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Rihanna: 'Rated R' Album Cover!

Rihanna: 'Rated R' Album Cover!

Check out Rihanna‘s new album cover for Rated R, out November 23rd!

The grainy black-and-white cover was shot by iconic photographer Ellen von Unwerth in Berlin on October 8-9 (after Rihanna hit up Paris Fashion Week).

Von Unwerth tells Popeater, “Rihanna was looking to create something a bit new for the look of the album. She’s so beautiful, sweet and tough at the same time–and a pleasure to shoot. We had so much fun giving her a bit of edge–I loved taking her beauty and finding a new dramatic look. She’s fantastic to work with–very giving, very creative, very involved in every aspect of the shoot, and ready to push the boundaries.”

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  • Cammie

    Why is she so Dark and stuck on having a “edgy” look. Her personality seems push over…the complete opposite


    I really like the picture, she looks a little scary though.

  • Tealeaf

    She is just a fake image, she was to push boundaries, but she is can’t even talk against domestic violence…

  • LA

    It’s nothing special

  • Cisco

    She is just trying to cultivate an image here; one that doesn’t match her actions. She’s not dark and edgy.

  • tal

    lovvee it!!! so firece!!

  • Oh No She Didn’t

    This is almost as bad as that fake fan cover.

  • asdf

    This is the actual cover?
    They could have done better.

  • FedeMartinez

    hey Rihanna. U’re not Grace Jones.. ok?

  • Noticias de famosos

    Rihanna is fantastic and sure to have as much success as always, I love your new song!

  • beats

    They had to stick to black and white.
    With the way her makeup has been lately, color would have been scary.

  • Vartan

    She is cribbing Grace Jones but lacks her fierceness.


    The cover is dark , but I think people need to understand that this is probably where she is right now in her life. It can be a very dark place sometimes especial when you have to go through the stuff that she’s been through in these last couple of months. The world can be such a dark place , especially when you hear all these negative and nasty comments being thrown at her. Keep going Riri you would find the light and Joy you wants had again.Time heels all wounds.I’m going to keep praying for you, just remember God is love.

  • carlo

    Is she covering another black eye? Too soon?

  • Ocean

    That’s a dude!

  • enoughalready

    The problem I have with this girl is she has no talent, yeah! she has made money, not as much as they want us to believe but she has made some. She is known for a look, and that just sucks knowing there are artist that have way more talent than she does and they have to go through this rake over because people want to compare them to Rihanna. She has songs that have nice beats but she sings them and we all know she cant, cause of her tour and yet people have made this big show because of nothing… I just wish the music business had some integrity about it’s self and not this image era we have fallen into now for people to be something in it.. We are all about looks now and nothing worth while. I thank him for artist like Beyonce who will give you you’re monies worth and more and she can stand sideways, behind and infront of her art. Rihanna stands behind nothing but a image, only in America can we make people like Rihanna famous…So Sad!

  • dezigna

    It’s a lil naggy to say, but the symbol alone could be enough to know it’s Rihanna’s new (black) album. Hearsay should work quite well, so there’s no need to kinda ‘sell’ her dark style on every cover art, just to let people know what she looks like.

  • @LuiCout

    This must be FAKE
    It’s shit this cover

  • Music Blog

    Hotness! She’s one of the greatest female musicians of all time. She looks amazing here.

  • Truth Is…

    The cover is completely contrived. She is out just about every day and night for a photo-op.
    If someone like Alicia Keys had released this, I’d be more inclined to believe it as Keys is an actual artist who works out her issues through creativity and verse. Rihanna is just a media creation whose label is looking to capitalize on her domestic violence incident.
    Sadly exploitation works. They know what formula sells CDs so I’m sure this will get good play.

  • Nick

    She is horrible singer. That’s why she relies on gimmicks like exploiting the whole CB thing.

  • Molly

    *SIDE EYE*

  • misfit

    Whitney 2.0 minus the looks and talent.
    Brown is her Bobby Brown.

  • YUCK.


  • just me

    Are her and CB a matched set?
    I notice they keep releasing their stuff within days of each other.
    You’d think there’d be some distance given their history.


    Some people are such failures in life the only joy they get is to go to post negtive things about celebrities. Poor pathetic things thats the only joy they have in life. Hate her all you ,God controls her destiny and not you and not me.

  • LeviKlein

    I have to agree with Cisco #5. This girl has no talent whatsoever and she is known for a so called “edgy” image, but she doesn’t live up to it. At least Lady Gaga can sing, dance and do both at the same time, whether you like the woman or not.

    I love E. von Unwerth as a photographer, I think she’s genius, but trying to sell out Rihanna as a “sweet” and “creative” girl doesn’t work with me. From what I saw in her interviews, she’s rude, cocky and arrogant. Her and JT would be a match made in heaven.

  • Mia de Spice

    Everyone makes mistakes; you and I. Rihanna is not perfect; she never said she was. As long as God is still in her corner that is all that matters; nothing else does. And if God can still love you and I for all the sins we have committed and still committ then we have NO right to judge her. For those who are hating on her; you do not live her life, so you, in all honesty do not know her. Let us live in peace and be supportive of one another. Honestly, I thought we were only commenting on her new album cover. Geesh!!! Get a life, people!

    God bless.

  • Dee

    Very Madonna-ish!!


    @enoughalready: Beyonce is all image as well so you’re not making any sense, sure she can hit some notes but she’s not an exceptional singer and her career relies on catchy tunes and being hot, don’t foold yourself, Rihanna might not be an artist but neither is Beyonce, they’re the same thing. Having said that, Rihanna has very good pop music, she picks the right songs, kudos to her. I don’t like the cover though

  • freebird

    @LeviKlein: Agree with you on GaGa, at least she does have some talent to back up her songs. She may be wacky but the girl can sing.
    This one is all flash and promotion. She cannot hit the high notes.
    The cover is very ordinary too.

  • Pepsi

    I see the same stan is here trying to censor opinions. The hater card is getting old. It’s possible to dislike something but not hate it.

    ITA, the cover is disappointing. All that hype and this is the best they came up with…

  • Godot

    They were smart to go with a b&w pic.
    Makes her baldness less obvious.

  • Madison

    She looks good, way to bounce back stronger!

  • Kristina

    great cover! go RiRi!
    and people who say she has no talent – u are pathetic.

  • Tealeaf

    I wish people would growup stop using the word “Hater” when some ideas are different from yours. Some people who like truly edgy artist don’t like Rihanna, so get over it. Rihanna isn’t going to be around much need talent to make classic music. She doesn’t have much talent ..sorry

    She is no Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, etc…

    She is more like a black Britney Spears who can’t dance

  • Leah

    Her voice sounds like a dying goat..and she can’t dance

    If it wasn’t for music videos or the internet, she would be in the Barbardos working at a fast food resturant

  • reed

    Average cover.
    I notice we haven’t seen her much in the past week. Maybe her mgmt. has taken note and is making her hold back on the daily pr pics. She is way too overexposed right now.

  • U R not perfect

    The cover is okay. Better than the barbed wire cover. I am a fan of both Rihanna and Chris and I wish them well. I know you are in a dark place, but you have to fight to move past that. This dark, edgy theme is a gimmick to help records, but it is bordering on crazy. A song about suicide. Yes, I know its supposed to speak to relationships, but it is still about playing a dangerous game that results in lose of life. Don’t go to far over the edge or you will not be able to bounce back.

  • Dave


    oh hell no. i can’t believe you are making jokes about something like that. you are a sickening human being. i hope you rot in hell. and to everything thinking this isn’t a big deal, how would you feel if someone like your mother or your sister was a victim of domestic violence. it sickens me that people are ready to throw the whole chris brown incident out the window just because of who he is. if this was any other normal person people would be all over them.

  • pablo

    @enoughalready: Estas muy equivocada. Rihanna es mucho mas de lo que tu hablas. El tema tuyo es que eres fanatica de otra artista . Pero no por eso tienes que desmerecer el esfuerzo y simpatia que otros artistas le ponene a sus proyectos. El concepto de ella es mas rock. No se si te has dado cuenta!!!!!. Los generos son diferentes y los gustos de los oyentes tambien. No trates de convencer a otros de que tu artista favorita es la mejor de todas. Cada cual tiene su gracia.
    Felicitaciones rihanna cada vez creces mas.
    Creo que eso es un verdadero artista …… mas alla de todo.
    Saludos a todos

  • JJ

    I think she’s trying too hard.

  • rihanna fan

    I think Rihanna has style, class, and is very edgy when comes her choice of music nad style. She takes risks, and this is what artist suppose to do, not be the same old.

    We as her fans, criticize her so much, instead, we should be supportive in what she does, her music she brings out through her personnal struggle, after all, she is only human.

    We tend to not judge certain artists, like Beyonce, who has always been about herself and her family, yet we always praise and give Beyonce the credit we think she deserves, after all, isn’t Beyonce human too?

    My point is people, Rihanna is an artist just like the rest, even Beyonce, and she deserves to be treated and criticized constuctively not obtructively..SHE IS AN ARTIST WHO CAN SING, WHO HAS GRACE, STYLE, FINNESS, EDGY, AND MOST OF ALL KLASS, AND IS OF THE 21ST CENTURY…You’re authentic RiRi, not duplicated…

  • Fritz
  • Fritz

    Oops! Here’s the right link….

  • Tammy

    #44- What risk does she take, she takes no risk her music is bland, she doesn’t even right her OWN music, so what is the risk.

    Is she taking a risk, by trying hard to be edgy and get attention because she isn’t creative.

    The Dixie Chicks take risk in their music, they say what they feel.

    Scary Rihanna won’t even talk domestic violence in her where is the risk or tough image she tries to carry

    Fashion wise- she looks like a clown wearing every single designer piece given to her, she is trying to be Grace Jones and compete with the outlandish Lady Gaga or even video girl Amber Rose

    If she was really risky, she learn to write or own songs, stop wearing designer clothes and leave the big record labels

    She is nothing but a Robot for the Label, and she was shielded like a little girl from talking about her domestic violence situation.

  • Tammy

    #44 Also

    Beyonce isn’t perfect but she doesn’t spend each year trying to appear edgier or trying to sport a fake image totally different from her personality. And Beyonce can actually sing live well and dance. She does more on stage then walk up and down.

  • black beauty

    rihanna is great and the haters are always watching

  • lololol

    @Fritz: So true, she looks like she has a headache. lol