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Taylor Squared in Hockey Heaven

Taylor Squared in Hockey Heaven

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner get cozy in California this weekend as they attend a hockey game together and go to a Beverly Hills hotel afterward on October 25 (Sunday).

Taylor Squared – 19 and 17, respectively – watched the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the Los Angeles Kings and headed back to the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel after the game. Although some reports are claiming that the Taylor Squared spent the night together, can confirm Swift is staying with her mom Andrea!

There’s been speculation about their relationship since at least July, when the two were spotted kissing on the Valentine’s Day set.

Taylor later told that she thought kissing Taylor Lautner was “life-changing.”

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Photos: Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty Images, X17
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  • Amnda Dubs

    They are pretty adorable. I like them together as friends or as a couple. It’s pretty awesome. BTW that is NOT her hand XD That really freaked me out cause I thought it was for a whole minute when I saw this picture a few hours ago.

  • Channy

    Haha, I thought that was her hand too and I just stared it for a while thinking: What the hell?

    They’re cute :) But no matter what I do can’t stop thinking of (boy) Taylor as Shark Boy! lol, even when I see the buffed out shirtless picks of him I’m like: Aww, shark boy!

    Anyway, they’re cute

  • Marii

    they’re soooo cute together! i really hope they are a couple.
    After Joe Spid Jonas, Taylor deserved someone like Taylor in her life.

  • Sarah

    i think there casually dating , there’s no way they can be exclusive , there both so busy and i dont think they live in the same city , lets see how far this goes , i mean they do look cute together but i wouldnt jump the gun too quick , there both young and need to be having fun .

  • I n f a m o u s L o s e r

    MAN HANDS, Taylor Swift.

  • Anellaaa

    He doesn’t need to wear his hood up like that all the time – he does not get pap’d like robert pattinson. There is no reason to hide. This looks like a publicity stunt to get him some heat before the film starts

  • Tata

    Haha random thought… If they got married, she’d change her name to Taylor Lautner… They’d both be called Taylor Lautner…. Hihi… Funny…

    I know they won’t get married or anything… But haha

  • xxx

    I think they’re cute but once they break up…. just imagine the pure hell we’ll be put through… 20 albums from Swift of

    track 1: oh he broke my heart
    track 2: oh he cheated on me
    track 3: i was only nineteen
    track 4: oh he broke my heart
    track 5: oh he broke my heart
    track: 6: oh he cheated on me
    track 7: oh he broke my heart

    lord help us!

  • Lilac

    she is too old for him! hehe:-))))
    Jared, did Taylors aksed you to say how they did not spend the night together?
    that just proves they they totally did:-))))

  • reba

    Taylor L. is such a good looking guy! They seem really sweet together. She’s a doll as well.

  • Cory

    He is gay! Does everyone else not see this? Watch any interview done with him…it is painfully obvious.

  • Althea

    They were really into the game. Let not judge them and let them get to know each other better. It’s hard enough to start dating (if they are) but it’s even harder if you are in Hollywood!

  • Rpattz fans follow Taylor L

    I feel so sorry for the pat-stews fans

  • lucy

    haha i agree with xxx

  • *** JAMIE ***

    hes too cute for her, i like her songs but i find her a bit fake and a bit to “goody goody tissues”

  • Pinkpolka

    I don’t like them together. I really like Taylor Swift but something is just off with Lautner. Maybe it is the whole age thing and also the fact that all of sudden they are seen together in public knowing that photographers will be there to take their picture. Her album is out today and his movie is out in November. Coincidence, I think not.

  • christine

    They make a HAWT couple! Stick w/ this 1, Taylor! uh…. u2

  • Lemonade

    XXX- LOL on the whole song writing. I can see it now. She will be whining and moaning about how he broke her heart on some talk show. It will be like Joe Jonas again. Taylor and Taylor is very cheesy and will get old. I really like Taylor Swift but I feel like she has lost credibility with this.

  • spicedcider

    For once I would like to see Taylor date someone different and not so cheesy and madeup by Hollywood. I am not neccessarily saying she should date a bad guy. It is just that she and her friends go through the same group of guys. Selena to Swift, “Taylor Swift meet Taylor Lautner, I am through with him so you can have him now. He is a little girly and shorter than you but I think you will do alright. ” Taylor Swift to Demi Lovato, “Go over Joe, he may love you more than he ever loved me.”

  • yar


  • meghan

    @Tata: haha that is something to think about lol nice one

  • pup

    I will say this. He’s an UP from that Jonas fool. Good luck Taylor’s!


    Questionable fashion sense!

  • natt

    Taylor Lautner is officially been awarded with the ‘MAN WHORE UNDER 18 STAR AWARD’

  • AppleT

    I am sooo sick of her! nothing like jamming her down our throats! When will her 15 minutes be up???

  • Poodlesgalore

    Taylor Swift seems to be fuled by the paparazzi and her relationship to Lautner. It seems like she is loving it. Maybe she is only dating him for his first and last name. Same first names and his famous last name combined with hers. She seems to becomming really shallow. Oooh maybe they will become the next Spencer and Heidi. :(

  • jlene

    @#8: Hopefully she outgrows the breakup songwriting thing by the time they broke up! The thought of your breakup going public is a nightmare.

  • Madison

    Great couple. She is hot and cute!

  • Pinkandgrey

    Taylor Lautner looks uncomfortable. I hope he knows what he is gettin into. He will have songs written about him. I really can’t wait for the breakup song. Poor guy.

  • Carly

    i’m a HUGE tswift fan, but a 19 year old dating a 17 year old? um, ew?!

    and jared, they obviously didn’t spend the night together because THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!

  • Realme2008

    Are you seriously saying eww to a two year age difference? I think they are just friends, but who cares if they are dating?

  • minot

    1. well, swift is a little bit taller than lautner. same case as tom cruise with nicole kidman and katie holmes. doesnt really significant to discuss. they’re still look great!

    2. age? it’s only 2 year gap. is it really matter? doesnt look like swift is older than lautner. worse case happened to demi moore and ashton kutcher. what would you say about that?

    3. lautner is better than joe jonas & swift is definitely thousands better than gomez.

    4. expecting the day they will announce their relationship officially :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh, come on taylor
    i definitely didnt seeing u as the chick going for the pretty guy
    if they are dating, it’s only gonna end bad imo

  • Jenny

    Did Lautner leave the hotel after dropping her off? Because he lives in LA anyway so why would he stay at a hotel?

  • http://youtube tara and steph ♥

    those are not taylor swifts hands. if you look closely you’ll see that they are the man sitting in front of her’s.