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Rachel Bilson: Crosswalk Cutie

Rachel Bilson: Crosswalk Cutie

Rachel Bilson gets stuck at a pedestrian crosswalk and presses the traffic signal button while out and about with a female friend on Wednesday afternoon (October 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see the 28-year-old former O.C. actress and her pet pooch Thurmen Murmen as Dorothy and Toto. Rachel‘s little sister Hattie and the rest of her family would be the other Wizard of Oz characters!

10+ pictures inside of crosswalk cutie Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson crosswalk button 01
rachel bilson crosswalk button 02
rachel bilson crosswalk button 03
rachel bilson crosswalk button 04
rachel bilson crosswalk button 05
rachel bilson crosswalk button 06
rachel bilson crosswalk button 07
rachel bilson crosswalk button 08
rachel bilson crosswalk button 09
rachel bilson crosswalk button 10
rachel bilson crosswalk button 11
rachel bilson crosswalk button 12

Photos: Homero Tercero/WENN
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  • Andrew Nguyen

    Why Rachel Bilson is on JJ everyday ?

  • bob

    because she is the biggest a lister of all time ;-)

  • Viper

    Useless has usual JJ should be the one to marry her since they both seems to be so infactuated with one another her for his press attention and his for keeping his eyes on her all the time. Hey JJ did you give her the ring???

  • jessica

    stupid girl + stupid site = perfect couple!

  • Ashley

    She has a lot of photos but what has she been in lately?

  • i.m.

    anyone know which phone that is?

  • laura

    is obvious that we will see pictures of her and her stupid sister here, she will sell the photos of her Halloween to this site soon, is sad to see her doing this because she don’t have and don’t get work.

  • ?

    who is she?

  • Garrett

    JESUS, i have nothing against rachel bilson but she is on HERE EVERY DAY for NO REASON

    she went to the broom, she went to sleep, she got a coffee. She is not in anything new !!! BLAHH

  • justrachelbilson

    I think jared is just posting about her to piss people off now. Every SINGLE day she’s on this site and she’s done F*** all since the OC. Stop posting about her. No one cares

  • martin

    WOW! This is the biggest bull I have seen, yet. R. B. pushing a button, seriously, that’s some news (sarcasm). I’m sick of seeing her, period.

  • liz

    rachel bilson pushing a button, wow, what news!

  • LMAO

    Come on people,
    this is important,
    she pressed the traffic signal button !

  • Lilac

    OMFG!!!! Rachel Bilson PRESSED the button!!!!
    so exsiting!
    oh Jared, you making a fool out of yourself.

  • lexy

    Rachel pays the bills here at JJ. I mean this isn’t TMZ or E! – they can only afford to purchase so many pictures of A-listers and B-listers they need to fill up space. Rachel tips the paps off and her PR people pay JJ to post them – probably giving them some sort of “exclusive” meanwhile we all know the other shows/sites don’t want them. Come on – the paps wouldn’t even recognize her if she didn’t tip them off.
    The Wizard of Oz idea is great but again – RACHEL NEEDS A BRAIN SO SHE NEEDS TO BE THE SCARECROW – let Lil Sis be Dorothy. Maybe once she gets her brain she can ask the Wizard for some talent.

  • Serena

    come on JJ at least wait till she says something or does something worth while instead of crossing the street. Ugggg

  • coco

    Yay – more RB – one of my people! Where’s the Starfcuks? Gelsons? Ralphs? Pastries? Maybe later. I need to know what she ate today. JJ please give us an update! Thanks.

  • emmy jay

    is this some kind of joke?


  • queen b

    where’s that barg from? she’s taking it to everywhere

  • xxx


    JJ, do you think this girl is more famous than Angelina Jolie or something? You post about her EVERYTIME she does anything.

  • kosher

    A Talentless and Meaningless Nobody with HW-Media-Connections and a Pair of Disgusting Saddlebags.


    This should be called the Just Rachel website! Ask me where she deserves this press attention for doing nothing? DIsgusting jj! There are so many other celebs that deserve the love. Stupid!

  • SleepyBee

    OMG exactly my point!! Why is Rachel Bilson is in the side every single day! Every time am opening this web my girlfriends and I will go with, you think She’s be in the news again?

    Nothing againts her but what project that she recently has done? come on!

  • http://deleted lisa

    btw jennifers body is still two places higher than ny i love whatever.
    most critics told adam was best part of jens body and in nyloves review where is this superstar?her dad is a paparazzi and he runs a website,it is also known as just jared .com.

  • http://deleted lisa

    if we r lucky,oh god plese let me be unlucky and see adam brody dressed up for holloween pics.

  • Jeanie

    She is pointless as an actress, but now I realise, after a diet of daily posts courtesy of JustJared, that she is pointless as a person too. Also I have never seen anyone so well wrapped up, it must be really cold in LA.

  • searlus

    I think Just Jared is “secretly owned” by the BilSHITSon Family Entertaiment and Jared is just their frontman.

  • Who

    Who r these sad ppl who follow her around snapping her?

  • How

    More to the point, how is HC going to survive shacked up long term to this little piece of meaningless absurdity? He must enjoy being bored sh*tless by fluff for brains.

  • reedley

    @ JJ – If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see the 28-year-old former O.C. actress and her pet pooch Thurmen Murmen…

    @ #29
    HC actually dont care enough as he’s usually like this… …when he’s not working LOL

  • ?

    Guess tomorrow’s thrilling instalment;

    1) Rachel Bilson: Pastry Princess

    2) Rachel Bilson is a Starbuck’s Saviour


    3) Rachel Bilson’s Party Time Prada

    you choose……….or make up your own

  • rick

    it is a disgrace what JJ is doing with her, it is ruining her image and shows young impressionable girls that shopping and eating out and being a waste and doing absolutely nothing respectable as working is acceptable behavior for someone who is not that pretty but was able to land a very good looking but obviously extremely insecure guy.

  • @Jeanie

    The scarves are a fashion in right now. So true to form, Rachel has jumped on a trend a little too late to make it seem edgy & chic…….she is always playing catch up, it seems. The scarf is too big for her to carry it off…….it’s too much.

  • searlus

    She would try on anything & everything as if they would all match up w/ her generic face & her microscopic size.

  • mercy

    Rachel Bilson: Sidewalk Stupid?

  • tsk, tsk

    Did Jared miss Rachel flying out of LAX on Thursday? With a winter coat? To Detroit, maybe?

  • Happy

    Hayden cant all work, he has to play too.

  • Awwww…
  • spoons

    @Awwww…: Ahh, cute, dumb & dumber together again.

  • @Happy

    How small things please small minds!

  • Happy

    It is the small things that count a lot, LOL

  • kiki

    I thought she was staying here for Halloween with her little sister?

  • lakers fan in boston

    uve reached a new low jared
    a post about her crossing the street
    i use 2 like her alot but with ur daily posts of her ive grown so tired of her
    i dont even see why u constantly post about her
    she’s doing nothing interesting, just stop!!

  • bored to tears

    Love how her mom got out and hugged her good-bye in the link at @43. Same place Rachel dropped Hayden off at and couldn’t be bothered to do the same. Just a quick kiss in the car. Strange for a couple so in love.

  • Nay

    ‘Rachel Bilson gets stuck at a pedestrian crosswalk and presses the traffic signal button ‘
    Well that’s usually what you do, Dumb ar’se.

  • @Happy

    Ignorance encompasses the trivial, the small, because ignorance knows no bounds

  • Wayne

    She looks confused

  • The Only Truth

    Rachel Bilson probably go to NY to promote TRESemme. She wants everyone think that she is with Hayden but she’s not, she could not see Hayden working and she’s not, soon we will have new photos of her.

  • Happy


    Verstehen Sie Spass?

  • DP

    Woman wants monogamy;
    Man delights in novelty.
    Love is woman’s moon and sun;
    Man has other kinds of fun…
    With this the gist and sum of it,
    What earthly good can come of it?