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Demi Lovato Remembers December

Demi Lovato Remembers December

Demi Lovato shimmers and shines as she shoots the music video for her song Remember December earlier this week.

The 17-year-old teen sensation, who rocked a series of ’80s inspired of outfits with her Camp Rock 2 costars Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Chloe Bridges and Meaghan Martin, performed at the Concert of Hope with other Disney stars to benefit cancer research and treatment programs for patients suffering from cancer.

“It’s gonna be killer,” Demi tweeted of her new video. “Like no other video I’ve shot before!!!

“Thanks to everybody that came out to either watch or be a part of the new video. YAY! SO excited for you to see it!”

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  • bella

    I love demi
    hermosa y brillante
    luces divina
    y es el new single remember december
    yo quiero ese anillo y todo el vestuario
    les encanto a mis amigos y amigas
    cool full rock and roll
    gracias por las fotos demi luce de lujo
    saludos desde latinoamerica que tye extraña un montón I love catch me

  • justhere

    OMJC.. im SO excited. this song is flippin amazing.

    CANT WAIT!! :D

  • sam

    the only thing that’s slightly creepy about her, is that even though she bashed selena gomez, for not even knowing her anymore, she changed her whole appearence to look like selena. the dyed black hair, the no longer wavy but straight hair, the dark eyebrows, the really pale makeup. she completely transformed herself into her friend, and then bashed her friend for being different…very strange.

  • Визитки

    it`s very good girl, Demi!!!!!

  • yipee!

    you need to put this sh*t on JJJ

  • A.M.A.N.D.?

    SHUT THE HELL UP #3!!!!! Stop talkin’ bullshhiit. Seriously. She’s wayy more talented than this thing Selena who’s not even pretty. Have you seen her face? I don’t get the hype, she has a weird-looking face. Not pretty. Same for Miley. I actually think Demi Lovato is the most gorgeous Disney queen tween out there. And what makes her special is that she is talented.

  • analytical

    oh SAMone needs to have a better concept of the thing called “80′s inspired.” basically she is channeling an 80′s girl that’s why she looks the way she looks in the picture. and if i can recall so clearly, wasn’t she bashed for having to dye her hair black a year or so back? which means it’s already been black way before you can say she’s copying your precious selena’s mane. if anything, it should be the opposite but i won’t say that because honestly the 2 don’t look anything alike for me to say they’re copying off each other. one is trying to maintain the image of a miss-goody-two-shoes-perfect-disney-star (which she probably really is in real life and i give her credit) and the other is a 17-year old girl who is not afraid of showing some angst which normal teenagers do have in a way to figure out their growth and niche in the world. the other one is trying her hardest to be a singer while the other doesn’t have to try at all because she’s got the voice (who says otherwise is either bitter or tone deaf or both). with that, you can’t say demi is transforming into your precious selena.
    btw sam, last i checked, demi’s hair is still wavy. again, what you see on the pictures are the product of good styling for an “80′s inspired music video”. also, she’s pale because 1) she’s actually part caucasian, 2) she’s been stuck in tour this past year and lately in canada where the sun has been quite elusive, and lastly, she probably stopped visiting the tanning salon. so please don’t be surprised if she seems too pale for your liking.
    another thing, i’ve never, ever heard demi “bash” your precious selena, EVER. what you need to do SAM is stop analyzing or reading into so much of what they tweet. whatever the person wrote could mean totally something different or directed towards another person. just because YOU think they have a falling out, it’s not necessary for you to be picking a side and hating the other. you need to take a chill pill. nothing there is STRANGE or CREEPY ‘cos whatever their relationship may be going through is a normal cycle in life. stop creating any more BS than there already is, ok hun? i don’t think selena would like it if her beloved fans misbehave on her behalf. or maybe she secretly doesn’t mind it at all, who knows? unless otherwise stated, CHILLAX! demi isn’t transforming into selena. no need to feel threatened.

  • sAM


  • lol

    Who’s this ugly bitch tryin to be Gaga?

  • Sony

    “The 17-year-old teen sensation”? LMFAO

    Yeah, and Heidi Montag is the queen of pop…

    Nice try tryin to promote some Disney kid Jared.

  • Nick#40

    Lol did she buy that silver hoodie from a Lady Gaga garage sale? Why aren’t people original anymore? ):

  • Erin

    I don’t think she’s trying to be like Selena Gomez but I do think she conforms a lot. I’m not going to be mean but I do think she tries, maybe not consciously, to be like Hayley from Paramore. And the whole heart thing with the fingers in the last picture…um, isn’t that Taylor Swift’s signature pose? She does it ALL the time and I think it’s on the inside of her album too. That to me is just like immature copying, I don’t think she’s intentionally doing it, but maybe she just doesn’t realize she needs to be more herself.

  • Andrea

    Hey Sam, maybe you should get your facts straight. It was ajoke referring to Miley. She looks nothing like Selena . What are you talking about.

  • xxx

    Teen sensation? Please, hardly anyone even knows who she is… I’ve never even HEARD one of her songs….. LOL.

  • Annie

    You guys are stupid she doesn’t look like that gaga whore. Just because it’s sparkly and has a hood WOW. Plus Sony Bitch she is a teen sensation.

  • ivhvoshv

    PUT THIS SHIT ON JJJ !!!!!!!!!!!

  • minot

    selgom is a ‘sweet’, ‘cute’ girl forcing herself into rockstar chix, which doesnt suit her.
    But Demi? she has that look. that glance that makes her so classy and cool.
    and Gaga is too far away to be compared with Demi. I think Demi is just trying to develop her real and suitable style.
    go demi!!

  • Shawna

    That picture is so photoshopped – she is not that skinny! Nobody could be and still be alive. She looks great the way she is, why do you need to photoshop?

  • ok

    xxx – she actually is a teen sensation. you’re either no longer or not yet a teen or you just live under a rock from time to time. if you’ve never heard of her song then i think this is a sign for you to start finding out. pop-culturize yourself a bit perhaps. you’ll go far in life if you let yourself be open-minded just a tad bit ;) the girl can actually sing, you’ll be surprised. don’t be too quick to judge because you never know, she’ll end up changing your life one day. just a thought.

    and to those complaining about jared putting this bit on JJ as opposed to JJJ, hold your horses, it’s already on JJJ! and what’s the matter with it being on here? i see miley cyrus on JJ too from time to time. a few articles down, you’ll find taylor and taylor being talked about. so why can’t demi have a spot on JJ too? is it because she’s not as popular? well, she has to start somewhere to infiltrate the narrow-minded demographic somehow, get her name out there and reach out to some of you. i seriously would rather read about someone so young who actually has talents to contribute to the world than older people who bank on their paparazzi-loving ways (*cough* paris *cough*).

    stop the ageism please. our social relationships will be a lot better that way.

  • bella

    para cuando sale el video remember december
    tienen alguna información
    se ve que va a estar expectacular
    I love demi

  • Jon

    She looks like a man. An ugly man.

  • A.m./P.m.

    @minot: That’s right. Don’t you EVER even think about comparing this ugly b!tch to Lady Gaga!

  • lex

    @Sony: LOL so true. I’ve never even heard of her. She’s kinda unattractive compared to the other Disney teeny boppers Miley Cyrus and that Selena chick.

  • Lucy86

    People here are just too quick to judge. Spend a little of your time to listen to her music and you’ll see she’s a truly talented young artist, if not you’re probably deaf.

  • LaLa04

    I totally agree with Lucy86. People are too quick to judge. Her music is awesome!! Yes, shes changed but in a good way! I LOVE HERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yh, i no i probably sound like a physco, but w/e
    Btw, i love her pic with the studded (sp?) gloves [y]

  • BlueJay

    YOU ROCKK!!!!!!! ^^

  • Blah


  • omg!!

    miley and selena i know DEMI who ???

  • Koree

    what the hell is wrong with all you people?! 1: She is a huge teen sensation. If you listen to musica AT ALL you would know that her 2nd album Here We Go Again was the #1 album on Billboard top 200. 2: She never bashed Selena, ever ever!! 3: She is gorgeous and kind to everyone and she can change her image any way she wants because no matter what she looks GREAT!!!

  • Koree

    and another thing: I LOVE YOU DEMI!! I LOVE THIS SONG AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE VIDEO!!! You’re one of my idols,girl!

  • gheyt

    she IS a teen sensation . her voice is amazing! u guys should listen to her music . seriously .

  • lakers fan in boston

    does she actually sing well?
    ive never heard her sing, i must imagine she’s doing well since i think this her 2nd album
    she’s cute but never been a big fan