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Suri Cruise: High Heel Halloween

Suri Cruise: High Heel Halloween

Suri Cruise breaks out her high heels again for some shopping with mom Katie Holmes as the two visit a Halloween store on Monday (October 26).

This weekend, Suri, Katie and dad Tom Cruise went pumpkin picking at Brooksby Farm in Peabody, Mass.

Although she checked out several pumpkins both big and small, Suri settled on one that was perfect for her size.

Katie recently spoke to Access Hollywood about Suri, 3, and her burgeoning fashion sense. “She just loves sparkly things and she loves bright colors,” Katie shared.

“She has an idea of what she wants to wear every day, and so do I, so we go with it!”

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s high-heeled Halloween…

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suri cruise high heels halloween 01
suri cruise high heels halloween 02
suri cruise high heels halloween 03
suri cruise high heels halloween 04
suri cruise high heels halloween 05
suri cruise high heels halloween 06
suri cruise high heels halloween 07
suri cruise high heels halloween 08
suri cruise high heels halloween 09
suri cruise high heels halloween 10
suri cruise high heels halloween 11
suri cruise high heels halloween 12

Credit: PPNY/GSNY, Mauceri; Photos: Splash News Online, /INFDaily
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  • Diane

    -are they trying to cripple the kid before she reaches 10?

  • AutumnM

    No suprise there Katie that she lets this child always pick out her outfits and wear high heels on top of that once again. Katie is instilling all the wrong values into this girl from the looks of it. Seems all she cares about is clothes and is passing that on to Suri. It’s imporatant to take pride in what you look like, but there’s more to life than that. I really think Suri is a little brat, no one can tell me differently but I blame her parents for making her that way. It’s not her fault.

    But on a more positive note, I must say she is very pretty! Suri is really adorable. No one can deny that.

  • janelle

    What a gorgeous little girl. I only wish her parents didn’t try to make her a fashonista. She’s three. Let her be a kid once in awhile. I’ve never seen her in play clothes but I guess she likes dresses.

  • ellie’

    Love the Cruise family.. Suri is beautiful!!! Tom is as handsome as ever and still one of the best actors ever..

  • yipee!

    suri is so cute!!!!!

  • anonymous

    precious all American family

  • t724


  • sorry

    i feel sorry for suri, tom and katie are insane, this is so wrong for her spine. what’s wrong with this parents? they shouldn’t allow all this things for suri. good parents know when to say no

  • xcv

    They are insane. Wirdos.

  • say no to the lil brat

    Annoying family!!!! Suri is NOT that cute and I bet she is the biggest brat…

  • Sonia0404

    Wow, this freak show is getting better and better each week.
    High heels and diapers, what a great combination!
    Suri is a certified brat and she’s lost her infantile cuteness, maybe that’s why her pimps decided to start sexualizing her early on??

    Look at Suri’s loaded diaper, so bulging, corresponding to Titty Tiny Tommygurl’s bulging middle.

    How interesting, I cannot have enough of this freak show.

  • mimilala

    Those high heels are just plain WRONG on a little girl her age. eeshhh


    Her hair is getting so long and pretty. The heels have to GO! She’s only three years old for goodness sake! Let her be a child already!

  • Suri is stimming!!!

    How she crooks her figures in all 4 pictures of her in the bloody dress and cargi.

  • …..

    love them

    they are incredible

  • Jimmie

    And some people have the gall to say Tom and Katie are a normal family. There is nothing normal about letting a 31/2 year old

    1. wears heels
    2. dress like winter in the summer and dress like summer in the winter.
    3. wear diapers,
    4. suck a baby bottle

  • yuck

    seriously? high heels on a baby? she will have scoliosis or twisted hips or even worse, plastic hips/knees by the time she’s 18. all in the name of vanity!!

  • Penny

    She is a gorgeous little girl, but they are one creepy family.

  • beltway

    Save your breath haters who are the same 4 ppl and get a life.

  • Nuts

    Ridiculous. Bad for her feet, bad for her developing spine. Is Katie as nuts as her wacko husband after all?

  • Pandora

    @ #1 & #2 — so true. I think there is something very creepy about this kid clomping around in high heels, not the least of which is that her dopey mother allows her to ruin her feet, and not bundle her up in cold weather. Katie wants everyone to think she’s raising a “free spirit” but is as dumb as an ox not to realize it’s a bit too premature to let the kid have her own way.

  • dr.phil wonnabees

    nice to know some people are PERFECT. Perfect lives by spending it on gossip sites not on their families and own kids.

  • Lindley

    Leave the girl alone! She’s 3! Tom and Katie are good parents.

  • Sonia0404

    @ROCKY: You call that pretty hair? Geez, you must be very into homeless style.

    Hello, words for Homely the beard, how come you cannot even make sense of your script?

    “She has an idea of what she wants to wear every day, and so do I, so we go with it!”

    Read more:

    So the certified brat’s idea of ‘fashion’ is to dress like a homeless urchin drown in the ocean of blood?

  • karate

    Normal and good hearted people and parents. Lovely:)

  • WW

    High heels on a child is really pretty sickening.

  • Pandora

    @ Jimmie #16…oh, and let’s add the coloring of the kid’s hair to that list!

  • lurker

    OhMy Goodness such pretty photos of this darling
    a family.

  • lame mclamer

    so she wears hills and still wears a diaper and drinks from a baby bottle? this is strange.

  • Jimmie

    Sonia0404 @ 10/26/2009 at 4:17 pm #11

    Wow, this freak show is getting better and better each week.
    High heels and diapers, what a great combination!
    That’s what I’m talking about. Just plain weird.

  • thanks jared

    Tom is a hunk and his girls are breathtaking!

  • lame mclamer

    oops LoL @ hills. I meant heels.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Who designed that dress ? The cut, the high cut is awfully old fashion : It looks like a mini version of a dress made for an old lady !!!

  • bizarre

    What a getup …every day is Halloween at the cruise house.

  • Sanatorium

    I can’t believe she is doing it AGAIN!
    Everyone knows, or should know that wearing high heels is a big NO for children! She is still growing and this “not natural” position lets her feed grow wrongly.

  • jody

    I agree
    The high heels are bit strange.
    She’s just a little girl.
    Get a grip Katie.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    I love tom and his family!

  • dems

    I dont like their belief and many other beliefs but they seem like nice people and are good to everyone. Their kids are just heartstealers.

  • Jorden

    LOL Im not even that far from Peabody.

  • :))))))))))))

    I heart them!

    This is a funny clip by Leno about the White House

  • lully

    nothing wrong with letting my daughter wear my heels to play around the house she’s been doing it since she was 1 , but this is just too much the girl is only 3 and she is already walking down the streets in heels like an adult, something is really wrong with this couple.

  • noisettes

    kid wears diapers and high heels!!!I don’t get it..they’re sick people..

  • Ewwwww!

    why is suri drinking out of a NEWBORN bottle? or any bottle??? she’s 4 years old!

  • freak show

    Terrible parents. Suri’s the next Jon Benet Ramsey/Paris Hilton. In addition, poor Suri will inherit her mother’s cankles and Homely face. Now she’ll add ugly feet to the shortcoming list too. What’s wrong with her stupid parents? Are they waiting for her to sprain her ankles and more before they say no? TomKat are wastes of space.

  • rainbow

    How do guys know that Suri wears diapers? She’s wearing tight pants in the pumpkin patch pics and I don’t see a diaper outline.
    In any case, Suri is adorable! Nice to see her out doing fun Halloween things.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    The heels are weird but the real sicko is the one who has desigend mini versions of a woman type of shoe for little ones.
    That so pervert when you know that aside from rising the risk of tendons and bone break if the little one falls, high heels change the walk, making the hips feminine movements more perceptible !

  • Mary

    Suri should wear tight mini skirts and lace tops with those lovely heels!

  • dabu

    Tom and Katie are totally disgusting parents.