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Levi Johnston To Bare Naughty Bits

Levi Johnston To Bare Naughty Bits

Maybe you can’t see Russia from your house, but you can see all of Levi Johnston in his upcoming Playgirl pictorial.

After saying he was “90% sure” that 19-year-old Levi would be doing a full frontal spread in the magazine, Levi‘s manager Tank Jones confirmed to, “Everything’s gonna hang out. We’re talking ‘Full Johnson.’ ”

According to his manager, Levi will be shooting his spread on November 16 – that’s the same day Sarah Palin will appear on Oprah.

As for what kind of theme to expect, a Playgirl rep said, “[w]e’re working on some athletic scene stuff for Levi: gyms, rinks – that sort of thing.”

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  • TR

    Do you think he’s cut or uncut?

  • loyal

    I just think that he is repulsive.

  • jb

    He’s so hot. Can’t wait.

  • zacky

    he is hot

  • lissa

    he’s cute but not to smart. He is being used as a tool for the democrats who seem to fear Sarah Palin more than anything in their lives.

    We’ll see Malia on a pole one day, just a matter of time!

  • dee

    I think he is sooo hot! cant wait to find out if he is “cut or uncut” lol

  • Eva


    A 19 year old who is going to be making child support payments till he is 36… Hot? Me thinks NOT!

  • sillyme

    Poor kid. He’s too stupid to realize he’s just being used by the left wing media as a joke.

  • Lilka

    Yes, he is handsome, but that’s all. Except that he seems to be male version of Paris Hilton- fame whore with a very low IQ score. What he did to be famous besides being a father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild?

  • LOL

    Who cares if he’s dumb or being used. He’s a hottie and we get to see him buck neked!! Yummm!!!

  • Lynn

    YAY!!! for Levi’s Naughty Bits!!!!!

  • Maria

    He makes me sick. He is just younger and cuter version of Jon Gosselin. He is not smart and just being used to embarrass Palin. I hope he uses some of the money to buy diapers for his baby.

  • African Girl

    Rotflmao@ Those blaming the left wing media for this. I suppose it was the left wing media who paraded around as the paragon of virtue and they are the ones taking off his drawers.
    When is his Sarah Palin Expose book coming out again?

  • Say it like it is

    I do not like Palin.
    However,this man needs to fall in the tundra in North Alaska!!
    He is stupid. Embarassing.Ugly.Repulsive.
    Yes,he is being used. He is too stupid to know.
    He is really not benefitting and he really thinks someone is going to put him in the movies.

    Re: to Maria.

    he is not likeJonGosselin.Jonis dumb in that he has ruined fans of the show from watching his 8 little kids be on display for the enjoyment of others.Would you want your kids looking, by editing stupid,sad,silly? nO. He did stop the apple cart for selfish reasons; to stop your Kate. Reality is those 8 kids are too old now to be freaks. Despite what Kate,carefullly orchestrated by TLC’s suppply of lawyers,handlers ,pr people,the kids were “sobbing,wailing,”bcecause they are not on tv.
    Kate and Jon used themselves and their kids and still continue to do so. TLC used them best because while JON and KATE are MUTLIMILLIOANAIRES, TLC has earned tens of millions.

  • Maria

    To poster #13, if Palin had been a democratic candidate, the media would refuse to give Levi Johnston air time in order to avoid embarrassing a prominent democrat.

  • athena

    I’m sure he’s doing it for the money…who cares to see his naughty bits anyway.

  • Davis

    For all of those who say Levi is being used by the left wing or dumb. This guy as lasted past his 15 minutes of fame and continues to make money–not to mention he dominates the airwaves when he gives interviews. To me, this guy is smart! I think some republicans on this blog just have to blame everybody else for Palin and its mistakes.

  • misty

    This guy is no different than the other rednecks that show up in boring Playgirl. Why all the fuss?

  • Cedric

    Mmm, can’t wait. He’s totally hot! TR: I’m betting he’s cut.

  • J. Ryan


    After Playgirl he’s gonna have nothing. And I don’t think he’s being used by the liberal media. I think he’s been given way too much publicity by the liberal media but he isn’t being used. This is some stupid redneck who wants to embarass his almost mother-in-law. its all part of a personal vindictive agenda and after he’s bares all… what’s his next move? God, I hope people start coming to there senses.

  • mare

    What a loser. His child will be very proud of him. The press is letting him milk this way to far…

  • yoyo

    Now Sarah can see the ding dong that was inside her daughter!!!

  • Pinkrose

    I bet Bristol Palin could shoot herself (well not really) for the biggest mistake of her young life. Most of us get to live down our mistakes. I hope her parents are not the type to say “We told you so” or “You should have listened to us and kept your legs closed”. Clearly she picked a loser.

  • Carey

    @lissa: You’re an idiot.

  • jack

    Hot! What a stud. I bet he’s cut too.

  • a realist

    sillyme @ 10/29/2009 at 2:29 pm #8

    Poor kid. He’s too stupid to realize he’s just being used by the left wing media as a joke.
    You dummy. What the hell does the media have to do with Levi choosing to pose for a magazine? And how in the hell is the media using him? The media had nothing to do with it.

  • Jane

    lissa @ 10/29/2009 at 2:11 pm #5

    he’s cute but not to smart. He is being used as a tool for the democrats who seem to fear Sarah Palin more than anything in their lives.

    We’ll see Malia on a pole one day, just a matter of time!
    You are a dirtbag. Your comment is ignorant.

    And you are vulgar for saying what you said about that child, Malia, who has done nothing to you. She is just a child. And from a wonderful educated intelligent family. Unlike the white trash such as yourself and the Palin’s.


  • missy

    Did you see the pictures from russia of the older obama girl. She looked twenty, wearing short, shorts and hanging with a ghetto pimp!

    I think she’s very young to be acting like that I’m sure Obama will get her an abortion if she gets pregnant.

  • kim wang ho

    well, I hope he shows all including his shethole!

  • Dee Tergent

    I blew him in a bathroom stall recently in NY. He is cut. Not very long but kinda thick.

  • cat

    and what this guy was famous for anyway!…and i agreed with #7 he’ll be paying child support until he’s 36th and what so hot about that!!

  • hottest couple ever

    Levi is not the only one who does like NOT Sarah Palin. I know alot of republicans who don’t like her either. Thank you John!

  • tina

    wow, what a role model for his child this dork is. Look son, that is your daddy posing sans clothes in that magazine. oh and there he is talking trash about grannie and there he is doing it again, and again, and again. What a tool and an embrassment. He should be totally ashamed or himself. He is incredibly dumb. Dumb as a stump.

  • ck_always

    He’s going to be cut you bimbos, there’s been articles talking with his manager and trainer that he’s working in the gym several days a week for multiple hours at a time. That’s why his Playgirl date was set in November, he needs time to bulk up.

  • bev

    This punk is repulsive, I feel for the Palin family and this punk’s son, who’s doing this ? Keeping this creep in the public eye? Probably someone that hates Sarah Palin, disgusting

  • Jon

    @yoyo: Stupid comment.

  • gin

    @Pinkrose: I feel for Bristol also , let the clown make the money and Bristol can hold her hand out, he is such a retard.

  • bev

    @lissa: It is strange they are still after Sarah Palin, when this clown had a date with that no talent Kathy Griffin that was the end for me..

  • bev

    @missy: Absolutely don’t want to punish her with a child.

  • George

    When you lookup moron in the dictionary don’t be too surprised to find a photo of this clown. Levi is just making the most of his time in the spotlight, let’s hope it’s short lived. After all what has this shit for brains done that most people give a crap about? Well?

  • lakers fan in boston

    this little famwhore is willing 2 do anything
    id bet if they’d pay him enough, he’d do a gay P0Rn0
    sad, this little hillbilly has no dignity
    he’s not even a man anymore, he’s a pus-c

  • Ashley

    His son must be so proud!

  • A Father

    Levi will get his money, but his soul will be left in anguish, as even the liberals will be laughing at him after he gets naked. Levi will live in the memory hole of the forgotten objects of humiliation. He will be used as a tool to hate Sarah Palin, but in the end, she will increase and he will known only as numb nuts.