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Alexander Skarsgard: Puss in Black

Alexander Skarsgard: Puss in Black

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard dons a blonde wig as he wraps his arm around female fan Ella on the set of his new movie Puss in Sweden on Tuesday (October 27).

Puss means ‘kiss’ in Swedish,” the 33-year-old Swedish actor told last week in NYC. “It’s a movie that I started awhile back but I have a couple days where I have to re-shoot some scenes. It’s in Swedish, it’s a great script and a fantastic director (Johan Kling). It’s a small Swedish indie [film] and I just love to do that – go back home and work in Sweden.”

According to IMDB, the American title for Puss is Trust Me.

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Celia

    He’s so sexy! i love him!!

  • Luciana

    puss puss, Alexander!

  • Mariee

    Wow his hair grew really fast

  • Squirrel

    Looking good as usual…

  • Squirrel

    That’s a wig…

  • true blood

    He looks great.
    Nice to see him home with family and friends.

  • Frida

    Nice to see he still does films back here as well =)

  • helloyou

    This man looks like he was carved out of some beautiful marble by God himself. He almost doesn’t look real.

  • Question

    When can we expect your interview with this scandinavian God ,Jared?

  • Just Jared

    @Question: I am basically just releasing little quotes here and there as I post about him. A little goes a long way!

  • Ugh

    Why is everyone sweating this guy so hard! He has some talent but acts like a douche. He is simply a famewhoring actor who wants to be seen and talked about with every stupid, coked out, skinny, bobble head actress. I don’t get it…I simply don’t get it…I know he is the peen of the moment in hollyweird but seriously IS THAT WHAT HE WANTS TO BE KNOWN FOR? Why doesn’t he rely on his talent? OH…because he really hasn’t honed that fully.
    I just read where it said he likes girls smart and funny but he forgot to influde the following prerequisites:
    1) young and fresh per TMZ(oh he was “playing” Eric while he was walking down the street thats right..silly me…yeah uh huh…suuuure!)
    2) coked out- that’s Hollywood
    3) actresses preferably apply- blondes and redheads(dyed is okay)
    4) co-stars makes it easier so he doesn’t have to work too hard
    5) homewreckers work too
    6) models will do- but prefers actresses
    7) has to be nice to my fangirls…bc that is where all this attention is coming from- have you seen those obsessive chicks
    8) must be shallow enough to pretend to smart and funny to the public–wait that is an actress
    9) just smile and say how wonderful and nice I am to everyone who can get me anywhere…i.e. bloggers, reporters, editors, producers, directors, and oh the next pretty co-star or actress or model that comes my way
    10) and when the cameras start flashing get the hell out of the way…I need my lighting to work with my highlights and my tan

    He is so overrated. No talent unlike his dad and bro.

  • Squirrel

    Go away troll

  • raven

    Scandinavian SEX god is more like it.
    #11: jealous much? Jeez….

  • amanda

    Psycho Skars-gurrrls have found the thread. Yay.

  • Care4theBear


    He rejected you didn’t he, hun? It’s okay you can tell us. Geez some of the people here a nuts!

  • Hmm

    It’s interesting how much time psyco girl puts down on following Alex news on the web. Alex has a truly obsessed internet stalker…

  • raven

    @Just Jared:

    Would love more detail as to why AS was the nicest you’ve ever interviewed!! (though I totally believe it) Can you share? Thanks.

  • Amintad

    @Ugh, too long didn’t read
    but LOL at you

  • ANV

    I’m not AS biggest fan!! ,
    LOL I’m Jared’s number one fan because he always update great intel and huge pictures of this swedish god! Thank youuuuuuu!!!
    We all really appreciate it!
    Kisses from Argentina!

  • @11

    Hey they are looking for a Eastern European for True Blood. She is supposed to be gorgeously hot and has a sexual relationship with Eric.
    …let’s see is Alexander goes after that actress….
    then maybe your rght.

  • Ashley

    Thats a unique name for a movie title. It may make people think it is a different kind of movie.

  • Twilight

    @Ashley: In the U.S., it’s being released as Trust Me.

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    @Ugh: wow , you dislike him, but yet you write an entire essay about him to extol his terrible wordly virtues.

  • LUCY

    i love Alexander,bello!!!

  • Lisa

    he looks good, well minus the wig :)

  • Anna

    Uh how come IMDB says its “trust me”, I know for fact that Puss means Kiss.

    And Kiss means in Swedish, pee. * fun fact ;)* .. with exactly that spelling, so Kiss= Pee (Urin) in swedish haha.

  • becareful

    Even wigs look good on him. He is beautiful.

  • katkat

    Love him! Alexander you are so freakin’ awesome!! And of course…HOT!!!

  • liza

    Yum than you Jared. I needed a Alex fix.

  • liza

    I hope these pics werent stolen from the girl in the picture with Alex…

  • Nice Couple!

    Is that his new girlfriend? she is so beautiful!
    and lucky! I wish I was her…
    maybe he will marry her…? what do you guys think?

    i think she looks fu*ckall better than anyone else he dated.

    wow lucky girl lucky guy


  • true blood

    @Nice Couple!: That is the daughter of a woman who is working on the Puss/Trust Me set. The girl is only 14 or 15.

  • Jolly Green Giant

    If YOU don’t like him, YOU don’t need to read/comment on any post regarding him. Keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Gerbutt

    I don’t know him but my sis said she’d screw him six ways from sunday

  • megan

    Beautiful man!

  • Nick

    @jkjordan: Nope, just a rumor started by a stan with too much time on their hands.

    Glad the poor dude is back in Sweden away from crazy fan girls and guest stars!

  • cute

    Great pic. That girl is a cutie and nice to share her photo.

  • kc


    agreed! Hopefully, he has a quiet few days at home. Although I think it’s more the trolls and haters that are scary.

  • awesome


    I completely agree with you, God really took his time with him. More please Jared, more.

  • Danni

    Beautiful Alexander is amazing. I wish him even more success because he’s a very talented actor and a great guy.

  • just
  • ohnotheydidn’t

    @just: I don’t know WTH you are saying, but ERW is filming movie as well here. I doubt if she cn just pick up and fly to Sweden. I doubt if AS would want her to. Geesh, give the man a break , he is at home …

  • Nick

    @ohnotheydidn’t: Good point. These stans are so lazy, they don’t even try to do any research before they spread these rumors.

  • jodi


    what the hell? did you meet him or something? how do you know what he is like? is your girlfriend in love with him?

  • Mega-Rose S. Villanea

    Dont you dare say bad things about Alex.. You’re just being an old jealous hag.. Go Team Eric..

  • Curt