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Natalie Portman on Top Chef -- Tonight!

Natalie Portman on Top Chef -- Tonight!

Natalie Portman sits at the judges’ table with Padma Lakshmi during this week’s elimination round on Top Chef: Las Vegas! The chef’testants are tasked with cooking for Natalie and some friends — but she reveals an interesting twist that makes their mouths drop.

Check out the preview below. UPDATE: Apologies, video no longer available! Catch this episode tonight @ 10/9c only on Bravo!

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman on Top Chef

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Photos: Trae Patton/NBC
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  • Rita

    interesting twist? errrr make it vegan?? dan-dan-daaaa

  • second

    I can’t wait to see it, I wonder what they cooked for her knowing that she is a vegan.

  • me

    Natalie is so beautiful, I love her hair here.

  • love her

    wow that’s going to be a true challenge…make a vegan meal in a top quality steakhouse…gotta be annoying to these chefs since they’re surrounded in the best beef & seafood

  • me

    I actually have never seen this show so it is a first for me.

  • true beauty

    I saw the preview and they had crabs and steaks in the kitchen. What in the world can they make for Natalie and where can they learn it so quickly, it is not like they were trained in the vegan cosine. Interesting. I love NP.

  • nativenyker

    Portman is so blah.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Mary

    Portman is GREAT!

  • wtf

    I love Top Chef but I’m sick of this supporter of child rape popping up everywhere.

  • mamasboy

    @Mary. Seconded.

  • thank you jj

    Finally some one of substance and interest and talent and actually working appeared on JJ. I am with you Mary.

  • thebeard

    so hilarious! i love the twist. i hope someone puts meat in her food anyway… hehehe

  • Ashley

    Luv her! She is so tiny!

  • alamokid

    No surprise if it’s an all-vegan challenge. They did it last year on Top Chef for Zooey Deschanel.

  • kate

    top chef is the favorite show of Hayden Christensen, I hope he see tonight :D

  • @kate

    he is working on a move in detroit i think or denver and rb will not let him even think about it

  • jamie

    padma and padme LOL

  • kate

    rb don’t is with him in detroit :D

  • @kate

    why break the guy’s heart, he probably thinks about her to this day, you can’t compare crazy slutienna miller and retarded rachel bilson to natalie portman, i am sure he would agree

  • kate

    my god what is the problem of you? I just said I hope hayden see this show tonight. Ready! Over! Is just it!

  • @kate

    than why tonight?

  • kate

    I said OVER, what part you don’t understand?

  • me

    yes mam, 20 20
    what is your problem, you said you hoped hc would see it tonight, you made this conjecture not i, so it gave me a thought

    BTW, I think Natalie looks really pretty in that dress

  • me

    I am really intrigued as to what they will cook for her

  • Gasol16

    YES!!! I’m so watching this tonight. Natalie I’m sure will cook something vegan and I heard she was a great cook. I love this!! More threads on Natalie. At least she is doing great things other then, out shopping or eating.

    Best of luck to Nat!!

  • violet

    Come on. Natalie is no “foodie.” Even Padma, who grew up vegetarian, now consumes meat because she is a true foodie and wants to experience world cuisines (most of which consume meat). Nothing against people who are vegetarian for religious, health, or food safety reasons. But Natalie preaches against eating meat because animals have “personalities.” For someone so intelligent and “aware” she should know that her choice to be a vegetarian is a first world luxury. Next time she attends a fundraiser for world hunger, she might reconsider preaching that nonsense.

  • @25

    Have you noticed how there is always something to talk about when Natalie is featured on JJ. It is either a movie with some message or political issue, it is always something interesting. Who needs to see ppl getting in and out airports or shopping. Once in a while yes, like posts for Jude Law having a child or Brad Pitt and his bike, but some of the ppl do absolutely nothing here all the time.

  • @violet

    I don’t think animal cruelty should be dismissed out right or overlooked the way you do. Natalie would not feel so strongly about it if animals were not tortured in the process, she would eat meat too, she just takes a stand and it is admirable.

  • itcelebrity


  • Denny

    vegan? I think Kosher – she’s Israeli.

  • violet

    Animal cruelty and factory farming are unethical for sure, and our food supply is seriously flawed. But it’s clear Natalie does not consume humanely raised meat, nor does she support ethical meat consumption, or local organic farming practices. So her “stand” does nothing to solve animal cruelty problems.

  • OMG

    Vegan has nothing to do with Kosher. For the food to be Kosher it has to be blessed. Natalie is not Kosher, she does not eat animal products. It is the opposite of Kosher bc Kosher ppl eat all meat and fish. She is also not religious, no religion condones for a woman to get naked in public. Look at her movies Closer and Hotel Chevalier, furthermore, she dated Christian and agnostic guys. Nor is she an Israeli, she is an American who was born in Israel but lives in the States.

  • laura

    she was so beautiful, but her face in the recent photos…

  • lexy

    She looks so pretty! I might have to watch.

  • faith

    i wonder if shes gonna say shes jewish and cant eat pork?

  • @faith

    many jews eat port and she is not the kind of religious jew not to eat it for that reason, she does not eat chicken either, she is a vegan not kosher

  • love np

    she is beautiful and smart, what a gorgeous creature, love her

  • mrs. c.

    @jamie #17 –
    LOL…that was my first thought too….oh look, it’s Padma and Padme…how cool is that?! Love Natalie…can’t wait to see Top Chef tonight.

    @kate -
    How do you know that TC is Hayden’s favorite show? I must have missed reading that newsbit. I loved Hayden and Natalie together… they looked super hot together when promoting SW. While I’m very excited that Nat’s career has been really successful, it’s disappointing to see how Hayden’s life has turned out with poor choices in movie roles and relationships. But that’s his choice….

  • Piano Lessons by QM

    I wonder what they’ll make. I’d do a vegetable medley and a cornmeal cake.

  • Liar

    Natalie gets her PA to buy burgers at burger king–vegan my ass. Or do you really think her handbags are not made from the skin of animals.

  • Nic

    Zzzzzz……let me guess a vegan challenge. Didn’t we do this already with Zoey D? Haven’t they milked this enough?

  • @40

    It is actually public knowledge, she does not wear leather.

  • me

    It is official, Natalie is not a vegan, she is a vegetarian.

  • Wow

    Some people here sound so jealous of her, like they are trying to find a fault so hard, that they sound so absurd.
    How does being a vegan has anything to do with her assistance to fight poverty? How does helping third world countries is in contradiction of being a vegan?
    How does it have to do with her being an Israeli or Jewish.
    Kosher food is not necessarily meet or vegan.
    It’s up to the person to decide that and Judaism doesn’t take a stand, only has certain rules IF you choose to eat meat/ poultry/ fish.
    Also, Judaism has nothing to do with not getting naked.
    Israel is one of the most liberal countries and they have no problem with nudity in films.
    Natalie is gorgeous and looks amazing. She is a class act and we need more actresses who are as deep, interesting and smart on top of their beauty.

  • Lynn

    Is she freakin kidding me? “Oh, these chefs come out with no notice and give me a good meal’….Yeah, Right cause you can’t taste the difference when they add beef or chicken stock…LOL I could have made you a great meal with eggplant and you would have loved it! You actually think these chefs you’re talking about are giving you PURE vegie? LOL You are a moron. DUH…

  • rick

    Saw the show, NP was gorgeous, funny, her comments were smart and interesting as always. Love to watch her unlike some stupid retards.

  • me

    I watched the show and was actually surprised that she said she was vegetarian and not vegan. (I did not watch the preview clip beforehand if she said it then). I think vegan is a much bigger challenge than vegetarian. I also think they all failed miserably at the challenge and were utterly predictable.

  • rick


    It is unbelievable difficult to be a vegan when you are always traveling the way she does. She must be all over the world with all the projects she has going. Where is she going to find time to look for a vegan place to eat.

  • British Latin American

    Maybe she doesn’t want to look like Alicia Silverstone- big nutritional deficiency bumps on her face and probably body, or get rabbit cheeks like some of them get.

  • Funkey

    Hey I adore her no matter what her views are she is attractive and intelligent. I so wish I could watch but, I don’t get it as part of my cable package. Hope someone gives updates.

    As for HC he said Iron Chef on Leno that was his favorite show and he sits with his pigs watching YUCK!!! If he loves TC then he will get a big surprise. And NO RB is not in Detroit with him his brother is not that is any better. My guess is he rather watch NP then RB anyday of the week.