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Sophia Law: First Picture of Jude Law's Daughter!

Sophia Law: First Picture of Jude Law's Daughter!

Check out the first picture of Samantha Burke with her five-week-old Sophia Law, her daughter with British actor Jude Law.

The 25-year-old model admits in the latest issue of Hello, “Jude hasn’t met Sophia yet.. but I am sure he will be a wonderful father… She already [has] such a great personality. I think he’ll fall in love with her when he sees her.”

Samantha adds that Sophia‘s features “are more like Jude‘s. She has his chin and nose, and she does a little pout that I notice that he’s done before. I think her eyes are more like mine, though. You can’t always tell when they’re so young but they don’t have that big, glassy look that his do – mine are a little smaller and more like hers.”

Jude is currently in New York City performing his Broadway play, Hamlet.

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  • dundies


  • linda lee

    That is a beautiful baby/
    She looks just like Jude Law.

  • paula

    people cannot wait to sell out their kids for a mag cover…Jude appears to be an attentive and loving father towards his other kids…so I am not sure I completely buy anything she is stating about him…

  • mmm

    Shame on Jude for not being there and seeing his little girl in the last 5 weeks. She is pretty and looks so much like him.

    That said, hopefully this is the last time she is seen in a magazine!

  • lola

    She just couldn’t wait, could she? She’s already selling out a 5 week old baby. Men really should be careful about whom they sleep with. Forget about the mother. His own child’s photo can be ended up in on the front page of a tabloid.

  • dabu


    This woman got pregnant on purpose so she could have a free ride, why should Jude support her? Support the child yes, but support her, NO.

  • AutumnM

    Don’t blame this woman. Jude Law is a cheater and a man who obviously can’t keep it in his pants. It’s so stupid to say she “trapped” him. He knew the risks of having sex or maybe unprotected from the looks of it. He is as much to blame as she is.

  • clay

    Won’t be buying this magazine. And someone should bring a lawsuit and make her put at least half of the money she got from the photo shoot in a trust fund for the baby. After all, the baby is the reason why she got the money from the magazine in the first place. So it really all does belong to the baby.

  • Ashley

    okay so he hasnt even met his child and you are selling the pictures to magazines already?! wow..

  • marcie

    She’s so disgusting. Peddling that poor baby around for $$$$$$ Shame on her and anyone who buys HELLO magazine.

  • K

    So sad,she is already scoring $$$ off her little meal ticket.Hopefully nobody will buy it and she will fade into the woodwork.

  • Ruth

    I just feel so sorry for this innocent child.

    Her mother wasn’t in a “relationship” with Jude Law, she just slept with him a couple of times. Both are adults and are free to do whatever they want. However both parents are equally responsible for the pregnancy and the child both of such a brief encounter. Jude Law is an idiot to have put himself in such a situation but has taken responsibility for the baby and will provide for her.

    The mother’s remarks concerning his other children and Jude’s feelings for this baby are outrageous. She isn’t a young girl and presumably understood the implacations of protection when having sex – not only against pregnancies but also STDs. If Jude had just been an ordinary man without money and fame I have no doubt that she would have aborted the unwanted child. Instead she has won a lottery ticket for the rest of her life. And what does she expect from the man who slept with her over one weekend – eternal love and committment? This isn’t a soap opera, this is life. She should just avoid further PR photoshoots and bring up her daughter in the comfort provided by the baby’s father. ” Not a golddigger” – that’s a laugh!

  • laugh

    somebody wrote jude has seen his daughter already?
    -goldigger is goldigger-pff!

  • lana

    cute! but i think its sad that she has sold her story. Not very classy at all.

  • urbanadventurer

    I’m sure he’ll be a “wonderful father” since he’s yet to meet his 5 week old daughter!
    I love how the mother is trying to get publicity from this. Sick.

  • Say it like it is

    Good the innocent baby is healthy,happy.

    That being said,the mother metJude Law and made sure she took no precautions as to get pregnant by him$ for money as as soon as possibleinas few timesaspossible.
    thischild,conveived notfromlove,notfromafatherwhowanted herand planned for her,is a means of lifetime support for her mother.
    The mother will surley get a decent home,maybe not a mansion if Jude Law is smart, to live in and monthly chiild support for the next 18yrs. After Jude law dies, the child willbe in his with his three kidshe doteson.So really,having thischildis the gift that keeps on giving the mother. Also,the child isgiving the mom a lot of pr.Since she is a buddingactress,maybe some good roles. The child is her claim to fame.
    Jude lawis trash.He is stupid. He should have wrapped it up or had himself fixed..At least JudeLaw was a single(divorcedman).

    John Edwards was not single(divorced). .RellieHunter got pregnant just under,barely the dangerousage of 45 forty-five , but hey,so what and so much the better if the child came out with some special needs dueto her age because thechild is a lifelong payday.SpecialNeeds would have beena bigger payday.

  • Frida

    She said she didn’t want media attention and then she does Hello? Guess the money she’ll get from Jude wasn’t enough for her….

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    1) This woman hasn’t seen 25 in 10-15 years minimum.
    2) She looks crazy in the head. She’s gonna boil his bunny one of these days.
    3) I seriously doubt she’s ever been paid to madel anything. She’s fug. Inside and out.
    That is all for now……gold digger!

  • Shawna

    I think it’s ridiculous that she gave the baby his last name and that is obviously just so the child will be able to constantly say that Jude Law is her father. I know many women who are single mothers and when the dad is not in the picture then they give the baby THEIR name. She should be Sophia Burke!

  • unknown

    UGLY UGLY UGLY. What a publicity skank!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Cute baby but so classless that she would sell the story and everything

  • mery

    This womas is selling her daughter.
    A daughter isn’t a house, a table or other thing.
    Samantha is sell her daughter for 250000$. And we are guilty. If the magazine paid this money is for we buying this, with a none woman, without dignity. She don’t deserves her daughter.
    Well, Jude is paying the support for the girl, and Mrs Burke has a public relations.
    Poor, poor girl. I hope her mother lost her custody for sell her.

    Hello! before are more style, but this cover is the creepy tabloid.

    We are crazy.

  • is it

    Don’t buy it, it’s that easy!!!

  • sweetness

    the baby is definitely a cutie..but the mother is clearly a desperate woman willing to play the jude’s baby trump card…..she is one who wants the attention and now the paps will be following her…she did not want privacy or discretion.

  • British

    I feel bad for this little girl and I feel bad for Jude. He’s accepted full responsibilty for his child and I believe that he will try and be involved in her life in more ways than handing over his money. I bet he’s majorly pissed off with this woman whoring their child on the cover of Hello! because from what I’ve seen, he’s incredibley protective of his other kids in terms of papparrazzi.

    And I think the main reason Jude probably hasnt seen the child is due to his performances on Broadway. He

  • nicole

    This baby doesnt look a thing like Jude law at all. The baby looks like every other 5 week old.

    And for someone who wanted privacy about the whole thing, I dont understand whys shes in a magazine for this. Pathetic.

  • Anti-B*tch

    This is the most sexist comment page I’ve ever read. Jude Law knows what sex is and how babies are made. If he knocked up a model, he knows he has to pay. She should not be blamed for getting pregnant, and it is absurd to assume that she would have aborted another man’s baby. These comments are no better than religious nuts who blame women for men’s sexual urges. Also, he should be happy to have a daughter, no matter how she got here, and he should treat her like the gift she is.

  • lola

    I don’t believe that she’s 25. She looks more like 40ish to me.

  • smdcitygrl

    As many have already stated, Samantha Burke is a disgusting/desperate women! To make money off of photos of a newborn baby is as low as one can go. She needs to think about the child’s well being first , and the consequences that can come with exploiting a child. She is obviously out for herself, and looking for her moment in the spolight, maybe if she had real talent or had went at it with some old fashioned hard work, she could have made a name for herself without having to use a helpless child to do so.

    Oh Jude, I am a huge fan, but you picked a real “winner” here, ugh…

  • rosie

    Samantha is definitely a golddigger. But guys shouldn’t be able to sleep with women indiscriminately and without protection, and then call foul when the woman gets pregnant. Jude Law is essentially being fined for his stupidity. But there is a baby involved so I hope that he has the decency to be a father to Sophia. I heard that Jude’s ex-wife was so pissed that he got Samantha pregnant that she didn’t want him having anything to do with the baby – and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s pretty much what happens.

  • ellie’

    Love the Sophia she is so adorable..Congrats

  • annab

    I hope they will marry or are married….too many of these celebrities are popping out kids without the slightest commitment.

  • Raichill

    Jude is obviously not interested in his daughter as he is yet to meet her and she is already 5-weeks-old. Stop trying to kid yourself Samantha.

  • Fiona

    The baby does look a bit like him….oh dear! Is she allowed to use his name if they’re not married? Doesn’t seem right at all and I don’t think she should be doing a magazine deal. Some people have no shame!

  • Say it like it is


    We ,many of us have posted,JUDE LAW is paying child support and will be until the child is18.Hey,Burke probably got an adequate house out of the deal too.He probably has the child his will too.
    He might or might not have thischild listedwith as much ashis otherkids.

    THE MAINPOINT IS HERE….having a child cannot make a man love,want you.Having a child for a man who does not want a child with you does not mean he will see,love,know,or help riase that child. A monthly check is a father.
    Fact-this woman got to meet up and sleep with JudeLaw and her goal was get a money baby .
    it is obvious Jude Law did not want her and did not want or know she wasusingbc.Yeah,Jude Law is dumb because he should have wrapped it up and kept the condom himself after because many women have been known to getthe turkey baster and scoop those sperm cells out of the condom.

    This baby isclearly loved and wanted by the mother but is also a money baby tool for the mom.
    Look John Scum Edwards and Reille the wh ore Hunter have the same arragament . That poor child is all in the media asJohn Edwards love child. She has no father or another man’s name listed on her birth certificate.
    She has no pictures of her father beingwith her as a baby. Her mother has a bighouse, great cars,and big monhtly checks.

  • Roni

    This is the most sexist comment page I’ve ever read. Jude Law knows what sex is and how babies are made. If he knocked up a model, he knows he has to pay. She should not be blamed for getting pregnant, and it is absurd to assume that she would have aborted another man’s baby. These comments are no better than religious nuts who blame women for men’s sexual urges. Also, he should be happy to have a daughter, no matter how she got here, and he should treat her like the gift she is.

    And presumably a woman of her age also knows where babies come from! They were EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for the pregnancy and, of course, it is quite right that he has undertaken financial support.

    There was a time when contraceptives were not available to women but that situation ended in the 1950s – nearly 60 years ago! As women we should take responsibility for OUR lives and our bodies!

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    Sophia doesnot look like her sister and brothers , even Jude. at all.
    she is even cute.

  • Jennie

    I’m just surprised he wasn’t at the birth and is yet to meet the child. Thats a real shame and people should not consider that as modern parenting.

  • kevin

    I wonder if he’ll ask for a blood test before giving the child support.

  • sam

    Beyond reasons for fame and special treatment, I do not understand why she would not give her child her last name. She truly seems as if she will use the child for the money in child support and magazine covers she will receive.

  • kdub23

    i agree with the negative comments about this lady, selling her story, but it makes me sick that he hasn’t met his baby yet. Because of Hamlet?? please. he’s rich, he could get on a plane and be back in no time if thats so important.

  • anne

    @mmm: shame on jude?! really? this was a one night stand and even though we don’t know who was using what birth control, one thing is obvious, this chick is out to make a buck.

    maybe she could get something going with anna nicole’s baby daddy, i see him just about once every three months or when he runs out of money.

    pure selfishness. keep your legs closed and put a glove on your love,
    these are responsible adults. ug this story just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Taylo

    Jude hasn’t met the baby yet??
    And she’s five weeks old? Doubt he ever will meet his daughter. Embarrassing for everyone. Poor fatherless child.

  • lakers fan in boston

    stupid famewhore
    trying 2 get all the attention she can
    the sad part is that they photoshopped her face and she looks worse than she is

  • Sienna

    Jude does not have the time to meet his daughter.
    Because he meets Sienna frequently.

  • to #4

    Shame on Jude for not being there and seeing his little girl in the last 5 weeks. She is pretty and looks so much like him.

    i think that this is obvious to anyone with two eyes. this is a child that jude law did not and does not want. he will do what is required by law; financially suppport this child. but no law can force a man to be involved with a child he does not want.

  • Dink

    This has got to be one of the most vile disgusting women on the planet. pimping out her baby like this. What a stupid ho!!!!!!

  • anywho

    so she had the baby already. Woah. Im going to feel really bad for the baby. I think it was a unwanted pregnancy (well probably on Jude’s behalf anyways) But this is to weird. Jude Law has a messed up personal life. This is what sleeping around gets you, he did it once wehn he was sith Sienna and does it again. Shame, shame.

  • Gin

    Yes, this gold digger did trap Jude Law!!! If both parties both agreed to have sex and not want a child from it then what that women did was vicious! And now she’s trying to milk fame and money from Jude Law AND the baby!!

    People are free to have sex if they choose and should both trust each other that one is on the pill or use a condom… but to trap someone and lie??!??? Now that just plain evil!

    Shoot! Imagine if everyone was like that hoe, this earth would have billions of kids!! She’s a hoe.. and i don’t blame Jude Law for not having seen that child yet!!

    It’s her own doing so she needs to work it out herself!

  • Sadinoel

    vile. disgusting.