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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Help Orphans Worldwide

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Help Orphans Worldwide

Daniel Craig and his longtime love Satsuki Mitchell lend their star power to the 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Benefit Gala at New York City’s Capitale Lounge on Monday (October 26).

The couple came out to support Daniel‘s Steady Rain co-star Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, who are honorary committee co-chairs for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

WWO aims to transform the lives of orphaned children by taking them out of anonymity and helping them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.

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634 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Help Orphans Worldwide”

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  1. 601
    to 598 Says:

    There were a lot of criticisms that doubted scenario writer’s ability when this news was announced.
    Everyone expects it there.
    There is no concreteness in your saying at all. It is what even I can say.
    The script is f**kin’ s**t.

  2. 602
    ==== Says:

    Villa San Michele in Florence.

  3. 603
    to 601 Says:

    @to 598:

    You are basing that on common news.
    I’m basing it on visually reading it.

    Big difference but the outcome will be the same so arguing the toss is pointless.

  4. 604
    vacation Says:

    Australia in Hugh’s hometown is a midsummer now.
    I recommend “BRAMPTON ISLAND” to Daniel.

  5. 605
    the most likely candidate Says:

    Freida Pinto…She is cute!

  6. 606
    to 603 Says:

    Oh, it is so.
    Therefore, the surprise is nothing. And it won’t be also the proof from which you have seen a script.

  7. 607
    Gina Says:

    I haven’t read the script of Dream House yet but I believe it’s crap, enough to hear the title “Dream House” and the plot of the story, it says a lot. It’s gonna to be same project like was Flashbacks of a pool, seriously low budget movie in which Daniel is only relaxing, not acting. Daniel said he reads many scripts and according to him all is crap and I am afraid, he was suggested to take Dream House or he could it choose on his own but I think, he got really
    good scripts away from him and made mistake with receiving Dream House. I noticed he is not good in his choices. Luckily, Babs was stubborn to involve him in the bondmovies and others projects was simply luck or friend’s nepotism. he invested his own money into some projects, but it were independent projects.

  8. 608
    to Gina Says:

    Does Daniel recollect it in water?

  9. 609
    finally Says:

    his father and stepmother are in NY. Saw them running some errands yesterday.

  10. 610
    new pics - dan in leather Says:
    Daniel, Tim, Lia (his sister) and Sats (with matching outfit).

    Pity the gloves are worn so no ring watch today.

  11. 611
    to : 610 Says:

    i thought that was evelyn? looks more like his sister, i agree.
    i thought harry was going too?

  12. 612
    re: 610 Says:

    @new pics – dan in leather:
    Thanks for those. Glad to see his family there in small visits at a time I think.
    No doubt Satsuki will be escorting them to the play although his sister has been there for a bit now.
    I don’t think Ella is still there.
    Well I think we can all assume his family like Satsuki after all this?
    BTW, I have noticed too that Satsuki dresses like Daniel a bit.
    They share scarves anyway! How cute.

  13. 613
    re: 611 Says:

    @to : 610:

    Sats is looking great. Great figure. Stunning.

  14. 614
    drinks in bag Says:

    no bodyguard, anyone notice? so all those stories are false about him demanding those.

    it looks like he was drinks shopping as only bottles are put in brown paper bags like that.

    going home to have a few cocktails with lunch or for when daniel comes home.

    maybe some good cognac as it’s freezing in new york

  15. 615
    anyone? Says:

    The couple behind them are not related right?

    Could be Sats’ father and her grandmother? The woman looks oriental.
    Definitely not her mother anyway.

  16. 616
    re #613 Says:

    I agree she does look great and has a fantastic figure, although i am starting to think she may be a bit of a tomboy deep down. She sure likes her trousers, i think she needs to get a skirt on more and show off them great legs of hers!!

  17. 617
    re: 616 Says:

    @re #613:

    Well she does strike me as being a tomboy yes. Quite masculine in her ways but come to think of it, apart from the red carpet, I have never seen her wear a skirt “off duty’ so too speak.

    Yes, great legs, maybe in warmer climes in late December where they are going.

  18. 618
    wecallitbeson Says:

    i still think she doesn’t fit any jeans very well, propably size zero
    because she has no butt at all, dan is buying her all clothes what a life …

  19. 619
    Guinness Says:

    Dan is striking hot. Leather, jealous. Does Sats wear extensions when she puts her hair up. Her hair looks short. She looks like she is in disagreement with him and he is ignoring the argument. Yay. they look like such a happy-in-love couple. any sane people around? but thx for the pics! regular guy–I think not. sexy.

  20. 620
    re: 616 Says:


    No doubt although she might have some of her own money. After all I’m sure she got paid for “Last Night”.
    Yes quite a life isn’t it?

    It looks like in one of those pictures that she is looking at Daniel in case he punches that pap.
    I’ve noticed that she looks at him a lot in pictures more than the other way around. She hangs on every word of his, who can blame her but he looks like he leads and she follows sort of thing.

  21. 621
    re: 619 Says:


    Fair’s fair, they are with his family. Hardly lovey dovey time.
    They did hold hands across the street that day remember? You remember.

  22. 622
    re: 1 Says:

    @sorry dont get it:

    A lot of people don’t get it, including me, but the reality is, she is there and firmly ensconced in the Craig dynasty.

  23. 623
    coloring Says:

    well the blond hair blue eyes look will finish with satsuki as if they have kids, her coloring will take precedent.

    thank god, harry continues that with the other cousins.

  24. 624
    dtm Says:

    This is a woman after my own heart!

  25. 625
    gulp Says:

    Jut read that the dtd fan will see ASR for the 14th or 15th time on twitter.
    “Weekend plans: hanging out w/ friends watching
    The West Wing, ‘A Steady Rain’ for the 14th (maybe 15th) time, and sleeeeeep!!!”
    3 minutes ago

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