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Rachel Bilson: Lookin' Like La Fée Verte

Rachel Bilson: Lookin' Like La Fée Verte

Rachel Bilson dons a gray tank from La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy) as she shops with a gal pal at the Urban Outfitters store inside The Americana shopping center on Monday, October 26, in Glendale, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress was also seen making a quick stop at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Station.

For more info on Montreal’s newest lingerie manufacturer, visit

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson lookin’ like La Fee Verte

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rachel bilson la fee verte 01
rachel bilson la fee verte 02
rachel bilson la fee verte 03
rachel bilson la fee verte 04
rachel bilson la fee verte 05
rachel bilson la fee verte 06
rachel bilson la fee verte 07
rachel bilson la fee verte 08
rachel bilson la fee verte 09
rachel bilson la fee verte 10
rachel bilson la fee verte 11
rachel bilson la fee verte 12
rachel bilson la fee verte 13
rachel bilson la fee verte 14
rachel bilson la fee verte 15

Photos: GSI Media
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  • lisa

    Does Rachel have movie coming? I’m trying understand why she is always on this site.

  • lisa

    ^ out

  • please

    jared stop! this is getting so stupid! stupid site.

  • Lilac

    Are you obsessed with her? why paps are following her? she is so boring and nobody cares about her except Jared anyway!

  • xxx

    Oh hell no……

  • monreal

    Why should he (jared)?! When he’s been OBVIOUSLY getting lots of bucks from that Midget Twerp!

  • UH

    Try THIS for a change. If you find posts about her annoying, read the next ones. Why even waste your time dropping unnecessary comments? Come on now.

  • Saudia

    Love her outfit .. Seriously love this girl

  • Fergie Rocks !

    like the outfit ! not mi kind of gril, though !

  • Why bother taking pictures of her if you don’t take a shot of her butt?


    seriously, don’t comment these posts if you don’t like RB. it’s called scrolling, try it out.

  • ashley

    she is really cute

  • jamie

    again? she is ugly and very stupid, ugh.

  • bob

    boring, post about real celebritys jj

  • *** JAMIE ***

    just jared is obsessed with d listers who ride on their one hit wonder fame.

    rachel bilson, freida pinto, miranda kerr etc


  • jessica

    freida pinto is a d-lister? LOL

  • nah

    Both Frieda & Miranda got jobs & genuinely visible boyfriends so both are far more relevant to be even on the tabs.

  • christine

    woow, WHAT is going on w/ all the hateful remarks against Bilson… Jared? She turn u down or sumthin…?

  • illuminatea

    Yes, Rachel’s over-exposed on this site. But I really like this outfit! Haha.

  • pepto

    People are just sick to death of her, she’s done nothing professionally, she was in a 5 minute short in NYILY that no one even noticed, and the only reason she got that is either from Liman or through Hayden. She has no talent, she has no job, she does nothing at all ever but shop and either eat out or get coffee. What a useless existence. She’s just gotten to the point that she’s completely disgusting.

  • don’t tread on me

    PLEASE she is paying a retainer to fund her no career so her dad or whomever is getting their $$’s worth out of her pointness parade performance. She isn’t any trend setter she is a copycat setter she see’s what other actress’s do and she figures she will do the same just to have her name in the tabloids. I find those that love her look have no style themselves but to copy a copycat.

  • pepto

    Exactly 21, she’s said herself she copied what she had in her closet for her line, she’s said she copies what her friends do, and she clearly copies whatever she sees at the mall. Wow. I’m speechless. Not.

  • Pan

    I’m going to shoot myself if I see one more post about her.


  • emmy jay

    She’s 28???

    What is her claim to fame, except Jared having a hard on for her beau??

    Seriously, am I missing something?

    Yeah, it is a cute shirt.

  • periwinkle

    Everyone knows that SHE is not really & legally popular much more NOT even really that tad beautiful… but actually full of defects i.e. generic looking, pocket size, disgusting body structure, (flat/sagged t*ts w/ a wide combo thighs) airhead, lazy, ostentatious, shallow… Take you pick. They ALL work when talking about this little hag! Yet still & desperately desiring for a HW star status at any cost. What a “thick nerving face” despite being on its atomic size. Extremely Vomiting!

  • sophie

    JJ, please stop, you’re killing her career. Ppl have no respect for her b/c of how often she appears on this site doing nothing. You’re just exposing her flaws as a person by featuring so much of her, so little content. You make her out to be a stupid, shallow celebrity who’s not worthy of fame when you keep producing these banal and vapid posts about her.

  • ?

    Trivial, good word that! Trivial post, trivial girl, trivial looks, trivial life, trivial talent……………sums up Rachel to a t, trivial.

  • haters

    made you look………..made you post…………lol

  • sidony

    Naah… dont blame it solely on the dutiful me$$enger (JJ) for these deliberately retching photo ops – just simply “”Shoot-To-Kill”" that pap & blog tipper Douchel!

  • ocsethummer

    Gee the friend and her seem sooooo close – NOT!
    Perhaps she is paying people to be her friend for the paps.

  • Nay

    Oh P’ss off Jared! Bloody hell, is this Justrachel dot com now?

  • lexy

    Sophie she has no career to ruin. SHE PAYS JJ to post these pics. SHE TIPS OFF THE PAPS! She’s a D-lister at best – the paps don’t make any money off of her pictures – especially since she’s not doing anything exciting. Come on – she’s no Britney or Angelina where the paps wait outside her home. She’s also in these odd ball locations – how many celebs are at that pastry shop or American Eagle?? NONE. Yet the paps always seem to “find” Rachel.
    This has nothing to do with “clicks” – clicks on the actual ADVERTISEMENTS make JJ money but since hardly anyone clicks they have to take money from people like RB to pay the bills.

  • lexy

    Again – JJ PLEASE if you’re going to take money from this woman for posting her pics at least insist she DO SOMETHING!!
    You’ve got Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig at fundraising events, Scarlett and Liev going to Broadway, the Taylors out at a hockey game and as usual Rachel doing NOTHING…Tell her she needs to do SOMETHING in order to fit in with other celebs.

  • @sophie

    If her father and other family members weren’t promoting her into the business she would never been hired for anything. Yeah she’s kind of ordinary pretty but nothing special and her body is pretty terrible by Hollywood standards. She comes off as stupid and vapid and thanks to her paying JJ a retainer she’s endlessly shown doing nothing. She rarely works and all she can do to keep attention going is flaunt her engagement to a guy who is the worst actor of his generation but was in Star Wars + is probably gay. She isn’t worth of respect and forget about admiration. No one admires a copycat who is too lazy to even try to improve her skills. She wants to be worshipped for just existing and then sneer at the cameras she paid for who record her indolence.

  • No Short People!

    Me in Moderation?! Well…I support tall people who never get a break over short people. Look at this hideous shot of the midget. Has to wear 6 inch heels to look like she is at normal height. How sad.

  • elf

    I absolutely guarantee that not a single one of you losers saying Rachel is ugly and has a bad body is any better than her. She is beautiful, and only extremely insecure idiots would feel the need to put someone so obviously good looking down.

  • rick

    @36 elf

    You are so wrong, Rachel is easily the worst looking girl in HW. Any model or actress is better looking than Rachel. Rachel is hideous by HW standards. And there is no need to get personal. There are millions of more beautiful girls in the streets including Rachel’s friends walking next to her. The only reason rb is on jj is bc of her family connections that got her gigs in HW.

  • @Elf

    Bull****!! I don’t have sick saddlebags like that! Oh please! Dimwit is something I don’t have to be jealous of a little homely nerd midget like that. You must be a midget too if you standing up for the village idiot.

    Now Miranda Kerr has a fabulous body and should be aired on JJ more often. This is the body that should be envied. Not Rachels!

  • sarah t

    elf didn’t say that there are not other girls less beautiful, she said Rachel was good looking herself. And she is. Craziness. And to @Elf what is wrong with being short? You can’t control your height.

    I always pity those that come on to posts simply to put those being posted about down. Why don’t you have a life? So sad.

  • Mandy

    @elf: Why do you think she’s beautiful? I think you devalue the concept of beauty when you call Rachel beautiful. She’s pretty, that’s all.

  • ?

    It’s not really her looks that are the problem, tho. It’s her lack of acting ability, her lack of intelligence and her lack of a meaningful life that gets people’s goat. She’s a dimbulb, a pretty dimbulb maybe, but a dimbulb. If she stopped being such a dimbulb people might respect her and warm to her more.

  • ?

    Her big problem is that she is intellectually stunted. Watching her is like eating processed cheese, sure it’s edible but it’s hardly exciting.

  • fevertree

    What is beauty?

  • rick

    She has stupid written all over her. I am sure Hayden is just as dumb if he is with her for so long but at least we don’t see him all the time so we do not see what he is doing, but with her it is all in the open. I think she gives him a bad name.

  • Anne

    I love her tank top! Gorgeous.

  • lexy

    Hayden’s making a movie – someone’s got to earn a living and pay the bills. Certainly Rachel’s acting gigs can’t pay the mortgage, car payments, household bills, travel expenses and the farm being built in Canada. Her acting gigs probably give her enough to by gas and fashion magazines.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn jared
    can u seriously go 1 day without posting about her!!
    she’s cute but she’s so boring
    all she’s doing is buying some stuff
    omg, how newsworthy!!