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Rachel Bilson Picks Out A Pumpkin, Might Be Dorothy From Wizard of Oz

Rachel Bilson Picks Out A Pumpkin, Might Be Dorothy From Wizard of Oz

With just four days away from Halloween, Rachel Bilson picks up a pumpkin in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 27).

As for her Halloween costume this year, the 28-year-old actress told what she might be dressing up as this year: “My little sister [Hattie] wants to cast my whole family as the Wizard of Oz characters. She’s trying to get my and my dog to be Dorothy and Toto. (laughs) But I’m not sure if I’m going to go there!”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Paige‘s Skyline Skinny Jean in Stardust.

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  • first

    she looks pregnant, is it just me or she has a belly

  • Madison

    that’s what I was going to say. Even though it’s just the angle of the pic. She was flat yesterday

  • coco

    Did she go to Gelsons today or get Starfcuks? Please let me know so my life can feel complete. Thanks!

  • pepto

    Hiding her left hand again, such childish games.

  • Cee

    Oh God, as soon as I saw that shirt I was like HELL, she looks knocked up. She’s definitely not though, her tummy was flat yesterday.
    I’d love it if we could take a Bilson break and get some new Hayden pics though ;)

  • viper

    That is her normal look she has looked fat for 2 years now I guess it depends on how much eating out she does. To me she looks nothing to suggest she is pregnant. Truly JJ why keep asking a disfunctional woman what she is going to be for Halloween “My and my dog” that says plenty right there she can’t conjugate words.

  • GoodGirl

    You’re Sick of her Jared…ask for some help!!

  • Taylo

    She’s missing a hand! Oh no! Must have lost it carving a pumpkin.

  • jessica

    why she hiding her ring again? publicity, so stupid…
    I think is strange that when she is with Hayden in LA, she’s not photographed every day, and when she’s with him she is not hiding the ring too…

  • lexy

    She couldn’t be Dorothy – she needs to be the Scarecrow and get herself a brain.
    And JJ is the Wizard b/c he always manages to “find” this has-been-who-never-was.
    It’s also interesting how she’s wears sunglasses indoors (underground parking lots, supermarkets, clothing stores) – maybe she’s had some work done and needs to keep her eyes covered.

  • pepto

    More like hiding dark circles and blood shot eyes. Just sayin’

  • @ Lexy

    Your right forgot about that one she does need a brain but, can the wizard afford it think not. She’s hiding the hand b/c she forgot to wear the ring guess her liquid BBQ left her forgetting where she put it. Ppl need to get real this is the biggest shame of a engagement there ever was. Good chance HC told her they will marry someday but, forgot to tell her it won’t be till purple pigs fly. As foolish as she is trusts he really means they will get married.

  • hayden

    Poor girl is just bloated! She suffers from bulimia also . All her close friends know this.
    Leave her alone!

  • uknowuluvme

    She is so cute and adorable! I looove seeing daily posts on her! Thanks Jared!

  • monreal

    Jared, you should be the one who could “marry” this dimwit.
    You’re “always” there for her… supporting her gibberish, vapidness, stupidity, shallowness etc. consistently & incontestably. You’re so much better compared to her “frosty-looking & always m.i.a fiance” or its just her “bff on better days” LOL

  • dictburgaler

    glasses in garage …what a dumb biach

  • comrade

    This Little Mutt is so full of hubris and self-promotion. She is already way over played, over rated, over promoted and over done. She’s becoming famous for just being famous for nothing. Her publicity addiction continues to be infuriating because she thinks she’s famously hot & impressive but she’s really just a “cold diarrhea”. What a pathetic oblivious creature!

  • maryanne

    I didn’t even notice she was covering her hand, lol. She is so boring and she can’t close the deal with her “fiance”. She should give it up and try working instead of calling paps to take pictures of her walking and hiding her hand.

  • me

    Hayden Christensen’s wife-to-be is the most superficial woman as documented by JJ daily.

  • Here we go again

    Jared, I see that you still haven’t taken my advice and changed your website from JustJared to JustRachelBilson!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaga

    @Here we go again:

    agree with Here we go again.Just change your website from JustJared to JustRachelBilson LOL!!So silly!!Everyday always her!!She’s not making a movie but always on headline.

  • crapshack

    She is definitely on the D List:
    Dumb, Desperate, Disgusting, Dense, Defective, Damned, Devious, Dud, Derisive, Dwarf, Disposable & Delusional.
    Umm did I still forget something? LOL!

  • Gaga

    @me: @comrade

    I am so agreed with you comrade!!What a pathetic creature!!

  • pepto

    Bulimia? Great, lol. Really a wonderful girl you want to take home to mom and the family. Not to mention continue to try and sell to mom and the family, when they can usually see through the BS right off the bat. Tsk tsk. I personally can’t wait for the character assassination on her part to start. Just sayin’

  • Jeanie

    Well I hope if she’s gonna play dress up that her outfit is more inspired than the previous halloween hippy attempt she dreamt up, the one where she scribbled peace symbols all over herself with a felt tip marker. Dumb.

  • ?

    @first: Haha, sorry I had to laugh. Pregnant how? Artificial insemination! Did he Fedex his sperm to her? I think she’s got the dreaded monthly bloat. Just her period, folks, nothing to get excited about.

  • pepto

    @26 ROFLMFAO!!! True, so true!

  • tlc

    I have a feeling she calls the press every time she walks out her door.

  • haters

    I know you haters will say anything about Rachel no matter how over the top and false because you crave the attention for yourselves but Jared is only keeping up with every other blog and website that carries daily news about Rachel. You all must not get around the net much. Have you heard of search engines?

  • Nay

    Rachel getting a pumpkin? Definitely something to write home about, Jared!

  • lexy

    @29 – where else do they show RB this much?? It’s your beloved RB that craves the attention. She’s right up there with Kate Gossling craving the spotlight – except sadly Kate is more famous. Do you REALLY believe the paps just happen to find her at this off beat places where NO other celebs can be found? Do you think the paps hang out in underground parking garages or at Target?? Do you think this D-lister is a big star like Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie and they hang outside her house and follow her to these places?

    If so, maybe Rachel’s not the only one who needs to ask the Wizard for a brain!

  • @lexy

    I enjoy reading your posts, you are right on babe.

  • green m&ms

    She almost never works at anything why is she on this site every day? How much does she pay you Jared or are you just in love with her? After Jumper and Waiting for DVD and her dismal + unmemorable 5 minute turn in NYILY she’ not going to work in anything but tv and that only because of her family connections. Now that she’s only known for a teen soap that’s been off the air for years and being gay Darth Vader’s beard/fiance + playing peekaboo with the ring to drive rumors that she’s instigating then denying, who’s going to take her seriously as anything but a desperate mediaho?

    And Rachel bulimic? That’s a laugh. If she was maybe she wouldn’t have that great big cellulite hips + butt. Definitely needs a boob job because the huge butt is not offset by anything just little sad + saggy tits. With pimply face she tries to hide with her long greasy hair she looks and acts about 13. Hayden would have to be a pedophile if he weren’t gay. As it is I think he feels sorry for someone so pitiful brainless and desperate for attanetion. He’s definitely not in love with her cause he’s AWOL 90 per cent of the time and rarely shows he’s even paying attention when she talks to him.

    Both total losers.

  • sense

    its the angle, not her belly. her pouch may be bit bloated.

    her hand in sleeve, if you notice her fingers are not touching the pumpkin. guess she thinks its dirty to touch or
    afraid shell turn into one if she touches it

  • me

    Can you imagine how dumb her offspring will be. She should not consider having children at all and spears midget retards like her.

  • haters


    Like I said you and anyone else can search the internet yourself to see if she is constantly reported on other sites instead of hiding here behind some self-satisfying emotional need to bash her.

  • admieres

    Rachel please do not reproduce, one retarded midget is enough.

  • @36

    Oh STFU Spider/VONR we know it is you! What do you think of your ugly prom queen now??

  • haters


    Wrong! And I won’t STFU and I’m not Spider. You think that person is the only one who finds you people irritating.

  • @39

    Rachel Bilson = the most hated celeb. Go away RB and do not make any more retarded midgets.

  • jane

    I’m loving the terms beard/fiance & mediaho. It just goes to show that Hollywood can’t fool everyone. You would think some TV network would give her a sitcom that kinda fashion related since there’s such ‘interest’ in her. But she isn’t getting any acting gigs so you would think she would give up the paparazzi game.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know what sites post about Rachel Bilson daily. I use search engines and find that only on JJ does she appear with such regular monotony. Please post your links or mention the sites. I suspect that they are either fashion sites (a picture and brief one-liner), or the lower tone gossip sites, many of whom state the opinions of ppl here, in that Rachel Bilson is a strictly d-list celebrity who is desperate for press attention, whose fashion is hit/miss and who lacks credible acting skills.

  • CelticPiskie

    @haters: Honestly honey, you think these comments bout RB are over the top you should visit a AJ vs JA post. I would say that many of RB’s commentators don’t wear blinkers, you know. They pretty much hit the nail on the head far as she’s concerned. Maybe that’s why your knickers are all riled. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • RB has no fans

    No more midget retards please, no pregnancies for RB.

  • http://Justjared Thornhill ontario

    The Little Douchetard appears again!

    Thanks, Jared. Your campaign to keep the Irrelevant So-Called Celebrities relevant really brightens my day. This girl is good for a comedic pause in my day.

    R we really supposed to believe that Rachel is so sensationally popular & famous that the paps followed her into this underground lot to get a shot of her & her pumpkin. Well, that’s what her & her annoyingly relentless publicity machine WANT us to believe.

    Of course, most of the astute readers of this site, know better, right??? We see her for what she truly is….a sad sack of unpopularity clinging desperately to the shreds of fame that she once enjoyed, back in 2003 when the OC was THE show to watch.

    Pack it up & move to the farm, Rachel!

  • haters


    You’re assuming I’m a fan, which I’m not, and I’m well aware that the same people on this thread have more or less hijacked a lot of threads on JJ.

    I know who Rachel is and I watched the OC occasionally. I think she’s likeable and pretty. I don’t have anything against her.

    What I do have something against is this useless constant nagging from you people about her or anyone else. I guess you don’t think you’re annoying to all the normal people out there just reading the dailies on Just Jared for the fun of it.

  • reality check

    saddle bags
    bad lower teeth
    thunder thighs
    no brains
    no talent
    bags under the eyes
    bad skin
    no job
    Please Rachel move to Canada so we would not have to look at you anymore, and grow pigs, we don’t want midget retards from you like you

  • Viper

    What she has is not big hips it’s big thighs and from eating out to restaurants all the time. She is seen endlessly with her BFF’s shopping and dining out. Reason she is huge in the thighs and the butt. The acne and stringy, greasy hair is usually a sign of despression or addictions. We know her MIA BF or beard-man is known for it. So good chance she is a co-dependent and that man never looks clean. .

  • A

    @haters: You find her likeable and pretty, others find her boring, bland and vapid. Everyone has a right to their opinion. You wonder why people get irate about JJ’s constant daily posts about her. Others wonder why she is featured at all.
    I just think she’s an empty vessel. A shallow person celebrated for the weakest of reasons. She has a cute face and she appeared on The OC. Why these paltry qualifications have elevated her to celebrity I have no idea. She is an empty vessel celebrated by an increasingly empty culture.

  • @49

    Yeah, am thinking why….anyone know why?….she don’t do much yet she’s always on JJ…..