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Hugh Jackman: Advice on Love and Parenting

Hugh Jackman: Advice on Love and Parenting

Hugh Jackman bundles up as he walks his 4-year-old daughter Ava back from school on Monday (October 27) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Aussie actor recently showed his support for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation where he gave some of his best advice to others.

“Make sure you have a date night just the two of you together, without the kids,” Hugh told OK! Magazine. “And don’t be afraid to tell your kids that you have no idea what you’re doing either.”

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  • shangrila

    Beautiful child.

  • Wendy

    Gorgeous man, and a beautiful daughter! Hugh has got to be one of the greatest fathers ever!

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    That is one cute baby!

  • ellie’

    Great advice… but who would ever tell there kids where there going of cause they would want to come.. for others that don’t that…Hugh great actor and a wonderful father…(gorgeous)

  • celia

    I love Hugh! His daughter is adorable!!

  • British

    Why is he so freaking perfect?

  • Nina


    I ask myself this question on a daily basis. He and Deb are the most beautiful people, inside and out.

  • Ella

    OK, it´s official. He IS perfect :-)

  • Ashley

    He is so great to adopt kids. More celebs need to adopt!

  • diane

    Hugh you are the very best at all you do. And soooo sexy doing it too love you Hugh

  • sasha

    Nice guy, attractive, great parent and actor, and I like him but I think he’s gay.

  • Dan is real man

    Hugh can do nothing wrong. Loves wife. Loves kids. Loves people around him. He should come out and be a hero.

  • Cindy

    Not gay. Because you want him to be does not make it true. The man has said so many times that he is not gay. Why can’t you believe him?

  • Terry

    Cindy: I think it´s some kind of an obsession and also a disorder from them. They are writing “he is gay”, even tough he isn´t. Everybody who has eyes and actually tries to listen to Hugh, knows that he adores his wife. He also said he isn´t gay but not directly. He said “By denying it I would admit there is something wrong with it, which isn´t” Very classy.
    I am just happy he makes fun from these rumors and doesn´t give a rat´s ass about what some people think.

  • No doubt

    You believe everything one has to say in show biz magazines?

    We all have eyes and can see things. He is a closet case.

  • Cindy

    To Terry – I had to comment again. I hope that Hugh Jackman’s PR people read this. Not that Hugh cares!

    There are the same people who post on every web site the same nasty stuff. They sound like all the same people. They also ridicule Daniel Craig and his girlfriend whom they don’t even know. It is not just Hugh Jackman. I wish that anyone with unfounded, nasty, slanderous comments had to use their own name. Then perhaps all this ugliness would end. The Internet lies are out of control no matter what web site we read.

  • What the heck to Cindy et al

    Why do you come back all the time to say the same thing over and over again? How do you know it is the same people that commented on Daniel’s gf? If rumors are rumors they will go away eventually.

    I should nominate you as the “Internet moral cop most dedicated to maintaining celeb PR image.” Nickname is “If I have the power I will arrest anyone that says Hugh is not straight.”

  • Terry

    @No doubt:
    I don´t read showbiz magazines. I am only going here for photos of my favorite actors. But I have eyes and ears and I have been Hugh´s fan since his first steps in Hollywood – I also met him few times and he worships ground that Deb walks on. Everybody who has seen them together has to admit that they are made for each other and madly in love. Even if he was bi or whatever – 1) Who the hell cares? 2) He found Deb and is happy.
    And no, he isn´t gay.

  • Pauline

    This adorable little girl is just sweetheart ..

  • Mistral

    Straight men read this with attention:
    If you show to love your children, you caress them even if you are among the people, if you love your wife and respect her, if you are kind and well polite….STOP and change attitude! Immediately!!!!

    1) Beat twice your children every day
    2) Betray and rape your wife
    3) Look for the quarrel with everybody
    4) Massacre someone with your fists at least once a week

    Thanks to these simple 4 golden rules nobody will call you “gay”. The world will consider you like very machos man deign of full respect…. this world that will end for guilt of the human stupidity.

  • Dada

    @20/Mistral is unbelievably stereotypical homophobia.