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Sex, Drugs, and Napster for Justin Timberlake

Sex, Drugs, and Napster for Justin Timberlake

In the new David Fincher-durected movie, The Social Network, Justin Timberlake plays hard-partying Sean Parker (inset), the co-founder of Napster, who stirs up trouble among the founders of Facebook.

Also starring in the flick is Adventureland‘s Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield from the upcoming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Life & Style reports the juiciest scene of the movie is when Facebook reaches a million subscribers, Sean throws a party where everyone is doing lines of cocaine off half-naked girls. Sean gets arrested after cops raid the party. Yikes!!!

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  • marissa

    wow This should be a stretch for him to play

  • s

    brenda song

  • wendy

    Why on earth is she getting movie roles? Seriously, i dont get why a great director like Fincher cant get a good actor or give someone unkown and talented a chance?! Its soo crazy!!

  • madi

    Ooooo i’m excited!! I just want to see Justin Timberlake.

  • s

    @wendy: brenda is talented.

  • marissa


    It’s hollywood. enough said

  • f.

    God I wish he would go away. He’s not a good actor. He does ok on SNL and thats where he should stay.

  • Ali

    This sounds disgusting – why would anyone ever make this movie? I find Justin Timberlake to be the most uninteresting person, visually and when he opens his mouth. And look at the kind of project he is getting involved with. Gross.

  • is it a comedy

    They have the same ~look~ but Justin Timberlake better be taking some acting classes… unless this movie is a comedy.

  • Ashley

    yeah justin!!! your a good actor, i cant wait to see another movie with you in it!

  • Britt

    Im sooo happy JT is doin a movie!!! That scene will be cool…
    im SOO watching this movie. JT is hot, he’s a grreat singer/actor/dancer/comedian/musician & much much more…AND he is the most interesting person in the world. He’s awesome woohoo. Did I mention he’s hot.

  • Ashley

    Wow is this based on Justins real life. where’s the dirt JT?

  • Cheesey

    They all must be in dire need of moolah, with the way the economy is going ANYTHING helps. So, they want your money, from the losers who’d actually want to see this THING.

  • Riri

    Justin Timberlake is so annoying.
    Why can’t he just leave us alone like the rest of the boys who were in boys-bands?!

  • Pia

    Yeah. I be pleased. Somebody know when does the film is comming up?

  • Edenfantasys, sex toys

    Don’t you think that a movie about how Facebook got started is a bad idea? Didn’t anybody learn anything after nobody gave a shit about Herskovitz’s “Quarterlife?” More people would go see Kevin James in “The Jiffy Lube Story.”
    As for the Justin, he id trying to become a male version of Madonna.

  • Cevdet Bartu

    Teşekkürler, güzel bir paylaşım olmuş

  • prepagos

    i’m excited!! I just want to see Justin Timberlake

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