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Madonna Breaks Ground in Malawi

Madonna Breaks Ground in Malawi

Madonna plants a Moringa tree at the site of her future academy for girls in a village north of Lilongwe, Malawi on Monday (October 26).

The 51-year-old entertainer was joined by daughter Lourdes, 13, at the ground breaking ceremony and planting of the “miracle tree.”

“Growing up in a privileged life, I took education for granted…but coming to Malawi has taught me a lot of things and (I have) learned to appreciate what life gives,” Madonna said.

“I realized how much they deserve to be educated and so for me the best thing I could do was to build a school, a unique school that will create future female leaders, scientists, lawyers, doctors and if this school is successful it will be used as a model to replicate it in other countries.”

The school will admit 500 girls, ABC News reports, and construction will cost about $15 million.

15+ pictures inside of Madonna breaking ground in Malawi…

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61 Responses to “Madonna Breaks Ground in Malawi”

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  1. 1
    jody Says:

    Okay, great.
    15 Million for Malawi……….
    What about helping kids that live 50 blocks from your mansion in Manhattan?????
    I just don’t understand.

  2. 2
    peapo Says:

    What an appropriate outfit to wear to a groundbreaking ceremony for a school in Africa. Great shoes. * said sarcastically*

    I really don’t get Madonna. Oh and she’s really starting to look plasticy!

  3. 3
    peapo Says:

    And why so many pics of madonna and Lourdes with their mouth open?

    Catching flies?

  4. 4
    jessalyn Says:

    Hmmm Jody. What i don’t understand is how people get to be so nationalist that they can’t celebrate what a gift this is to Malawi. If you feel inspired to help kids in Manhattan good for you. She’s helping Malawi which in terms of poverty is an entirely different world. It’s very disheartening to read comments like that when we’re talking about a school, in a country with little educational opportunity let alone for girls. How can that possibly be seen as anything other that positive? I’m not a fan of Madonna, but I’m even less of a fan of these bitter comments about which countries deserve the most help.

  5. 5
    anonymous Says:

    Why is she always copying other celebrities. First Angelina Jolie with the African adoptions, now Oprah with the African school. One would think she is just doing this for publicity and it’s not really coming from her heart. Otherwise, she would have done this long before the other celebrities did.

  6. 6
    sillyme Says:

    “What about helping kids that live 50 blocks from your mansion in Manhattan?????”

    Even the poorest of poor kids in America are able to get an education in America, and go on to become doctors, lawyers, etc., if they work hard. Not so in parts of Africa, especially for girls. I don’t think most Americans realize how easy they have it. Believe me, poverty here is nothing, compared to poverty in other parts of the world.

  7. 7
    Mavis Says:

    So, Lourdes doesn’t need to go to school, because what? Her mother is Madonna?

  8. 8
    Sandra Says:

    @sillyme: Well said. In America today, while we may be in a recession , there are still opportunities. And in Africa, kids are dying of starvation and AIDS. Even if Madonna were to be doing this for the good publicity, she’s still helping.

  9. 9
    ellie' Says:

    I like Madonna always a charity giver.. I’d like to hear them also helping children in our own country who are starving and abused…

  10. 10
    Madonna Says:

    “My hope is to make 500 trashy man hatin’ boy toy material girls.”

  11. 11
    martha.newyork Says:

    She’s great! ICON!

  12. 12
    AutumnM Says:

    @ Jody

    You’re one of these people who give American’s a bad name. No wonder so many think most of us are all ignorant, close minded people. What the heck are you doing to help out in America anyway? Probably nothing. I’m sure Madonna gives to causes in this country, but children in Africa and other poor countries need help more, especially when it comes to education and building schools. Stop being so damn jealous and hateful.

    Madonna is doing a great thing and I believe she’s genuine too. GO MADGE! Bravo

  13. 13
    ugh Says:

    ugh, for some reason her daughter annoys the f*ck out of me.

  14. 14
    AutumnM Says:

    Right on #4 and #6! I completely agree. I hate when people make ignorant comments like that poster Jody. Clearly, these countries need help more than we do and I applaud anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand. Nothing negative to be said here.

  15. 15
    90210 Says:

    I hope this cruel woman leaves America.Go to France!

  16. 16
    jody Says:

    Fellow Madonna fans,
    I am not saying not to help the people/children of Malawi….
    G-d bless her for that.
    I am just wondering why American children are not on her radar.

  17. 17
    dundies Says:

    What about helping kids that live 50 blocks from your mansion in Manhattan????



  18. 18
    Photo Op Says:

    Another photo op – you can tell because she’s all dressed up. I mean, who wears designer clothers, sunglasses, and high heels to shovel dirt and plant a tree??

    Also, I hate to think what this girls school will be teaching.

    Slutology 101
    How to Succeed on Little Talent
    Sex Education (Using Madonna’s “Sex” book as the texbook)

    She’ll probably make their uniforms consist of cone bra bustiers and red Kaballah strings.

  19. 19
    Jorden Says:

    So, Lourdes doesn’t need to go to school, because what? Her mother is Madonna?

    Home schooled with tutors as well as regular school on occasion, Im sure.

    Anyway, even if Madonna is just doing it for publicity, bottom line, people ARE being helped. She of course, should do it for the right reasons, whether she does or not, we don’t know. And don’t say you do. You are not her. Only she knows the truth.

  20. 20
    Mike Says:

    The US is one of the richest countries in the world where education is guaranteed for everyone regardless of race, class, or gender. Malawi is the 2nd poorest country in the world. Gain some perspective. She actually does give to charities in the US including those that work with disadvantaged children (like boys’ & girls’ clubs) and help keep them off the streets. She has also helped fund at least two schools (one in LA and one in NY). There are other charities, but she doesn’t send out an ad every time she gives to one.

    She’s setting up a school for 500 girls to help empower them to help their country which is the 2nd poorest country in the world and posters are talking about her outfit…? Seriously?

  21. 21
    Jorden Says:

    @Photo Op:

    Oh man. lol.

  22. 22
    Mike Says:

    The kids are on school break for two weeks, but don’t act like you are actually concerned about their well-being… call it what it is- just another opportunity to take a shot at Madonna.

  23. 23
    Ruthie Says:

    Why is she wearing a cross? What ever happened to Kabbalah?

  24. 24
    sorella Says:

    Weird shoes to wear to that, but whatev (maybe she thought it was appropriate as the matriarch of the school), I can’t knock her as she is doing something good and that’s better than alot of celebs.

    LOL Lourdes looks so bored, reminds me of my 13 year old niece, you know that she’s all about attitutude and so over her Mom at this age and would rather be somewhere else! And the way Madonna is looking at her, like “c’mon, show some interest”, actually makes her look more human, like a regular mom of a pouty teen LOL.

  25. 25
    Jayden Says:

    @Ruthie: Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s a school of thought, so you can belong to another religion and still study Kabbalah.

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