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Matt Damon: Adjustment Bureau Family Fun Day!

Matt Damon: Adjustment Bureau Family Fun Day!

Matt Damon and his adorable family cross the street together on the way to the set of The Adjustment Bureau in New York City on Monday (October 26).

Matt‘s wife Luciana brought Isabella, 3, and Gia, 15 months, as well as her daughter Alexia, 11, to the set for a day of family fun.

Recently, Matt, 39, sat down with Parade magazine and talked about the example he wants to set for his girls.

“I try to keep my trips short because my kids are so young that my wife, Lucy, can’t come. We don’t like to be separated, but we both feel it’s so important to learn about these things.

“In the future, I know these trips are something we’ll do as a family…. I can’t think of any more important value to instill in our children than the desire to help others. I feel strongly about setting an example for them.”

15+ pictures inside of Matt Damon‘s family fun day on set…

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matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 01
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 02
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 03
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 04
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 05
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 06
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 07
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 08
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 09
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 10
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 11
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 12
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 13
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 14
matt damon adjustment bureau family fun day 15

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  • Marieke

    Such a nice family with cute kids! I love Matt Damon!

  • Hola!

    Luciana, the former bartender,is one lucky girl. Matt is lucky too because having her,she is not Hollywood, inthe business.

    Good ingredients for a good marriage.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    I love matt what a great family he has

  • speedo

    The older kid isn’t so good-looking. btw: shouldn’t she be in school if she’s 11?

  • slamming kids


    here we go again, slamning children. No hater, it’s his wifes kid from her first relationship.
    Sick people, indeed. Same goes for # 5. love to see your faces, actually.

  • & they are dressed like girls!

    I took note of one thing! Notice the little girls (adorable btw!) are in PINK?? And little girl shoes, etc?? stuff made for little girls! wow!

    Angelina Jolie, Take note. Your little girl is not a boy, even though it seems you are pushing her to be..cause 3 yr olds, don’t go out like that, period, no matter what the lovers of this family say. Shi would look adorable with a NORMAL GIRL outfit on, just once, nothing fancy, like Gap, whatever, but something made for a GIRL.
    Matt did well, the kids look normal.

  • Deliah

    @& they are dressed like girls!:

    exactly! look at the pink sneakers, and on the baby, a girlie shoe. last I saw shiloh she was in black disgusting shoe boots, looked big on her too, but were ugly as sin. why , tell me why? and mom and zee were in flip flops. go figur, hot day too and the kid was all in dark gear with boots!. she’s weird, with a capital W, thinking too she thinks this is ‘cool’, like the boy’s mohawk is, the stupid skeleton shirts on babies, believe me, it’s not. not on children.
    wait util they are teens, OMG! it’s the angie influence, period, no matter the crackpots who love them say. guess grandma pitt ain’t buying any girl clothes gifts for them anytime soon. lol, skulls and black clothing, is the thing for her. ewwww


    I am noticing that he is not with his wife just his own kids.. And the
    nanny…>>! Why is that .. Is there trouble in their marriage..??

    But it is nice contrast to Ben who never holds Sera… One Pix of
    Ben with V …

  • Fiona

    That little girl is far prettier than Suri Cruise and she’s also dressed like a normal child should be!

  • Love Matt

    Hunkilicious! :D Thanks so much Jared!!!

  • lb

    Alexia is his step-daughter. But all the posters who make fun of her looks….shame on you….she is a child. Let her be!! They are a wonderful family!!

  • Deidre

    Hrm…Matt looks fine and dandy…why did he skip out on his charity event on Thurs in SF?!?!?!


    I think that Matt is getting a divorce.. since they are walking out the
    court house and how his wife is not standing with them.. and he
    is only with his own kids…That is probably why he did not appear
    at his one xone event that Charlize Theron took his place.


  • ya fool

    @MATTIE DAMON BACK THANKS: he’s on his movie set , ya fool


    Ya fool… on the way to the set …They are CROSSING THE STREET

  • celia

    They’re SO CUTE!!!! Matt is such a hottie!

  • celia


    He said he had a “family” emergency. That means one of his kids or maybe someone’s parents could’ve been sick or had an accident.

  • coco

    I think Matt took off his ring because he is finally ready to admit that he is gay. I believe that he got married because he wanted kids and now that he has these 2 cute babies he no longer needs the beard wife. He is so talented and I think this has been weighing on him and affecting his career. Best wishes to Matt in whatever he decides.

  • Jorden

    Love Matt, he’s so good. His role in the Oceans films were awesome, definitely a fave!

  • anja

    Pink is such an ugly colour, black rocks. JP girlsare dressed bautifully and they will develope their own style, just as their mother

  • Oh….how…..lovely…


    Matt Damon, gay?? Bwwaaahhhhh, that’s rich. You truly love to dream. I bet you’re just some lonely queen “pipe dreaming” again. FYI, I happen to know that they are madly in love with each other so why don’t you just save your crazy longing for Matt inside your own head. Nobody here wants to hear it and nobody here believes you either. There’s always some queen that tries to convince all the straight folks that hot guys are gay. Does that validate your lifestyle coco? And to those who called his step daughter ugly are fools. She is actually much cuter than those photos. She’s an adorable kid with manners too.

  • Jen

    cute kids

    #7 and 8, you guys make a good point.

  • ellie’

    Such a beautiful family and beautiful children.. Matt your the best..

  • fat GAY queenie

    Matt Damon is GAY. I know this fo sure. He love peen. The wife is a beard get with it yo!! Stop frontin and pretend you know this man. You don’t. If you did you would know he is GAY. GAY. GAY. Did I mention he is gay? GAY.

  • xio pio

    I assume if he’s not wearing his ring is because he is going to WORK, and usually actors don’t wear their wedding rings when they are shooting scenes for their movies, JEEEZ!

  • lakers fan in boston

    always liked matt
    he seems like a cool guy, he’s from boston, and his movies arent that bad
    ive just never understand his choice of a wife, if i was famous like him, id tried 2 do better

  • mj

    So you think he would love someone more if they looked better than his wife (who I happen to think is attractive)? I don’t think Matt is that shallow. He’s a great guy and he’s lucky to have his family.

  • lovey

    @27 your lame and stupid for saying that… you would try to do better? you dont even know her to even say that… your pathetic.

    those litte girls are precious.. cute family ..

  • *** JAMIE ***


  • julie

    @ # 25 some body is jealous and they should be, Matt has everything and you?, you sit on the computer judging, hahaha, go Matt, we love you, great family btw.

  • sienna

    looks like the oldest girl’s face is swollen. she might be sick. it might be the family emergency.

  • Don’t like Him

    Who is he kidding?
    He bought the wife and her children as a beard.
    His wife was an illegal immigrant who worked at a sleezy bar and couldn’t pay her bills.
    That’s a PR deal for him and cash cow for her and her children.

  • Don’t like Him

    Do you think a staight hollywood guy would choose such an unattractive uneucated illegal immigrant who is a single mother and works at a sleezy bar in Miami?
    Not to mention how obsessed he was with Ben and how he worked so hard to play with his head and saw every girl Ben dated as a threat.
    Garner was smart enough to understand it and made sure he wouldn’t even know they were getting married.

  • abby

    I don’t care what anyone says this is one stunning family. Those little girls have looks to die for. Matt better watch out when their older lol.

  • g!na

    ISABELLA IS THE CUTEST THING♥ she looks like Matt!

  • s.i

    those kids r adorable!!! the little girl is the sweetest one, she is such a cutie pie!!!!

  • NYC_Nona

    Gorgeous family…IMO, I think that his step daughter def. is sick or something…her face is very bloated/swollen…perhaps MUMPS or had wisdom teeth removed…It’s quite tacky to ridicule someone’s kids…kids have it hard enough these days without some immature “adult” making rude remarks on one’s appearance…All children are beautiful~

  • Destry

    Look at those cheeks! Those girls are adorable. I swear I saw Isabella’s shirt at Target the other day. Is it weird to think that his wife is oddly sexy when she looks a little ‘pouty’?

  • Don’t like Lucy

    I don’t like lucy she just got lucky and matt married her but not before he got her pregnant. When she has worked…. she was a stripper and then a bartender!! She was an illegal immigrant and now she and her whole family lives off his MONEYY!! she will never leave him she cares too much about the money!!!

  • coco

    @Don’t like Lucy: he will leave her!

  • Fiona

    #41 That’s a horrible thing to say! I hope he doesn’t just leave her when they have such cute children for their sake…..Maybe he wanted to marry someone that wasn’t in the entertainment industry and have a relatively normal life!

  • beaty

    What is up with this guy? I’ve come to think he’s just weird and a liar. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. People are so gullible to believe anything out of hollywood. Matt is so insecure in hollywood it’s not even funny. Quick save there Matt from all that stuff coming out there. If you would just live honest to people, what’s the big deal? Who would care? Again, insecurity. Well to me his career has tanked, so what does he have to lose? I think if it is not a true beard of a wife that she is very pretty or like exotic looking but something isn’t right with that family. It will come out eventually and then he’ll be fu****! Who is guiding him on when to open that trap? “I want to set a good example for my girls, my children.” – Yeah by having a mom that hangs off of strip polls, does drugs or anything all in NYC! That’s my mommy, boy am I proud. I feel sorry for him down the line and let’s leave it at that. A lot of pain and loss.

  • beaty

    I’ve come to form the opinion that he is nothing but a chicken sh– coward.

  • Aww!

    These pictures are SO cute! & Matt is ageing like a juicy steak!
    He is one hot daddy
    his youngest is adorbs.
    i’ve loved Matty since good will hunting!

  • sandra rodrigues

    Matt has bad breath.

  • Umbreen

    Matt is so coooool and his family is so nice….His daughter Isabella and Gia are soooo cute….

  • Umbreen

    Matt has such a good accent and tone of voice….I really like him…

  • Umbreen

    Yeh ISABELLA looks like Matt…

  • brittaanyjadee

    @& they are dressed like girls!: so they are normal for wearing pink nice theory captain ignorant !