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Chris Brown - 'I Can Transform Ya' Music Video!

Chris Brown - 'I Can Transform Ya' Music Video!

Scope out Chris Brown‘s new music video “I Can Transform Ya,” as directed by Joseph Kahn and featuring Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne. The song is off his new album Graffiti, out December 15.

Chris is be performing tonight at Power 105.1FM’s Powerhouse 2009 concert. Also hitting the stage tonight will be Fabolous, Keri Hilson, The-Dream, Trey Songz, Mario, and Day 26. You can still pick up buy one, get one free tickets at!

Chris Brown – ‘I Can Transform Ya’ Music Video
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  • Suus

    Love it :)

  • pouty

    Frickin’ loser! hate him so much! (i used to be a huge fan)

  • Music Blog

    It’ll be interesting to see if he can make a comeback. Most people seem to hate him but some do realize that it was a very volatile relationship.

    He is ridiculously talented, you have to give him that.

  • Molly

    LOVE IT! I love how people claim they use to be hug fans. I use to be a hater. Now because of the media i love. If he can stand and take all that was thrown at him by them. Can’t seem to hate.

  • VNY

    Tactful posting there, Jared. A Rihanna post then a Chris Brown post. :|

  • tori

    Actually….I like the songand im not so big into hiphop R&B…..Whatever,I was never a chris brown fan he was always annoying and overraterd to me and im not the screaming teenager type……Because he beat up a girl he will never have the same fan base that he had befor he will be lucky if he even makes the top charts i don’t think it will be a surpise when rihanna out sells him….not a big fan of her either.

  • Freddie

    You guys shouldn´t talk about this loser anymore, He’s not worth it.

  • bella


  • kate

    yes. lets give free publicity to the guy who enjoys hitting women. wtf.

  • Anna

    How tasteful to post the seventh(?) Chris Brown-post in two days, right after an Rihanna one.

  • the_boyfriend

    disgusting, he and the space you give him. shame!


    He is ABUSIVE

  • zk

    Jared – Are you getting a commission to promote this idiot? Or are you simply a misogynist?

    Which is it? Because you’ve been tooting his horn even when he beat the crap outta Rihanna.

    You should be ashamed…..I’m sure your mother is.

  • Lisa

    great video and song! Ang you guys, stop being such haters! People do things they regret!! The other rapers probably hit a few women here and there and they do drugs! They had a fight, Rihanna hit Chris to! He said he’s sorry and now he’s paining for it. But his music and videos are still great =) Live your life enjoying things, not hating them :)!

  • meela

    Ok he made a huge mistake with Riri…. but he’s still very talented. I luv the video

  • lisa

    Love it!!!!!

  • tiffany

    I hate the video, I hate the song. Why areyou having an article on him?

  • Carol

    Love it!! Really!

  • nic

    tyrese is sooo hot

  • beasty

    Well, it’s FX driven like MechanicalDummies like it. Not that much into the song.

    “transform a good girl to a freak” is a nice line

  • Who Cares

    Please stop.

  • quijano

    This guy should focus on seriously reflecting about what he did, grow up and transforming himself first. Until then, I am not impressed.

  • DAVE

    it seems like the only people that support him are ghetto girls who wouldn’t mind getting beat up as long as they could say they are with “Chris Brown”… get a job Hos

  • mel

    OMG this video is so cool.
    I see everyone has there panties in a bunch because people still like him oh well you just have to deal with it.
    Chris is amazing

  • Madison

    Looks good. the COmeback is happening!

  • jake

    Talk about a rip off from Transformers. You would expect Chris to be inspired by a movie with no substance. Whatever its worth, there are a million better singers than him today.

  • U R not perfect

    He is transforming himself. He is getting therapy and serving the sentence the law gave him. Is he supposed to sit in the house all day and do nothing with his life? He is getting back to work and moving forward which is what anyone can do after doing something so horrible. All you can do is move forward. It must be nice to be perfect without mistakes. Can you walk on water, too. Just wondering. Jared has every right to post info about him. They are not endorsing him, they are just giving info. If you don’t want to see, then don’t look at it keep moving. Good Luck Chris, stay focused. Talent wins everytime and only God can judge you.

  • Tealeaf

    Taking a girl from clear skin to bruises and blood should be the theme of “I can Transform Ya”

  • Amber

    Everybody needs to accept with the fact that Chris Brown is famous… he can’t get unfamous! Deal with it! To add to that… he is talented, so he will continue to create good work such as this! So if u want to have a personal internal war trying to dislike him as long and best you can and disregard his contribution to the industry… go ahead. U will probably come out a sore loser! U only fooling yourself! This boy’s not stopping anytime soon! Regardless of what he did in the past… have u any idea how many celebrities are in the same abusive situation and only happy that they haven’t been uncovered like Chris? U could be one of those people yourself… irrelevant of celebrity status! Think about it… Nobody’s perfect, get over it and let the boy live his life! With this amount of talent, he’s not going anywhere!!!

  • happyfaces

    I hate Chris Brown he is a women beater

  • Yas

    I love it, You cannot deny the talent in this, love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy girl

    if you believe in the rights of women and if you support the fight to stop promoting violence against women, then boycott him! refuse to spend a dime on his album. boycott the girlfriend beater!!

  • Cammie

    A convict woman beater, constant baby daddy and adulter

    Yeah they can transform a woman’s life alright

    So what he is famous..Mike Tyson and R.Kelly are famous also

  • SparToThis

    Nice video. Leave this guy alone. He pled guilty. He’s getting rehabilitation and serving his sentence. Not counting getting domestic violence counseling and giving many of his proceeds to it. Let this guy move on with his life. I BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CHANGE. Good for Chris.

  • Carly

    sucks that this song is catchy

  • NutoCommenting

    Ppl here who are incredibly anti-Chris Brown need to relax!!!!!! it was a something in the past—-this is coming from a huge Rihanna fan. Look at Letterman—gosh Ted Kennedy made huge mistakes, but that was his past.

    thats why we have over 80 years to live—you live and you learn. stop crucifying him with these anti-abuse posts!!!

    I may not buy his album but i do admire his talent–he is a freaking kid! let him continue to work hard!!!!!! he has earned his spot!

  • lalalove

    That’s a hot f**kin’ track. There’s no denying that.

    Good for him!

  • Anashious

    I do not understand why people are still hating on this dude yea he beat her but his is dealing with it. I’m not saying it is right but Jay-Z one of chris brown’s biggest haters use to beat his ex i don’t see anyone boycotting him.

  • lalalove

    The dude isn’t the first to hit a woman. He was sooooooooooooooooooooo f**kin’ wrong. There’s no justification for his actions. But he isn’t the first.
    Catch a break, kid. He seems very remorseful.

    Give the kid a chance.

  • elle


  • Celia

    Love the video…it’s actually creative unlike alot of recent videos. Chris Brown’s videos are usually pretty dang good! He’s so talented and I LOVE this song!

  • Celia


    Oh shut up. I am not “ghetto” as you call it and I support him. He did something really wrong…but so do ALOT of celebrities. He’s apologized for it and I’m sure he regrets it more than anyone considering his mother was abused by his stepfather. We never got the whole story so for all we know Rihanna hit him too. They’re both young and young couples make mistakes and they fight. The only difference is they’re in the public spotlight. But whatever it’s their business.

  • cherrie

    what a piece of shit!

  • http://jared aushawn

    love it…glads he’s back

  • lalalove

    Man, I’m addicted to the f**king song and vid!! Def. a smash. Get ‘em kid!!!

  • Naomi

    The perfect lyrics for “I Can Transform ya”

    I can make you bleed baby

    I can bust your eye lady

    I can make you cry my darling

    I can Transform Ya

  • Rob Frost

    Not sure about the motive of this video.

    Weird Choreography that features a “sieg heil”.
    Black, red and white Nazi colors
    red nazi armbands.. worn on their legs?!
    backup dancers who basically look like riot police.

    And the video unsubtly objectifies women -
    For someone who was recently found guilty of beating up his girlfriend,
    he doesn’t exactly exude remorse.

  • Anonymous


  • lalalove


    HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA You’re f**kin’ funny!

  • Great Times

    Great Look!!!

    Keep talking about the beating people, we have only heard it like 1 MILLION times before and on every post done on Chris Brown…

    Just Comment on the video & leave! Note the VIDEO!

    Not ur personal BEEF with him.

    P.S Video looks Good.