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Hailey Glassman: I Am Being Emotionally Abused By Jon Gosselin

Hailey Glassman: I Am Being Emotionally Abused By Jon Gosselin
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  • Miss Anonymous

    Jon was emotionally abused by Kate, what did you expect? He’s gonna have scars for the rest of his LIFE from her.

  • pop

    Glassman is odd. Is that any different than saying I get punched in the face every but since I love him, I stay? :/ Wackjob!

  • pop

    Just because you were abused, it does not GIVE YOU THE RIGHT to abuse others.

  • rhonda

    Jon and the children will need counseling after the years of abuse inflicted by Kate. Probably hooking up with Jon is probably a bad idea right now, he’s ever bit the abused person in that awful relationship with bully Kate!

  • ****

    Noah Cyrus is a little whore in training but with parents like hers who wouldn’t be?

  • Jorden

    Noah Cyrus is 9 years old. Why are her parents allowing her to dress like a hooker? Im sorry, is it acceptable because its halloween? Idiots.

  • SubSub

    Rosie O’Donnell could of had Angelina Jolie? And Rosie still dreams about Angelina? Wow, she’s really out to hurt Kelli.

  • Karen

    OMG KAte was not abusive! Jon would never have done anything without being told during that marriage-he is sooooo immature.

  • lissa


    I’m sure thats what all the bully husbands of abused women say. Kate was truly abusive and Jon is being ridiculed. Karen did you watch that show! Had Kate been a man she would have been arrested for abuse.

  • yoyo

    The question is, why is this girl being so weak? Because its all about the money baby.

  • Madison

    Jon is a good father and husband. He is the perfect man!

  • flo

    Jon is dumba and kate is just an abusive liar. Get em out of the media and into a pscych ward STAT.

  • Emma

    JJ could you please, please, PLEASE stop posting stuff about these people’s life?! We don’t care about ANY of them anymore! They’re shameless people that are just using their kids to have 15 minutes of fame!. C’mon! They really need to get a job or something. They make all parents get upset because of the way they expose children to scandals. Don’t they know the only thing that they’re actually hurting by all of this divorce-drama-did-they-cheat-on-each-other-and-then-he-stoled-momey-from-their-account, is their children?..
    And now this young woman claiming she is being abussed? They’re PATHETIC!

  • chase

    can’t help it! Noah Cyrus is one of the ugliest kids i ever seen.

  • Say it like it is

    Iagree with Emma.

    Ok,people make mistakes.Haily is a young woman, so I’ll give her a pass,if ,IF,she would leave this troubled man.He was separated and troubled when she took up with him.
    Will she leavehim?No.

    He has no money.I mean he had millions,but he is spending mkillons and losing millions with no more coming in.
    What has she recd’d? Lack of privacy. Being villified in the media.
    What can she get ?
    A few dollars from a mag selling her story.
    Nothing much. Old friends of hers got moreby selling pics of her from college with a bong attached to her mouth and nose.
    BillyRay Cyrus and his wife are really wrong in the way Miley has done things: having a sexual relationship with a 20 and when she was15.,pole dancing on the tv show, taking those pictures for Annie Leibovitz,and now having their 9 yr.old dress as ,what for Halloween?
    Child prostitute. Yeah,they dress’em up like this in India,Thailand inthe brothels.
    Come on,get real?
    Miley is a major U.S.corporation employing hundreds of thousands of people.and she,CEO of Miley worth around 200-300 million.
    Her folks can’t and don’t tell her anything
    Their 9 yr.should be dressed in a costume like a Disney storybook character . Even if Jasmine,add extra lawyers of material.

    That costume is what a grown woman would wear to an adult Halloween party.

  • mickey

    Aren’t we all emotionally abused by Jon Gosselin?

  • Leddy

    I, for one, love reading about the Gosselin trainwreck. Why are people always asking JJ to stop reporting stories about them? If you don’t like reading about the Gosselins just ignore the posts, for gosh sakes. How hard can that be?

  • Mollywoo

    Looking at those pics of Rosie O’Donell made me wonder what she ate that tasted so good, it was worth doing that to her body?

  • Rose

    Are this people even serious right now? We all hate knowing anything about the Gosselin’s!
    I completely agree with emma, JJ should just STOP posting about them.. It’s sick the way they are claiming to become famous, i feel bad for them. It really makes me sick the way Kate says she’s not doing this for the “celebrity” status, and then she says she wants to star in a movie? Is she serious? THEY SUCK! If there’s someone I feel bad for because all of the scandals and stuff, are those cute 8 kids, who aren’t guilty because of their parents needing actually more attention than them.

  • rossy40

    You ranting posters make me laugh! YOU’RE THE ONES WHO KEEP THIS GOING! Are your brains on vacation, or what? So long as any of the blogs get responses for so-called “hated” celebs (especially reality stars) there will be continued threads (think of H&S from that Hills’ show)… So despised, yet still making money feeding off the brainless who keep them “newsworthy” by bitching constantly about them.
    Pass them by… Nobody posting = Zero reason to include them on these celebrity blogs.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, since when dont guys have tantrums, every1 does
    dumb ho is just looking for any attention she can get
    aww my 2 cuties selena and taylor look like they’re having a great time =]
    i heard miley was crotch grabbing herself
    who cares elisabeth