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Samantha Burke Donates Baby Picture Money to Ronald McDonald House

Samantha Burke Donates Baby Picture Money to Ronald McDonald House

Samantha Burke, aka Jude Law‘s baby mama, has taken to her blog to clear up some rumors. The 24-year-old model writes:

“I can confirm that after months of constant requests from the media, I decided to share pictures of myself and [my daughter] Sophia with Hello! Magazine. Both Sophia and I were compensated for the photographs, and will donate a portion of the compensation to the Ronald McDonald House to assist with the completion of their new facility in Pensacola, FL. The majority of the compensation, paid to Sophia, will be placed in trust for her secondary education and well-being. I’m thrilled with the pictures of Sophia and pleased to announce that she is healthy, happy and deeply loved.”

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  • adrianna

    please she just wnted publicity she doesn’t care about the money cuz jude is going to give her lots of money now !!

    And why does she looks so old i cant believe she’s only 24!!!

  • smart hoe

    well,well,well, b*tch is smart, but still a b*tch. No need to try and make up for money grabbing wh*re ways, no one will believe you anyway, that you’re not.

  • Denise

    She looks 35.

    And she is just another babymama. No class.

  • cherrie

    Huh, right.

  • GoodGirl

    Oh my….!
    She doesn’t look like a 24-year-old model, but like a 42-year-old EX-MODEL!!!!

  • bb

    ‘a portion’

    ………..this is key…………

  • slacky

    This women needs a good dose of dignity and self restraint. After a few weeks dating Jude, who looks rougher by the day, she falls pregnant. Yuk! The man has a history of slack behavior. I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole! She’s nothing but a shameless publicity wh*ore.

  • Channy

    Ahh, didn’t notice that bb! “A portion” very key

  • Danna

    No way she is 24!
    Hell no!
    Its so stupid and shallow to lie about your age.

    The baby is lovely though, just like her father.

  • cameron

    she looks at least 34
    the gal really lies about her age??

  • Dink

    a portion?

    Like $10?

    I think she was shocked by how much hate was heaped on her. But I am still going to call her a goldigging fame ho until I hear how much!

    and I agree about her age. No way she is 24.

  • shay

    she is so freggin fake. she was a piece of a*s, she needs to get over it. When are these celebrity men going to realize that there are still nasty, twisted fame whores, that will drag your stupid behind through the mud. And further more, what the heck is wrong with people not using protection!!!! Diseases are on the come back fool!!!!

  • Harry

    Wow, what’s with all the hatred. It seems funny that none of you are pointing a finger at Jude the kids father for first denying any involvement with the woman & then for not taking an interest in his child, but wait a minute, isn’t that what a fair number of men due nowadays – not all but more than a few. They are both to blame for whatever happened not just her. Frankly any man that want’s to play around should make sure that they were protection & not take the word (or for that matter assume) of a woman that they don’t need to. Christ, what with STD’s running rampant you’d think they’d both have more sense!

  • regina

    She donated the $$$$$ jus because she wants MORE!!! POOR Jude! Grab your wallet!!!

  • regina

    A man at his caliber , movie star, ich..should wear a condom. She SHOULD take the pill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mery

    False woman!
    She read the reactions. She think this comunicate is a good idea. She has a public relations.
    She made a mistake, other mistake: the people isn’t idiot as you believe, Mrs. Burke.
    You publiciste is very bad for you. Bad conseils.

  • paige

    Haaa haaa look at all the jealous chicks that probably got knocked up from some mc donalds hamburger flipper………

  • Sasha

    Why does she feel like she has to explain herself for using her own child for money? At least she feels guilty about it? There are the kind of parents who go to extra miles so that their children’s faces don’t end up in a magazine, and there’re the kind of parents who exploits their children for monetary means. Hollywood makes me sick.

  • sheryl

    @Harry: Uh, Jude didn’t deny having a relationship with her. Where did you get THAT piece of fiction? He acknowledged the child, once he was made aware, like, right before she was born and certainly after she was already named. Oh, that’s fair, huh? And the only fingerpointing is to the fact that she sold her child to the tabloids, nothing more. What they did was their business, a child being produced was their business, and it should have STAYED their business….THAT’S the point. Jude has been trying to keep private, but she lacks the self respect to do so, for herself AND her child. Putting a child’s picture out there just so hundreds of Jerry Springer-minded internet people can make their “insightful and well-thought-out” *cough cough* comments about her existence is about the most selfish thing a mother can do. And that’s exactly what the tabloids want and she was too stupid to see that. They don’t care about the child. Jude is doing the best thing by keeping it private, but she’s made it a low-budget circus and probably ruined any chance of civil co-parenting. We are sometimes dealt little suprises in life that greatly change our path but we can choose to handle them with class and decency. She didn’t do that. She chose the low rode. The best that she can do now is to raise the child and collaborate with Jude WITHOUT the media spotlight, like normal people do, and quit courting the press. If she wants a career, do it the old fashioned way, with hard work and talent, not by having somebody’s baby. What, does she want the freakin’ Kardashian type of fame? Well, good luck with that, sister.

  • sweetness

    she is a weird woman. wasn’t she the very same person who three months ago had a press conference wanting privacy. Jude is responsible as well for getting her pregnant, but the actions of this woman…is suspect. I think she intends to exploit this baby for media attention and then play the victim…”Jude has made no contact with me” will be next….and once the attention falls away from her she will find a way to insert their child in the news again.
    She has seal the fate of Jude never having a thing to do with her again.
    He will take care of child monetarily, but I gather she wants him again…this is a sad case of when a beautiful woman feels bitter after being used for sex and then rejected.

  • Whatevers….

    She’s donating to get a tax write-off, that’s how you counter-balance huge lump sum paydays. Still, she can make the statement, but until someone has actual PROOF of the donation being made, these are just words…

    I remember when Law flipped out when a photog was obviously taking pics of his other 3 last year some time (in a park?). The guy wasn’t off in the distance with a zoom lens. He just sat across the street, totally unobstructed. So you KNOW he’s livid now about this one.

    This baby momma ain’t going away anytimes soon, son…

  • fresh

    LOL AT DINK comment # 11

  • Really

    I don’t see the big deal… at least she donated something. There are a lot of people that especially now that would keep that money to themselves.

  • Say it like it is

    Smart.Yeah a smart goldigging piece of trash.
    She is going to donate a portion of the money fromher all outHello!(British mag) toRMHouse.Aporton goes forthechild’s collegefund.
    Wait,Jude Law isnot that big of a star.He does not really put hismelf out there now.He used to. The story was on the pages and now off.
    This woman is getting more in pr for herself than the money from Hello!
    Gain can be in other ways,not just up front cash.

    To Harry and others,Jude is dumb. I do not see any posts favoring Jude Law. As somebody said, she would not touch JL with a ten foot pole. This woman hardly knew him.They didnot have a real ,long-term relaionship. It was a meet and few rolls in the sack. Jude should have , like so many of these guys,get it clipped or wrap it up. Keep the condom after too because many of women have been known to get the used condom,a turkey baster and give it a try.
    his woman’s goal was to get knocked up byJude$law.

    Same as The Ugly Trashy Wh0re RielleHunter.
    So what if she was 45 and ranthe risk of having a special needs child. So much the better ,so much the more money. John Edwards was bad. Dumb. He was bonking this trash and runningthiscloseabouttowin VP of TUSA.

  • O-kaaay

    Donate a portion as in a dollar? Or two dollars? Wow, like wow, a fame-seeking w h o r e who actually donates money. How original.

  • O-kaaay

    What is wrong with the word –W H O R E– ??? Call IT what IT is, right? C’mon.

  • O-kaaay

    I doubt they were even “dating” as she puts it. She probably just rode him while he was drunk and was like whatever….

  • O-kaaay

    I mean, really, he barely remembered her.

  • O-kaaay

    I’m sure there are alot more celebrity spawns whose babymamas never make their b – a – s – t – a – r – d children public news. She obviously thinks she’s hot s – h – i – t and craves the attention!!!!!! Never heard of discretion? Poor kid, “famous” for being conceived from a meaningless one night stand because her mother couldn’t keep her legs closed.

  • iii

    Idiot woman

  • Anti-B*tch

    There are some judgmental haters on this site.
    Her only crime was sleeping with Jude Law which anyone here would do. She probably shouldn’t have made it public, but for all we know, the media found her. Why all the hate? Half this stuff is not true; it’s just entertainment.

  • Ashley

    Jude must be so thrilled!

  • dolorescraeg

    it’s to late. don’t try to dignify what you’ve done by using ronald mcdonald as a tax deduction. we all know what you had in mind from the start and if your p.r. thinks this will turn the tide you better change your rep. you wanted the baby for money. well now you’ve got i t. what you’ve lost is any respect . the only thingy ou will donate to ronald mcdonald is a hamburger.

  • reba

    they needed to do some damage control – quick! All the news/tabloid shows were painting her in a very negative light yesterday.

  • Jaded

    I feel so sad for that little girl. I know there are other children out there who were conceived in not very loving environments, but for the rest of this kids life she is going to be know as the mistake that Jude Law made one night. This kids business is going to be out in open her whole life. I wonder if these fame seeking women ever consider that? I would hate to know that my mom was a slut who hooked up with some celebrity for a roll in the sack. The internet is not likely to forget any of this in the next few years and when that kid is 10 and realizes she can goggle herself imagine how embarrassed she is going to be.

  • Riri

    This baby is beautiful.
    So adorable.

  • AGA

    HARRY-Jude did acknowledge the pregnancy! And so what if he asked for a paterity test-he had to be sure before paying this Goldgigger any cash!
    And this woman will not go away quietly-next up 1st birthday,first steps,2nd b/day etc etc etc. Her management have released this donation cr8p to get the public on her side after being slammed by the press. I bet next time Jude has a week-end fling he will wear 4 condoms and take them when he leaves. He has tried hard to keep his other kids out of the press,so I’m sure he’s pi ss ed that this woman did this.I am sure that she is well provided for the next 18 yrs,That is JL’s punishment for not using protection!!!!!!!

  • Mimina

    @dolorescraeg: The funny thing is that Jude Law hates Mc Donalds, and his children never eat a humberger there. When they were babies he told then that MC Donalds was the hell and Ronald MacDonald was the devil!!! in order to avoid that place.
    She is so white trash that even she couldn´t find a decent charity to justify her tax reduce…..

  • Andy

    Saying he didn’t use protection is not undisputed fact it’s just assumption.

  • David

    What a bad idea. Little Sophia’s class mates are going to pick at her so bad when they find out she was the product of her mums one night stand. Parents are going to make sure their kid know about it. She should have stayed quiet for the babies sake.
    This desperate act will not win Jude. She should stop dreaming.

  • Gin

    hahahaha… i believe she quickly decided to donate “portion” of the money after reading comments made by Just Jared’s readers…

    We can change the WORLD, people! kekeke j/k

  • Randomness

    It amazes me that these girls just happen to get ‘accidentally’ pregnant to the richest and most famous guy they’ve slept with, not the barman they dated for a year. I do feel sorry for Jude he takes parenting very seriously from what I can see and having to co-parent with a publicity hungry madam is going to be tough. She holds all the cards and she’ll sell every interaction she has with him to the tabloids.

  • Dakota

    Hmmm, only a portion? She should donate it all since she’s getting so much money from Jude. And no way she’s 24. She’s more than likely around Jude’s age.

  • bell

    @Mimina: LOL!

  • lakers fan in boston

    “a portion”
    shiz, a portion could even be a dollar
    i gotta applaud her tho
    i didnt no gold diggers gave up any of their money

  • queen b

    she looks like jennifer morrison

  • Sofia

    OMG, this woman looks like 50, and she’s so ugly. What a b*tch!!! Jude is a great actor and please let him do his job quietly. His privacy is none of our business. This woman’s nothing but disgusting.
    By the way, everybody, please don’t buy the magazine.

  • Pole

    This is so CHEAP. I bet Ms. Burke is googling herself and that why she’s suddenly donated money because she’s realised people are seeing through her greediness. And as if selling out your child for fame and money isn’t tacky, cheap and stupid enough – doing it when the father of your child has asked for privacy – is just low, low, low. Trying to manipulate Jude to show up and play daddy to please the media is not going to work Ms. Burke. It may just keep him away since HE WANTED THIS TO BE PRIVATE. It’s never a good thing when a parent puts their own needs in front of their childs. Poor Sofia!

  • Pauline

    OMG !!! Shes so beautiful !

  • Mimina

    @Pole: Totally agrre with you!