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Hugh Jackman Supports Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Hugh Jackman Supports Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Hugh Jackman supports his wife Deborra-Lee Furness at the 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Benefit Gala at New York City’s Capitale Lounge on Monday (October 26).

The couple served as Honorary Committee Co-Chairs. During the event, Hugh introduced his wife, who was honored for her work with children in need.

Also serving on the Honorary Committee was Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay and her husband Peter Hermann.

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman supporting the Worldwide Orphans Foundation…

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hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 01
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 02
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 03
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 04
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 05
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 06
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 07
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 08
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hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 10
hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 11
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hugh jackman worldwide orphans foundation 14

Credit: Johns PkI; Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sam

    They always look like such a happy couple.

  • dictburgaler

    poor hugh, take off the mask

  • e king

    is that real fur?

  • Sazzle

    Hugh looks amazing, as always, but I’m sorry, Deborrah just cannot pull that dress off… (no-one can, in my opinion) Fab charity though, I am always amazed at how much time the invest in charities.

  • Hugh and his mommywife…

    It must be true that Hugh has a mother complex because his wife certainly looks old enough to be his mom and according to rumors she is very bossy and controlling.

  • poor Hugh

    Why doesn’t his wife ever wear a bra???……she would look so much better as it would at least give her some shape instead of looking like an old lady with a droopy bust…..cringeworthy.

  • oy

    Now this man has talent – the whole package. He seems like a class act. Nice to see an adoptive parent encouraging others to help orphans too.

  • alice

    Angelina Jolie was at the first WWO benefit. I am so glad it is still going strong.
    Hugh’s wife is very pretty. The dress I don’t like.

  • lisa

    I think the lady in the blue glasses is a friend of the Jolie-Pitts.. she is a godparent to either Madd or Pax. I remember seeing a picture of her/Brad and Angie with Madd and Pax.

    I could be wrong.. but that looks like her.

  • Tara

    I like Jackmans. They seem to be so happy together. I admire that they can stand all this “looks like his mother” crap and that he still loves here even after 15 years of a marriage. When he talks about her, he is like a little boy – he practically worships her. Which is very refreshing.

  • Mistral

    @dictburgaler: Take off YOU the mask, you show us to possess a level of intelligence very low. While he’s busy in philanthropic works like this, that you do for improving the world? Insults who you don’t know personally?

  • Ana Carol

    What does it matter if she is older than him.
    They seem to form a couple feliz.As people need to see beyond appearances and after all she is a beautiful woman.

  • tenamoore

    They do always look so happy together and as long as they are both happy that is all that maters and huge is so handsome in that suit :)

  • anna

    She is beautiful both by her outside beauty and her inside soul. They make a beautiful couple. Why all the negative people? This lady worked hard helping children.

  • British

    I think as Nicole Kidman once put it, “The sexiest thing about Hugh Jackman is how much he loves his wife”. And its so true. His eyes light up at the mention of her name, its adorable. They’re clearly so inlove and have such a beautiful family – some people need to get over their shallow selves and stop thinking that he has to be with somebody plastic in order for her to be classed as beautiful.

    Deb is beautiful and she’s got what everyone else wants but nobody else can have; Hugh Jackman.

  • LeviKlein

    Deb looks stunning here. I mean, she’s glowing and has this sparkle in her eyes. I’m happy to see them both together and happy. And Hugh brings the serious quiver, as always.
    And it’s nice to see celebrities invest into charities.

  • andamentothat

    the person in the middle with blue glasses is Dr Jane Aronson, pediatrician to the Jolie Pitt Kids as well!!!!!

  • Cissy

    They are a terrific couple, and love each other so much. A great role model. Jared, keep the photos of Hugh coming

  • Noticias de famosos

    I love Hugh is lovely and very good person and actor.

  • ellie’

    Hugh you always look great …

  • Jennifer

    Personally, I love these two. They are a true genuine couple! Why people put her down? Its because people are jealous that she is married to one of the sexiest men on this earth! They are both good people and its ashame that others have to be so negative and hurtful.

  • Angel

    Personally I love Hugh and Deb together :) Although I also agree that dress is not flattering for Deb…. But this article is about the charity they support and I think it’s great they do. It seems like I see them supporting a different charity every week or something, lol!

  • :P

    Deborra looks beautiful in these pics. Hugh is the most gorgeous man in the world as always.

  • i am being honest

    Doesn’t like the wife and her dress. Tried to but couldn’t.
    To me they seem like a disjoint couple, or business partners in a joint venture.

  • beeswax

    @Hugh and his mommywife…:

    In your eyes only! She so looks fab with her hubby! and He’s happy with her and the kids! So stop wishing and hating!

  • diane

    love love love Hugh he is the best. He really loves Deb- he has said she is his rock .All the gay guys keep wanting him to be gay sorry-hes not!!

  • Madison

    Good guy and good father. Keep it up. You are an inspiration

  • the truth

    He is not straight either. He said in the parade interview that his sexuality is “all-encompassing.”

    Quotes from

    Hearing that, Kevin had a breakthrough. He wouldn’t ask Jackman about being gay. He’d put it a different way.

    “Because of your spiritual focus on the unity of life, shouldn’t the question be: Is your sexuality all-encompassing” Kevin asked.

    “Yeah, asking if I’m gay is the wrong question,” Jackman agreed.

    Pasted from

  • the truth
  • happy girl

    deb looks pretty good here,but whats up with the doc and those hideous blue glasses!

  • Janeway

    What an important cause, it is great that it is getting publicity. Hugh and Deb look great! That is what I love about Hugh, he loves his wife and family and doesn’t care that they are not the plastic Hollywood couple that some people want them to be. I am lucky that I have a husband who loves me, even though I am not as young and skinny as I used to be, so I understand that kind of love. I feel sorry for all the folks who constantly have to questions their relationship.

  • betty lou

    @British well said! :)

  • Mistral

    @the truth: from Parade “Jackman did a terrific turn on Broadway a few years ago as the flamboyantly gay Peter Allen. Since fans sometimes have trouble separating actors from their roles, the obvious jump in logic occurred: If he plays it that convincingly, he must be”

    He has played a mutant too. He’s really a mutant? No, he’s not
    He has played a killer in two films. He’s really a killer? No, he’s not
    He has played a cop. He’s really a cop? No, he’s not
    He’s an actor.
    He’s a man that you see to movies and magazines
    It’s extremely stupid and immature to speak of absolute truth because nobody here knows personally him …

  • Truth to Mistral

    I don’t understand your rant. Since when did I say he is gay because he played a gay/bi man on broadway? My intelligence tells me that is a stupid conclusion.

    I am simply pointing to the fact that in the article linked above, the man himself answered the question by saying that his sexuality is “all-encompassing.” Unless the parade magazine is distorting his words, there is no need to misinterpreting them.

    Why can’t his sexuality be “all-encompassing”? I for one have no problem with that and feel happy about it. Very cool.

    What I don’t understand is some people come here to say that gay people are just wishful thinking and insist upon labeling him as “straight.”

  • cat

    I dont understand why his sexuality is such a big deal. None of us’ll ever get any farther than fantasizing about him anyway so he can be whatever sexuality we fantasize him being! He could do his wife while being done by his business partner for all I care, but it wouldn’t take away from who he is: An amazing person, wonderful family man, and one of the greatest talents in the world! Goodonya Hugh!

  • Mistral

    Mistral to Truth: What I don’t understand instead it’s for what damn reason, when it speaks of Hugh Jackman is always had to throw out the “sexuality issue”
    It doesn’t care the thematic of the story or the matter of the blog, interviews, etc.
    Here, for example, the theme is more important (philanthropic job for childrens) but few people have written inherent comments to the treated matter.
    It would have been the same thing if the title of the story had been “Hugh Jackman goes to the fast food” or “Hugh Jackman prefers the apples and not the grape” it is THIS the heart of the matter, only THIS.
    I consider extremely ashamed that continuous speculations are made on the private life of a man that none of us knows so deeply and while this man is showing to the world to have a great civil conscience, certain people reduce him to the rank of a “sexual organ”. It’s THIS that I consider ashamed.

  • Truth matters?

    To Mistral: Don’t be so oversensitive. Nobody is trying to take him down.

    My post was in response to 26 (diane) who said “All the gay guys keep wanting him to be gay sorry-hes not!!” She brought it up and I have to respond.

    This is a gossip website, which I consider many come here to express the “profanity” – not “sacred” – side of their “duality”. Just look at the many spiteful comments after every Daniel Craig’s post, how his gf was bashed and insulted, people are generally so much nicer here.

  • all encompassing?

    what does ‘all encompassing’ mean? that covers a lot of territory including some things that we probably don’t want to think about. i think it’s cute the way jackman, understanding that he has a lot of gay fans, gives them just enough to keep them hanging on even though he has said he’s not gay, he always plays with his words just enough to let people hear what they want…smart man…

  • all encompassing

    38 is one way of understanding “all-encompassing”.

    The other way is — “isn’t it cute the way jackman, understanding that he has a lot of female fans who do not want to think about certain things that could be encompassed, gives them just enough to keep them hanging on even though he has not really denied the rumors, he always plays with his words just enough to let people hear what they want … classic man …

  • Cissy

    Hugh isn’t gay, but I would not care if he was. He said many times that he is not gay, even going back to 2004 when he was in the Boy from Oz. In reference to the Parade article, and many other interviews, he thinks asking people about their sexuality is not an interesting or important question. Religion, world view, environment, poverty orphans, human rights, existence of God etc. They are important issues. A person’s sexual orientation is not important question to ask. Hugh is straight, but he does not think that it is relevant to consider. That is what he meant. He never said he was gay.

  • alle


    he not only never said he was gay, he has said repeatedly he was not gay, including here:

    where he specifically says he’s ‘straight’ and also here:

    so people do have selective hearing when it comes to jackman and the question of his sexuality….they hear what they want and usually its gay men, bless their hearts, who just really, really want him to be one of them and he gives them what he can…

  • hugh’s all encompassing

    Of course he never said he was gay, otherwise he is “out” right?

    Yeah and his “wife” speaks Italian according to this interview:
    (start from 2:55)

  • Cissy

    Thanks Alle. Hugh said he is straight so many times. People hear what they want to hear. In the Parade interview that everyone keeps quoting, he says he is not gay. In an interview going back to 2004, he says that he even gave himself permission to be gay since he was in drama school and many others were gay, but it never happened. He was never attracted to men, and only to women. Again, who cares, he will never date me! But….. people choose to believe what they want, not what he actually says.

  • hugh’s all encompassing

    People please calm down and move on. Claiming his straightness is very uninteresting.

    Let’s get back to the topic of saving orphans.

    Here is a blog covering Deborah Lee’s lobbying campaign in Australian for a looser international adoption procedure.

  • to alle

    Since you want to put down the straightness to the record, I want to point out that in neither video did he claim he IS straight.

    In the entertainment Wolverine video, he was talking about a lot of things deep under sexuality and said he could have said “I am straight but it is just me” to deny the rumors but he didn’t because he did not want to offend people who are and thought people should see through the things and find out who he really is.

    In the Howard Stern video, he was referring to his teen/early twenties years in Sidney when he would go to a gay club and say “I am straight” when others hit on him.

  • alle

    @to alle:

    lol..this is exactly what we are talking about…he said quite clearly in both interviews “I’m straight” but you have parsed and put your own interpretation and context on each one to fit your own wishes/fantasies…what you want to believe…and i think jackman sympathizes and that’s why he spends so much time trying to placate his gay fans at the same time stating clearly and repeatedly that he is ‘straight’ or ‘not gay’ whenever he’s asked…

    also, he said nothing about a ‘gay’ club in the howard stern clip, nothing…as i said, selective hearing, wishful thinking…

  • @45…

    In the Howard Stern interview Hugh was talking about the fact in Australia sexuality is not such a big issue as it is in the US.

    You are twisting his words saying he went to a Gay club when he said a dance club and that if he was ever approached by a Gay guy he would just say sorry mate, I’m straight.

    He has repeatedly said over and over again that HE IS NOT GAY, the last time in an Oprah interview in May. Hugh is straight, no matter how much you wish he wasn’t, get over it.

  • all-encompassing to alle

    Why would I wishfully think he is gay? I am a straight fan girl as much as you are. And I never said he is gay. I was quoting what he said in

    Why would it matter to you that he is straight, that he must be nothing but straight, that everything else is wishful thinking. Does something bother you as being something other than straight?

  • all-encompassing to 47

    Yeah the Oprah interview, now that you’ve mentioned it.
    Gayle said: “Hugh you’ve rumors too of being gay as a bi …”

  • gg

    @all-encompassing to 47:

    my goodness…you’re just making stuff up now…