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Alexa Chung Takes On V Magazine

Alexa Chung Takes On V Magazine

Alexa Chung shines in Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel in these photos for V Magazine.

The 25-year-old model and host of It’s On with Alexa Chung posed for Sharif Hamza and spoke about living in Brooklyn, anxieties and friendships.

On It’s On jitters: “I’m worried my guests won’t like me.”

On making friends in a new environment: “I don’t really have any friends in America…I just don’t tolerate douche bags”

On her new place: “I think my apartment is too shiny. I just found out that (Vampire DiariesIan Somerhalder) used to live in it. And the other day when I was in the laundry room, I heard that Michael Douglas’ son is looking to move into the building.”

For more from Alexa – and for Natalia Vodianova and Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous spreads, check out V Magazine.

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Photos: Sharif Hamza
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  • lalala

    So is she saying most Americans are douchebags? Wondering what that’s all about.

  • zev

    Holy dead in the eyes. I don’t tolerate British douche bags, Alexa.

  • hannahh

    uh take a look around, most Americans are douchebags. At least what we have representing us celebrity-wise….Jon Gosselin, Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner. Most Americans are douchebags.

  • Joanne

    celebrities are douchebags

  • k

    i LOVE alexa, but she looks kinda freaky in these pics.

  • rebecca

    @hannahh: there are plenty of tabloid ”douchebags” in the UK. jordan, peter, kerry katona, mark croft, jade goody’s ex, jodie marsh, big brother bottomfeeders, etc. douchebags reign all over the world. its not just an american thing. maybe alexa has just met all the psuedo bohemian disingenuous losers crawling all over brooklyn at the moment. it happens. and it could happen in london too. or maybe alexa chung is a prick and no one wants to be friends with her. who knows, i certainly don’t know her personally.

  • elle

    Love her style, love her show, but honestly if you hate the US that much Alexa, go home, you’re a far bigger celeb in the UK anyway.

  • yipee!

    I Love Alexa Chung!!!! but, what she said in question #2 made it sound like she was basically saying “all americans are douchbags” and that doesn’t make sense because the americans (most of her guests) is who she wants to like her (says in #1) so why are you calling them douches?

    btw, is she chinese or something? because her last name is chung…

  • bailey

    she should elaborate more on americans being douchebags.

    oh and eat something.

  • bailey

    and i agree.

    her eyes are so blank.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I think she’s half Chinese, but she doesn’t look like it!!!

  • len

    i agree. her eyes are scary in these pics…kind of predatory…i think americans are very friendly…and maybe some people are off-put by that, or maybe they themselves are suspect so they’re suspicious of other people…i saw an interview of her boyfriend, and honestly he seems a little i don’t know…

  • Laura

    Jared how about putting the entire quote about “douchebags” and not just that one bit ;) that’s not all of it.

  • Keely

    What Alexa said was taken out of context. I think everyone would agree with what she actually meant; MORE from the article:

    You would think that with all of the people she meets and interviews each day, that she’d have no problem making a lot of friends. But she says that’s not quite the case:

    AC I don’t really have any friends in America. Well, I have some friends. ….. I just don’t tolerate douche bags. You get them in England too, those people who just sort of hang out and hold coats or something. But there’s more of them here.

    Alexa thinks she might stay in America, even after the show is over.

    Will you go back to England when this MTV gig is done?
    AC I don’t know. I went to a wedding last weekend [in England] and when I got back here I was quite relieved to be home in New York. Whoa, I guess that’s the first time I actually said that and meant it “Home In New York”.

    Sounds like she is liking it here. Many times you hear celebrities who hail from England say that they can’t wait to get back home because it’s a little less “celebrity crazy” over there.

    Alexa says she likes to meet her guests for a quick minute before the show starts. The interviewer tells her that Oprah never greets guests before her shows.

    AC: That’s ’cause she’s optimistic, and she’s banking on everyone loving Oprah. I’m worried my guests won’t like me, so I have to get the awkwardness out of the way in the beginning.

  • nat

    Did she just called us douch bags? If she is too good to be in here then why is she here? I hate when people do that. None is forcing her to be in a place full of “douch bags.” If England is that good, then go back there.

  • Keely

    Douchebag comment aside…. she does look weird. What’s up with those eyes? They’re alien-like!

  • Margaret Thatcher

    Dont look now Jared, your agenda is showing!!!

  • rosie

    actually, i do see her chinese descent. i’m part-Chinese too, but most get surprised when they find out ‘cos I don’t have smaller eyes, but that’s not the only “identifying mark”, shall we say. Her features are familiarly Asian to a point. Maybe I see it more easily ‘cos I live in Asia.

  • cosi

    if the ellipsis is used to show that part of what she said was left out, the d-bag comment can’t really be evaluated – not enough info. if the ‘…’ were actually in place just to indicate a pause in thought, moron just insulted the demographic she’s trying to conquer

  • maddison

    I love America, but with the popularity of reality shows, I’ve begun to wonder if last and this generations contain mostly spoiled, delusional celeb wannabes! I understand exactly where her statement was coming from. I don’t care for this chick though. Why the hell does she have her own show? She doesn’t have that IT factor.

  • pookie

    Maybe she doesn’t have any friends because she’s so annoying. I can’t stand her show. She interviewed Gerard Butler last week and it was awful to watch. Like nails on a chalk board. She came off full of herself when he complemented her.

    Alexa, I can’t stand douchebags either. That’s why I’ll never watch your show again.

  • hess

    that ‘douchebag’ thing is totally out of context. she actually said that there’s lots of douchbags in England too.

    Anyway she’s stunning.

  • yell

    Beautiful girl in the flesh but has zero talent. She also seems to be void of personality. She cannot interview for toffee and as a model is not particularly photogenic. How she’s managed to get so far is a mystery to me. Any idea, anyone?

  • Fiona

    Alexa’s great, I think my apartment’s too shiny!! lol I like how she’s kept her sarcastic humour and the way she takes the piss out of herself and other people without getting all big headed cos she’s gone to America. Take note Cat Deely!!

    #13 She’s just joking about the douchebag thing……she probably couldn’t think of anything else to say….god do you americans have no sense of humour!

  • lol

    she is fugly!

  • jane

    Smug, Smug, Smug! She is to thin. I think she is going to dump Alex (Artic Monkeys) now that his last album flopped.

  • getridofher

    @24 “… she probably couldn’t think of anything else to say”. But did she have to use the word douche bag? Sounds to me like she’s a bit bitter… perhaps she is being shunned, and I would’t be surprised. If she wants to further her career, which amazes me given that she’s shite at what she does, she shouldn’t refer to people in that way. She’s obviously an idiot, as well as talentless and boring.

  • http://justjared lily

    I think she is fantastic. She is gorgeous (yes too thin), smart, ironic, funny as hell,’cleva’ and has great taste in music (and musicians)! Americans just don’t get it – not necessarily db’s just not too ‘cleva’! MTV should be lucky to have her – finally someone interesting and orginal. Love her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh not the best pics of her but she’s good looking imo
    i especially love her legs
    and she has some beautiful eyes
    as always i love her accent =]

  • caroline

    oh and i suppose all americans are douchebags then?? way to stereotype, asshole . . . the only DOUCHEBAG in this situation is a bigoted, insecure little windbag named alexa dung!!

  • Lowest denominator

    Yeah…what is with the “death mask” look? In every pic?

    Sometimes A LOT of celebs (INCLUDING the British ones) are soooo determined to come off as “quick-witted” and above it all that they speak before they think. First smart-ass quip that pops up just comes rushing out. She seems nice enough, though, but awkward.

    Oh, and named-dropping about your apartment — that’s kinda douchey, hon.

  • Fiona

    She (and Cheryl Cole) are totally flying the flag for us Brits………living the dream!!!!! She has a Mulberry bag named after her for goodness sake!!! Don’t try and ruin it douchebags!!

  • notalent

    Alexa and Cole are “flying the flag for us Brits” You cannot be serious! I’m embarrassed on behalf of the UK. I pity how misguided you are. Brits like to celebrate mediocracy, which includes the likes of Chung, Cole, Jordan, Sienna Miller….. raw talent nowadays is hard to find.

  • Ashley

    She’s so cool. Luv her!