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Madonna on Raising Malawi: Will You Join Me?

Madonna on Raising Malawi: Will You Join Me?

Madonna has taken to the Huffington Post to write a call to action on Wednesday (October 28).

“I am making a straightforward request,” the 51-year-old Material Mom wrote. “I’m writing to urge you to join me in saving the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. And I’m asking you to do it right away.”

Already pledging $100,000 to match outside donations dollar-for-dollar, Madonna explained that she felt connected to Malawi’s children in a special way. “Right now, I am particularly concerned about Malawian girls whose lives are made even more difficult simply because of their gender,” she wrote.

“The girls of Malawi are bright and resourceful,” she continued. “They are eager to learn and grow. When I look at my girls and see them thriving, it is my greatest wish that the girls in Malawi will have the same chance for happiness.”

To learn more about Raising Malawi or to donate, visit

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  • save it yourself

    I read that madge made 100 million dollars in one year. yeah, I’m not giving her my money

  • adiore

    oh snap. Oprah definitely started a trend.

  • Paulie

    Idiot. The money doesn’t go to her, it goes to build the school. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

  • lex

    I getting so sick of this Malawi obsession of hers.

  • Al

    she’s great. i’m agree with her! totally!

  • martha

    Wow, She’s the best of american celebrities. Great idea ‘Magde’!


    Excuse me, but she pledged only $100,000???????? The woman earns millions and that is all she can donate? Sandra Bullock donated a million to the Katrina victims and she doesn’t come close to what this slag makes. Didn’t like her before sure don’t like now!

  • Iris

    i cross my fingers for you Madonna, You’re the best

  • save it yourself

    @Paulie: no, but she has 100 + million in her bank right now. why is she asking us for cash? she should drop a couple million and be done with it. Roger friedman recently wrote a piece on her on showbiz 411 and she made 100 million and only gave 500 thousand to her Malawi foundation. One person doesn’t need 100 million dollars.

  • Harry

    I thought she was the one having the school build hence the reason she could steal away 2 children. So I’m guessing now that she has them she want’s her fans to give money, come on are we really that stupid. Sorry, don’t answer that, lol.

  • Maddyct

    Gosh ! i wanna help SO BAD!!!!!
    mom, gimme a credit card !
    i love this woman so bad..

  • Me!

    Why is she asking us poor peons to donate our hard-earned money to her cause, when all she needs to do is sell a couple of her castles, private jets, etc., etc., and she can probably fund whatever she needs to in Malawi.

  • Maddyct

    @Me! cuz she’s already giving millions and that it could go faster if we helped!

  • no

    good cause, wrong person. she’s trying to win a noble prize or something. i would donate to a malawi charity, just not her kahballa runned charity organization.

  • mickey

    Madonna is one of the most self centered celebs their is. She doesn’t have a nice bone in her body, so the fact that she is trying to pass herself off as a humanitarian is laughable.

  • flo

    Once again I will not give a penny of my hard earned money to build a shrine to Madonna. If she were really concerned for the women of Malawi she could usehalf of the money she made on her last tour to educate the masses in humble schoolsm not a chosen few.who will live in her shrine.

  • diane

    i dont think so slutty. in fact i would rather give my $ right here to help children who are tortured, abused and raped by their retarded parents so these kids can have a chance.

  • Jorden

    No, she will donate 100,000 for each dollar that WE donate, if I read that right anyway. She could go broke real fast if people seriously started donating. XD

  • kelly

    Madonna has an art collection worth several hundred million dollars. Sell a painting or two Madonna and donated a few mill, why don’t ya.

  • cindy

    I believe what she did was pledge up to $100,000 matching other donations dollar for dollar. Meaning, if the donations come in to the tune of $75,000, she’ll donate another $75,000 out of the $100,000 she’s made available. If other donations total $100,001, she’s capped her matching donations at $100,000. Smart move; have millions, pledge a little and then expect those with less to provide the most. Typical liberal thinking… someone else SHOULD take care of what you deem important.

  • annab

    Enough of Madonna and her calling attention to herself tactics.

  • bill

    i agree with everybody else on here…it shows a STUNNING lack of shame, to have over 400 million in the bank, and to ask the rest of the world, who is struggling during these tough economic times, for donations, ok if she gave 10 or 20 million herself, and then asked the rest of the world to contribute, i could understand, but this woman, at the end of 2008 was shown, via her tax records, to not have given anything to raising malawi, but to spirituality for kids, and basically other offshoots of the kabbalah centre, even though via gucci 3.7 million was raised for raising malawi.

  • bill


    i love this…good cause, wrong person..

  • Jorden


    Thank you for clearing that up Cindy. I knew after I commented, it couldn’t possibly be right.

  • rhonda

    are girls gonna get raped in Madonna’s school, just like Oprahs?

  • Catalina

    Hey Madonna, why don’t you take that $10,000 per month you give your boy toy for affection and donate that to your cause.

  • bambam

    What a joke! She earned $110 million last year and she’s only giving $100k tops as she’s only matching what people donate. Cheapskate!

  • cindy

    The problem is that “we” go into these countries with our mentality and standards and insist that they come up to meet them. Kinda like the Extreme Home Makeover Show. Instead of giving simple people what they need, and would be grateful for, what they can handle, we go in with high faluting western standards and it just doesn’t work out.

  • Me!


    Who are you calling moron, moron!!
    I do not have much to spare, so my point is that someone like Madonna who is so filthy rich can make a HUGE difference unless all she wants is to take credit for initiating this project.

  • cindy

    For instance, we all feel that these young girls should be given equal opportunities and education, etc. as the boys in those countries. That is a given. There is not one of us alive in the US who agrees with treating females as lesser beings than a male. I am confident of that. However, that is not the case in many countries, by the sounds, Malawi included. By building a school to educate young woman, it does not change the male mindset in those countries. The first step to helping those young girls is to change the minds of those that keep them down. Otherwise you build a school and put young girls in it, and all it does is give domineering men and grown browbeat women a place to be in charge of a multitude of young girls, an opportunity for further abuse and mis-use.

  • madgical

    To all the haters,
    $100,000 is only the cap for the dollar for dollar program she’s initiating. That doesn’t mean THAT’S ALL she’s donating. The school alone will cost $15 million which she will shoulder. And go to the Raising Malawi website and see the progress report on what they have accomplished in 3 short years…how many tens of thousands they feed everyday, tens of thousands they provide AIDS medications to, tens of thousands they have provided clean water for, tens of thousands they have provided schooling for, etc. Who do you think is funding most of this? It doesn’t really matter what haters think of Madonna. What’s important is what the people of Malawi think of her and they are grateful that someone finally cares enough for their country. If not for Madonna, the vast majority of us never even heard of Malawi.

  • madgical

    Cindy, before you make more criticisms and draw any conclusions, know the facts. There already is an academy for boys. And Raising Malawi has already sponsored many students to attend this academy. If you watch her documentary on Malawi, one of these boys is feature in the film. But it is also a fact that in many social studies, educated women in disadvantaged countries plow more back into their communities than men. They see to it that their children are also educated. They are more likely to start some enterprise to subsidize their income and improve the lives in their community. Educated women are more likely to practice birth control and AIDS prevention methods. This is the root of the biggest problems in these areas – overpopulation and AIDS and educating women is a big step in addressing these problems.

  • jack

    Where’s Vadges fugly daughter?
    Is this school going to teach how to be a slut? That’s what Madonna is, nothing but a slut.

  • cindy

    Why, because someone has an opinion, must they be a hater?
    I appreciate the input and direction of the comments redirecting my considerations of the situation. But my opinion and observations are simply that. I’m entitled to them. I don’t believe that indicates I’m a hater. What I do hate, is someone asking me to take care of something just because it’s what THEY want to take care of. I’m not afforded the same opportunity to ask her to sponsor my charities. But hater… no….

  • Henry the 22nd


    I completely agree. I applaud that she’s doing something for these people, but, God, what a tight ass she is! She has the nerve to ask and demand everyday people in the midst of a recession donate to her cause when she is a multi-bazillionaire?

    Make a big payment yourself, Biatch, and stop begging for others to donate. Clearly this is only for publicity… If she truly cared so much she would make a huge payment in silence.

  • madgical

    Cindy, my post to all the haters are not directed at you. It’s directed to all those who have criticized that Madonna is only donating $100,000 when she earned more than $100 million last year and to all the others questioning her intentions. As for your point as to why Madonna is seeking our help, why not? Not everyone is famous and are afforded the same platform as celebrities are but there’s nothing wrong if they use their celebrity to do some good. Would you rather Madonna just sits on her throne and count her millions all day. It’s pretty obvious she sincerely cares about Malawi. She’s not only plowing a lot of her own money there, she feels it’s important her own children know and see for themselves the conditions of life there. I’m sorry but there’s nothing whatsoever to criticize about her efforts.

  • cindy

    Madgical…. your posts are great, and I agree with much of what you say. I agree with what Madonna is doing. But there are more options than what you’ve offered. I’ve been in fund raising for non-profits and involved in many projects. She has the ability to do all of the wonderful things she does, make her contributions and even encourage others to contribute. She has the ability to reach out to some of the wealthiest people in the world. She has the influence to gain conversation with some of the wealthiest people in the world to get their contributions. Those dollars along side of hers will get Malawi what it needs, more of what it needs, faster than that $100,000 matching contribution that she has gotten press time for. The contributions that she’s reached out for are small in the scheme of things; it’s more about the PR that she gains personally. I don’t say that with malice. But it’s truth. She has, and probably has exercised, great influence on those who can contribute more than this article will reach. This article was about PR though. It’s an old well known publicity item. There’s nothing wrong with it, but to claim it’s otherwise, is just not well thought out. She can give her millions wthout the publicity. She can reach people of influence without one single bit of publicity. The dollar she will get from reaching out to you and I, are small, as she has recognized by keeping her cap where it is or making a matching fund at all. Acknowledging how the media, celebrity life works, is no slight. It’s just that…. recognition of how it works.

  • Ashley

    Does she ever age? What is her secret?

  • a realist

    Harry @ 10/28/2009 at 3:15 pm #10

    I thought she was the one having the school build hence the reason she could steal away 2 children. So I’m guessing now that she has them she want’s her fans to give money, come on are we really that stupid. Sorry, don’t answer that, lol.
    Why is it when a celeb adopts children from Africa, it is stealing. But when they adopt children from Asian, or Europe is it adopting..

    Nobody is saying Katherine Heigl, Meg Ryan or the4 other the celebs who adopted Asian kids, stole them.

  • Jane

    rhonda @ 10/28/2009 at 4:36 pm #25

    are girls gonna get raped in Madonna’s school, just like Oprahs?
    You are so effing ignorant, and vulgar.

  • madgical

    Cindy, why would Madonna need any more PR? If she did, she’d let everyone know all the things Raising Malawi has accomplished and not hide it away in their website. I agree this is PR but not for Madonna but for Malawi. Who of us have heard of Malawi before Madonna’s adoption? Madonna has been in the limelight for almost 30 years and she’s had good publicity and bad publicity and she’s done very little to indicate that she cares what people think of her either way. She does what she wants, does what she believes in and if people criticize her for it, so be it. But this really is one issue that doesn’t deserve criticism. If it’s all for her image and publicity, I think she can buy better PR for less than the $15 million she’s spending for this school and the millions more she’s pouring into this country.

  • Madge is old,rich,and nasty

    This is the suckiest thing that old sleaze has done yet. She has complete control over every dime she gets. She can’t be so stupid as to think people are going to empty their pockets out to her because she’s using underprivelaged children to try to get money when it’s really all tied in to her kabbala industry. She’s got to be the phoniest, most despicable being on earth.

  • flo

    Why not sell the $50 million NY triple wide house and donate the money to her Malawi project.

  • lila

    The haters commenting here are really showing their stupidity. Their arguments make no sense. I’m with Madgical. The only opinions that really matter are those of the people of Malawi and I’m sure they are more than grateful for Madonna’s generosity. She’s not forcing anyone to donate so don’t make it seem like she’s forcing you to empty your pockets.

  • ellie’

    First of all Madonna always has given millions away always had always will …. My donations at this time go to my country.. Where the children are starving being r*ped and how our own country don’t give harsh punishment to these perverts.. How they have our own starve.. I sure do my share of work here and very proud of the best help that I can give….

  • chase

    @Maddyct: I live on a fixed income because i’m disabled. A lot of people don’t have the money to give. Madonna has several hundred million so she could afford it!

  • Lenny

    HELLO, there are schools in the inner cities that could use some repair and remodeling. I guess you don’t get the attention if you help American kids.

  • Madge smells

    The only stupidity here belongs to the D-bags who work for Matuna.

  • Jacob

    I hate it when celebs ask people do stuff like this. If Madonna wants these kids to have better lives then she should go all out and donate a huge amount to these kids. $100,000 dollars is kinda cheap for Madonna. She should give these kids at least 2 or 3 million dollars and stop asking regular people to donate. Besides, why doesn’t Madonna care about poor people in America? There are poor people in America.

  • Cayden

    What a bunch of greedy idiots. Madonna has given millions to many charities since she started her career, MANY OF WHICH ARE IN THE US. From AIDS-awareness, cancer research, US children’s hospitals, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, boys & girls’ clubs in inner cities, to 9/11 victims & their families, to tsunami & Italian earthquake victims, etc. And that Fox piece was a bunch of BS, he did the same sh*t to other people. What he didn’t point out in his piece is that she donated $8.5 million of her own money to one of her foundations, the Ray of Light Foundation, and she gave out more than $3.5 million last year. He conveniently only mentions that half a million she donated afterward but neglected to mention all the other money she has given to many organizations. Just in June there was a report she had given more than $12-15 million to varies charities in Malawi in the past three years, and this school is costing another $15 million alone, that doesn’t even include all the other organizations and programs Raising Malawi is also funding with Madonna’s personal donations. She is pledging $100,000 matching funds, but that doesn’t mean that is all she will give or has given, she’s just asking the public to get involved. She might’ve made $100 million last year, but nearly half of it went to US taxes (which support schools, libraries, welfare, infrastructure, and social programs). So of that $50-60 million she kept, she then had to pay out $75-95 million to Guy Ritchie, and she still made donations despite the loss of income. And just because she has money which she has worked for in the past nearly 30 years, that doesn’t mean she should give it all away or live in a shoe box. You don’t ask that of any other celebrities, many of which give NOTHING at all, then why do you ask it of Madonna who is actually doing something?