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Stephen Moyer Proposed on A White Sandy Beach

Stephen Moyer Proposed on A White Sandy Beach

Stephen Moyer‘s proposal to True Blood co-star Anna Paquin was partly thanks to his character, Bill, Stephen reveals in the November issue of British Glamour magazine, People reports.

“There’s a song Bill listens to in the car about a white sandy beach,” Stephen, 39, shared, “so we decided to go away for a break – to a white sandy beach – and that’s where it happened.”

The British actor also shared that his romance with Anna, 27, was kept secret for about 10 months.

“One of the cast had to do an intimate scene with Anna,” Stephen said.

“I felt it would be so wrong for him to do it, then find out down the line that we were together.”

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  • pup

    Awh. Sweet. ^^

  • Carly

    That was sweet. He’s definitely talking about Sam because they were still shooting season 1 of True Blood in 2008 and they began their relationship in 2007. I remember Stephen mentioning about it in another interview naming Sam.

  • sibi

    Yeah, that’s so sweet. Now his long time girlfriend and the mother of his child can read all the details about this cad and his butterface fiancee, who by the way does the worst southern accent ever.

  • Liz86000

    WTH sibi? Stephen didn’t cheat on anyone to be with Anna! I even saw pics of the two women together, so if they’re ok, why aren’t you?

    Anyway, those two are sooo cute! Love True Blood and Bill & Sookie!! :)

  • Suicidal Fish

    Wow honey, look what being misinformed and going online and post ridiculous comment did to you: you look stupid.

    This is an article about Anna, written by Stephen’s ex (who is a journalist):

    OH YES, she sounds VERY BITTER about it. Uh huh.

  • Liz86000

    @Suicidal Fish:
    THANK YOU so much for that link! I love that interview! And yes, when I saw both women together with the little Lilac, Anna was on her Hello Kitty bike, lol! It’s so nice that her & Stephen found each other and that she’s so happy.

  • becareful

    Did I read that right? They finally told their co-worker about their romance because one of the male characters had to do a romantic scene with Anna and thought they would be uncomfortable with it? Me things Stephen was uncomfortable with it and was “marking his territory”.

  • ck_always


    It’s possible, but it makes sense to me either way. I for one, as a guy ..wouldn’t want somebody ‘macking’ on someone I had real feelings for and have something possible come up. Not for my own sake, but everyone’s. Yes, things are always meant to be kept professional, but we’ve seen in happen with many hollywood couples, even more so recently. It’d be an awkward situation for several people, lol. He made the right decision, in my opinion of course, by keeping it very professional. It’s also quite a refreshing way to make it public if I may say.

  • Angi

    He’s really going to have trouble filming season 3 and beyond then. :P

    Don’t look, just skip this if you don’t want to be spoiled

    If you’ve read the books their characters move on to other lovers (but still have that first love, love him/hate him tension) so Bill will still be in the show but not with Sookie.

  • Sanna


    It has nothing to do with marking your territory” You probably just see it that way so you can have somewthing to bash about.

    Stephen has mentioned it before and here he explains it a bit more

    “Last year, Sam had his stuff coming up with Anna and at that point nobody knew we were a couple. So Sam’s a close friend, and I had to go to Sam and say, ‘Look. I need to tell you something. I need you to know. I don’t want you to find out later and feel like a heel.’ So I told him, that was the first time I told him about me and Anna. And he couldn’t believe it! It’s about trust, you know. And that trust is a very important part of a relationship.”

  • Sanna


    No, it’s not like that. Stephen doesn’t have a problem with Anna being in in timate scenes with others. It’s not about that. He has said it before that it’s just a job. Oh, and btw?? Just because that or that happens in the third book doesn’t mean it will happen in the show. I thought people had learned that by now

  • Diane

    The timeline of this relationship was always suspect and Anna made comments about how their chemistry was unstoppable from the beginning. I saw the pictures of the two women together but when kids are involved people have to be civil. I saw the article as well, but his girlfriend is a single mother and a freelance writer so she’s not going to turn down an opportunity for work. It just looked like an attempt to put a good spin on things after Anna was branded a home wrecker. Just my two cents.

  • mika

    I didn’t know vampires get receding hairlines. I bet that’s why he’s so jealous of Robert Pattison. And Anna is not pleasing to look at.

  • Nathaniel

    Sookeh and Beeehl. Sookeh is mahn! I can’t keep a straight face when listening to their great Southern accents.

  • Sanna


    Stephen broke up with his daughter’s mom in 2006 and he met Anna 2007. I suggest you stop reading rumors that’s not even close to be true

  • Sanna


    Oh, and btw. Stephen’s daughter’s mom and Anna are very good friends. She event went with Anna to New York to that Hamptons event

  • Trace

    From what little I’ve seen True Blood I thought I was looking at someone’s very bad home video by accident. But hey, at least those two prove that no matter how unattractive you are, you can still get into TV :)

  • Beel

    LOL! So true!

  • Sanna



  • Ckayed

    They rock! BE HAPPY!

  • Wendy

    @Trace @Beel

    Both of you: If you have nothing pleasant to say, don’t say it! Most of us find THE ENTIRE CAST of True Blood to be very attractive!

  • Lucy86

    Yay I’m so happy for them!

  • Sanna


    You didn’t know they were engaged before you read this?? They came out with it in the beginning of August, lol

  • awesome

    So happy for them, they both rock!

  • Jess

    It’s so cute how her eyebrows match his toupee. But the question is, is she young enough for him?

  • Beth

    He’s an attractive man, but looks creepy when he smiles.

  • True Fug

    How can two ugly people who can not act get jobs?? They are the worst part of the show. Anna Paquin was a bad choice for Sookie!!

  • truvy

    In this pic, he looks thrilled and she does…not.

  • Madison

    Wow, they are the perfect couple

  • mickey


  • Sanna


    It’s just 13 years in age difference. Grow up

  • Naty


    I’ve been reading all the books and to by the way the TV show is going you can really see that is only based on the books cuz the writers for the show have changed a lot of things around and they even gave birth to new characters like Jessica, which I’m very glad cuz I love her! And thank God they gave Lafayette a chance in life cuz he is one of the most beloved characters on the show!! I’m loving it so far!!!!
    By the way… Stephen and Anna make a beautiful couple!

  • Ali

    I’d like her to go back to her regular hair color – this color looks awful on her – not at all harmonious with her skin color. His hair dye job is dreadful too. where are the stylists?

  • Lou

    Love them! They are so great together, both on and off the show.

  • babycakes

    smells like publicity…
    i dont know but she loooks unhappy all the time : /