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Megan Fox's T-Shirts Stolen!!! Brian's Gun Too...

Megan Fox's T-Shirts Stolen!!! Brian's Gun Too...

Megan Fox and boyfriend Brian Austin Green are the latest Hollywood Hills residents who have fallen victim to celeb break-ins.

TMZ reports items stolen from Brian’s home include his recreational gun and lots of clothes — including a few of Megan‘s t-shirts.

Because Brian has been shooting a movie in NYC, he didn’t even know he was burglarized. Last week, the cops retrieved the stolen items and returned them to him.

Don’t celebs have alarm systems installed in their homes??

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Photos: I.Kavanaugh/WENN
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  • naomi

    I know right??? i’ve been asking myself the same thing over and over again Jared

  • Chau

    We lived a decent neighborhood and our house was burglarized. After that, we got an alarm system. But these celebs probably live in really nice areas and assume that no one would steal their things. They are so wrong. During these hard times, people will do anything for a little cash.

  • angel

    why does he walk around like he’s important, he should be walking behind her- DAVID SILVER!

  • Frannie

    Damn it, Fox looks like Michael Jackson there.

  • Ashley

    They probably have alarm systems but don’t turn them on. Or they just have a sign and sticker that says alarm system.

  • awesome

    It’s so disturbing how much this is happening…

  • name

    Goodness gracious… Megan Fox’s TSHIRTS! I wonder if they were the ones with the built-in padded bras? Michael Jackson??? Oh yes… the plastic surgery. Brian may not be a star, but he’s hot!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Brian may not be a superstar but when they got together he was the bigger celeb among the two.
    So it’s totally fair that after hooking up with her at the time where she was a nobody and support her and her acreer, he has every right and credibility to be with her even if she is NOW the bigeest star of the two.
    At least he went with her when she wasn’t the new IT girl and probably knows the real Megan, not the celeb.

  • Popop

    @Not Impressed by JA: Right? What right does he have again? Remember this total douche explouted Fox on her SNL gig. He appeared why? Right! By the mere association of her name. Sickening indeed. Megan right now is experiencing the media mud-slinging that requires protection or at least looking after. This is the only reason she is with the pathetic Brian Austin Green.

  • Popop

    @Popop: exploited..mind spelling

  • Popop

    @angel: kneeling….begging indeed. Someone should throw a pie at his face.

  • angel

    Megan Fox was around 5 years old at the height of Brian’s career, so he didnt help her as a nobody, she would have done just fine without him. he’s clearly clutching to her fame!

  • Pinkrose

    Don’t really care. They don’t contribute anything worthwhile to society.

  • Wendy

    she looks a lot like Micheal Jackson. That is not attractive at all. Dear god.

  • HAHA

    Good GOD she does look like Michael Jackson. WHOA. Talk about a morphing face. She looks like different people on different days. HMMM!?!?!!!!!

  • jealousy draws internal hate

    they lookin hot as usual

  • the african darkside

    A sign of the times. It seems the rich are the ones with the resources or money.

  • LOL

    How many times do you think her raw hamburger lips have been poked with needles this week? Amanda Seyfried’s lips are bigger, and she doesn’t get them shot. So funny.

  • http://No Kevin


    I believe you might be right Brian Austin Green’s career is kind of, Wishy washy and he might be holding on to Megan Fox because, she is getting popular and more recognized as a new upcoming actress. I think it’s really sad male actor stars would use and take advantage of actresses like that to get there money. What you said, reminds me of what I think about Adam Kimmel the 30 year old menswear fashion designer who got engaged to actress Leelee Sobieski using her getting her pregnant to get her fortune he is a sick dirtbag taking advantage of those that work hard and earn their rewards. Adam Kimmel needs to get a life and is Brian Austin Green is taking advantage of Megan Fox he needs to get a life and leave Megan Denise Fox alone. Brian is too old for her anyway and she needs a younger guy someone like me and Shia Labeouf. I do love Megan Fox and look past material things and money all I see is a beautiful woman that I would love to date and marry.!!!

  • Kathryn

    Haha… why does megan fox look like michael jackson post surgery in this picture? No offense, michael.

  • jess!ca

    @angel: haha you think he keeps her around?? im assuming shes only with him because he dated her whens he was a nobody.. they did meet on hope&faith after all!! she knows know man would date her for her personality now.. only her looks and to say the f’d megan fox!!

  • Ana-Lexie

    no, not in manhattan. you can’t HAVE alarm systems for EACH apartment room. there are no HOUSES in manhattan…

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, they stole shirts….
    looks like the found nothing and stole anything they thought had some value
    im sure a few geeks would pay for one of megan’s shirts
    alot of celebs have been robbed from lately, not good

  • KA

    God i thought it was MJ there…
    in that sense, she most definitely went under the knife…!

  • KA

    wonder how guys still find her attractive with her looking like MJ … i like MJ ok enough, though his surgeries were abit sad … being rich and famous aren’t always a good thing …

  • Charlotte

    @ NUMBER 7..
    who do you think you are? like.. shutup you fool
    do not say shit like that about megan fox
    im inloveeee with herrrr