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Justin Bieber: Love Me Some Cardigans!

Justin Bieber: Love Me Some Cardigans!

Check out the hot new track from Justin Bieber. The 15-year-old rising pop sensation makes use of the chorus is from the classic song “LoveFool” by 90′s Swedish band The Cardigans.

The song is the third single from Justin‘s upcoming debut studio album, My World, out November 17.

Justin said earlier today, “Spread the word that LOVE ME is on iTunes NOW!! Lets BieberBlast it to #1!!!”

Justin Bieber Covers The Cardigans’ “Love Me”
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  • lisa

    god why did he do thiiis!!
    lovefool is such an amazing song, he totally destroyed it

  • roro

    This song is an abomination. I hope The Cardigans were well compensated for this. Why can’t he come up with his own chorus?!

  • gerzer

    FIRSTT :)

  • Rita

    Isn’t this Just Jared Jr material? Ugh

  • baker

    Why are you promoting random band that no one has ever heard of?

  • jackie

    im a huge fan of justin but his belongs to JJJ

  • Betchplease7

    Ugh, really? this is just horrible. Hes like a hansen, jonas brother, back street boy, asher roth. And they are all horrible so why in gods name did someone think this was a good idea?

  • gold baybay

    This song is so bad. I wonder if girls will still adore him.

  • Koree

    i like the song, just not for him. it sounds like it was definitely meant for a female to sing

  • alex. (:

    ok well um justin is so freaking amazing and made this song sooo much better!! I LOVE IT!! ITS AMAZINGG!! AH I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!<333(:

  • Trey


  • mon

    the song is called LOVEFOOL, not LOVE ME!

  • rc

    Yeah, that’s just bizarre.

  • Who Cares

    I call JustJaredJunior on this.

  • franzi

    justin is awesome & the song is great :)

  • itcelebrity

    Cool song!

  • Amy :)

    he’s hot, but he isn’t that great of a singer. And this song is so bad. Why are all his songs about love or girls. He’s not that original. But he’s hot ;)

  • aans99

    I have heard one time and one less lonley girl. I thought those were amazing!!!!But he just made hiself look like a fool for singing this song.Also he made himself seem like he was deperate,why would you sing asking someone to love you and kiss you.Justin Bieber disapointed me with this song.:(

  • care

    Justin is an amazing singer and im glad that hes expanding his horizons. He is excellent at all kinds of music, and has an incredible voice. Unfortunately, you cant really tell with this kind of popish music how great of singer he is, but its fun, so I give him props for having a good time :)

  • emma

    dang!!!! <33333 i absoulutly LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is soooooo amazingly amazing in every way even though his voice makes him sound as though hes thirteen!!!!

  • soccerkriss

    This is soo good love it!!! Love youu Justin Bieber!!!!

  • Drielly

    Awn, this song is perfect ! I loved it, and it already adicted me . Justin’s songs are the best ones . Cant live without him, he is a amazing guy . ♥ #BrazilLovesJustinBieber

  • Drielly

    whata perfect song, can’t stop listenning it ! Love all Justin Bieber’s songs. He is a great guy, with a perfect voice, and a perfect beauty. I want him to know that Brazil Loves his work ! #BRAZIL+JBIEBER <3
    a huge brazilian fan here, ♥

  • interneta pieslēgums

    Love this song sooooooo much!!!!!!!!

  • uhm..

    @aans99: you know it is only a song and he is not a fool .

  • Beatrice Orissaderi

    im from Borneo and Justin ur songs are great!!..i really adore u..:)

  • Caroline

    I love it so much if u don’t like it dont listen to it gosh

  • hannah woo hoo!

    ok guys stop hating on justin ok!!! god the songs are not that alike any way! so he has a couple of the same lines who cares? hes better than the cardigans anyway, PLUS WAYYYY HOTTER!

  • http://yahoo merveille

    justin is the only singer that i love his songs and he is the best singer in the hoo world even in africa cause iam from africa love number #1 fan!

  • http://yahoo merveille

    justin’s number 1 fan cause i love all his songs my favorite is one time it so so , je ne sais pas it french love merveille

  • http://yahoo merveille

    If you guys don’t like his song why are you talking bad about him well i thing his great if you don’t like him are his song deal with it bye .

  • http://yahoo merveille

    justin best singer ever i just love him his songs breg happness to the worrrrrrrrrrld and justin bieber keep singing don’t stop just bceuse people say mean thing about you but because there fan out there like me tha LOVE YOU YOU ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK LOVE ME!

  • http://yahoo merveille

    justin bieber the singer love your songs number # 1 fan love merveille!

  • iluuuuuuuuvvvvjustin

    justin’s hot, an amazing singer & has great songs. anyone who thinks differently is soooooooo jelouse. love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glenneth

    hi its me again………….ahmmm did you read my comment last time? i hope you read it all …….ahmm bye

  • samantha

    hi justin i love you im from the pilipis sorry for my fuking english but your my lover boy your so……..cute justin bieber i love your song love me hahaha justin i love you i hope i see you on person

  • Dylan

    @lisa: STFU…

  • Shut up

    O.M.G Justin Bieber is so sexy

  • diana

    i love you justin :x

  • samantha

    hi do all of you love jb i do

  • samantha

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi my fave song is love me

  • mathew

    hi justin bieber is not guy

  • justin

    hi how r u bieber fans

  • katelin

    hi how r u bieber fans i am a fan too hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi !!!!!!!

  • MrsBieber

    i love justin drew bieber we have the same initials xx

  • http://twitter abby

    i love you Justin Beiber even though i am 14 i love your songs and i would love to go out with you if i could and i would also love to know were you live
    i am one of your biggest fans you rock man keep it up

    love ya Abby

  • http://maygan09 maygan09

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  • http://google Rainbow!※

    i love justin bieber and i think he is cute.who ever dosen’t like him too bad.

  • Glammer Pirncess689

    i love you justin bieber lol

  • Glammer Pirncess689

    i love you justin bieber