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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Half the Sky Sweethearts

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Half the Sky Sweethearts

Brad Pitt and longtime love Angelina Jolie attend the “Half the Sky” book party at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on Tuesday night (October 27).

On her way out, Angie was seen carrying the book “Half The Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity For Women Worldwide” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The 34-year-old actress has said of the book, “For female readers it gives a new sense of what it is to be a woman. For husbands sons and fathers, it will infuriate and astound you. You will not want to put it down.”

The couple left in a Chevrolet Camaro sports car with Brad at the wheel and Angie holding onto his shoulder. FYI: Angie is wearing a dress from the Ralph Lauren Collection.

More pics at X17!

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brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 01
brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 02 a
brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 02
brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 03
brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 04
brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 05
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brad pitt angelina jolie half the sky 07

Credit: Ice-KMM; Photos: X17Online, Rebecca Sapp/WireImage
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  • Louise

    She really has no fashion sense does she…. oh well, she’s unbelievably beautiful regardless! She can get away with the morticia-like dresses… just.

  • NAN

    @ Watch dogs, not happy to see this couple still together.They’re look perfect togeter,best and very popular around the world.
    Poor dogs ,No one want to visit the stinks vigin@ of their ca ca boss, HE HE HE.

  • groundcontrol

    Angelina’s dress is a classic sheath. It’s lovely.

  • the real lou

    # 217 bdj @ 10/28/2009 at 11:41 pm…-the-tourist-at-col.html
    King Coins “The Tourist” at Col


    King emerged with a film that had three other studios chasing it.

    Funny how this movie was dead until Angelina came on board…just shows the power of The Jolie.Thank you for posting the article BDJ.Does anyone think there might be any chance Salt could premier at Cannes?

  • groundcontrol

    veingelina Jolie @ 10/29/2009 at 7:16 am Something is wrong here and you loons can see it too. There just isn’t that connection between them anymore, and hasn’t been for months. Sad really.
    It truly is sad that you and your ilk are braying at the moon for this couple to break up and for some announcement that Brad is only the father of one of the twins. ROTFLMAO!!!
    Thanks for sharing the Female First party line with us. Blowing up these pictures to GIANT size must have been a real help in divining their auras. Could you do that with a photo of all the Yankee pitchers and get back to me about their futures for, say the next week? TIA.
    Now off you go back to the bat cave.

  • ebmo

    244 Riri @ 10/29/2009 at 12:48 am
    Educate yourself. angie and BRad are legally providing absolutely everything their children need: family, activities, education and yes stability of a loving home. As a Protective services investigator myself, there would be nothing to investigate in this family based of the fact that they go out in public, in fact quite the reverse is more of a concern.

    Get out there in the trenches, learn the laws of child welfare, or find another thread to post on.

  • Comment and Share!

    Boring! God bless this and beautiful that. Why do you even bother if you want to flag all posts that you deem offensive? I am a huge BP fan, and wish him the best, but this is a celeberity blog for gosh sakes. You are not writing about a holy being. Get a grip on what you are actually engaging in. I have read horrible filth about JA, it does not offend me, I just think WOW, such anger!! I think it is actually funny and entertaining to read different perspectives here. D1968, please quit being a tittle tattle and lets have some fun.

  • Dakota

    When will he have a shave?!

  • dianad1968

    @Comment and Share!:


    Probably you are one of the culprits who call Brad and Angie’s children the “n” word, among other despicable names, and wish that they be either raped or kill. Otherwise, why would your response be “WOW such anger”? If that is your idea of entertainment, it’s not mine. You and your ilk are why there is so much d*mn meanness and lack of respect in the world. Or you are probably one of those people who look the other way when you see someone being bullied or abused.

    If you want that kind of entertainment, there are loads of sites for that, like Dlisted and Perez. None of the fans are denying anyone their right to voice their opinion, but when it becomes lurid and vile, you bet your a*s I will take action to try to get this site back to the once eentertaining and fun place it USED to be. And if that means being a “tattle tale” I will be.

    BTW, what you call perspectives, every other DECENT individual will call juvenile obnoxious behaviour, with the intent to disrupt and cause chaos. Now THAT is my “perspective”.

  • Comment and Share!

    @dianad1968: I don’t use the N word. I don’t attack children. On Monday my posts were taken down because you or another one was hijacking my name and writing icky stuff. That is where the “trolls fighting themselves” BS comes from. This is a tactic that people on this site use when they are losing a disagreement. Ellie does not say hideous things about Z, you can tell the difference in the writing style when the racist comments come up. Hijacking of screen names is the biggest problem on this web site. Are you guilty of this D1958? If not then I understand your dismay. It is gross to post vile things under others screen names. But that is the price we pay to remain a free forum.

  • Comment and Share!

    Oh, and one more thought, the reason you cannot find racist comments here lately is because I believe that Jill has been IP banned. She would constantly jump into Ellies screen name and say racist comments about a child.

  • dianad1968

    @Comment and Share!:


    I don’t have the time or the inclination to indulge in juvenile behaviour like name-changing in order to disrupt the thread. You seem to be a regular visitor here, and since I have never seen this moniker before, I guess you HAVE changed your name. Good for you for not using racist and other despicable names to describe a 3 and 4 year old, you should ne commended. But the same way the trolls come here spreading their filth and showing their lack of morals, I too have the right to complain. Why do you think there is a flag option then? THat is how it works. Tit for tat.

  • dianad1968

    The fact that you are defending ellie is laughable. T

  • dianad1968


    You defending ellie is laughable. The woman is nasty to the core, and I know, I have seen her in action. Also the fact that you are accusing the fans of the JPs of hijacking your name to post c*ap shows your bias. Why couldn’t it be one of the other trolls doing so? I suppose you ALL have to stick together in your mission to cause havoc here? I have a question for you and your partners in crime,why does it bother you all SO MUCH that the JPs have fans, and are admired?

  • blah

    I wonder how will she explain to her girls that mommy is a homewrecker?

  • Not Impressed by JA

    IB daily figures – foreign market updated
    Domestic: $119,415,265 (NOT updated YET)
    + Foreign: $174,620,331 (UIP)


    = Worldwide: $294,035,596

  • Brad_Please

    I don’t have any problem and I don’t know if Angelina has, and so do you (or you called her???). But if you take a look, you’ll see that he didn’t use to spend his money in material things, that’s a new taste.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Dakota @ 10/29/2009 at 9:07 am When will he have a shave?!
    When you stop whining about it. So, not anytime soon obviously.


    Hello back to tlol, irma and yolly. Thanks for the shoutouts.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    blah @ 10/29/2009 at 10:21 am I wonder how will she explain to her girls that mommy is a homewrecker?

    She will explain how daddy was married to a witch who didn’t want children and even insulted them when they were in her womb. They will find all the evidence in th infamous VJ, including attacks made on them by maniston followers.
    She will explain how that manipulative b*tch asked their dad to have an affair with their mother and then go back to the witch, a nasty deal that their dad didn’t comply to, hence he divorced the nasty witch to be with his soulmate and create and procreate.
    She will explain to them that without her saving their dad’s pathetic self destructive shrink related life from that manipulative witch, they will not be there to begin with and that it is precisely because they are that the witch followers attack them and call her a homewrecker when she is the HOMEBUILDER making sure they they end up BEING BORN.
    Now the big question is how will be the extent of their despise to the likes of you and to Maniston. They will probably blame their mum for not beating Maniston pathetic a** even more.

  • Anjolie

    Comment and Share! @ 10/29/2009 at 9:43

    Are you kidding? Everyone knows that Ellie is a disgusting racist idiot.

  • Brad_Please

    @old lady: Brad has AJ’s birthday date tattooed on his tummy, it’s in khmer.
    I’d like to see his whole tummy now, it seems another tat is there (a little piece could be seen at Fight Club prize – Spike Tv).

  • lurker

    Good morning to all the fans of Brad and Angie.

    Brad and Angie are kind, loving and great humanitarian couple. Always trying to help the people of the world. Ammazing, love them and will always be their fan.

  • Comment and Share!

    I did respond to your response D1968, but it was put in moderation, so I guess you are correct. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

  • dianad1968



    LOL, my God, you people are unfreakingbelievable. He worked for his money, he can spend it how he d*mn well pleases. And Angie seem to be enjoying the car just as much, especially since the soles of her shoes matches the interior. You go girl. I hope he buys another one just to see your head spin. LOL

  • dianad1968

    @Comment and Share!:


    LOL, so you’re blaming me for that too? Probably it was too disgusting to get through whatever filter is still here at JJ. LOL

  • Comment and Share!

    No, nothing gross at all. I was trying to explain that this site would not be the same without debate. I also said that I respect BP, and enjoy different opinions, only I said it with more eloquence.

  • the real Dakota

    This is not the Dakota from the last couple of years. Get a new name please. I am a fan of Brad and Angelina.

  • dianad1968

    @Comment and Share!:


    You know something, why don’t you read my post at #258, and get off my back? NOONE says you cannot have debate, but you cannot seriously call trolls who continuously change names and spam the thread with the most asinine comments rational? Since you seem to FREQUENT the threads of Brad and Angie, I know you know exactly what I am referring to.

    I am now officially bored with this. Decipher that any way which you want to, I really dont care.


  • Comment and Share!

    Sorry D1968, but since you have made it your job to keep this thread clean and “troll free” You seem to be the person to complain to. By the way, I am not a troll, I am a gnome, thanks very much. Adios to you and I will see you, or not, in moderation.

  • val

    The only thing X uses her money for is to hire people to smear the names of the JPs and their little children. I guess I must thank her because all of the negativity has made them stronger as a family unit. They are more protective of each other, more supportive and more in love. Brad will protect Angelina way more, he will make sure he is always with her. And it shows in the pictures, he goes out first to shield his love from the prying eyes of the hounds. So once again I thank X and her trolls for getting Brad and Angie closer together (as if they were not close enough) but either way, please keep up the good work. Five more years of this and Brad and Angie will morph into Siamese twins….BWAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaHaha

  • Passing Through

    # 286 gracie @ 10/29/2009 at 2:41 am
    PT, i love the parallel comparison with their little dogs, it made me laugh. At least Jessica is young and pretty and I’m sure she will also find another love before she gets to the middle age loser’s age.
    I can’t knock Chestica. She’s harmless. Girl hasn’t got the brain power to be manipulative. Actually…neither does X but she tries anyway and what she can’t figure out for herself she has her PR ho do for her. I think the comparison is unfair to Chestica though. At least she earned whatever fame she has on her own. X lucked out by being part of popular tv show and conning Brad into marrying her and then coasting on HIS fame.

  • Premalee

    We Are All Team Zahara

    New article by Allison Samuels – Newsweek 28Oct.09

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Actually, Chestica is the real good girl.
    She married as a virgin, divorced without exploiting her deceased marriage when it was also her cash cow for newly weds. She dated guys with a reasonable turnover….mainly two wile divorcing the same years as Maniston.
    She also happened to be better at her core business : singing than Maniston will ever be in hers : acting.
    She is the one who should be labeled Americ’ sewwetheart as she doesn’t have a black manipulative scheming heart.

  • NAN

    Boo Hoo Hoo,A fan of BP,but cannot accept that BP had divorced from the ca ca barren cow EX wife for 4,7 years which she’d admitted it that her married was DEAD since summer 04,But you still come here to barking for BP to go back to your idol !
    Who would like to date her huh dog,after they’d heard about she’d drove her EX husband into 2 years of therapy.
    Which A-list men would like to date her ?
    GB said NEJ NEJ NEJ NEJ.

  • Passing Through

    # 304 the real lou @ 10/29/2009 at 8:21 am # 217
    Thank you for posting the article BDJ.Does anyone think there might be any chance Salt could premier at Cannes?
    Yes. Out of competition, but yes. At this point I’d be surprised if it didn’t. If the studio believes in the movie, then Cannes would be the perfect place to build hype. Cannes is in the middle of May and Salt isn’t scheduled to open until July 23. Two months worth of word-of-mouth FREE publicity would be a marketing dream come true.

  • val

    NAN @ 10/29/2009 at 11:43 am Boo Hoo Hoo,A fan of BP,but cannot accept that BP had divorced from the ca ca barren cow EX wife for 4,7 years which she’d admitted it that her married was DEAD since summer 04,But you still come here to barking for BP to go back to your idol !
    Who would like to date her huh dog,after they’d heard about she’d drove her EX husband into 2 years of therapy.
    Which A-list men would like to date her ?
    GB said NEJ NEJ NEJ NEJ.

    LOL, you are very funny!

  • teri

    I still don’t understand why anyone would call Angelina a homewrecker. There’s so many other women out there more fitting of that word like Sienna Miller, Abbie Cornish and even LeAnn Rimes. It irks the sh!t out of me to see women distroying a childs home for thier own enjoyment. Brad and Jen did share a house together, not sure if it was a home since all she did is b!tch about it all the time. Fools over at dlist were commenting on the show Amazing Race of that woman who was whining and complaining about going down a high water slide. They were saying how annoying she was, could you imagine how irritating it would be for someone to be married to something like that for years???? And at Jens high pitch nasel whine I couldn’t imagine, snot dripping everywhere is the picture I get and being so negative. I couldn’t imagine being told to stay in a miserable marriage.

  • pokekman

    dianad1968 @ 10/29/2009 at 10:43 am

    why do we need to explain why brad or angie do and/or buy things. it is none of these trolls’ business. you know these trolls will find every little thing wrong with them because they are brangelina. plus we have been explaining to these trolls so many times and they still don’t get it and they don’t want to get it. why are we wasting our time.

  • cee

    My last comment on Ian Halperin’s so called book. It is reall a tabloid compilation of stories with a little soap opera drama to spice it up. Problem is none of it is true. Everybody knows he is in love with Brad and hoped that if Brad ever left X it would be for him. WRONG! Brad and Angie are closer than ever and even if they ever did break up the kids will always come first. But what I see is a wedding. So in your face to these tabloid books. At least Morton had the decency to wait until Princess Diana and Michael were dead. But Angie is such a money topic he had to start spreading lies to profit. OK I am done. God Bless Brad and Angie.

  • Elizabeth


    You got me laughing all the way…thanks for the humor it made my day.

  • Majo

    pienso lo mismo

  • for once

    I agree with Lainey. But she plays into Brad’s games just like the rest of the media. Never calling him out on his botox, douchy behaviour, his refusal to defend Angelina. I don’t agree that the media won’t break them up because I’m not thinking from brad’s perspective like Lainey is. I think Angelina is the one that will get fed up with the shat from the media and dump him.


    Great. Blame the bitch. Can’t wait.

    Because that’s how you sell it, right? Whatever problems may or may not exist between the Brange, it is certain that Brad Pitt has been an active participant. It is well understood in the industry – he is a control freak, he can be ruthless, he is not a pushover, and he plays the media just as often, and maybe more, than anyone else. In this sense, they are made for each other.

    But casting the handsome all American man in the role of the villain doesn’t work for anyone. And it certainly doesn’t sell books.

    The gorgeous vixen with a troubled past and a f-ck you attitude, now there’s a girl we can all collectively hate. In preying on every woman’s insecurity (my husband will be leave me for the younger, hotter, sexier girl at the office who wants to destroy my life) and giving the Women a common enemy, Brad Pitt is absolved from his own f-ckery, an innocent passenger on the Jolie Devil Express.

    So what will we learn?

    We will learn that Angelina Jolie was a wild child. She had a lot of sex, did a lot of drugs, messed up a lot of relationships. This is news to me. I had no idea.

    We will also learn how the Brange manipulates the press. What a revelation.

    And of course we will probably learn about how Angie supposedly shoots up heroin, starves herself, and has threatened to jump off a building if Brad ever leaves her. This is not something we’ve ever read before at the supermarket checkout.

    Him? Well he’s perfect, isn’t he? Perfect but infinitely less exciting than she is.

    So are Brad and Angelina f-cked up and breaking up?

    She’s the most intriguing woman in the business. The more they hate her, the more attractive she is to him. And this is the irony of it all. It’s not the nasty stories that will drive them apart. If anything it would be the mundanity of it all.

    But this is the only story that people want to buy. I understand this. Because it’s not interesting if they’re happy. It’s not interesting if there’s no drama. It’s also not fair if two people that perfect don’t have problems. We can’t handle it.

    As for what’s really up with the Brange…

    Well, two nights ago they were in LA at some save the world book launch event. Photos and more details here.

  • mamma mia

    Love Brad and Angie. They are absolutely the most gorgeous couple.

  • mertz

    hey everyone!

    love these guys. i’m going to have to read this book. saw this linked on lainey and thought i’d come check out the real story on what’s going on especially since i heard about these new slag books coming out. lainey has a good write up about it, and i agree with her. easy victims and all that and females just needing another female target. it’s interesting to observe but definately stomach turning to see in action. that’s why even though i love brad pitt and he can be my man anytime he wants to (in my dreams. lol tmi), i don’t assume he’s a perfect person just cause. i mean these celebs are the same people saying free roman polanski because he’s an artistic genious who has done much for film and art…and the inference being therefore that should overshadow his crimes, which is complete bs, but then again celebs aren’t known for having a good grasp of reality or a high compass of morality. which is just all sad really. i mean aj’s not a perfect person either, but of course it’s much easier to hate on her, and it’s not only female hating females…interesting how two males are writing these celeb tell all books. it’s all just a vicious cycle.

    hope ya’ll are doing good.

  • first and last post

    311 Comment and Share! @ 10/29/2009 at 9:43 am
    Now your post is plain out of line. Can you prove your accusation against jill??? If you can’t STOP because false accusations don’t go towards your credibility. You are just as bad as the racists remarks you falsely accuse others of and your IP should be banned and your posts flagged for being just below the average intelligence quotient of the regular posters because you‘re not kidding anyone with your drivel.

  • jo

    I watch many of AJ’s interviews and read quotes and have never heard her play the victim. If she admits to bad choices or behavior in the past…big deal none of us are perfect and Hollyweird can mess you up big time if you grow up in it…money or not. She uses her celebrity to support causes she believes in and her role as Unicef ambassador. There’s a difference between promoting a victim and supporting them or bringing awareness to bad situations through your own fame.

  • lainey says

    he’s ruthless. He is using Angelina as a scapegoat and shield from bad publicity.

  • jo

    BTW the focus should be ont the book and raising awareness of the struggles and courage of women around the world. Just a thought.

  • jo

    @teri: It’s easier for bitter ex wives to blame someone else rather than look at the relationship and themselves honestly. To learn and grow from it. No adult in a committed relationship is forced to leave or have an affair. It’s a choice. Period. It’s called saying no and walking away.

  • clear sight

    Interesting that she likes to paint herself as a feminist when she slept with her mother’s boyfriend, Lorna Dern’s fiance and Jennifer Anniston’s husband. And has no visible female friends. Guess some people will believe anything…….