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Sienna Miller: Rekindled Romance With Jude Law?

Sienna Miller: Rekindled Romance With Jude Law?

Sienna Miller is spotted walking her dog in New York City on Wednesday (October 28).

The 27-year-old actress had a much publicized romance with Jude Law from 2004 until 2006 when they split up after he had a relationship with their nanny.

But now, “Sienna and Jude have met up a few times and got on really well,” a source told UK’s OK!. “Sienna had her heart broken by Jude, but she was young and it was the first time she’d fallen in love. What people don’t realize is that they always remained close, so who knows where this will lead to next.”

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  • whatever

    Gosh Sienna has had more boyfriends than I can poke a stick at

  • Jennifer

    Didn’t Sienna miller sleep with Jude Law’s best friend Daniel Craig.
    She is a hypocrite for calling Jude Law a cheater when she herself cheated.

  • zxc

    I don’t care! It’s f u c k i n g never ending story.

  • ade

    Ahah got the same shoes as her !

  • Fiona

    I like Sienna, I thought she was good in Edge of Love….way better than Keira Knightley with her constant pouting! Her dog Bess is cute but a bit of a ragamuffin! It was a gift from Jude which is sweet awww!

  • sheryl

    I predicted something like this would surface in the tabloids if her play got bad reviews…and that’s exactly what happened. It’s been denied, but nobody is paying attention to the denial, they just keep going wild with a rumor that came from OK magazine, and nothing else. Until People magazine says it’s so (which they haven’t), for me, it’s bullshit. While I don’t doubt that they’ve seen each other or even had lunch together (I believe they did even in London), I don’t believe there’s a romance brewing. Not from this information.

  • cheryl

    Sheryl, People magazine gets it wrong sometimes too don’t be naïve. If anyone here wants the truth go to Beyond that there us no truth

  • Dakota

    God, is she still dragging his name up for publicity! When will it ever end.

  • cc

    If this story is fake it’s more likely to come from Jude’s camp than Sienna’s. He’s the one who just had a love child that I’m sure he wants people to forget about.
    Everyone is always hating on Sienna…

  • azlyn

    i love jude to death..but i cant say i hate sienna…shes cute n young n talented..

  • **Jamie**

    love her handbag and coat

  • coco

    Once a cheat always a cheat. He will do it again.

  • Dink

    he’d be out of his mind to dip in to that again

  • Liv

    @Dink: Yes, you’re right. Gosh! Jude, NO!

  • ennoyed

    first balthazar in june then joshhartnett after this poor slinky wizard and now jude again-so tired of this woman

  • sunseeker

    i agree with SHERYL,i honestly think Sienna and Balti are still a couple, just keeping a low profile.

  • wastie

    They’re both probably (sexually) disease ridden so deserve each other.

  • celebcritic

    Always thought Sienna was a bit of a Ho but did give her credit for being a syle icon, completely take it back after seeing pics of her London townhouse HORRID! check them out

  • Madison

    She has such a pretty face!

  • Pole

    Well, isn’t it just funny how some story involving Jude Law always pops up when she needs publicity *roll* I’m with Sheryl too. This is just another round of bogus news. But it makes headlines, doesn’t it?!

  • amy

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t be true!!!!!!!!!!

  • groundcontrol

    ennoyed @ 10/29/2009 at 11:22 am first balthazar in june then joshhartnett after this poor slinky wizard and now jude again-so tired of this woman
    This is what single people do. They date. The wider your world the more opportunities to meet people and date. The prettier you are the more opportunities. Get it?
    Why woud it be annoying? She’s young still. I hope she enjoys her freedom and her men.

  • sheryl

    @cheryl: is exactly who denied the story is true.

  • sheryl

    @coco: And going by your theory, so could she.
    “Once a cheat, always a cheat”, the chant of the bitter old hags.

  • groundcontrol

    Gossip cop is not the be all and end all.

  • carmen

    Sienna is riding on Jude’s coatails. Her play isn’t doing very well so what does she do? She allows her personal business to overshadow her career. And she wonders why people won’t take her serioulsly as an actress.

    Don’t forget that Sienna has a thing for men whose girlfriends (or in Jude’s case his ex) gave birth to a baby.

    Just like JH and Slinky Wizard, Jude is just another cover for her affair with BG.

  • jane

    Jude pretends to cheat & have babies (he had 4 with his ex-wife) just to look like what Hollywood call a ‘real’ man just to hide the truth. He & Sienna are fake. Wake up America!

  • Sara ☼

    @jane: 4? HELLO! Jude has 3 kids with his ex wife, not 4. Check your facts. Thanks.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not that i think it’s a great idea but i think if she does end up going back 2 him, maybe, just maybe she will stay with him once and for all, instead of just jumping from guy 2 guy
    i like her a lot, but she really doesnt have a great head when it comes 2 relationships imo
    love these pics of her
    she’s wearing some normal clothes but she still looks cute

  • Hollyb

    @cc: Oh please! Jude is not the first celeb to have a baby in these circumstances and he won’t be the last! I seriously doubt that he would put out a rumour about reconciling with Sienna just to deflect attention from his baby! The woman is like typhoid Mary at the moment! Not that would be why he wouldn’t want to be associated with her but let’s not forget, things ended BADLY between them and he was the one that finished it in the end. Normally Jude wouldn’t even bother to comment on rumours like this but this time we have had it loud and clear from Jude’s spokesperson (and in record time too) – it’s NOT true. He is not back with Sienna. I doubt Jude would want to go back there again although I read that she is keen to rekindle things. I have no doubt these rumors came from her camp and now she is distraught because she has been shot down in flames. But she comes with way too much baggage, drama and no privacy whatsoever. The man learned his lesson the hard way, first time round. No way is he going back for a repeat performance.

  • D.

    @Hollyb: I agree with you 100%. No way is Jude stupid enough to get back with this girl.

  • Hollyb

    @azlyn: At almost 28 she is not that young. And she is not that talented either. One out of three ain’t bad though!

  • suzziey

    Could you please leave Jude alone now, Jared? Thnx.