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Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Rambagh Palace Pair

Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Rambagh Palace Pair

Anderson Cooper and pal Antoine “Ben” Maisani were spotted together at the Rambagh Palace hotel on Tuesday (October 27) in Jaipur, India.

The 42-year-old CNN host is staying at a $3,200-a-night room at the Rambagh Palace, which is one of the world’s most opulent hotels and named the best hotel in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.

A Page Six source says, “Anderson‘s room has a large round bathtub. On the first night it was filled with bubbles and sprinkled with red rose petals.”

Maisani is an owner of East Village bar Eastern Bloc and was spotted biking with Anderson back in June.

CNN recently fell to last place in ratings for prime-time programs.

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58 Responses to “Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Rambagh Palace Pair”

  1. 1
    k Says:

    love Anderson, he is the best

  2. 2
    TR Says:

    Seriously, when is this guy coming out? When he co-hosts on Regis & Kelly, he giggles like a little girl, admits to watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, knows all about the Kardashians, I mean, does he think we DON’T KNOW he’s gay?? Why the big secret?

  3. 3
    emma Says:

    i dunno, i wish he would…he has clueless girls still swooning over him, denying that he’s not gay just because he hasnt come out publicly and said so…its sad.

  4. 4
    Tina Says:

    I hope they had a great time!

  5. 5
    Elisa Says:

    Is Anderson Cooper gay???

  6. 6
    Pandora Says:

    He’s so darn cute. His BF isn’t bad, either. Must be rough, though, staying in such quarters when traveling. LOL

    To whom is he obligated to come out? I don’t get that. I mean, it’s not difficult to put 2+2 together. The clueless girls will just have to deal! :)

  7. 7
    jaye Says:

    It’s funny how they say there is nothing wrong with being Gay, but they don’t seem to be eager to tell anyone they are Gay. Well one might say, heterosexuals don’t go around telling people they are heterosexual. That’s quite true, but then again they don’t go around defining themselves by their sexuality. It’s a ‘so what’ with heterosexuals, not a declaration of who they are.

  8. 8
    cat Says:

    well it is obvious he’s gay… never seen him with a girl
    just be happy for him

  9. 9
    Pandora Says:

    @jaye #7 — I think that was really well articulated, but I don’t agree completely. Being gay isn’t the sole way gay people define themselves. It’s merely one aspect of whom they are. Just as w/ heteros, gay people can be very private too and don’t feel a need to be “in your face” w/ their sexuality. Ergo, it is to them, a “so what”, too. That’s as it should be. And when they are accepted for whom they are, that’s when it’ll be a “so what” not only to them, but to everyone. It’s very easy to be a “so what” hetero when we are the ones who are socially sanctioned. Gays have not yet reached that point. They will, though.

  10. 10
    mailey Says:

    they’re both hot.

  11. 11
    lissa Says:

    when are they gonna get married and have children? their children will be so cute!

  12. 12
    lissa Says:

    when are they gonna get married and have children? their children will be so cute!

  13. 13
    Beth Says:

    I agree with Pandora. Who says that coming out means they are “defining themselves by their sexuality.” I thought TR Knight said it well after he come out (although he was semi-forced to after Isaiah-gate) he said that “I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.”

  14. 14
    not closet case Says:

    He’s gay, he’s admitted that on major publications but believes that his work should not mix with his personal life – as a major credible news report he’s totally right. I really respect him because he’s obviously gay & supports the community but is private, he’s a professional & that to him means more than anything. It’s not about his personal life being a secret, it’s about his career being a priority.

  15. 15
    olsond Says:

    @not closet case – very well said.

  16. 16
    TR Says:

    @not closet case:

    Sorry, he’s NEVER admitted he’s gay. He has said he doesn’t discuss his personal life but unless you can show where and when, he has NOT admitted anything. Obvious, yes. He should so he’s a positive role model.

  17. 17
    happy girl Says:

    nooooooo! he is MINE. I love Anderson!

  18. 18
    sad Says:

    how sad that Anderson is so ashamed of being gay that he can’t say the words to his fans.

    disappointing too he sits there with panels discussing gay issues and he sits there acting like he is some sort of a cassanova trying to act neutral.

    maybe it not matter to him, he makes millions and gets to spent and live in the lap of luxury.

  19. 19
    mia Says:

    i am one of those clueless girls in denial.

    gay or straight, he’s an intelligent, compassionate, funny, and articulate man and any person would be lucky to date him.

  20. 20
    jb Says:

    I’ve spotted them before. I wish AC would come out, he’d be a great role model but I understand his right to his privacy.

  21. 21
    Lisa2 Says:

    I think that in Anderson Coopers case, we really like him and just want to know about his personal life. I think both women and men probably do have a “crush” on him because he is so likable and just want to know about his personal life. I admit, I do like to watch him and I get a chuckle when he talks about the reality TV shows he watches. It’s funny because he has been to many dangerous locations and is a respected journalist, yet he likes to watch and knows all the stupid celebrity d-listers just like the rest of us. He knows it’s all nonsense and laughs at himself for watching it too. I also love it when he co-hosts with Kelly Ripa as well. I personaly think he is gay just because we never see him out with women. Sure, maybe he hasn’t found “miss right”, but I see more photos of him looking for “mr right”.

  22. 22
    WesB Says:

    Uhh, yeah Pal is a good way to put it.

  23. 23
    s Says:

    Because people say there isn’t anything wrong with been gay, and chooses not to come out if they are themselves doesn’t mean they are hypocrites. It just simply means it’s no one’s business.

    Who cares if he comes out or not? Ok, so if he does come out (IF he’s gay) how would that change anything? Unless you’re a bigot, it shouldn’t change a thing. And if your biggest objection is that you hate wondering if he is or isn’t then you need better things to focus on.

  24. 24
    katie n Says:


    Well said!!

    And good for you Mr. Cooper, you look happy, and that is the most important thing.

  25. 25
    s Says:

    …plus, people who want him to come out so he can be a positive role model to the gay community need to realize. The BEST role models are the people you know in your PERSONAL life. People in the public eye may influence you positively but they are NOT who should look for personally.

  26. 26
    jo Says:

    So the point here is Anderson is gay. And so? He’s obviously a very private person, gay or not, and I can relate (no Im not gay). I would however love to see this hotel…now that would be interesting!

  27. 27
    jo Says:

    @s: Agreed. Maybe he is being a good role model by just simply living his life in private as normally as possible and adding his name to good causes where and when he can and feels right. We need to stop perpetuating stereotypes period not feeding them.

  28. 28
    CJ Says:

    Give me a break! People can do what they want to do. If Anderson wants to stay in the closet, so be it. Most gay people were in the closet at one time too. There something that happens when a person like Anderson “comes out” and publicly states it. Of course, we all believe he’s gay, but because he has not said it, some girls can at least “hope.” That is good for Anderson’s career, just like it’s good for Kenny Chesney. People who come out love to try to force other people out. It’s not right. They should mind their own business, be concerned with their own lives and their happiness or lack of it.

  29. 29
    Flisbeth Says:

    Pandora-#9 very well put! Should it be the case, I think they make a very nice looking couple.

  30. 30
    ami Says:

    TR ,

    Did you come and tell the world you are STRAIGHT/?

    Why does he have to COME OUT? He has to announce to the world that he’s gay? Has he ever denied being gay? No. Why is whom he chooses to live a big deal?

    Why does he have to tell you he’s gay? What effect would that have on your life?

  31. 31
    Mary Says:

    Gay or NOT he is still some serious eye candy for me! YUM YUM

  32. 32
    Malia Says:

    Just because a guy’s gay doesn’t mean you can’t have a crush on him. I have a major crush on Andy Coop’s! He’s my Idol.

  33. 33
    Pinkrose Says:

    Why does he need to come out? Where is he that he needs to publicly come out? It’s nobody’s business. It’s not mandatory for every gay person to write a book or issue a press release? The trouble with society today is that through the Internet, everybody is into everybody’s business. But that is not good form. Whatever happened to subtlety? Decorum? Privacy? He is not hiding and he is not lying. He has not issued a denial. He just wishes to be old school and not have his private life be part of the public domain. He strikes me as the type that would be just as private if he were straight.

  34. 34
    rita Says:

    this isn’t news. love u anderson, you’re hot!

  35. 35
    Mollywoo Says:

    I could care less about his love life (it is his after all) BUt CNN has dropped to last place because viewers are sick and tired of how biased the reporting is most of the time. It’s great to have your own opinion but CNN should be professional in getting the full story….they’re just like Fox only Liberal., still wrong.

  36. 36
    christine Says:

    “Maisani is an owner of East Village bar Eastern Bloc…”

    Well, is it a gay bar?

  37. 37
    christine Says:

    Yep, Brad Pitt’s gay assistant (and Pitt’s boyfriend/boy toy) said it was…

  38. 38
    she shall remain nameless Says:

    He’s so freakin sexy!!!!

  39. 39
    jjgg5 Says:

    Anderson is slowly coming out. That’s a fine thing. Eventually, he’ll be a great help.

  40. 40
    Glenn Says:

    YES! Jared please go after this closeted homo!

  41. 41
    MR Says:

    I just like/love him as Anderson Cooper/Silver Fox.
    Gay or straight doesn’t matter because I’m not interested in that aspect of him.

  42. 42
    FYI Says:

    Anderson and Ben make a lovely and good-looking couple!!!!!!!!

  43. 43
    Sassy Says:

    I personally don’t think about what he does in his bedroom and with whom. Yep, he’s a hottie and I adore him on Regis & Kelly, he’s a better co-host than Kelly’s own husband. Really, is this all people have to look forward to–if & when he is going to tell you all who’s in his bed with him? Get over it. It’s no one’s business. Period.

  44. 44
    maddison Says:

    Ummm, I thought he was dating a young college student who’s black. Either way, this bf is cute just like Anderson. I think it’s silly people expect Anderson to come out and broadcast his sexuality. Why state the obvious? Plus, don’t you think HR would have Kelly Ripa’s head with all the sexual innuendos she tosses Anderson’s way when he’s co-hosting? Cottonheads and naive lasses can keep their fantasies going.

  45. 45
    Josh Says:

    Some other reporter mentioned he was walking funny from the long weekend. Hand him the preperation H.. Also I was concerned with his remarks about tea bagging his freinds. That sort of indicated risky behavior which leads to mental breakdowns..

  46. 46
    alice Says:

    Is this his bf?Not the same one I saw before.

  47. 47
    Ashley Says:

    Anderson is dreamy! –

  48. 48
    kim Says:

    I thought his bf was Latino , a darker skinned Latino

  49. 49
    gossipgirl74203 Says:

    They’re probably lovers man!!!!, he’s a 42 yr old man n dont have a woman in his side n everytime he is out in the public when paparazi caught pics of him he is with a man. Doesnt that tell u anything!!! Well i do!!!!

  50. 50
    Gary Says:

    If it doesn’t work out and I hope it does, he can call me anytime.

  51. 51
    Gary Says:

    If it doesn’t work out and I hope it does, he can call me anytime.

  52. 52
    Stephen Says:

    The reason why he hasn’t come out is probably because of the ramification it could have on his career. Look what happened to Ellen when she first came out on her tv show in the 90s – it got cancelled. Besides who is AC obligated to – YOU? If he doesn’t want to disclose who he sleeps with that’s his biz not your’s… I think he is an awesome role model! I love love love AC.

  53. 53
    heller Says:

    Hey, if Paul Newman and Robert Wagner are bi-sexual and they are.
    Read Newmans letters to Gore Vidal in Vidals Snapshots book.
    Then leave Anderson alone… Please, that Picture of him caring the injured and blooded child in Haiti to get him help. Will live forever in my mind…. God almight what a human being ! !

  54. 54
    heller Says:

    Pictures of Anderson carrying that injured blooded Haitian child to a medical station says more about him than all the hoopla about him.
    God Almight what a human being !!

  55. 55
    April Says:

    @emma: Maybe thats why more fans. I love him either way.

  56. 56
    April Says:

    @mia: I AGREE!!! Well said:D

  57. 57
    Florence Says:

    I understand Cooper not wanting to “come out” in regards to his journalism, and maybe if he did declare his homosexuality it could have some sort of affect on the public and his career. HOWEVER the importance of a public figure coming out, is that it shows people that being gay is normal and nothing to make a huge song and dance about. If every homosexual in the public eye came out, homosexuality would be deemed “normal” and other journalists would not have to hide it in fear of not being neutral to news issues.
    After all, other personal issues don’t interfere with news (saying that Cooper could be seen as biased whilst reporting on gay issues) for other news readers – e.g. divorced news readers reporting on divorce cases or whatever, it doesn’t matter, it makes no difference to the news report and neither should his sexuality.

  58. 58
    dina Says:

    Gay or straight.What does it matter. He is a good and pleasant journalist and does not have to talk about his personal life. Other people talk too muc about their personal lives and he is more professional and sticks to business. I think he is liked by both men and women and what he does in his private life is his to do.So please let him alone. A female admirer.

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