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Madonna Is Raising Malawi

Madonna Is Raising Malawi

Madonna travels with her children Lourdes Leon, Mercy James and David Banda, to visit the Mphandu la Orphanage in the Namitete area outside Lilongwe, Malawi on Thursday (October 29).

The 51-year-old entertainer attended the ground breaking ceremony for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls.

Madonna recently blogged to urge people to join her cause. “I’m writing to urge you to join me in saving the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. And I’m asking you to do it right away.

Raising Malawi, the organization I co-founded in 2006, is dedicated to ending the poverty and hardship endured by Malawi’s one million orphans. By donating to Raising Malawi, you can literally transform the future for an entire generation. To encourage your involvement, I’ve pledged $100,000 to match your contributions dollar-for-dollar.”

10+ pictures inside of Madonna Raising Malawi…

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  • Joey

    Between her and angelina Jolie i dont know who has the biggest mother theresa syndrome. I guess she is doing something for a good cause so i am not going to get angry but it seems like the camera follows her everywhere.

  • dee

    Matching up to $100,000. doesn’t seem like a lot for Madge.

  • kim

    Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Simon Cowell and Jennifer Aniston. – I’ve noticed these guys at various times with really puffy faces / cheeks and after a while their skin subsides into a nice youthful look . I wonder what their getting injected with?? It seems to work ! !

  • me me me

    After she duped suburban white girls out of their allowances for the past 25+ years making crappy bubble gum pop music and trying to shock people for a buck, she’s now concerned about her own legacy as she looks towards her old age when she is no longer relevant. All about Madonna 24/7. She owns mega millions in real estate, art, and music publishing rights besides many other things. Fork it over yourself. The public will decide who and what they will donate to.
    It is people that give privately, or with little as fanfare possible,( no matter how much or how little that they have), that give selflessly and for the right reasons.

  • Linda


  • Me!


    I completely disagree! Whatever they are doing to their faces makes them look like they have all gone to the puffy factory!
    I noticed that Courtney Cox is starting to look the same way. She has definitely done something around her mouth, which has given her that infamous ‘duck lip’ appearance.

  • Fyn

    @me me me:

    What a great statement! I completely agree.

  • Mike

    @dee: She’s already given more than half of the $15 million, and has given another $15 million in the past three years. The $100,000 is just another pledge to raise more funds and, more importantly, raise awareness.

  • Diane

    My child goes to school with children who you could call the working poor, that arrive at school each day without breakfast and looking disheveled. Many have no dental care or health care and do very poorly in school. These kids right here in an American community will grow up soon and what will become of them? Innocent little faces, now .Their future is grim. I do all I can to donate to a local food shelter and help out at school and I would suggest people do the same for their own local community. The super wealthy in America are out of touch with the plight of the poor and unfortunate of America.

  • Mike

    @me me me: She didn’t dupe anyone. People purchased a product (a ticket for a show, a CD, and album) and got something out of it, that’s how things work. Nobody was forced to purchase anything. If you don’t like her, why do you keep commenting on her? She’s obviously relevant if you still feel the need to make a comment. Millions will disagree with you, which is why she had the most successful tour for a solo artist in history just this year.

    And she’s giving millions and has done so since she started her career, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get the public involved in order to sustain the organization’s long-term success. Many, many celebrities are involved in causes and they give far less than she does and some are even wealthier than her, but are you asking them to give up all their wealth and give it to charity?

  • **Jamie**

    its funny how people critise her, but nobody says anything when angelina jolie brings the cameras when shes doing “charity”

  • **Jamie**

    oh and on another note, Lourdes is gorgeous, and she is looking A LOT like Jessica Alba

  • Mike

    @Joey: It’s not like Malawi’s filled with celebrities eager to help out, so of course she’s going to be followed not only by the local press, but by the international press looking to make money by selling these pictures and tabloid stories.

  • me me me

    Sorry Mike I’m not one of the flatlander American simpleton sheep . Yay! Corporate Music.
    Freeodom OF choice is what you got……Freedom FROM choice is what you want.
    dupe = fool, not force

  • kelly

    who cares about this dried-up old hag or her daughter Lardass , yesterday’s news

  • MCd22

    - Tired of her ——————- Go Away

  • Mary

    I am not a Madonna fan however I am happy for the children she is helping. Also, Madonna seems to do a good job raising her children. Keep on helping, Madonna, it does make a difference and thank you.

  • 100mph

    Thumbs Up Madonna — do your thing, at lease your involved,
    no matter what it is — anyone can sit on their ass and criticize,
    it’s your dough, put it where you want (.)
    OT — this thread is not about how she looks, jeezzzzzzzz!! some
    of you air-heads are unbelievable.

  • Samantha

    Who wears a Hermes scarf to Malawi?

  • mvp

    Madonna, according to the Guiness World of Records, is the highest selling female artist of all time.

  • mvp


    Madonna Celebration Album Charts
    Belgium (Flanders) – 2-1
    Belgium (Wallonia) – 7-2
    Czech Republic – 1-
    Denmark – 1-
    Finland – 2-
    France (C) – 1-1
    Germany – 1-1
    Hungary – 2-4
    Ireland – 1-2
    Italy – 1-2
    Japan – 3-
    Mexico – 2-
    Netherlands – 2-2
    New Zealand – 2-3
    Norway – 1-
    Poland – 3-
    Portugal – 2-
    Spain – 2-
    Sweden – 2-
    Switzerland – 3-
    UK – 1-2-2
    Europe – 1- 1-1-1

    mariahs Memoirs global chart trajectory and sales
    Chart Trajectory
    United States: 03-07-10
    Canada: 05-17-26
    Australia: 06-15-28
    France: 10-19
    Italy: 17-19
    Switzerland: 18-32-42
    Europe (Overall): 21-48
    Spain: 23-42
    New Zealand: 25
    Netherlands: 26-35-60-90
    Germany: 27-76
    Denmark: 29-08
    Czech Republic: 32-27
    Hungary: 32-36
    Austria: 39-OUT
    Sweden: 44-OUT
    Belgium (Flanders): 69-44-54
    Mexico: 74-49
    Belgium (Wallonia): 94-24-54-49

  • to jamie

    get over your hatred or obsession w/ angelina and get on with your bitter life. i don’t care if the camera follow angelina or madonna or anyone as long as they help or bring awareness to the cause. while all you care is about your wonderful opinion and bitterness, atleast other real human being see the miserable lives of others and prompted to give what they can or if not then feel atleast a sense of sympathy. in the real world , there are good and evil people, some may extend their hand, others just don’t care and a few are just good in spewing bitterness and critcize the ones who attempt to help others ,in a way that make themselve feel better and entitled in their own hypocricy. i applaud people who live a good mark in this world and it’s all up to God to deal with those who are just spewing jealousy and bitterness as their only claim to achievements.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she looks like Indiana Jones.

  • LuckyL

    I’m glad she’s bringing the children to their culture occasionally.

  • LuckyL

    Lourdes is going to be such an open-minded, pleasant young woman.

  • Luciana

    @ Dianne
    If your upset about the plight of the poor in America then tell everyone to stop whinning when the government raises taxes. There hasn’t been enough money thrown at social programs and all people do is whine then they have to contribute financially thru taxes. Most of the private social services can’t survive on their own without government assistance and subsidies.The burden is too great.

  • rhonda

    $100,000 doesn’t seem to be to much, to be able to go into a country and pick the kid of your choice.

  • happy girl

    why does she have to actually go to these african places? she should just send the MONEY!

  • g!na

    @Diane: i agree! I volunteer at a soup kitchen for homeless in Tampa,Fl. People sleep in parks & live on the streets. You should see how many children come for a free meal @ the soup kitchen. They have no shoes,they have holes in their clothes etc. dirt everywhere! I get to know these people and their stories are sad. Especially, the poor homeless children we feed! There is about 500 people a day who come to the soup kitchen. This is about a 1/3 of the homeless in our area. There are other places they go. If you want to help the homeless- go help out in your local area! It’s very humbling and it makes you not take anything for granted.

  • chase

    does anyone know what’s wrong with Lourdes’ left shoulder? I noticed something white that looks like for her collarbone? just wondering!

  • Amal

    What’s up with you people !!!
    at least she’s doning something nice !

  • Dance Teacher

    She needs to help the peeps in her native Detroit! There’s alot of poverty and unemployment there.
    She’s an attention whore.

  • atrium


  • atrium

    2 #30 Chase –
    I Think Something Sort Of Scarf

  • Dance Teacher

    Madonna’s not even looking at her kids, she’s staring straight into the camera!

  • haley

    Madonna never seems to pay enough attention to Mercy. The little girl is lost behind her holding her shoes. I always see Mercy with a nanny & it seems David has more attention with Madonna. That’s just the way i see it. A lot of pics David is on her lap while mercy is on boytoy’s lap!

  • jack

    Lo La always looked constipated.

  • John

    The charity ‘Raising Malawi’ (PR firm) founded by Madonna AND TWO OTHERS over three years ago held fund raisers for over two years before finally getting registered as a non-profit. In other words, Madonna and the others were free to squander the lion’s share of that funding any way they saw fit for those first two years. She also pleaded with her fans worldwide for donations along the way. In the meantime, she toured the world to promote her latest CD and raked in another $280,000,000 gross in just over 12 months. To date, the basic financial info for ‘Rasing Malawi’ still hasn’t been posted on the website or anywhere else. The ‘progress’ page only tells of the collective works by over 20 seperate charities. Each of which have their own sources of funding and may have recieved some sort of promotion or support from ‘Raising Malawi’ in order to be considered ‘partners’. But no indication is made how much of their funding came from ‘Raising Malawi’ or how much of their progress if any could be directly attributed to ‘Raising Malawi’. The fans/donors have no clue how many millions of dollars were raised in that first two years, no clue how much Madonna herself chipped in, and no clue how the money was spent before they finally registered as a non-profit. No clue what tiny little fraction of funding or works listed on that ‘progress’ page could be directly attributed to ‘Raising Malawi’. Nothing to go on but the vague word of Madonna. The vague and very misleading word of Madonna. For example: She states in her latest promotional video that she will match any contributions made to her charity (PR firm) “dollar for dollar”. However there is a disclaimer posted on the website for ‘Raising Malawi’ that Madonna’s total contribution will not exceed $100,000. Thats not per donation. Thats a maximum of $100,000 TOTAL. Less than a single days pay for Madonna. Also much less then she will surely rake in by promoting her own CDs, DVDs, and ‘for profit’ merchandise through this massive worldwide publicity stunt. So I called the office of ‘Raising Malawi’ in an attempt to verify some sort of efficient financial operation (310) 867-2881 or (888) 72-DONOR). These details are ALWAYS made available by legitimate charities to their potential donors. But not in this case. I got nothing but recorded messages and hangups. So I did some research on my own. ‘Rasing Malawi’ still hasn’t been given any kind of rating by ANY independent charity watchdog like The vast overwhelming majority of ‘celebrity’ foundations never are. In general, they are inneficient and riddled with corruption. Like the promotion of CDs, world tours, commercial websites, entire lines of jewelry (not just the single piece from which proceeds are donated), and high end fashion retail flagship stores. Celebrity foundations are also notorious for squandering much of their funding on travel and super high end accomodations for their celebrity figure heads. Its legal even for a nonprofit but not noble or efficient by any stretch of the imagination. In general, ‘celebrity’ foundations are a twisted inefficient mutant of charity, self-promotion, and PR crap. They actually compete for funding with more efficient legitimate charities who do more work with less money. Its a sham. So if its not rated, then don’t support it. Instead, support a top rated charity like any of those given high ratings at

  • Elena

    @John: Obsessed much? Talk about slandering people. If someone gets credit for doing good and helping others, it’s not going to hurt your favorite celebrity. It’s not a competition to see which celebrity donates more, it’s not a zero-sum game. More than one person can help. Or are you on the other side of the fence and want no celebrity to have a foundation or organization? Are you going to start attacking Oprah, Angelina & Brad Pitt, and others who have foundations? Angelina and Madonna always pay their own way when they go to a site.

    She clearly states will match another 100,000 (so 200,000 total gets donated), she isn’t tricking anyone, but she has already given money to help raise more than half of the 15 million needed for the school. And her tour did not make 280 million, it made 408 million, but she did NOT take that money home. She has to pay the overhead for the production of the tour, the dancers, band, promoters, technicians, etc. She gets a fraction of that and then pays nearly half in taxes… taxes that go to support social programs, schools, infrastructure, and the like in the US and UK. She co-founded the organization with one person, his wife later joined the organization to help manage it. Your comment is VERY misleading and you claim to want to “out her.” You might as well go work for Fox News, you’ll fit right in.

  • Elena

    @haley: What are you talking about? Look at the pictures and she’s even carrying her! There are a lot of pictures of Madonna carrying Mercy, not only on that day but on other occasions. Sometimes she’ll hold Mercy or hold her hand, and other times she’ll hold David or hold his hand, then on other occasions she will hold both their hands. It seems you and others are just nitpicking to try to find something to criticize. If you watch the video, Mercy was happily skipping and smiling the whole time.

  • Elena

    @Dance Teacher: It’s HER money, so she gets to decide who to give it to and what projects she’ll fund. I’m glad not everyone is a self-centered American and rather realizes we are all human beings who deserve opportunities regardless of where we live. It seems you are paying attention to every little detail about her to find a reason to criticize.

  • jack

    I think Lo La needs some medamucil.

  • vishaal

    @Mike: THANK YOU!

  • Much respect for Madge

    Madonna just rocks like nobody else. I was in her generation and the young singers today don’t bring the talent that she has. I feel so sad about it. It’s like the good old times are gone for good. The economy and all things seem to be of low quality today. Madonna is just a natural. She’s always been a go-getter. That’s why she had such huge success. Some other singers today can sing better than Madonna, but they can’t lose weight or get in shape and they don’t care what they look like half the time. She put her ALL into her performances and career. That’s why she’s queen bee. Us older gals know the difference and we know what a force she was in her time. Like MJ, Madonna stands alone.

  • Ashley

    Wow, her skin looks natural! –

  • John

    Elena. You sure look like a plant to me. Either that, or a naive fool who would take the word of their favorite celebrity figure head over an independent charity watchdog. You certainly do slosh around that jar of Kool-Aid. I won’t be lapping it up anytime soon. In fact, I stand by every word. If its slander, then report me for it. I’ll say it in advance: Thats what I thought. Tell me this. Why hasn’t the 3.7 million from the Gucci/UNICEF/Raising Malawi fundraiser been accounted for? How much of that money went directly to cause? Why did it take over 2 years for Raising Malawi to get registered? How did they spend their money until then? How efficiently do they spend it now? WHERE IS THE ITEMIZED PROGRESS REPORT POSTED? If you know crap about legitimate charities you must know that itemized progress reports are made available to potential donors. So far, they still havn’t been made for this charity (PR firm). Still, she has the nerve to plead for our donations with no promise to spend that money efficiently and not a single document to prove it. and yes. She is tricking people. She is very calculated. She knows damn well that most people are too naive to read disclaimers. This is why she put the disclaimer in writing on a specific page of the website but made no mention of it in video. She also strongly implies that she is the primary donor, manager, founder, and organizer for this charity. She is not. Only a fool would believe otherwise. Hello? She spent over a year on a world tour. You can’t run a charity (PR firm) from the concert stage or tour bus. She founded the charity with Berg under the following conditions: Berg runs the show but caters to Madonna. She is the high profile figure head. She is the one who gets the lion’s share of credit for ANY work funded by this charity. C’mon. Check the website. Madonna appears on every page. Berg is hardly mentioned. In fact I didn’t see his photo anywhere. But Madonna’s is plastered on every page. The entire page is misleading. The entire campaign designed to make people believe that Madonna is ‘Raising Malawi’. The first announcement with regard to the school was made just before she embarked on her record setting world tour. The last just before the DVD is releases. The site itself is loaded with commercial plugs. Even links to buy the entire line of jewelry, DVDs, and who knows what else (I wasn’t there to shop.) I’ve been supporting legitimate charities for years. I know the criteria by which to judge them. Starting with efficiency. I also keep track of independent ratings. I know a PR firm when I see one. This whole thing is a twisted mutant of charity self-promotion, and calculated PR CRAP. Say. What do you think about Children International? Feed the Children? The International Red Cross? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? How would you compare their work and efficiancy to ‘Raising Malawi’? Seriously. I want your opinion. If you want me to believe that you are anything but a Madonna plant or naive fan, then give me your opinion of those charities. Lets see if you’re hear to promote the outstanding work of top rated charities or specifically to sing the praise of your favorite celebrity.

    By the way. The Jolie-Pitt Foundation isn’t rated either. Its crap. One of Oprah’s charities is well rated (Angel Networks) but I can’t say that I’m impressed by her character overall. She is a pig. Quite possibly the greatest hypocrite that has ever lived. “Give me your money world. I want billions. I want mansions. I want jets. I want God-like status. As your God, I will re-deposit a portion of that money as I see fit under the condition that you give me even more in return.” Charity just isn’t what it used to be. GOOD WILL HAS BECOME BIG BUSINESS.

  • John

    Another thing. Any blithering idiot knows the difference between gross revenue and net. I wasn’t misleading anyone. I stated the revenue as gross (read it again). Still, she walked away with tens of millions AFTER TAXES. She is currently worth abour $325,000,000. This is AFTER taxes, AFTER her divorce, and AFTER her bogus charity/PR crap. She will approach or exceed $400,000,000 by the end of next year. In large part, due to this shameless self-promotion as a ‘humanitarian’. Its cheaper to promote your ‘foundation’ and let the worldwide media and ignorant fans do much of your bidding than it is to buy TV/air time worldwide to promote your CDs, DVDs, and world tours. Yup. Its a twisted, inefficient mutant of charity,self-promotion, vanity, and PR crap. Better grab your toothbrush.

  • oh boy

    John sounds so self righteous. I couldn’t care less about what other people do with their money. Oprah earned what she gets. Just because someone supports a charity doesn’t mean they must donate all that they earn and be poor. That’s completely stupid. The world has the rich and it has the poor — always will. You cannot say that Madonna’s efforts are completely fruitless. If she does anything at all, that is still something. The same goes for the Jolie-Pitts and Oprah. Any little amount helps and that’s better than people who sit on their butts and do nothing at all. Many people are like that. There is not one single cause that they put their time and money toward during their lifetimes. That’s just pitiful. They don’t need to help people necessarily. They can clean up their communities or donate to church or help an animal welfare group. Just something.

  • John

    Ok then. You want the big picture, lets look at the big picture. In the last decade or so, we have had MASSIVE economic growth here in America and other developed countries. Do you know what that means? Unfortunately, most people really don’t. Economic growth simply means that more money changes hands. Thats all. and it has. Here is the problem: Stay with me here. Its been changing hands alright. Its been circulating higher and higher from those who have less to those who already have the most. We could debate the individual practices, policies, charges, and red tape all day long ($30 NSF fees, $30 late fees, $100 event tickets, $20 DVDs, $20 CDs, $200 basketball shoes, $50 video games, $100 pharmaceuticals, $125 doctor visits, ect.). There are literally hundreds of examples. You may sit there ans say “So what? Who cares? We don’t have to buy all those things.” You’re right. We don’t. But we have. Unfortunately, the vast majority do so with no clue about economics. Have you ever played a game of Monopoly? The players start out with a certain net worth. They take turns and make transactions along the way. Before you know it, there are homes and hotels all over and big money changing hands with every round. Thats economic growth. But as one player begins to get the upper hand, the others find it more difficult to stay in the game. Not only because they are losing money to the the player with the most, but also because they have less to trade back and fourth with eachother. As the game proceeds, the player with the most, accumulates more and more and more. See where I’m going with this? In another few rounds, the other players have no choice but to drop out of the game one by one. THATS THE DOWNSIDE. Now, I’m not saying that the global economy is exactly like a board game. But there are giant similarities. In fact, the game was based on actual principles of economics. Now, I won’t deny that its fun to put your own brother in the poor house right there at the kitchen table. But try to imagine how those events play out in the real world. Remember all that economic growth I just mentioned? The downside is very similar. Some players get filthy rich (Oprah, Angelina, Brad, Bono, Bill, MADONNA, Warren, Richard, ect.). Others go broke. and not necessarily or only because they gave their money directly to the players with the most. But also because their fellow citizens did. Now, you might sit there and say “But Oprah gives away so much money.” Of course, she does. But that money came from others who had far, far, FAR less than she. See the big picture yet? If the player with the most gives back a portion of their winnings in the name of ‘humanity’ or ‘charity’, that really doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, the other players would be better off if the player with the most would just quit the game. Again, its not exactly the same in the real world. There are new resources to harvest, more efficient uses to be made, ect. But these upsides of economic growth just don’t compensate for the massive downside. and that is the concentration of existing wealth and resources. In fact, they have been concentrated much faster than they have been created or harvested. Do you know what that means? I’ll tell you. It means a shrinking middle class, an expanding lower class, massive consumer debt, and yes. POVERTY. Not only here in America but also worldwide. Of course, the world’s false heroes like those I mentioned want to divert our attention by putting the spotlight on those little upsides and also on their donations. Along the way, they make bogus unrealistic promises to “bring an end to poverty” or make a signifigant dent. Of course, their ignorant fans fall for it head over heels. But they fail to see the Earth shattering downside. You think all of this big business/big celebrity charity is working? Think again. In the last 30 years, the lower 40% of Americans have lost about 2/3 of their net worth. Consumer debt is way up. Home equity way down. Along the same time frame, the richest 1% of Americans have more than doubled their net worth. Its even worse on a global scale. In the last decade, more than 200,000,000 people have fallen into the category of ‘extreme poverty’. Which basically means that they struggle just to survive. More than 50,000,000 have fallen into that category just in the last two years. Now, the false heroes like Madonna want us to disregard the underlying cause. They want us to ignore the OBSCENE concentration of wealth and consider only what they ‘give back’. Its a trick. Unfortunately, most people fall for it head over heels. However, the ugly truth remains. As in that game of Monopoly, the majority would be better off if the winning players (Oprah, Angelina, Brad, Bono, Bill, MADONNA, and the rest of the world’s richest 1% would just quit the game. Unfortunately, they will not. Even now, they will stop at nothing to get as rich as possisble. They now own over 40% of ALL WORLD WEALTH. Now, do you get it?

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh this dumb ho again
    i heard what u were doing the 1st 2 times fugdonna
    stop trying 2 score some good points just because ur doing this