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Suri Cruise: High Heel Halloween

Suri Cruise: High Heel Halloween

Suri Cruise breaks out her high heels again for some shopping with mom Katie Holmes as the two visit a Halloween store on Monday (October 26).

This weekend, Suri, Katie and dad Tom Cruise went pumpkin picking at Brooksby Farm in Peabody, Mass.

Although she checked out several pumpkins both big and small, Suri settled on one that was perfect for her size.

Katie recently spoke to Access Hollywood about Suri, 3, and her burgeoning fashion sense. “She just loves sparkly things and she loves bright colors,” Katie shared.

“She has an idea of what she wants to wear every day, and so do I, so we go with it!”

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s high-heeled Halloween…

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213 Responses to “Suri Cruise: High Heel Halloween”

  1. 1
    Diane Says:

    -are they trying to cripple the kid before she reaches 10?

  2. 2
    AutumnM Says:

    No suprise there Katie that she lets this child always pick out her outfits and wear high heels on top of that once again. Katie is instilling all the wrong values into this girl from the looks of it. Seems all she cares about is clothes and is passing that on to Suri. It’s imporatant to take pride in what you look like, but there’s more to life than that. I really think Suri is a little brat, no one can tell me differently but I blame her parents for making her that way. It’s not her fault.

    But on a more positive note, I must say she is very pretty! Suri is really adorable. No one can deny that.

  3. 3
    janelle Says:

    What a gorgeous little girl. I only wish her parents didn’t try to make her a fashonista. She’s three. Let her be a kid once in awhile. I’ve never seen her in play clothes but I guess she likes dresses.

  4. 4
    ellie' Says:

    Love the Cruise family.. Suri is beautiful!!! Tom is as handsome as ever and still one of the best actors ever..

  5. 5
    yipee! Says:

    suri is so cute!!!!!

  6. 6
    anonymous Says:

    precious all American family

  7. 7
    t724 Says:


  8. 8
    sorry Says:

    i feel sorry for suri, tom and katie are insane, this is so wrong for her spine. what’s wrong with this parents? they shouldn’t allow all this things for suri. good parents know when to say no

  9. 9
    xcv Says:

    They are insane. Wirdos.

  10. 10
    say no to the lil brat Says:

    Annoying family!!!! Suri is NOT that cute and I bet she is the biggest brat…

  11. 11
    Sonia0404 Says:

    Wow, this freak show is getting better and better each week.
    High heels and diapers, what a great combination!
    Suri is a certified brat and she’s lost her infantile cuteness, maybe that’s why her pimps decided to start sexualizing her early on??

    Look at Suri’s loaded diaper, so bulging, corresponding to Titty Tiny Tommygurl’s bulging middle.

    How interesting, I cannot have enough of this freak show.

  12. 12
    mimilala Says:

    Those high heels are just plain WRONG on a little girl her age. eeshhh

  13. 13
    ROCKY Says:

    Her hair is getting so long and pretty. The heels have to GO! She’s only three years old for goodness sake! Let her be a child already!

  14. 14
    Suri is stimming!!! Says:

    How she crooks her figures in all 4 pictures of her in the bloody dress and cargi.

  15. 15
    ..... Says:

    love them

    they are incredible

  16. 16
    Jimmie Says:

    And some people have the gall to say Tom and Katie are a normal family. There is nothing normal about letting a 31/2 year old

    1. wears heels
    2. dress like winter in the summer and dress like summer in the winter.
    3. wear diapers,
    4. suck a baby bottle

  17. 17
    yuck Says:

    seriously? high heels on a baby? she will have scoliosis or twisted hips or even worse, plastic hips/knees by the time she’s 18. all in the name of vanity!!

  18. 18
    Penny Says:

    She is a gorgeous little girl, but they are one creepy family.

  19. 19
    beltway Says:

    Save your breath haters who are the same 4 ppl and get a life.

  20. 20
    Nuts Says:

    Ridiculous. Bad for her feet, bad for her developing spine. Is Katie as nuts as her wacko husband after all?

  21. 21
    Pandora Says:

    @ #1 & #2 — so true. I think there is something very creepy about this kid clomping around in high heels, not the least of which is that her dopey mother allows her to ruin her feet, and not bundle her up in cold weather. Katie wants everyone to think she’s raising a “free spirit” but is as dumb as an ox not to realize it’s a bit too premature to let the kid have her own way.

  22. 22
    dr.phil wonnabees Says:

    nice to know some people are PERFECT. Perfect lives by spending it on gossip sites not on their families and own kids.

  23. 23
    Lindley Says:

    Leave the girl alone! She’s 3! Tom and Katie are good parents.

  24. 24
    Sonia0404 Says:

    @ROCKY: You call that pretty hair? Geez, you must be very into homeless style.

    Hello, words for Homely the beard, how come you cannot even make sense of your script?

    “She has an idea of what she wants to wear every day, and so do I, so we go with it!”

    Read more:

    So the certified brat’s idea of ‘fashion’ is to dress like a homeless urchin drown in the ocean of blood?

  25. 25
    karate Says:

    Normal and good hearted people and parents. Lovely:)

  26. 26
    WW Says:

    High heels on a child is really pretty sickening.

  27. 27
    Pandora Says:

    @ Jimmie #16…oh, and let’s add the coloring of the kid’s hair to that list!

  28. 28
    lurker Says:

    OhMy Goodness such pretty photos of this darling
    a family.

  29. 29
    lame mclamer Says:

    so she wears hills and still wears a diaper and drinks from a baby bottle? this is strange.

  30. 30
    Jimmie Says:

    Sonia0404 @ 10/26/2009 at 4:17 pm #11

    Wow, this freak show is getting better and better each week.
    High heels and diapers, what a great combination!
    That’s what I’m talking about. Just plain weird.

  31. 31
    thanks jared Says:

    Tom is a hunk and his girls are breathtaking!

  32. 32
    lame mclamer Says:

    oops LoL @ hills. I meant heels.

  33. 33
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    Who designed that dress ? The cut, the high cut is awfully old fashion : It looks like a mini version of a dress made for an old lady !!!

  34. 34
    SURI USING BOTTLE 10/21 Says:
    2nd pic:

  35. 35
    SURI USING BOTTLE 10/21 Says:
    2nd pic:

  36. 36
    bizarre Says:

    What a getup …every day is Halloween at the cruise house.

  37. 37
    Sanatorium Says:

    I can’t believe she is doing it AGAIN!
    Everyone knows, or should know that wearing high heels is a big NO for children! She is still growing and this “not natural” position lets her feed grow wrongly.

  38. 38
    jody Says:

    I agree
    The high heels are bit strange.
    She’s just a little girl.
    Get a grip Katie.

  39. 39
    sarah Says:

    I love tom and his family!

  40. 40
    dems Says:

    I dont like their belief and many other beliefs but they seem like nice people and are good to everyone. Their kids are just heartstealers.

  41. 41
    Jorden Says:

    LOL Im not even that far from Peabody.

  42. 42
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    I heart them!

    This is a funny clip by Leno about the White House

  43. 43
    lully Says:

    nothing wrong with letting my daughter wear my heels to play around the house she’s been doing it since she was 1 , but this is just too much the girl is only 3 and she is already walking down the streets in heels like an adult, something is really wrong with this couple.

  44. 44
    noisettes Says:

    kid wears diapers and high heels!!!I don’t get it..they’re sick people..

  45. 45
    Ewwwww! Says:

    why is suri drinking out of a NEWBORN bottle? or any bottle??? she’s 4 years old!

  46. 46
    freak show Says:

    Terrible parents. Suri’s the next Jon Benet Ramsey/Paris Hilton. In addition, poor Suri will inherit her mother’s cankles and Homely face. Now she’ll add ugly feet to the shortcoming list too. What’s wrong with her stupid parents? Are they waiting for her to sprain her ankles and more before they say no? TomKat are wastes of space.

  47. 47
    rainbow Says:

    How do guys know that Suri wears diapers? She’s wearing tight pants in the pumpkin patch pics and I don’t see a diaper outline.
    In any case, Suri is adorable! Nice to see her out doing fun Halloween things.

  48. 48
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    The heels are weird but the real sicko is the one who has desigend mini versions of a woman type of shoe for little ones.
    That so pervert when you know that aside from rising the risk of tendons and bone break if the little one falls, high heels change the walk, making the hips feminine movements more perceptible !

  49. 49
    Mary Says:

    Suri should wear tight mini skirts and lace tops with those lovely heels!

  50. 50
    dabu Says:

    Tom and Katie are totally disgusting parents.

  51. 51
    who? Says:

    come on… she’s only 3! why on earth is she wearing heels???

  52. 52
    sharyllee Says:

    Kate and Tom are very dumb!! Suri grows up tooo fast for her age. No good for her feet.

  53. 53
    sonia0404 Says:

    I examined the pictures your shared,
    The new born baby bottles, the bare feet, the multiple baby blankets all over Homely the beard’s shoulder and arms, and the lil Sci had to be carried out from the SUV.
    The two pimps seem to try everything to push this brat back to her infancy, or the child herself tries to truncate and push her own development back her infancy?

    Yet on the other hand, the Beard keeps talking about what an intelligent and strong woman their publicity pawn is and to objectify her so early on.

    Everything about this circus is all very inspiring, I wonder what Suri would inspire? ‘Her diary as a juvenile hooker’?

  54. 54
    familyoffreaks Says:

    why are these sick cult loving freaks letting their child walk around in heels? hooker boots next right? people defending this type of parenting must be cult loving freaks as well.

  55. 55
    Tom Benet Says:

    if they could get her off the bottle and potty train the “smart strong woman,” then Tom Benet could compete in pageants. what would her talent be?

  56. 56
    noisettes Says:

    I totally agree with u ”Not Impressed by JA ”.

  57. 57
    ha Says:

    @sonia0404: No, it’s scientology way of raising a kid. Scientologists believe that kids are really adults in mini bodies.

  58. 58
    tlc Says:

    This is the happiest I’ve seen this family in a long time. Maybe they should buy a place in New England it seems to be doing wonders for them. Why are you all so hateful? They are doing normal family things but will never able to have a normal life. Think about it? If the kid wants to play dress up, so what. There’s nothing you can do about it, not your kid. free country..too bad. Maybe you should go buy a few pumpkins and cheer up.

  59. 59
    It's all in the family Says:

    Tom wears high heels too

  60. 60
    Jenny Says:

    Katie looks like a witch!! Put some makeup on, Cankle face!!!

  61. 61
    Dave Says:

    Why are they dressing Suri like a hooker? I guess when you’ve got a mom who sells her soul and Catholic upbringing for the name Cruise and his wallet, what can one expect.

    Suri’s dresses are also too short….

    Do these idiots who claim to be her parents not realize that pedophiles exist?

  62. 62
    Lindsay Says:

    How can Suri´s parents let her wear high heels? She is only three years old.

  63. 63
    lr Says:

    She is the most unkempt kid in the business! They look homeless most of the time. Katie’s a lazy mother.

  64. 64
    SAd and Crazy Says:

    A 3 year old in high heels? And this just isnt a one time thing. Call CPS, did you see the sores on her feet? These people are crazy and insane. She needs to be taken away from them!!! Scientology kills, period.

  65. 65
    Disgusting Says:

    Just Disgusting.

  66. 66

    Whatever some frustrated people say, Suri is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen ! And wanting to wear high heels, princess clothes and make-up is very much a part of being a healthy little girl. This attitude shows all the admiration she has for her lovely mummy who shows her little girl how to be a lady. Katie has for sure an exceptional fate. She has it all and of course many people are jealous of her happiness. It is always so hilarious to read the mean comments about her and her family because I know the women who write them could kill their parents to marry Tom Cruise. Stop the hypocrisy and the hatred. It’s getting old.

  67. 67
    Nany Says:

    This site is funny, if it is the jolie-pitt kids, oh angelina is such a great mother she lets them explore their free spirit. if it is suri it is disgusting. get over it, suri is adorable and she like to dress like a girly-girl, my niece loves shoes with a heel. she is just being a kid, hypocrits

  68. 68
    pooter Says:

    # 22- dr philwonnabees…..

    you must be talking about YOU ! LOL…….

  69. 69
    Sadie Says:

    They can’t help it if their family is the obsession of millions of people and fans that comes along with being Tom Cruise (not Katie Homes) Of course everything they do with their child is going to scrutinized more than the average Joe. I image it is really hard to create a normal life for a small child.

    As far as the child being just three and wearing high heels, well that seems rather inappropriate for street wear for a small child. For fantasy play and home dress-up just wonderful, but a sensible parent really wouldn’t let their child out walking for any distance in real or play high heels ~ not a good thing. KH seems far to focused on the way the child is dressed and what she wears, and has passed that focus on to this small little girls. Doesn’t seem particularly healthy for such a small child . . .just an observation

  70. 70
    callie Says:

    Oh- for heavens sake!

    Just 3 year old Suri is now known for:

    …having two freaks for parents
    …possibly… a brat
    …still wears diapers
    …rules her household
    …still uses a bottle
    …still needs a blankie
    …possibly is autistic
    …wears high heels
    …being demanding

    what else have I forgotten?

    It’s simply hilarious and ridiculous !

    Does not effect any of us here…..but, still…the poor kid!
    What is wrong with her parents!?

  71. 71
    Susie#1 Says:

    This family is straight out of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Mother and daughter always look unkempt and sloppy, yet everyone comments on what a beautiful family they are. It’s too bad that Tom and Katie have more money than brains, because they don’t have coherent or logical thoughts, and don’t know anything about bringing up a healthy daughter.
    Maybe the Cruise and Cyrus daughters should get together for a Halloween photo shoot. That would be the equivalent of nails on a blackboard.

  72. 72
    dani Says:


    The issue I have with this is those heels. Her bones are soft and still forming. In China this would be on par with binding a little girl’s feet.
    Tom and Katie don’t seem to care that prolonged (key word prolonged and since we have seen several sets of pics of her in heels–it is not just play) use of heels on her little feet can damage them.

  73. 73
    tidbit Says:

    Awwww, how cute, Suri is wearing heels just like her daddy does.

  74. 74
    Janet Says:

    This child is way to young for heels. Its ridiculous. She should be in running shoes and overalls like every other child. Her appearance is way too important for her and her family. She’s only 4!!! Who cares what she wants to wear? She knows nothing! She’s 4!!! Also, somebody get t his child some friends! Wayyyyyyyy too much time with adults only.

  75. 75
    sonia0404 Says:

    Come on, get a grip, what friends? you wanna kill the freak show?

  76. 76
    Sue Says:

    High heeled shoes at her age, what is that kid 3 going on 21.
    Her parents are riciculous, I don’t see anything cute about that kid.

  77. 77
    eenie meanie mo Says:

    # 74 Janet

    she is only 3!

  78. 78
    wendy Says:

    I swear her eal mom must be Victoria Beckham, hahah the girl is simply stylish, and has it!!!

    Haha no seriously, the kid is just the most darling celeb girl kid i have ever seen.

  79. 79
    Sassy Says:

    People, please watch the scientology expose’ just aired in 2 parts on ABC’s show Nightline. I’ll never go see another Tom Cruise movie again as he’s just publicly stated he “doesn’t believe” the allegations that the head of his church visciously beat staff members. He should have checked this out for himself and didn’t. That “religion” is a cult, period. Suri wears what she wants because that’s how the cult raises their children. Seriously people, PLEASE read up on this dangerous cult & this family will make sense.

  80. 80
    lol Says:

    haters are quick to diss but fail to see its trick or treat costumes for suri

  81. 81
    dabu Says:


    What exactly is she in the red dress. Looks normal to me. Except for those ridiculous heels.

  82. 82
    Shawna Says:

    Where are the diapers? Everyone keeps saying she is wearing diapers and I don’t see any evidence of that in any of the pics! Plus, she is NOT 4, her birthday is in April which makes her just 3.5. While I personally don’t agree with it I know lots of kids that age who are still in pull-ups.

  83. 83
    someone Says:

    poor chris klein … it must hurt a lot, seeing your own child grow up with these freaks.

  84. 84
    Mousse Says:

    Wait till the kid develops problems with her Achilles tendons. How cute will that be..

  85. 85
    Shawna Says:

    #83 – my eyes can’t roll hard enough at your idiotic statement…

  86. 86
    poboy Says:

    # 80….

    YOU fail to see reality! Or maybe you just don’t have any common sense!

  87. 87
    phillygobby Says:

    I used to be a big fan but now I think someone should call the Child Protective Service.

  88. 88
    rainbow Says:

    why don’t you call if you’re so concerned #87?

  89. 89
    linda Says:

    Hope Suri doesn’t turn out to be like one of Charles Manson’s followers.

    Tom and Katie are past the point of no return. Bet Suri will be in a mental institution by the time she’s 20.

  90. 90
    wtf? Says:

    Did anybody see that interview with Homely a few days ago. The girl is so gone she can’t even finish a sentence. She looked like she was high on drugs too.

    Before she spoke, she would look at her handler to make sure it was okay. I’d hate to think of the things these people do behind closed doors. You know it can’t be good things.

  91. 91
    AGA Says:

    #67 I don’t think that you have read the Jolie-Pitt comments all the way through if you think that they are positive!! I have read the most hateful,rascist & cruel comments about the J-P kids. One poster(I-LAME) claims that Shi will be a definate lesbian b/c she is a tomboy at the age of only 3!!
    And the same people that are here whining that Suri dresses to old for her age(I agree)-are the SAME people that will say WHY is Shi dressed like a boy,hobo etc,etc…….

  92. 92
    heidi Says:

    Will Suri still be wearing diapers and sucking on a bottle when she goes on her first date?

    Hope her date doesn’t try to “get to first base” and find that she wears a diaper instead of a thong. ha ha ha

    While all the other teenagers her age are having fun dancing and mingling, Suri will be in the bathroom stall sucking on her bottle. ha ha

  93. 93
    AGA Says:

    I totally agree that it looks so wrong for a kid to be wearing heels,but for people to be saying that CPS should be called-Well that’s just stupid. So you people really believe that Suri would be better off in a foster home or something. I don’t like TC any more and have never really seen KH in anything good except Batman,but I do believe that they love there child alot.
    Also,by all account Connor & Isabella have turned out alright-but I guess that they were kept out of the spotlight-were as Suri has been thrown into spotlight

  94. 94
    xxx Says:

    What the heck? Theres so much research out there that says high heels cause alot of damage to a woman’s body…
    A damn 15 year old shouldn’t be wearing heels yet let alone a 3 year old! Jeez

  95. 95
    Cute Says:

    Well, designers make these shoes for a reason. Suri must just love being a little girl who wants to be like her mom. I think that’s sweet. Also, I’m sure Tom and Katie know how to pull her in if she starts getting out of line. She looks so cute in her heels. It’s fun to dress up.

  96. 96
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    they are not high heels! they are kids dress shoes and they are quiet comfortable. i used to wear them when i was young and my feet are fine!

  97. 97
    pretty young girl Says:

    People are making it a big that shes wearing high heels. At least her parents aren’t buying her pistol, bloody things and violent toys.

  98. 98
    alekziel Says:

    High heels are bad enough for a grown up woman now imagine it for a child.

  99. 99
    Sophia Says:

    High heels is when one tries to be taller or sexy. What business is a kid wearing heels at 3…

  100. 100
    suri falls off the wagon Says:


  101. 101
    TC Says:

    I saw this video yesterday, when i heard Alec B. said katie, he smile & the reporter laughing.
    But Katie lookin stupid as always in every interview.

  102. 102
    Donna Says:

    Hi, I’m an orthopeadic surgeon and the latest gossip in our profession is about these heels Suri has been wearing, these shoes do a lot of damage to childrens feet and we have been seeing a lot of very young patients with feet related problems caused from these type of shoes that we used to only see from beaty pagent children. I ask people that think these are cute please reconsider and don’t copy this fashion trend for your children please put the well being of the child first, these shoes affect from the feet to the spine and neck and also damage soft tissue and tendons.

  103. 103
    silly putty Says:

    of course……Katie is a pea brain. What do you expect?

  104. 104
    hobie83 Says:

    All the people dissing Katie for letting Suri wear heels: It’s close to Halloween! Don’t you remember being a little kid and wearing weird stuff? I wore my Wonder Woman costume for a week straight after Halloween when I was in pre-school. Kudos to Katie and Tom for letting Suri express herself.

  105. 105
    lena Says:

    Reminds me of her Disneyland precious pics.Awwwww.

  106. 106
    freak show Says:

    Suri will not need a costume or mask for Holloween. We are already scared of Little Sci. The little cankles, the combination of lipstick/baby bottles/and diapers, the mini skirts and the eventual ugly hammer toes just like her idiot mother.

  107. 107
    pooter Says:

    LOL # 102 Donna

    sure..u are an orthopedic surgeon! You can’t even spell it correctly!

    There are lots of words misspelled in your comments. LOL

    Not is the misspellings a dead giveaway…it’s your grammar as well….you certainly did NOT go to college.

    You don’t have to pretend to be in a medical profession to make a comment about a child of 3 years wearing silly heels.

    Anyone with any common sense would not allow that in normal walking, Play/Dressing up at home….that’s a different matter.

    Her parents need their heads examined….. and allowing her to wear these shoes like walking shoes are not the only stupid things they have allowed or done.

  108. 108
    g!na Says:

    I admit Suri is precious! very cute kid :) personally, i feel the heels are like mini version of adult woman heels.

  109. 109
    sadie Says:

    108 (g!na)

    duh? regardless……a THREE year old wearing HEELS is not appropriate or healthy.

    They are ok for “make believe” at home or for halloween…but, if anyone actually reads JJ’s post …..they will see that she also wears them like normal shoes…..there has been many photos of her walking in heels and its not just for halloween.

    People….READ before you make stupid comments

  110. 110
    Compare to Mathilda or Shiloe Says:

    Suri is not a normal kid. There’s something wrong with her. Not just the high heels but everything. The bottle, the blanket Katie still has to carry with them, her lack of interaction with her mother… I don’t know if she’s autistic but there’s definatly something off..

  111. 111
    Compare to Mathilda or Shiloe Says:

    and see that while all others wear boots, Suri is bare feet in her little princess shoes, on all pics… She categorically refuses to wear socks. It’s almost november!

  112. 112
    joanna Says:

    Great list, callie. You forgot something else:

    …No matter the facial reconstruction, still looks like chris klein

  113. 113
    wtf Says:

    Wow, I’m SO glad Suri has bodyguards—– I can’t figure out why all the hate for a three year old child…… Um, WHY??? Kind of weird, considering her age.

  114. 114
    Jo Says:

    Looks like a Spoiled Brat!!!

  115. 115
    Jen Says:

    Suri is average plain looking at best. I wish people would stop lying says she is gorgeous, or beautiful. She is not even close to being gorgeous or beautiful.
    Katie is insane for letting her wear heels at such a young age.

    Katie is certifiable. A reckless mother.

    Check back with Suri is 15 years. She will be a hot mess.

  116. 116
    Diane Says:

    # 102 Donna @ 10/26/2009 at 11:20 pm
    Hi, I’m an orthopeadic surgeon and the latest gossip in our profession is about these heels Suri has been wearing, these shoes do a lot of damage to childrens feet and we have been seeing a lot of very young patients with feet related problems caused from these type of shoes that we used to only see from beaty pagent children. I ask people that think these are cute please reconsider and don’t copy this fashion trend for your children please put the well being of the child first, these shoes affect from the feet to the spine and neck and also damage soft tissue and tendons.
    Bears repeating.

  117. 117
    jessica Says:

    Stay tuned. That is going to be one messed up teen and woman.

  118. 118
    MLocke Says:

    How sad that Katie cares more about what Suri wants than about the health risks of these heels.

  119. 119
    katiemom Says:

    hello! all trying to be goodie and well knowledgeable creatures out there…. Suri is TOM and KATIE’s daughter not yours… they cAn do whatever they want on bringing her up… it’s is the fact, SURI IS WELL LOVED AND WELL TAKEN CARED OF… so take your concern to those kids being abused and neglected do your share and not just blah… blah… blah…

  120. 120
    AutumnM Says:

    TomKat fans need to stop calling everyone who is criticizing them “haters”. Yes I admit that sometimes haters go a little over board and pick on everything that this family does, however, in this case people are justified in saying that this is not appropriate. For the fans of this family saying it’s for Halloween, okay, i’ll say that’s partly true. The second pic of Suri in the blue dress is clearly a halloween costume, but what about the first pic of Suri in the red? What is she supposed to me? Try and explain that one. She was obviously not wearing a costume there, just regular clothes. And if she was trying on a costume though why did she go outside wearing this? Why didn’t Katie let her try the heals on in the store and then take them off or when they got home rather? Why let her walk the street with it? I bet Suri probably demanded to wear this out and Katie of course lets her do whatever she wants so she didn’t say no.

    Letting kids dress up and play in high heels around the house is fine, and the first time I saw Suri in high heels, I thought no big deal, she’s just having some fun. However, this seems like it’s becoming a habit. It’s utterly ridiculous that this little girl is wearing high heels at aged 3. No matter how fans of this family try to spin it, there’s just no excuse for it. This girl acts and dresses way too grown up for her age.

    Take a look at little Violet Affleck and then take a look at Suri. Violet is a normal, happy child. Suri on the other hand is like 3 going on 30. I like to see little girls act like little girls. I don’t find this kind of thing cute at all.

  121. 121
    AutumnM Says:

    *What is she supposed to be

  122. 122
    Kelly Kins Says:

    Wow!!! What a fashion statement…botlle and a diaper. She’s one fashionista alright. She looks like a little W. H. O. R. E. in the making with those beat up hooker bags under her eyes. I cant stand Suri Cruise. She is not beautiful or cute and she has no fashion sense. She cant even change her own smelly A. S. S. diaper, how can she pick out her own clothes? Does she prepare her bottle too? Why are these people famous?

    Suri sucks!!! I hate Suri!!!

    Boycott Suri the s h i t t y diaper brat!!! With nasty a s s bags under her eyes. What has she been doing all night???

  123. 123
    Two Says:

    Funny how you people keep saying that Holmes should take fashion more seriously but when she does, she’s now instilling bad values on her daughter, #2. Make up your minds and stop telling other people how to raise their kids.

    She is being a kid, #3. She dresses like a little girl would and according to her parents, she DOES like dresses and hates pants. (And how much do you wanna bet that if Suri Cruise dressed up like that OTHER famous, little girl that’s like that way to be ‘unique and expressive’, you’d all be saying that she should be dressed up nicely like a regular little girl and her parents are wrong for doing so.)

    You think it’s too premature for this kid to dress up in her own way, #21? Do you say that to other celebrity families like you-know-which that does that exact same thing with their very large brood or just TomKat?

    Brilliant, #22!

    Holmes obviously doesn’t care and will raise HER child as SHE sees fit so shut up already, #37.

    She’s not 4 at all, #45.

    It’s sad that you people really want this little girl to turn up badly just so you bash her parents more, #46.

    I wish more parents were as disgusting as they are then #50.

    You’re overreacting, #53.

    I think YOU’RE the pedophile if you think she looks like a hooker and her dresses are too short, #61.

    This child looks anything but homeless and unkempt, #63. Anything but…

    Exactly, #67. I’ve even pointed out the double standard in a couple of my earlier comments.

    Half of those things you listed you don’t know and can’t know for sure, #70.

    You have no idea how their kids are being raised so don’t pretend to, #71.

    She’s 3, #74. Not 4. Their parents will dress her as they see fit and you should accept and respect that.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #79. There’s nothing to suggest their daughter rules the roost.

    I know, #85. I can’t believe people still think that.

    Then do so already and watch them laugh at you, #87.

    Exactly what I keep saying, #88.

    You can’t possibly know that for sure, #89. Quit overreacting.

    What are you talking about, #90? That never happened. Or at least not recently.

    Good point, #97. If your last name is Jolie or Pitt or Jolie-Pitt, you can get away with murder.

    Don’t you people have better things to talk about, #102?

    You shouldn’t be comparing, #110. All kids are different. It’s so pointless. Don’t call her abnormal. What lack of interaction with her mother? Are you nuts?

    Do you know what the definition of bare feet means?

    How does LOOK like a spoiled brat, #114?

    People aren’t lying, #115. They simply have different opinions.

    It’s crazy how you can be so sure of how a person you don’t know will end up like, #117.

    She doesn’t care more, #118. She’s just not paranoid.

  124. 124
    Kelly Kins Says:

    Oh yeah the bottle again!!!

  125. 125
    Kelly Kins Says:

    You can also see her saggy A Z Z diaper.

  126. 126
    Two Says:

    Right, #119.

    I can assure you that most of these critics don’t really care about their kids but just look for ammo to further bash them, #120. Their lack of sincerity is disgusting.

    You don”t know them so it’s silly to assume that this and that happened explaining why she’s walking around in heels.

    How do you know how she acts to say she acts way too grown up?

    Quit comparing children and telling other parents how to raise their kids.

    You’re sick, #122.

  127. 127
    Debbie Says:

    I see a Paris Hilton in the making.

  128. 128
    2009 Says:


  129. 129
    Denise Says:

    I really think Katie Holmes is mentally ill. I really do.

  130. 130
    anonymous Says:

    I just heart them. Hope they enjoy the holiday to come….

  131. 131
    pumpkin Says:

    How unreal and sad that the few people keep changing their names to spread their hate for this family because their causes fail.
    They really need happy lives or hospitalizations.

  132. 132
    KA Says:

    suri is one of the cutest Hollywood babies or children :D
    but yes the kid shouldn’t wear heels at such a young age. Once or twice ok?? NOT on a regular basis..

  133. 133
    Doctors' Reaction to Suri Says:

    From e!
    “What is with TomKat dressing Suri up like a teenage fashion freak? High heels are not appropriate on a toddler!
    -Liz Ruiz,
    Well, neither is fame, but Suri’s parents have had no problem parading her around in public and in the media since the day she was born. How on earth is Katie Holmes supposed to boost her image as a fashionista without dressing up her 3-year-old like a tiny runway model for an itty-bitty Paris Fashion Week?
    I mean what do you want Katie to do, concentrate on her fashion line? Yeesh.
    Indeed, high heels were basically designed to make females look sexier. They lengthen the leg and tilt the hips forward. But given that the shoe height on Suri is pretty small, the real issue here may actually be something more serious…
    …her development.
    “This is really setting the kid up for some issues,” says Ray Margiano, a pedorthist and founder of Foot Solutions. “The feet are the foundation of your body. If it’s not solid and correct, you start seeing stress cracks.”
    Specifically, bunions, hammer toes, improper muscle development and the like.
    For the record, Suri’s occasional high heel appears to be an exception in celebrity child shoes. Most other stars put their kids in cute little flats from companies like Geox, a favorite with the spawn of Kelly Ripa, Barack Obama and Courteney Cox.
    And apparently that’s a good thing.
    “While the heels seen [on Suri] are not terribly high, they do force Suri’s feet into an unnatural walking position,” says David L. Hill, a doctor and the pediatrics expert on JustAnswer. “Worn for short periods they may lead to minor pains, but if they’re a regular part of her wardrobe I think most podiatrists would have a conniption.”

  134. 134
    herewego Says:

    “Haters” are not wrong. A small percentage may be haters, but most posters are just dismayed and concerned. Those “Supporters” are scientologists?

  135. 135
    Donna Says:

    Sorry if my grammer and spelling is a problem for some, English is not my first language, I am from Sweden.

  136. 136
    Sassy Says:

    OMG I’m 21. BUt i can’t wear heels LOL That’s crazy

  137. 137
    tina Says:

    The Heels on Shoes
    Children’s shoes should not have heels. Heels encourage the child to walk on his toes, and this causes tightening of the heel cords. High heels should definitely be avoided. Most leather shoes have a slight heel. If worn occasionally, this does not matter. But sneakers or running shoes are ideal in this regard.

    above taken from an orthopedic site for children.

    Playing dress up in your house is fine and dandy but this is just taking it too far. Mommy is an idiot. So very harmful for a child’s foot development. Simply shameful.

  138. 138
    g!na Says:

    @sadie: duh to you! I see that! regardless, Suri is being raised by Tom & Katie and if they wish to let her wear what she wants than so be it! Suri is a very cute kid and she will grow up with all the money life has to offer her. She will get the best schools,clothes etc. I wish i was raised by Tom & Katie lol. This has nothing to worry about. She will get potty trained when she’s ready to. She’s a healthy child. They are children in this world who are very sick and are dieing everyday from awful diseases and everyone is concerned about a pair of high heels !!??? lol. If Katie lets her wear the heels than good for Suri! lol.

  139. 139

    Whatever some frustrated people say, Suri is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen ! And wanting to wear high heels, princess clothes and make-up is very much a part of being a healthy little girl. This attitude shows all the admiration she has for her lovely mummy who shows her little girl how to be a lady. Katie has for sure an exceptional fate. She has it all and of course many people are jealous of her happiness. It is always so hilarious to read the mean comments about her and her family because I know the women who write them could kill their parents to marry Tom Cruise. Stop the hypocrisy and the hatred. It’s getting old.

  140. 140


  141. 141
    Nay Says:

    STUPID parents.

  142. 142
    emma#2 Says:


  143. 143
    oy Says:

    I think I’ve guessed her costume. She’s dressed as her Dad at Mardi Gras, right?

  144. 144
    scorpion Says:

    I bet Katie is on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. 145
    Fun Says:

    She is so pretty! I love her and her family!

  146. 146
    kiraaa Says:

    Okay, you can not honestly say you didn’t have a pair of those cheap plastic toy heels when you were little. This is just the Cruise’s version :)

  147. 147
    regina Says:

    Suri is a midget! She should look up to Mathilda! That IS a perfect happy little girl! Suri is ugly with heels, i would NEVER buy my 2 yr old heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. 148
    tiny Says:

    Put some socks on that kid, Her feet must be freezing, Celebretards are something else..

  149. 149
    tiny Says:

    @Sonia0404: LOL high heels and a baby blanket …

  150. 150
    tiny Says:

    Where are the adopted kids? Away at Boarding school, never see them with either parent. Just them with their babies , so shallow is hollywierd..

  151. 151
    kiran Says:

    i really like tom but he looks like grand father of suri and katie looks like her daughter ,17 years difference is not less

  152. 152
    Sonia0404 Says:

    @kiran: Funny you should mention it, but please do not worry.
    Homely the beard is rapidly evolving to share the look with Tittytom’s mother.

  153. 153
    Zara Says:

    While I have to say Suri is a cute child, I have some concernings regarding the pictures we’ve seen.
    Why is she wearing heels? When I was younger I had a cute disney-princess outfit with little heels, but I would not wear it on street. My parents always gave me some play-shoes, because as a child I would always be playfull, run around and stuff. I have never once seen Suri play around? Ofcourse that is kind of hard growing up in the public eye. But I remember always having little friends around to play with, ofcourse this is hard for Suri too, since she has to travel all the time for her parents job, so friends are hard to find.. But they do have neighbours right, or maybe go to the playground to be able to atleast interact with other kids?? Ofcourse we do not see Suri everyday, we do not see her behind close doors, but even on street.. she has a mature vibe to her.. very weird concerning she is ONLY 3years old.

    And then I have one thing to say about her position in the public eye. How come the other kids of Tom have nog grown up in the public eye.. They were raised so differentely, so protectively and they’ve become fairly good kids. So why putting this kid in that uncomfortable situation? Why not let her go in for example daycare, not the whole week, but a few days or maybe even once a week, maybe you do not see you child every day, but there she would have the chance to interact with other kids, play with the kids, enjoy childhood in general.

    Ofcourse I am not her parent. My opnion doesnt count, but hopefully the parents will some day see the light.. and see that there child is growing up to fast..

  154. 154

    mathlilda is a ugly dog

  155. 155
    mathilda is ugly Says:

    mathilda is a ugly dog

  156. 156
    surithebrat Says:

    # 138, 139, 140, 142…..

    LOL…you must be the same person or perhaps two different friends,

    Boy- how limited you are! (brain wise) in case you don’t know.

    Probably a low class or young teen that is very uneducated before you get pulled into a bad cult.

  157. 157
    Two Says:

    You people see only what you want to see, 127.

    She probably thinks the same of you, #129.

    Why can’t these ‘doctors’ mind their own business and worry about more important things, #133.

    Most are not dismayed and concerned citizens and I laugh at the suggestion, #134. I’m not a Scientologist and I’m a fan.

    Quit comparing kids and don’t call them ugly, #147.

    They’re probably at school and teenagers wouldn’t be hanging out with their parents, #150.

    Don’t compare your life to yours or anyone else’s, #153. And like you said, you’re making way too many conclusions based on some odd paparazzi pics. Suri Cruise is a girly girl and we have seen her play around in parks and playgrounds and beaches all the time. She plays with the Beckham boys and Ella Stiller and other celebrity children. The older kids are adopted and are seen as valueless by the paparazzi unlike their younger sister. She isn’t being raised differently or any less protectively. Why put her in day care when she already has a nanny and seems to already interact with other kids? There’s no light for them to see and she’ not growing up too fast no matter how much you want to paint that she is.

    Don’t say that, #154!

  158. 158
    Disgusting Says:

    Next up? Tramp Stamp. And Katie will say “okay”, cause she is a strong independent woman and can make all her own decisions. So why are Katie and Tiny titty Tom even called parents? Guess somebody has to fill the baby bottle and change the diapers.

  159. 159
    dabu Says:


    Why don’t the doctors mind their own business? People do what their idols do. And dressing a child in heels has health ramifications for the foot, knee, hip and spine.
    You are the one with blinders on. The doctors should speak out and try and stop this trend. Children who wear heels routinely risk all the problems that the doctor in #133′s post states.
    Suri should NOT be wearing heals as a routine. We don’t know that she does or does not.
    However, other children and their parents should not get the idea that wearing heels when your feet are still developing is okay.
    I say–doctors SPEAK OUT!
    And so sorry if they don’t agree with your blanket admiration of this family.

  160. 160
    @two Says:

    The reason people say that Suri rules the roost is because Tom said she does!
    Go back in your extensive collection of articles and check it out.

  161. 161
    Sonia0404 Says:

    You guys forget, Two doesn’t read.
    He has very little education, which is why he’s so into Tittytommygurl and his beard, for the two of his idols don’t have much education either.

    Well, now come back to something more interesting, do you see how thick Homely the beard’s cankles have grown?

    Also, nobody really can blame Suri’s being ridiculed in the public.
    Her pimps have nothing to talk about but this publicity pawn.
    Do you want to talk about Titty’s movies? One flop after another.
    How about Homely the beard’s career? non-existent, and when she actually talks about her acting, that’s just totally inane.
    Can she sing? no.
    Can she dance? if you want a good laugh.
    So what else can they talk about? That strong woman, amazingly beautiful and lie about ‘personal space’. LMAO!!!

  162. 162
    Fiona Says:

    Katie Holmes is no better than that Samantha Burke woman. Targeting a more rich and famous guy and then getting yourself pregnant a month later. It just so happens that she’s got it all worked out with a pre-nup and a ring on the finger. She then parades the child around for publicity……I don’t really see how Katie is none other than a gold digger and a not very good actress!!!!

  163. 163
    Madison Says:

    Do the Scientoligists tell you to wear high heels as a child?

  164. 164
    Suri with Bottle and TOM! Says:

  165. 165
    Sonia0404 Says:

    Thanks for the share, let me try this link:

  166. 166
    Frida Says:

    Can I just ask, is it not cold where they are? I see people walking around in winter coats in the background and Suri has bare legs and sandals on?

  167. 167
    cari Says:


    You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh. I agree with the sentiment.

  168. 168
    AutumnM Says:

    @ Zara

    I agree with all of that and notice Suri is like the only kid, well celebrity kid at least, that i’ve seen wearing heels! Even if it is just for dressing up, who does that really? Most parents let their kids dress up for the day to celebrate, no big deal, but heels? It’s a little much. TomKat fans can cry and whine and call those of us with sense “haters” all they’d like, but it doesn’t change the fact that Tom and Katie are making this kid grow up way too fast. They do not have good judgement or sense at all. Katie dresses Suri too womanly.

    This kid is hardly ever dressed like a normal little girl. Katie and Tom treat her as though she were a doll that they like to dress up in fancy outfits. They don’t treat her as a normal little girl. They will be the one’s who will be crying though at the end when Suri gets older and they can’t tell her what to do.

  169. 169
    cari Says:


    Agree totally. However, Tom is super rich and Suri will be able to afford surgeries and more if the heels ruin her feet, ankles, knees, spine etc.

  170. 170
    Disgusting Says:

    #169, Are you just “super” stupid or are you 10 years old? Because that has to be one of the most dumb and sickest statements I have heard as of yet. I hate to say it, but my family is “super rich”, and it is not great at all. I never see my parents and they don’t care what I do. I’m lonely, thats why I am on here. I feel bad for Suri.

  171. 171
    Two Says:

    I hate this excuse, #159. Quit blaming celebrities for people’s actions! The same thing happened when Cruise made those dumb comments about a depression and pills. It was ignorant of him to do so but if you’re stupid enough to follow some actor’s advice, you deserve to get what’s coming to you. I don’t have a ‘blanket admiration’ for anyone. I just think people should mind their own kids and take responsibility for their own actions.

    I recall that statement, #160. You took it too literally and they did say they don’t let do everything.

    Cruise has only had ONE flop this decade and Holmes’ career is soaring, #161. What is your obsession with bashing a physical attribute of Holmes that she can’t change as if you’re perfect?

    The comparisons you people come up with are hilarious, #162!

    So, #164….?

    I guess not, #166.

    It disturbs me that people are examining her clothes and deciding she dresses too maturely and she’s growing up too fast, #168.

    How is she not dressed like a normal, little girl? How do they not treat her like a normal, little girl?

    If she does turn out to be a brat, that’s her PARENTS problem and not your concern.

    Well there you go, #169.

    I think a lot of these critics here are just lonely, #170.

  172. 172
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Heels are not simply not made or sold in toddler sizes.

    Holmes is spending a fortune having these shoes custom made, over a $ Thousand for each pair.

    I am disturbed. Greatly disturbed by this behaviour.

  173. 173
    rainbow Says:

    ^^ Actually, you’re wrong I’ve definitely seen heels made for toddlers. I’m not saying it’s right, but they do exist.

  174. 174
    dabu Says:


    It is not an excuse, it is a statement of fact that people copy celebrities. And yes they should take responsibility for researching the ramifications of putting a child in heels, but they don’t. They see that Katie Holmes is doing it and think–oh it must be okay.
    So I think doctors have as much right to publicize the fact that this is a harmful practice to a child who has soft bones that are still forming–as Katie (in your opinion) has the right to let her child wear shoes that could ultimately harm this child’s skeletal, muscular, and spinal development.
    Will it happen? Most likely not. But the point is neither of us knows. The doctors see more and more cases of younger and younger patients with problems that have developed because of wearing heels.
    If you talk to pediatricians and foot doctors you’ll find they generally recommend a flat sole with plenty of support in order to cushion the foot.
    But hey, Katie is a celeb and you think she can do no wrong–both of you apparently know more than a doctor who deals with problems resulting from improper footwear. So hey Suri–go for it–go for bunions, spurs, skeletal malformations etc.

  175. 175
    Two Says:

    I know that there are unfortunately stupid people that copy celebrities, #174. It still shouldn’t be an excuse for people to tell them how to live their lives.

    Like I said, if you follow what a bunch of actors do blindly, you deserve what’s coming.

    I’ve never thought that TomKat could do no wrong and I most certainly don’t know more than a doctor does.

  176. 176
    milan Says:

    what a waste you haters are. this is the worse board i have visited
    for mean-ness and hatefulness. to spend so much time viewing
    a small child up and down is sick. you people are disgusting.
    all of this over shoes and a pull-up.

  177. 177
    rich Says:

  178. 178
    p Says:


  179. 179
    wendy Says:

    I cant stop looking at their pix. What a special family and undeniably cute.

  180. 180
    to: dumb milan Says:

    # 176- you need to learn to read better. It’s not the pull ups or shoes idiot.
    by the way…it’s not a pull up. She is still in diapers. lol

    Maybe you should re visit the old comments before you make a comment in the future

  181. 181
    kelly Says:

    Another brilliant comment……

    Stuck in an electronic incident…. WTF is that? Is it a power outage? Did somebody get lost in an electrical timewarp or something. Scientologies verbage is so lame and predictable and too cultish!!!

    an electronic incident.

  182. 182
    BABY BOTTLE SURI 10/25 Says:

    NEW PIC:

  183. 183
    nix Says:

    Katie and Suri are dolls!!!!

  184. 184

    Whatever frustrated people say, Suri is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen ! And wanting to wear high heels, princess clothes and make-up is very much a part of being a healthy little girl. This attitude shows all the admiration she has for her lovely mummy who shows her little girl how to be a lady. Katie has for sure an exceptional fate. She has it all and of course many people are jealous of her happiness. It is always so hilarious to read the mean comments about her and her family because I know the women who write them could kill their parents to marry Tom Cruise. Stop the hypocrisy and the hatred. It’s getting old.

  185. 185

    Yeah she has the midget, the spoiled daughter, a science fiction religion and she has shown she can’t act, can’t sing, and can’t dance. Plus her designs (clothing) have made her a laughing stock in the fashion world. Is obviously not a very good parent.

    At least she has Tom’s money to spend. Since shopping is what she excels at.

  186. 186
    shane Says:

    # 185


    Wonder why # 184 and a few closed minded others don’t get it?


  187. 187
    usa Says:

    Cruise family….patriots
    few same trolls…pinheads

  188. 188
    DARK Says:

    TomKat are completely irresponsible parents. They’re allowing a 3-year-old to dress like that? What’s going to happen when Suri reaches the age of 16?
    The most frightening part is that there are scumbags out there that prey on little girls like her. If she keeps dressing up like that in public, she’s bound to attract some of them. For all we know, one of them is probably pleasuring himself to these pics right now. She doesn’t even look like a 3-year-old girl; more like a 20-year-old woman midget-sized.

  189. 189
    herules Says:

    Why does ever know for a fact Suri is a brat? I am so confused. This child could be an angel but from pictures you can tell her personality? Weird! Trust me I am no fan of these people most days and HEELS on a baby.. STRANGER than a pig in a dress but whatever hehe.. Just want to give that little girl a chance that most viewers do not.

  190. 190
    vespertaire Says:

    This family is abnormal, Tom is fat and gay.

  191. 191
    missy Says:

    Homley can’t sing, dance, act to save her life!

    She is also a clueless mom with a brat that seems to have some problems.

    She also can’t talk normal. Things she says ….comes out sounding like a bimbo or…..a robot?

    pitiful people ….Katie and Tom

  192. 192
    Two Says:

    Dress like what, #188? She’s covered up and looks like any other little girl. I think you’re the sick freak pleasuring yourself to her pictures and call against her parents to protect her from yourself.

    They like trying to find reasons to bash TomKat, #189. Even if that means bashing a little girl.

    You’re a creep, #190.

    You don’t know anything, #191.

  193. 193
    THREE Says:


    YOU don’t know anything.

    You’re bonkers if you don’t realize by now Katie CAN”T act, sing, dance…etc..etc…etc……plus her and Tom are such stupid parents.

    99.8% commenters above and on other sites agree, YOU and a tiny few won’t accept that their creepy “idols” are NOT perfect. LOL!

    Go grow yourself a brain or 2

  194. 194
    FOUR Says:


    HERE!! HERE!!

    So right you are.

  195. 195
    Leave Kate Alone! Says:

    You all are just jealous of Kate and Tom’s love and passion for each other. He’s fine with Suri’s choice to wear high heels. So leave them be!

  196. 196
    FIVE Says:

    To: # 195 (leave Kate alone). LOL

    NO ONE is jealous of these freakoids you fool.

    Love and passion? chuckle chuckle.

    That just proves it……of course “he’s fine with his 3 year old little daughter in high heels training to be a ****. He’s that stupid,

    Oh, you also need to grow a brain too, LOL

  197. 197
    FIVE Says:

    I tried to type in s l u t above in # 196

  198. 198
    Sonia0404 Says:

    Has any of you observed the video of Homely the beard and the certified brat shopping at Jo-Ann?
    Posted in another website.

    The whole piece of the mini movie of Suri the certified brat is very weird.
    First, her blue dress is way too big, too long for her. At the first look, I thought she chose her bed sheet as her Halloween costume. It was very long and a few sizes larger than the brat.

    She had to grab the skirt up to move around, Why pick such a big dress? The gay midget is richer than king, while Suri owns a wardrobe budget richer than queen, why buying something so oversized?

    Thus, what fashion sense of Suri? Was that her idea? And Homely just went along? What kind parent is that? Or Homely is actually the handmaid and carrier of Suri?

    Second, that video is such a lousy photo op. Homely only rushed to the store to pick up one bawdy ring, apparently an in-and-out quick trip. One cannot help but asking, why couldn’t she leave the brat at home, let the nanny watch her? Instead, she had to carry this regraded tot out to show her off in the oversized dress.

    I cannot help but musing, did the Gay Midget prompt his Beard out for this photo op?
    And by the way, the ‘strong woman”s dress was more like a mop for Jo-Ann.

  199. 199
    Two Says:

    Did I say I knew anything myself, #193? Why does me reminding people that they don’t know a thing equate to me saying that I do?

    That’s just opinion.

    You’re a very hateful and paranoid person, #198.

  200. 200
    Leave Kate Alone! Says:

    to #198. this video?

    looks like two best friends out on a wonderful adventure.

  201. 201
    Sonia0404 Says:

    @Leave Kate Alone!: LOL

    Nothing can be further from the truth than your ‘best friends’ and ‘wonderful adventure’.

  202. 202
    @leave kate alone Says:

    Maybe if Katie tried being more of a mother, Suri wouldn’t be so spoiled. There is a time and place to be your child’s best friend–and that doesn’t mean 24/7. There are sometimes when you should be a parent. Katie evidently has not realized she is the parent and not the friend.

  203. 203
    tweety Says:

    nope. Katie is NOT smart enough to realize anything regarding parenting.

  204. 204
    Two Says:

    You don’t know she is as a mother and obviously she’s spoiled. #202. We just don’t know if she’s a brat or not but whatever she is, that’s HER PARENTS’ problem and not your place to judge and question and comment!

  205. 205
    Sonia0404 Says:

    Suri is the certified brat, who stims in all her pap pix.
    Very soon, we’ll be able to see her walk on her toes, just like Jett did.
    Poor kid, nay, not really.

  206. 206
    @sonia0404 Says:

    If she was a toe walker–we’d have seen it by now. And walking on toes is not always a sign of autism. My granddaughter is a toe walker and we have researched the subject out the wazoo. There are all kinds of toe walkers including those associated with autism, but it manifests itself early and Suri has shown no signs of toe walking.

  207. 207
    Samatha Says:

    # 206

    how silly! Just cuz the brat has not been photographed walking on her toes….does not mean she does Not have autism.

    there are all types of autism.

  208. 208
    @samantha Says:

    How silly you are.

    You didn’t read #206′s post very carefully. Al lthe person said was that toe walking isn’t necessarily a sign of autism. It can be, but then it may not be.

    Furthermore as much as we’ve had this little brat forced down our throats by the media and her pimping parents–we’d have seen her toe walking by now, don’t you think?

  209. 209
    Piper Says:

    silly silly,….I don’t care if she walks on her nose.

    wonder if she will be pigeon toed like her idiot pugfaced mom?

  210. 210
    Alexis Says:

    What is with all the anger about the heels?? I had high heels when I was three, I loved them!! I had a dressing up box full of things to make outfits from and I had toy pairs of high heels that I would run all over the place in until (after much begging) my mum bought me a real pair of heeled shoes and I wore them to death. My feet aren’t crippled or whatever else Katie has been accused for doing to Suri.

    And as for the clothing obsession so many of you go on about, so what if Katie likes to dress Suri in pretty outfits. My mum was the same, and eventually I picked my own outfits, and when I did i was obsessive that everything matched and I loved hats! It is normal behaviour. She is a three year old girl who wants to be like her mom. Big deal. Leave her alone.

  211. 211
    July Says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! Poor child, the victim of her snobbish stupid parents.

  212. 212
    tami Says:

    i actually like the heels, they’re cute and so is Suri. gosh i can’t wait until i get married and have kids. I’m going to do my best to make sure all five of my kids have nice, clean cut clothes that are cute but aren’t revealing and won’t have ppl looking at me like I’m crazy all at once lol *P. of course I’ll let them express themselves though :) anyways enough of my long term goals. lay off a little guys, she’s just a little girl and I’ve seen plenty of little girls that wear heels with their dresses and those girls AND their parents are kind, smart, and loving ppl :) but that’s just me

  213. 213
    Patch Crack Says:

    Are you have an account in twitter? Write it here, please and I will follow you.

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