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Rachel Bilson: Gelson's Groceries!

Rachel Bilson: Gelson's Groceries!

Rachel Bilson stocks up on bottles and bottles of apple juice and bags of ice at her local Gelson’s supermarket in Hollywood on Sunday (October 25).

Later on in the day, the 28-year-old former O.C. and a gal pal later stopped off at a private residence in Los Angeles.

Rachel recently revealed to that she would never get a tattoo — she always needs change!

FYI: Rachel is wearing the Juicy Couture Ombre Scarf Cardigan.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson picking up Gelson’s groceries…

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rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 01
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 02
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 03
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 04
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 05
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 06
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 07
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 08
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 09
rachel bilson gelsons supermarket 10

Credit: Max Butterworth/Louise Barnsley; Photos: INFdaily, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • marvel


  • me

    extremely boring

  • S

    Dear JJ, are you a friend or enemy. Please stop posting Rachel doing nothing of importance. Other celebs are doing it too but they are not posted here. You are overexposing her.

  • jessie

    not againnn 8-)

  • stacy

    Why IS Rachel Bilson?

  • Oh Please!!!

    Just Jared! This is even getting ridiculous for you. The ugly short b*tch must be paying you well is all I can say. You ask me. What is the woman doing? It is either shopping or stuffing her face and looking like a mongoloid doing it. She has no talent and is not even worthy of all these useless nonsense threads on her. Can you please bring back the real actors and actresses that are post worthy instead of supporting this nothing piece of sh**?! Thank you.

  • frenchy

    Thanks for give me news of Rachel almost every day. I’m enraptured there.

  • cicy

    THX JJ!
    This girl is probably among the cutest ones in LA. Loooove her.

    You can keep posting about her as much as you want as far as I’m concerned.
    Style Icon

  • GoodGirl

    OMG! WTF is she doing here AGAIN?!!
    As #6 said, Jared is getting really ridiculous for YOU. You look like a crazy stalker!..Take you pills and get some help man!

  • paula

    Save your breath haters. It’s the clicks that count. Not your posts.

  • anon

    AJ and ice? Maybe for the wedding reception or an engagement party?
    Keep posting pics of her!

  • ocsethummer

    It must be really sunny inside the shop – she wore her sunglasses the whole time! Way to draw attention.

  • @JJ

    Well, I’m so impressed by the way you have rushed to interpret those somewhat gibberish comments she made in the last post, JJ, and highlighted it in blue too. No doubt about it, that has cleared the air. Although most of us did understand what she was trying to say, it was the absurd way she phrased it we all puzzled over, LOL. Now a post of her working and you’ll have it all sewn up……..

  • sophie

    So she buys groceries, so what! Since JJ never shows her doing anything remotely exciting, I’m beginning to think she must be the dullest person on Earth, as well as a member of the stupid brigade. If only she would do something interesting once in a while.

  • ?

    That’s one vicious looking boil on her cheek, ouch.

  • Frida

    Bags of ice?! You can buy bags of ICE in stores in America?! You do know it’s made from water and pretty easy to do yourself right?!

  • lalalala

    She is there almost every day…. No more please

  • please

    jared please stop! this is ridiculous.

  • huxley

    she is pretty. the haters are jealous
    and this girl has

  • reality

    Yes this girl has Anakin who is a Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller reject and Rachel herself is Adam Brody reject, I guess Summer and Anakin belong together bc no one else would want them for their lack of brains and acting ability.

  • ?

    Are we going to have posts on her going to the supermarket every week? I only ask because JJ had a post on Sunday 16th of her shopping at Gelson’s. How come a girl who always needs change lives a life so dull & predictable?
    @huxley: People aren’t jealous of her, they don’t hate her b/c because of her looks. They are irritated by her mediocrity, her lack of intelligence and her lack of talent.

  • ?

    @huxley: And that’s a good thing, is it? How, exactly! A fiance who is hardly ever with her and, when he is, behaves like a robot, no emotion at all, except maybe an expression of distaste. Who walks yards in front of her and doesn’t look at or talk to her! Beats me why she’s with him.

  • lexy

    No one is jealous of this girl. There are thousands of women like her in LA!

    JJ we KNOW RB pays your salaries but you have to insist she spice things up a bit. Look at your headlines – Chris Brown’s got a new video out, Madonna is breaking ground in Malawi, Ricky Gervais hosts Golden Globes – and RB goes to the market for apple juice and ice? Yesterday’s big news was she bought pasteries and the day before she bought pasteries AND coffee. Suri Cruise is more interesting!

    Can you isnist she fake a baby bump or buy something to at least make herself appear interesting – pregnancy test, condoms, an Acting for Dummies book…

  • jane

    Thanks to JJ for documenting her daily life and now we all know that she is hardly spending time with her fiancĂ©e. How do they keep the relationship if they see each other once a month. Doesn’t he miss her. It looks like he can’t stand to be with her. May be Perez Hilton is right about Gayden.

  • lexy

    Isn’t her man working – someone’s got to pay for all Rachel’s shopping and pastries! Maybe that’s why he gets her jobs – he knows she’s got no acting skills and if she doesn’t do something she’ll spend all his money!

  • christine


  • don’t tread on me


    Please Apple Juice at a wedding reception what’s the entertainment pin the tail on the donkey. Ice, Booze and AJ is’t a booze party if you see the video. My guess is jello shot party


    Get a life please stop telling ppl they are losers bc they see the real Rachel Batshit Bilson for what she is. No Talent, No fashionist, beard posing, Drunk happy, press whoring, shopaholic, Spoiled little rich girl that she is.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive just noticed that all the pics jared has of her, have 2 do with food
    she’s either buying something or eating it
    she’s so boring now

  • kate

    Does anyone know what kind of bag she is carrying? I think that is the only note worthy part of the photo.

  • lexy

    Christine the images you refer to seem more like bad girl on girl porn you recently watched than the real world. Perhaps you should turn off the porn and go see Rachel’s movie! See it a few times b/c it’s not even cracked the top 10 and Rachel couldn’t bother to go to the premiere herself – I guess there was a sale on apple juice here at the supermarket. Then maybe rent her straight to DVD movie. You can help Hayden pay for Rachel’s media whoring!! Rachel pays the bills around here you know!!!

  • emmy jay

    Just how do the papz know when she is going shopping?

    Borrrrring. Is she the new filler at JJ’s?

  • monreal


  • christine


  • sophie

    @christine: Christine, you’re such a snob!

  • Nay

    People that wear sunglasses indoors are so bloody rude.

  • lexy

    Christine HONEY maybe YOU should get off the streets or get a job so you can move to a nicer neighborhood.
    Clearly living in a place where prisoners are running around free (are they wearing their jumpsuits by the way – is that how you know they are prisoners?? Have you called 911 or do you think that JJ will send the police). As for drug rehab losers wandering around – again where exactly do you live? Do you live near some sort of free rehab clinic? It sure isn’t where your beloved Rachel hangs out or lives. As for bars with fag hags – well maybe you’re going to gay bars. There are plenty of bars where straight people go out you need to pay attention if you’re unsure – ask the bartender why there are so many gay men at the bar you hang out.

    I live in a nice neighborhood where drug addicts and prisoners don’t run around freely and being straight, I don’t go to gay bars. So there’s no reason for me to be jealous of Rachel – I have a job and it pays well. Maybe YOU should check out your social services dept. The new Obama plan will send those who qualify to school for job training. Perhaps you can get a job and move to a nicer neighborhood.

  • Marelz

    For the people saying she’s boring: yeah, sorry she’s not one of those stars that’s always flashing their hoohah to the world.

  • @37

    she doesn’t have a hoohah to flash, u need personality for 1 of those, n she has all the personality of a cream cracker w/o the topping