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Justin Chambers Rocks Rodeo Drive

Justin Chambers Rocks Rodeo Drive

Justin Chambers puffs away on his cigarette while shopping on Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive with his family on Wednesday (October 28).

The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actor hit the streets with his wife Keisha and his 14-year-old daughter Isabella.

Justin joined Orlando Bloom and Ryan Philippe in the BlackBerry VIP Lounge before the U2 show on Sunday, snacking on sushi and mini burgers!

Here’s what to expect from tonight’s Grey’s: When Isaac, the hospital lab tech, has an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine, he turns to Dr. Derek Shepherd to do the impossible. Derek tests the Chief’s authority when Richard objects to moving forward with the risky surgery.

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • Poor baby

    This is such an unfortunate picture of his little girl.

  • cicy

    The man is just HOOOOOOT!

  • The truth

    he looks gay

  • nicey

    I don’t know who he is but he looks very dapper. Love a man with a trim phsyiqye wearing a crisp white shirt and black pants. As for looking gay.. .gay men do tend to look mighty fine, alas.

  • asha

    His kids are so cute. He should not be smoking though, especially being the father of five children.

  • Sassy McAzzy

    I love his belt buckle and his swagger.

  • Belinda

    Don’t know how one can look gay on a photo?! Idiotic statement. Not every man that is stylish is gay. He looks hot.

  • black

    No—-he sure as hell does not look gay. And that statement that only gay men dress well has never really held true in my opinion.

    Justin really looks very cool here- and it seems as though he´s lost a lot of weight too.

  • jess

    Umm, Jared these pictures are OLD!

    They’re from last year – March 7. See here:

  • jess

    Umm, Jared these pictures are OLD.

    They’re from last year – March 7 2008. See here:

  • krista

    um, these pics aren’t new, they’re from last year, when Justin Chambers lost all that weight due to his sleep problems.

  • Tasel

    His wife is dark and ugly.

  • SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!!

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOURGEOUS MAN.

  • Sunshine

    I think his wife is beautiful and looks incredible after having 5 kids.

  • bostongirl

    I wish these stupid paps would leave them alone. Also, his daughter and wife are both beautiful – I’m sure most of you hiding behind your keyboards aren’t so hot.

  • nicey

    Are you an idiot? Can you not read? I did not say “only” gay men dress well. How ridiculous! I quote.. “gay men tend to look mighty fine”. In MY OPINION, they do, and I’m a hetro female… but so what if I am? I don’t care whether people think he looks gay or not, he looks very smart to me. I wasn’t speaking on behalf of mankind. Take note!

  • Lexa

    Wow, #12. You’ve hit a new all-time low for the losers who usually troll this site.

  • xxx

    He is a DILF!

  • Hannah

    @Lexa: Agreed.

  • amy

    He use to be a male model, so he knows how to dress. He looks great. Stop the racist comments!

  • Oho Justin Baby!

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about! These are some of the hottest photos of Justin. Looks like he stepped out of the pages of GQ. Nice. The wife does look great after birthing 5 kids. She still has a shapely, slim figure. He said some nice things about his wife on a talk show. They had a lot of passion together, which I guess is the reason for so many kids.

  • **Jamie**

    He is hot!

    And so is his wife!

  • Ashley

    Wow, he’s got a nice family!

  • black

    No need to flip girl- I really just misread. Don´t act like an idiot by making this out to be something it´s not.

  • ljh

    Justin is so hot! Don’t wreck that gorgeous bod with tar and nicotine!

  • nicey

    @24 black
    OK. Maybe my response was a bit OTT. I apoloigse. I just don’t suffer fools gladly. :)

  • FR

    LOL, Americans make me laugh.

    Well dressed, in shape = gay.

    Fat, baggy clothes, unkempt = straight.

    What a stupid bunch of people.

  • British Latin American

    @nicey: Well, I don’t suffer fools gladly either, and you’re still a homophobic b**** no matter what you say or how indignant you become.

  • British Latin American

    @black: You didn’t misread anything. She meant what she implied then. Why else would she say he looked gay then? Don’t be intimidated by her.

  • nicey

    @British Latin American:
    Someone else who requires reading tuition. I did not say that he looks gay. That was @3. I said that gay men tend to dress well and you accuse me of being homophobic. Ugh! How do you work that out? lol It’s a compliment, dummy! You’re either seriously frustrated and in need of some attention or dsylexic. If you’re the latter, I apologise. Seriously, I’m not going to argue with someone who has special needs. Btw, I’m British born and bred and embarrassed by your poor comprehension. It’s unfortunate how so many ‘so called Brits’ can’t even speak, read or comprehend English properly .

  • British Latin American

    If that is supposed to be an insult it doesn’t work. You’re no good and you don’t intimidate. Your comment was still stereotypical and homophobic, you ugly cockney whore. There is a real insult, dummy. There are plenty of gay men who look like s**t, so you don’t know what you are talking about. Get out of your comfort zone and learn something. But I apologise. After all, ignorant cockney whores don’t know anything about the world. I’m embarassed by the fact that Brits are as ignorant as Americans.

  • British Latin American

    That was a bit much. Maybe I made a mistake, but her insults and high-handed attitude with ‘black’, as well as her quick temper,made me upset. She didn’t seem like a ‘nicey’ at all. And insulting me only made it worse, but I still made it worse by my insults. I apologise to the people who had to read the comments.