media. Like I said this afternoon – he’s not a good enough actor for the job.

  • DJF

    It’s true that even though he has an ugly gray beard and looks pretty shaggy these days, I can already see that Brad Pitt is getting bringing his cool back now that he has redefined his relationship with Angelina and it is agreed that he does not have to stay in the relationship just because of the kids. Angelina has to accept Brad’s terms and stop getting her way all the time. She’s so controlling. Brad already looks lighter. I know that’s hard for their fans to hear, but I can see it already.

  • groundcontrol

    claire @ 10/26/2009 at 9:00 pm
    Please take this garbage back to where you came from. Your post is insane. If I had to guess who was on drugs I would suspect you were.
    When will people get off this canard. There is no evidence whatsoever that Angelina Jolie uses drugs. In fact, all the evidence points to no drug use at all since before her adoption of Maddix.
    I get it. Many of these female Angelina Jolie haters have serious medical issues and psychological issues (try visiting their sites where they bemoan all their ailments). It must kill them to see a healthy and happy and productive Angelina Jolie. But life is often unfair. Just deal with it. Trying to tear down other women will not make your life better.
    Oh, and take your meds.

  • karen

    JP fans we really need to post some fanfics.. That crap above looks like it was written by a fool.. awww yeah that makes sense.. these fools could not write a great story if we gave them the book..

    JP fans have written some of the best stories ever..

    I am sure the haters and fools have save them. Reading and fantasizing about the Brange.. Wishing they could change places with Brad or Angie.. Yeah they are major hot together..

    there has NEVER been the likes of them (Brad/Angie).. and there will never be their match..

    NO ONE can cause fools to loose their minds the way these wonderful people do. And all they have to do is walk out their door..

    Yeah the POWER OF THE BRANGE..

  • an oldie

    Tom Cruise and Scientology: A Very French Kiss
    By Tony Ortega in Featured, Scientology
    Wednesday, Aug. 5 2009 @ 6:43PM

    One Day One Destiny – Tom Cruise (FR English subs) from Sic Transit on Vimeo.
    A tip of the hat to Wise Beard Man, Mark Bunker, for bringing this French television documentary to our attention. “One Day One Destiny” is a fascinating look at Tom Cruise and his history in Scientology.

    Remember that video of a crazed-looking Cruise explaining how only Scientologists can help at a car accident? Well, here’s some eye-opening context for that video, and plenty of other background on the star that few others have put together so well.

    Scientology watchers will appreciate the terrific interviews with Marc Headley, Karen Pressley, Bruce Hines and other former Scientologists who watched Cruise become Scientology leader David Miscavige’s special project.


  • the real Lou

    # 119 claire @ 10/26/2009 at 9:00 pm….ROTFLMAO! This has to be one of the worst pieces of fiction I have EVER read on this site.Besides being the WORST speller EVER… this “Claire” person is batsh*t crazy.

  • Mi Nayme Iz Braad

    Just saw the video……Bwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa… A little advise…..Either stay off of motorcycles Brad, or get a pair of training wheels…….you look so foolish….and so do his brain damaged delusional defenders.

  • an oldie

    Tom Cruise Lured Back Into Scientology By Man The Church Now Says Was “Demoted” And A “Lunatic”
    By Tony Ortega in Featured, Scientology
    Monday, Jun. 22 2009 @ 11:46AM
    Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of Scientology.

    An indication of how much this series is hitting Scientology to the bone: rare and vehement denunciations by Miscavige himself, and by his spokesman, the clearly in-over-his-head Tommy Davis, son of actress Anne Archer.

    The St. Pete Times series packs a punch because it’s based on interviews with two of the formerly most high-ranking figures in the church: Marty Rathbun, once considered the best “auditor” in the Hubbard technology game, and Mike Rinder, once the church’s top spokesman (and Davis’s predecessor).

    Predictably, Scientology is hitting back by trying to smear the two of them. If they were once the most trusted, most powerful members of the church, now suddenly they are lunatic losers who can’t be trusted.

    Jason Beghe, the actor we have written about since his stunning defection from Scientology a year ago, phoned us this morning to help put in context what the church is claiming about Rathbun in particular.

    The Times reporters, for example, were told by church officials that Rathbun had been “demoted” in 2003 for “masquerading as an ethics officer,” whatever that means. Davis, meanwhile, calls Rathbun a “lunatic.”

    Beghe asks: if Rathbun was “demoted” and a lunatic, why did Miscavige give Rathbun one of the most important tasks in Scientology’s recent history – luring Tom Cruise back into the church?

    “Tom had essentially disconnected from the church for the previous ten years. Most people don’t know that,” Beghe says. “So if Marty was a lunatic, why would Miscavige give him the job to bring Tom back in, the most important job in the church at that time?”

    Beghe says this occurred about four years ago, which would be well after Rathbun’s supposed “demotion.”

    Beghe says that he and Cruise were working with Rathbun at the same time at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. “While I was in session with Marty, Tom was in the waiting room. And vice versa.”

    “While Marty was auditing Tom, I was the other pre-clear being audited by Marty, who was considered the best auditor on the planet. Do you think Miscavige would send a lunatic to get his top prospect back in the fold?”

    “Tommy Davis at that point was an up-and-comer. He was also Tom Cruise’s handler,” Beghe says. “I spent hours and hours with Tommy Davis and Marty Rathbun together. And I can tell you something, I swear to God. That kid’s voice went up an octave when he was around Marty. He fawned on him like Marty was a demigod. He idolized him. Marty was the epitome of what a Sea Org member was supposed to be. And now they’re making out that he was demoted? It’s bullshit.”

  • Pokeman

    # 132 Mi Nayme Iz Braad @ 10/26/2009 at 9:29 pm

    don’t laugh too hard. you might get into a huge accident while driving some where tomorrow. Unless you are a 12 year old then you don’t need to worry.

  • bdj

    Jen takes 2 percent responsibility. Happy now troll.

  • Queen bee

    By Katey Rich:

    2009-10-26 15:25:05

    Last week might have been a bad week to pick for kicking off Oscar coverage, not because of a lack of things to talk about, but because there’s not much to report that’s changed since then. One movie once thought of as an Oscar contender, Amelia, has opened and failed miserably with both critics and moviegoers. But I had seen Amelia by the time I wrote last week’s column, which is why Hilary Swank and the film were both sitting pretty far away from the strong contenders.
    So the only thing remotely Oscar-related that’s happened in the last week is the announcement that Ricky Gervais will be hosting the Golden Globes, which doesn’t affect the race at all, just the likelihood that people will pay attention to the awards. What does that leave us to talk about then? Well, there’s a lot to explore with the movies that have come out thus far this year, and based on the comments I got on last week’s piece, there’s one movie already in release that you guys want to talk about badly: Inglourious Basterds.
    Last week I ranked it as “Still in the Running” for Best Picture, right next to titles like Julie & Julia and The Road (and, er, Amelia), though I’m much more optimistic about the chances of Christoph Waltz being nominated as Best Supporting Actor (there’s pretty much no way he won’t get in). And even though the only other nominations I see possible in the main categories are supporting actress for either MELENIE LAURENT (maybe) or DIANE KRUGER (probably not), there are a lot of other places I can see IB fitting in– Best Original Screenplay for QUENTIN TARANTINO seems pretty possible (he won it for Pulp Fiction, remember), Best Costume or Makeup for those gorgeous period costumes, and who knows, maybe Best Editing, though that category usually gets taken up with action movies or whatever the Best Picture flavor of the week is.
    Before you accuse of me of hating on your favorite movie, bear in mind that INGLOURIOUS BA STERDS is likely to wind up my list of the best of the year. I’m just doing my best, as with all these predictions, to figure out what the Academy– a notoriously capricious, weird, and old-fashioned bunch– will shine their light upon at the end of the year. And INGLOURIOUS BA STERDS, despite largely overwhelming critical praise, will find a lot of detractors offended by the violence or the historical revisionism, or even people sick of Tarantino and his smarty-pants style. It’s not the same climate as Pulp Fiction anymore, with some new whiz kid coming out of the indie world and creating a sensation. TARANTINO is established now, and whether or not it’s true, he has a lot more to prove.

    So while CHRISTOPH WALTZ has his nomination locked up– his performance is stunning no matter what you think about the rest of the film, and the field is weak overall– the rest of Basterds has a lot of work to do. The Weinstein Company has committed to a serious awards push, with plans to send out a massive amount of screener DVDs and campaign for just about anyone imaginable, and it’s been proven time and time again that money can go a long way toward a nomination. Plus, as more and more awards favorites either pull an Amelia or debut with a whimper rather than a bang (Bright Star, A Serious Man), Basterds’ popularity with audiences may linger even longer with voters.
    I’m actually moving BA STERDS up a notch on the list, having thought about it a little here, and sending Amelia to the back. Other small changes have been made in various categories and noted here and there. Next week we’ll take a look at the screenplays, both original and adapted, and see what else has changed in the meantime. See you then!


    As I noted, I’m basically discounting Amelia and moving up Basterds a bit, but everything else is staying basically the same. Nothing has come out that merits a change.

  • the real Lou

    Glad to see Brad out and about.A few scratches… but other than that he looks fine.Haters really need to get a grip.This was a minor accident… YET they are twisting like pretzels to make it a big deal.

  • bdj

    The troll takes 100% for lame insults.

  • an oldie

    Scientology’s Leader a Sadistic Slapper, Say Top-Level Defectors: St. Pete Times
    By Tony Ortega in Featured, Scientology
    Sunday, Jun. 21 2009 @ 8:30AM
    From the special series at the St. Petersburg Times
    Over the past few months, actor and Scientology-defector Jason Beghe has been hinting to us that two absolutely top-level officials who had recently escaped the church’s clutches were about to unload on their former supreme leader, David Miscavige.

    This morning, the first installment on that project was unveiled, and it is stunning.

    For decades, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were two of the highest-ranking members of Scientology, with plenty of access to Miscavige, who muscled his way to the top after founder L. Ron Hubbard’s death in 1984. Journalists who cover the church have long known that Rathbun and Rinder were among a small group with access to some of Scientology’s most important secrets — like how Miscavige convinced the IRS to throw in the towel in 1991 and restore Scientology’s tax-exempt status, for example, or what really happened in the strange death of church member Lisa McPherson at a church-owned hotel in 1995.

    It was surprising enough to hear that in the past few years, both Rathbun and Rinder had left Scientology. But now, both of them and other high-level defectors are speaking out for the first time on those issues to veteran journalists on the Scientology beat, Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin of the St. Petersburg Times.

    (The St. Pete Times has long been a great source for stories on Scientology — the paper’s coverage area includes the town of Clearwater, Florida, which Scientology virtually took over in the 1970s when Hubbard grew tired of running things from a boat and wanted a land base. Scientology’s two centers of power are in Clearwater and in Southern California.)

    As recently as 2007, in a BBC special, Rinder was seen denying rumors that Miscavige — who is supposed to be the worldwide leader of a religion based on the ethical treatment of human beings — actually maintains order by physically beating his staff, including high-ranking managers like Rinder himself.

    Now, Rinder is out and telling the St. Pete Times that he lied in that BBC special. It’s true, he says, that Miscavige is a terror, slapping and beating and humiliating his employees.

    Some spiritual leader.

    Today’s article is just the first of three — the other parts will appear tomorrow and Tuesday — and it’s accompanied by a fine video that features Rathbun speaking with what appears to be utter credibility. (If you’ve seen current Scientology spokesman, Tommy Davis, then you know what the opposite looks like.)

    When the Times asked for responses from Scientology, the organization did something many of us have been pointing out for many years: that if you join the church, from day one Scientology starts building a file on you as you are compelled to admit to errors and ethical lapses (whether true or not). As a matter of course, Scientology spokesmen have denied that these files are created so that the material can be used to discredit people who defect.

    Of course, that’s exactly what Scientology did in this case. For each of the defectors speaking for the St. Pete Times project, the church has mined their personal files in an attempt to smear them. Not only is that shocking behavior for a “religion,” it turns out to be transparently ridiculous and makes Scientology look worse. The Times reporters do a brilliant job giving the church its say, but also provide real facts to deflect the attempts to damage Rathbun and Rinder and the others.

    How huge is this blow to Scientology? The writers themselves come up with an apt parallel. They say that Rathbun and Rinder dishing on Miscavige is something like Haldeman and Erlichman coming clean about their boss.

    Yes, a “religion” run the way Richard Nixon ran his White House. That’s a comparison we can get behind.

  • hag

    hey brad, looking sezzzeee!! he has that big smile cause he got SATISFIED by his angie baby last night!! whooo, whoop!!

  • an oldie

    Scientology Gets Its Ass Kicked In the Desert
    By Tony Ortega in Featured, Scientology
    Friday, Mar. 13 2009 @ 11:14AM

    [Tommy Davis on the hot seat, from KESQ]

    SEE UPDATE, after the jump.

    Wise Beard Man tipped us recently that KESQ, a local television station in Palm Springs, California, has put together a pretty terrific 5-part investigation of Scientology.

    Why Palm Springs? Well, one of Scientology’s stranger facilities is located in the California desert, well away from the prying eyes of big-town journalists. For years, the Hubbard cabal in Hemet, California has been able to push around local politicians and law enforcement, convincing them, for example, that protesters at the desert site should be jailed for things like random Usenet posts.

    So it’s encouraging that even out in the middle of nowhere, Scientology can’t escape a thorough drubbing by an alert media.

    Our favorite part, naturally, was the episode in which a KESQ reporter made reference to the Voice as he was grilling one of our favorite Scientology tools, Tommy Davis, a church spokesman and son of actress Anne Archer.

    KESQ’s Nathan Baca asked Davis, “Somebody from the Village Voice apparently said the Church of Scientology is about ‘ridding the body of space alien parasites.’ And your reaction then and now is exactly to that claim?”

    Davis answered, “You know, here’s the thing. There are outrageous claims out there on the Internet about what Scientologists believe.”

    Very clever response, Tommy. Yes, the stuff Scientologists believe is pretty outrageous, and it is plastered all over the Internet. Davis, with that answer, is implying that the “outrageous” material isn’t true, but of course, it is true. Because the stuff we at the Voice, and many others, have written over many years regarding the actual beliefs of Scientologists is based on court records and other sources of L. Ron Hubbard’s own writings.

    But here comes the best part. Davis himself then asserts that the “easiest and most transparent way” to learn about Scientology is “through L. Ron Hubbard’s books and lectures.”

    Baca’s ready for that, and he whips out one of Hubbard’s many arcane and very stupid manuals about space aliens and federations of planets and counseling tomatoes, and whatever.

    “I can stop you,” Davis says. “I’m familiar with the material. I think what you’re getting at is the confidential scriptures of the Church.”

    But Baca won’t be dissuaded: “Is this not about the fundamentals of your belief?”

    And here comes the classic Scientology dodge. Davis says that discussing the beliefs of his church is offensive: “For you to talk to me, you as somebody who is not a Scientologist to talk to me about what my beliefs are or to ask me to explain any core religious belief, that’s an offensive concept. Nobody should ever be asked to do that.”

    No, certainly not! After all, a Christian would be deeply offended if you asked him about this ‘Jesus’ fellow. And who would ever think it appropriate to question the spokesman of a religion about the core beliefs of his faith? Oh, the rudeness!

    Look, we’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again: Scientology should never be treated as a legitimate faith by local governments as long as it insists on charging people hundreds of thousands of dollars before telling them the most basic, most fundamental of its core beliefs.

    Christians aren’t shy about telling you that believing in Jesus will get you everlasting life. Jews aren’t reticent about telling you that they have a special compact with God. Muslims, well, they are a bit touchy about Mohammed, but what more is there to understand about Islam than a total devotion to an all-powerful Allah? The rest, in every case, is just detail, and if you really want the rest, all you need to do is spend a few bucks for a used Bible or Koran at your local thrift store. And of course, it goes without saying that you don’t have to believe any of them.

    Scientology wants a small fortune before telling you that your body is crawling with invisible space-alien parasites, and that L. Ron Hubbard discovered the only way to get rid of them, by holding onto a couple of soup cans connected to a sweat-meter while being grilled about your most embarrassing secrets.

    Sounds like loads of fun. And it’s utter bullshit, of course. But too often, Americans who are squeamish about religion in general buy into the idea that Scientology somehow shouldn’t have to explain itself, even as it impoverishes the gullible.

    So congratulations to KESQ for calling Tommy Davis on that nonsense.

    UPDATE: From the comments, a classic Scientology response: “The religious practices of Scientology are primarily the auditing process wherein a spiritual being is guided by a trained auditor in various processes to better his spiritual condition.”

    Why are Scientologists afraid to be a little more specific, as in, “The religious practices of Scientology are primarily the auditing process wherein a spiritual being pays tens of thousands of dollars per spiritual level to be interrogated by a trained auditor about his most privately-held secrets in order to find the things holding back his spiritual condition, things which our most highly-esteemed leader tell us are actually the disembodied souls of ancient space aliens, as laid out in our leader’s sacred texts, which may not be altered or negated in any way.”

    Why, Scientologists, why? Why can’t you just own up to that the way people of other faiths are happy to tell about the origin stories and arcana of their own belief systems?

    Oh, are you afraid it might be tough to get those high prices if people knew what they were getting into on the front end of the deal?

    Just asking.

  • Queen bee


    I enjoy seeing Jills comments on this site, and if you think YOU, “personal LIABILITY” ….(or whatiever your mis-begotten name is) think that yoiu are going to bully a trusted Jolie-Pitt fan on this blog without getting your cCRUSTY-BIG-NOSED-HOMLEY-HAG-LOVING A SS KICKED by its users, YOU GOT ANOTHER THINK COMING!!!!!!

  • Angelina is finally free?

    @DJF: that’s the filler he had put in his face.

  • an oldie

    Scientologist Reveals “Psychiatry” Made Osama Do 9/11
    By Roy Edroso in 9/11, Featured, Scientology, WTF?
    Wednesday, Feb. 4 2009 @ 2:39PM

    Update: Original video pulled, here’s a clean version.

    What was really behind 9/11? Now it can be told, at least by Scientologists: psychiatry.

    It should comes as no shock that Scientologists, who think psychiatry is behind all the great wrongs of the world from the Middle Ages forward, would also cause terrorism. Still, it’s just perverse to blame psychiatry for 9/11. But that’s what Dave Figueroa, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (founded by the Church of Scientology), does in this video clip from Xenu TV.

    “To take a person who’s very religious,” says Figuero, “and turn them into a killing machine against their will… you need something behind that, you need something fairly powerful. And psychiatrists employ drugs and conditioning techniques in order to change people from what they normally would be into killing machines. And the terrorist factions that we hear about on TV, behind those individual acts of mayhem, you find psychiatrists, psychologists, and their drugs.”

    The host asks about Ayman al-Zawahiri, a prominent Al-Qaeda lieutenant, whom Figueroa says “was the force behind” bin Laden. The important thing about al-Zawahiri, says Figuero, is that “he’s a psychiatrist.” (No one’s proven that he has that certification, but presumably in the caves of Afghanistan unlicensed practitioners also qualify.)

    He further says that though bin Laden has become the “poster child for terrorism… his whole thought patterns and his entire viewpoint was changed by Zawahiri. And whatever types of drugs that Zawahiri used to make that change in bin Laden we don’t know.” But, he adds, “we know that there was a real change in that guy’s attitude,” which is our favorite line in the whole thing.

    As to whether Zawahiri is “100 percent the person behind 9/11 or not, I don’t know if we’re ever gonna know,” but “that ideology of terror was coming from bin Laden” — who, we are reminded, “was influenced by a psychiatrist.”

    The host prods Figueroa to further explain the causes of terrorism, giving him an opening to mention the well-known, timeless forces of ideology and religion. But Figueroa sticks with “psychiatric drugs,” among which he includes the amphetamines used by Kamikaze pilots in World War II. (Presumably psychiatry is also responsible for long-distance truck driving and Ted Haggard.)

    Some other guy briefly appears to emphasize that Zawahiri is a psychiatrist and the “guy who runs” bin Laden, and the host offers you a pamphlet from which you may learn more. But you don’t need a pamphlet to get the message: if you’re depressed or anxious, don’t go to a shrink or you may wake up with the blood of 2,752 New Yorkers on your hands.

  • the real Lou

    # 137 Personal responsibility @ 10/26/2009 at 9:39 pm ….Typical for a hater to go all racist…because that is exactly what that “ham hock” crack was.

  • Angelina is finally free?

    ONE TWO THREE @ 10/26/2009 at 8:07 pm

    Poor Angelina being stuck with old Bald Pitt.

    Read more:
    according to Brad pitt fans, Angelina is finally free. this means we’ll get pre brad Angelina. From when she was hot and happy and didn’t have to take full blame for a grown mans actions. YIPPIEE! Can’t wait to see Angie back. she was living in hell for almost 5 years, ya know! Brad’s fans think he’s so special but one look at Angelina wasting away and you see he’s more trouble than he’s worth. FREE ANGELINA!

  • payroll bloggers

    bdj @ 10/26/2009 at 7:32 pm

    Personal responsibility
    Better tell X17. They state that after being cut off by a Pap, BP lost his balance. Why oh why can’t t he paps call a summit and get their stories straight. It was an accident troll. Sh*it happens. However, if you live to see another day, be thankful and move on.
    Brad Pitt pays X17 exclusive photos and motorcylce pix to lie for him.

  • zen2

    Glad to see him well. Thanks lord!

  • HAGS 2% personal responsibilit


    …Rumours abound that the most famous DUMPEE in the world is hedging for a talk-show from the BIG-O!!!….I guess that’s cause she’s exhausted her Film career possibilities by co-starring with DOGS, C-List actors and posing NAKED on magazine covers!!! HEHEHE!!!

  • bdj

    I thought Jen and Huvane had a deal with X17 to photograph her daily walkabouts on her lame rom com crapfest sets. Baster, Bounty Hunter, He is not into your whiny ass, Mis-management. All recorded on a daily basis and posted by our dear Just Jared. Jen sure showed acting range. Flip hair, walk, flip hair, stop, hide face with hair, walk, etc etc.

  • Angelina is finally free?

    Queen bee @ 10/26/2009 at 7:47 pm

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! ……( or yet ANOTHER shameless way of promoting an upcomming project by mentioning either Brad Pitt or Angelina’s name in an interview!!)…


    ROSIE O’DONNELL did the Howard Stern show today and said that she and Angelina traded phone calls and were supposed to go out to dinner, but it never ended up happening…


    Rosie then said ….”….I still have dreams about her (Angelina)…”…


    whether you’re gay or not…don’t we ALL?….(swoon)…..

    Read more:

    I love this! But it only further proves the fact that Angelina has horrible taste in men and women but especially women. Remember that fat housewife looking lesbian she hooked up with ? Flynet papz broke that story.

  • personal DUMPABILITY