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Britney's Boys are Pumpkin Pickers!

Britney's Boys are Pumpkin Pickers!

Kevin Federline takes sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to the Pierce College Pumpkin Patch in Los Angelens on Thursday (October 29).

Sean, 4, and Jayden, 3, had a blast climbing stacks of hay, yelling, “I’m the king of the world!” and riding on the miniature train ride at the pumpkin patch. Can’t believe how big they’re getting and how much they look like Britney!

Mama Brit released her “3″ video today and will head back out on tour in Australia. She kicks things off November 6 in Perth.

10+ pictures inside of Sean Preston and Jayden James pumpkin pickin’…

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jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 01
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 02
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 03
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 04
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 05
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 06
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 07
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 08
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 09
jayden james sean preston pumpkin patch 10

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  • AJ

    They are getting pretty big! I’ve always thought Jayden is alot cuter :D than sean

  • bandit

    Very cute boys. Find it strange, Britney’s boys always seem to be all smiles all the time when they are with their Dad, yet I find when you see a pic of Britney with them, they seem pouty (especially the younger one, always looks on the verge of tears) and not as happy with her, but maybe that’s just photo assumption. But they sure do look happy when they are with their Dad.

  • Barbara

    I agree they are happy with their dad. Jayden looks like her, but Sean looks like Kevin.

  • jamie

    poor britney, these two boys should be a devils together.

  • chase

    sean p. is a doll! What is wrong with Jayden’s eyes? it always looks like he has an eye infection? hmm just wondering.

  • jo

    I also agree they seem much happier in photos with thier dad but who knows. I’ll just be glad when the annual crop of pumpkin picking photo ops are done.

  • zxc

    White trash nation. They look retarded.

  • mary

    zxc: please stop hating on these kids. They are cute…All kids and babies are cute!! What is wrong w/ you?

  • Emily

    they are SOOOOOO cute!!!! and i love britney!!!!

  • asha

    Why don’t we ever see him photographed with his other 2 kids with Shar Jackson? I wonder if he ever spends time with them.

  • dj

    both are cute, so adorable

  • jj

    Doesnt this scumbag have kids with the other chick. you never seen him taking them out! Dirty Trash

  • anna

    they’re soo cute! kevin seems like a great father! way better than brit is a mother! I’m glad he has full custody!

  • Tina

    Jayden looks Special.

  • Cindy

    Jayden doesn’t look like Britney or Kevin he looks like he may have Down Syndrome.

  • rpatzfan

    like you b****

  • Mary

    @bandit: I totally disagree and most of the time when kevin has them they are with the nanny. he is doing a reality show so that’s why he has them without the nanny for pr!

  • Ivana

    They are both very cute boys! Sean is more like his dad and Jayden is SPITTING image of Britney, obviasly…
    And the kid doesen’t have a Down Syndrome, ARE U SERIOUS????
    They are just average boys of their age!

  • Ruth

    @zxc: What type of person calls children trash? These boys are beautiful and Jayden isn’t special! looks like an eye infection!

  • Jane

    You never see Kevin with his other children.

    Does he spend the same amount of time with them, as he does with these two?

  • BritJen

    Jayden looks a little ‘special”, if you know what I mean.

  • Jillian

    #19. The whole family is white trash. Britney and Kevin and their families are white trash.

    Has Britney flashed her private parts again lately?

  • ellie’

    Wow did they get so big.. Kevin & Britney you have the most adorable boys..

  • Lola

    While I applaud Kevin on appearing to be truly loving and involved father, I think it is shameful that we NEVER see him doing all these things with his other two kids…you know…the ones he had with Shar Jackson…the woman he left 8 months prenant with his other son to get with Brit-Brit and run her insane. Oh…and the daughter that Brit just “adored” and played step-mommy with to the cameras until she bore her own offspring for Mr. K-Fed. Just saying. The hype over all he is constantly seen doing for these children like his other ones do not exist is ridiculously overrated IMO.

  • Angie

    KFED’toomuch is seen with the Britney children because they are his cash cow. He wants to fight for primary custody so he can keep raking in the money from Britney…he will keep his $40,000 per month to pay for his living expenses and big grocery bills… Being seen with Shar’s kids gets him nothing. No endorsements, no celebrity fit club, etc etc.

    KFed is just nasty and not in a Janet Jackson kinda way. Unfortunately these kids are looking more and more like him which is just a shame.

    Oh and the kids look happy because they are allowed to run crazy and say and do as they wish. This usually provides euphoria for a short amount of time for most toddlers. As opposed to a parent teaching them or telling them no. No Sean you can say F*ck…etc etc

  • ira

    way cuter than Christina Aguilera´s son.

  • So cutee

    Those boys always look so happy with their father. I have never seen these kids happy with mom than the way they are with Dad. They always look like they are about to cry or crying. Sean adn his Dad look so much alike. JJ is actually smiling WOW. Kfed lost a lot of weight.

  • **Jamie**

    he is exploits anything and anyone that loves him just for a few dollars and a few seconds in the limelight

  • Mignon

    The yougest one do look speacial esp in the photo that he is smiling , sad, i remember that one of the tabloid have been saying it for years and they said it was the reson why kfed left her. The kids love him and tehy have bonded with him which is why they are happy when they are with him. He raised them by himself why mom was being crazy. He do see his kids with Shar, there are tons of photo of all of his kids togother playing.

  • Annie

    They are the cutest kids!!!!!!!
    well her mom is Britney Spears they have the best mom in the world!

  • Rose

    They are so cute, and so are looking like Britney every day. Cant wait to see the clip :)

  • g

    Jayden looks like he has downs syndrome or FAS. But then so does britney.

  • blH

    Of course you never see him doing things with his other kids, because the PAPS don’t take pictures of them, why would they? no reason to.
    The fact remains those kids are way happier with him than with Britney.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Unfortunately, poor Jayden looks like he suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, tops of his ear lobes below the level of his eyes and the distance between his eyes being wider than the width of an eye. Sure signs. Then, again, you could say he looks like Britney, which means she suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Sad.

  • alexis

    I don’t mean to be mean at all but i’m wondering if something is wrong with Jayden’s eyes. When there opened there still closed! his upper eyes lids overtake his eyes? oe does he have an eye infection? just wondering.

  • jason

    Jayden’s upper eye lids overlap & are long when he smiles. wtf is wrong?


    a few things:
    1. yeah these kids are cute, because of course all little kids are cute in that cute little way that they are… but these 2 little boys don’t look any different then any other 2 little boys you would find in line at the grocery store anywhere in america. seriously, they are not dazzling little babies like suri and whoever the hell else.

    2. yes, there is something that does look a little “special”about jayden, and NO! it’s not an eye infection because in every other picture where he’s not smiling he doesn’t look like he’s got downs syndrome. now, i am a mommy of 2 and i am certainly not saying he has downs, it’s just an obnoxious and rude term, but when you use it as a description everyone immediately knows what you’re talking about so chill out ladies!!!

    i do get the feeling that he might be slightly autistic or something though, given brittany’s known drug and alcohol use and smoking and all that crap while pregnant. and no, that’s not his fault, and certainly not something that he should be made fun of, but you know, you can’t help but notice….

    3. i’m sure that kevin sees his other kids just as much it’s just that nobody (meaning the american public) gives a crap about them and no magazine or blog is gonna pay money to buy the pictures from any angencies so why bother taking them to begin with??? to them it’s a waste of time. i’m sure if you did some googling you could find some pics and everyone could stop bashing kevin because so far (oopS! i just had a typing error that said “so fat” instead of so far! OOPS! but anyway, the people that said that the boys look like they are truely happy with kevin are right, in all the pictures i see of him and the kids they look like they are having normal little kid fun.

    ***and whoever said these photos are staged for some reality show and that’s why he’s got them without a nanny is WRONG**** another site has some other pictures from this same set and their nanny is there too and holding onto one of the kids on the merry-go-round- while kevin isholding onto the other one.

    you guys are crazy, everyone is so quick to attack, like you actually know WTF is going on in these people’s lives :) i just like doing all this for fun…

  • chase

    I just figured out that nothing is wrong with Jayden’s eyelids! Those come from Kevin because daughter Kori has the same eyelids as Jayden!

  • lacey

    check out Kevin’s other kids- Kori has the same eyes as little brother Jayden! sooo cute!

  • r

    No the eyes come from Britney. Britney and most of her family have droppy down synfromish eyes. She has always had eyes like that.
    even as a child she had them. Her eyes are too fat apart and they droop. Her mom, sister and brother all have those eyes too. Jayden is unlucky that he looks like his mother. Sean is much cuter. When Kevin is thin he doesn’t look that bad.

  • Addy

    “Very cute boys. Find it strange, Britney’s boys always seem to be all smiles all the time when they are with their Dad, yet I find when you see a pic of Britney with them, they seem pouty (especially the younger one, always looks on the verge of tears) and not as happy with her, but maybe that’s just photo assumption. But they sure do look happy when they are with their Dad.”

    So true. Especially Jayden, who does nothing buy CRY when he is with Britney. Plus he ALWAYS has a pacifier when he is with her. She tries to stop his crying by giving him this. This 3 year old never forgot his early years which were miserable with his mother. And it’s nice to see them with their natural brown hair instead of that screwed up dye job that their mother gave them.

  • annabelle

    dont you people realize that the papz are following jayden and sean not so much kevin…. his kids with shar are not pap worthy. Shar has stated many times that Kevin is a great dad, and while they may be rare we have seen pictures of him with them .

    nice to see jayden without a soother and not being carried.

  • Paranel

    Doesn’t this guy have 3 other kids by two other women? I guess they are not income producing like Preston and Jaden. By the way boys are too cute for words. The reason they smile more around Kfat is there is always an army of aggressive paparazzi jumping and crashing in their face when Britney is around. That scares children. Didn’t you know?

  • clarise

    Poor boys… With those parents, what can you expect from them??? Hope they dont get influenced by them and can develope their own personality well.

  • lizzie

    why are there pics of them on the internet.. ? pff!

  • you can’t be serious like you do? lol. Kevin could have brought the other two boys to the Pumpkin Patch too! They would have had fun! He lost weight to make a health fitness video when he is through with Celebrity Weight Watch.

  • redistributethis

    Younger one looks like classic case of fetal alcohol syndrome.

  • Lisa

    They are growing up to be normal

  • K

    Mouth like a sailor: Autism is not the result of drug and alcohol use. You should do some research before sound ignorant:) Britney is so beautiful, of course her kids are very cute.

  • K

    Mouth like a sailor: Autism is not the result of drug and alcohol use. You should do some research before sound ignorant:) Britney is so beautiful, of course her kids are very cute.