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Adam Lambert: 'For Your Entertainment' Album Cover

Adam Lambert: 'For Your Entertainment' Album Cover

Check out the Adam Lambert‘s debut album cover, For Your Entertainment, due out November 23rd.

Blue hair! Spiky, fingerless gloves! Lime green eye makeup!

The 27-year-old American Idol vet is currently working with pop hit makers RedOne, Ryan Tedder, Sam Sparro, Greg Wells, Max Martin, Linda Perry, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, and Kara DioGuardi.

Yesterday, Adam re-tweeted singer Ke$ha‘s tweet, “Trash is the new glam. <3"

Bigger album cover pic inside…

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  • k

    Adam Lambert is an insult to the male population.
    Look at him, he LOOKS like a woman! Look at his eyes. There is something wrong with guys who wear makeup. No excuse.

    Why does our generation think its okay to degrade maniless? It’s so wrong.

  • caroline

    My first impression was – is that was the new Rihanna album cover – no wonder she changed her hairstyle.

  • Elena

    He looks so beautiful *_*

  • Leah

    So HOT! He is definitely living up to his moniker of the “Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce”
    Adam an insult to the male population?? By what standards?? By all accounts he is a great guy who just so happens to be one of the most talented and exciting performers to come around in a long time. That is enough for me!

  • ugh

    is he 10yrs old? this looks like a bad 80′s never ending story meets miami sound machine cover. where are the unicorns?

  • anna

    @caroline: LOL same here

  • Brooke

    amazing. love it. love him. hate the font though…whatever.

    @k- society has simply changed buddy. get over it.

  • ugh

    i love the way he sings but he ain’t no ziggy stardust

  • lisa

    Who came up with this album cover? Not good

  • pollywood

    Hey, isn’t this the Rihanna album cover ??? I really love Adam and already pre-ordered two copies of his album, but this cover is too androgenous for me. I loved his photo on the cover of Details magazine.

  • cd

    The font looks cheap, like something made with Microsoft word…

  • noooooooooooooo

    OMG LOL!

    I LOVE Adam but that is such a bad cover!!!!! DDDDDD:

    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????!!!!!!!!!

    That’s not Glam, that’s neo-disco or something. And what’s with the photoshop???????????

  • megan’s my babe

    we all know he’s gay, but does the album cover have to be too?

  • k

    Just because “society has changed” doesn’t make it right or acceptable.
    It’s not. You can’t make whats wrong become right just by trying to make it pass.
    Whats wrong will always be wrong, regardless of what the majority or the population says.

  • EL

    No, sir. This is not okay. What happened to the futuristic bubble jacket thing he was wearing in that leaked photo? I was going to give his album a try, but this makes it look silly. He keeps saying Glam is back, but this is like a drag poster or something.

    If anything, this is an insult to David Bowie and New York Dolls, etc.

  • lambfankathy


  • KF

    @k: Turns out you don’t have to own a vagina to buy and wear makeup. Shocking I know.

    Having said that, and I’m such a huge fan of Adam’s but this cover is terrible. Who came up with it?

  • JG

    @k: Turns out you don’t have to own a va.gina to buy and wear makeup. Shocking I know.

    Having said that, and I’m such a huge fan of Adam’s but this cover is terrible. Who came up with it lmao.

  • Leah

    @k What exactly is it that Adam is doing that is “wrong”?

  • wheres my comment

    testing 123

  • Mary

    Well, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!!!!
    They tried–but failed. I read his Rolling Stone interview and he showed himself to be a pig.

  • EL

    @pollywood: Exactly. That should have been his album cover photoshoot.

    Adam, don’t let them make a mockery of you before you even get started. I’m being totally serious. I am rooting for him, but it has to be done better than this.

  • sdfhsvs


  • Chachi

    Adam Lambert (and this cover) give gays a bad name… There I said it and I am gay!!! Cheerios!

  • http://justjared ChrisGreece

    Of all the pictures of this gorgeous man – why did he choose this picture as the cover? He looks too feminine here – but anyway he has a great voice and I preordered his album already. Hope his songs in there will be better than this cover picture !!!

  • J. Ryan

    I’m sorry people can get mad at me all they want but i have to say this. he’s not gonna sell albums with this image. i’m all for being who you are but you have to appeal to your market. this is why he didn’t win idol.

  • Sharon

    EEEK!!!! He is such a dragqueen.

    And talk about airbrushed. Crater face all gone!!!

  • Jory

    srsly he is the sexiest guy ever and this cover is so fcking HOT !! he is beyond gorgeous it have Adam prints all over it .. it Glam Rock it fresh it new and i don’t give a damn what ppl say .. some ppl are just born to be boring Adam born to be wild and i flove love everything about it .. this cover got me all swooned drooled and spazing all over the place .. i flove Adam Lambert and this Album is gonna rock can’t wait bb :)

  • SCat


    Because you don’t agree with it it makes it wrong… –>FAIL

  • Amanda

    OMFG I love it!!!!!! God I can’t wait to hear the music!! this is so awesome!!!

  • Change

    Love Adam but hate this cover. Yuck. I wonder if it was his decision or someone else influenced him. Why this cover? Damn. I’ve agreed and supported everything he’s done up to this point, but he looks ugly here. And it looks like he’s holding his right eye up to give him an oriental look. I preordered, so I hope the music is better than the cover. The man’s decisions have been spot on so far, so we’ll see what happens.

  • ugh

    @Jory: what nonsense are you writing? nothing is fresh & new about this cover baby! this was the look of every album cover from two decades ago, right down to the cheap font. I will listen to this album but i will not look at the art. it gives me the serious giggles.

  • danny

    he looks like P!NK.

  • Lola

    @k: Get over yourself you homophobe!!

  • jenna

    looks like the cover of some 90′s romance novel.

  • JJ

    @k: –LOL!! You make NO sense! Hahaha!! Go crawl in a dark wet hole and die…..I think the cover sux too, But dont be a close minded A-hole. It doesnt matter what YOU “think” is right or wrong……The world keeps spinning, With OR without YOU!!

  • diane


  • cheesy mc cheesy

    This guy keeps getting cheesier and cheesier

  • Liz

    I love the cover, but even if I didn’t, I would STILL buy this album. I’m all in it for the music and his amazing voice and range! This man CAN SING!!!! Who f-ing cares about ONE picture??? It’s the material (music) inside that matters! I pre-ordered my copy and November 23rd can’t get here fast enough!!!

  • jim

    Wow, this looks like a bad photoshop job. What a joke this guy is.

  • wandalette

    I looooove the cover!!! Audacious, Gorgeous and so Adam!!! For those of you who don’t get it, sorry for your life!! Do as Adam himself suggested and “Buy the other guys record”. Hey, I don’t care more Adam for me!! Glam is back Baaabbbyyyy!!!!

  • Liane

    I’d never buy his music if I saw this as its cover. How ugly.

  • Pandora

    Love (love!) Adam. Don’t like the cover. However, he agreed to do it. He is a guy who is so diverse, so talented, and so comfortable in his own skin. How many people can say that?

    As to insulting the entire male race? That’s a hoot! How so? I’m female and I’m okay w/ Giselle Bundchen looking like a man wearing make up (or others of her ilk who trot their manliness out under the guise of a female). If you are masculine yourself what do you care about what another male is doing? Especially one in the entertainment industry.

    Furthermore, I don’t see how you can deem him an insult to gays either. FYI there are all types of gays just as there are heteros. Imagine that, huh?

  • April24

    OMG what a horrible CD cover. I too thought it was Rihanna. They way over airbrushed him. Yuck! What was he and his team thinking?

  • Matthew

    What is “glam”? If this is it, I’ll gladly pass . . .

  • keith

    this is so weird. why would anybody take a look at this?

  • rpatzfan

    eww ! so gay

  • M.L.

    Adam is fabulous and this album cover proves it. Stop with the hate – if you don’t like it, go away. Nobody wants you here.

  • Jory


  • forever56

    Ok, FIRST OF ALL! Let me make it clear that I am HUGE fan of his. love everything he has ever sung, but CMON ADAM! This has got to be THE most well.. kinda crappy looking album cover. I was expecting something a little more creative. You can look so very dashing and haunting… (like details pictures) but THIS? I think he is just enjoying getting under people’s skin, but this might actually make people take him less seriously. poo.

    this is very upsetting. an album cover is well.. the cover to the whole album. and this does not look very inviting. LITTLE less. and I was hoping for a body shot. i find the close up on faces so boring.