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Reese Witherspoon Will Star in Rule #1

Reese Witherspoon Will Star in Rule #1

Reese Witherspoon will star and produce in Rule #1, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The story of an friendship between a Puerto Rican girl with attention deficit disorder and a New York woman was written by Terrel Seltzer, who co-wrote One Fine Day, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney.

Between her Avon perfume In Bloom and her work on movies, Reese will be busy coming next year!

Reese will be on the big screen next year in a yet-to-be-titled James L. Brooks project.

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  • Jorden

    Reese… :)

  • Vanessa

    Another Witherbore post. But she sure will be busy-producing and starring in another crappy movie, planning out all those staged photo ops to promote her showmance, trying to sell bad smelling perfume and cheap cosmetics, trying to appear to be nice and charitable while not making it obvious that those Avon charity appearances are part of a multi million dollar contract, thinking ways of pimping her kids for photo ops. How will she ever have time to do anything else?

  • loyal

    Vanessa, your jealousy is what is cheap and smells bad. Reese is a lovely woman with beautiful children. She handles every aspect of her life with class and style.

  • orig malibumom

    ADD/ADHD is nothing to make a movie about unless it’s a serious documentary-You have to be ADD to understand it-here’s a snippet from someone who knows: 8:30 kid is in front seat of mom’s car waiting while mom changes shoes. 8:33 Kid is in kitchen making a sandwich because he was bored while waiting for mom-8:34 Mom decides to change clothes since she has changed shoes. 8:35 Cat almost makes kid fall down as it runs past kid’s legs (Cat is ADD too). 8:35-mom is rolling down the stairs because she missed a step because she is rushing to get to work by 9:00. 8:36 kid kicks cat, cat scratches kid-kid runs to mom. 8:39-Mom and kid leave house. 9:15 Mom pulls up to house and meets fire truck and police. Half of house is destroyed by fire which started in laundry room because kid put cat in dryer and turned it on high- Well-you get the picture!-Somebody needs to hire me!

  • Shemp lugosi

    When is she going to have those chin and cheek implants removed?

  • Wow

    Who would want to watch such a boring and depressing film?
    Haven’t she learned anything from her huge fiasco about a girl with a pig’s nose.

  • Maria

    Reese is awesome, I love her. Very beautiful and classy. Jealous Jennifer Aniston fans please leave her alone. She is a great actress with real talent.
    Please leave her alone she does not deserve your nasty words.

  • Sally

    Another dumb movie project from the biggest faker in Hollywood. What? no part in it for her gay boyfriend? Awww Reese that’s not very nice!

  • Debbie

    Ewww, WTF’s hap’ning 2 her chinny,chin chin? That’s ugly!

  • BP

    What’s with her chin?

  • Mash Potatoes

    She look like a goblin!

  • sweetie pie

    Reese and Jake and so cute together. Glad she found a real man that treats her great.

  • anatomy 101

    Reese’s chin = 3rd elbow

  • LOL

    @sweetie pie: LOL he treats her great because he’s GAY.

  • Pattycake

    Here’s the Reese haters going toe to toe with the Reese worshippers. What is it about this woman that brings out the extremists? Personally I tired of her poor, pitiful single mother, small town girl alone in the big city just trying to find balance by spending more time with my children and boyfirend routine about a year ago. In reality she has about 15 planned projects coming up according to IMDB and is constantly on mag covers and working the media circuit. (I also smell a rat about her and Jake’s relationship. Diffferent thread.) She’s definitley a manipulator. But a pretty one and that’s enough for some people.

  • llama lee

    Why will her perfume keep he busy next year. Its not as if she’s manufacturing it herself is it, or does it contain extracts from her swaet glands or somethings (gross I know).

  • jim

    She is not what she pretends to be.

  • boring

    Sounds like another cr*py movie for Reese.
    Four Christmases and Penelope are pure sh*t.

  • bearding

    “Reese and Jake and so cute together. Glad she found a real man that treats her great.”
    Gay closeted actors must be nice to their beards.

  • LuckyL

    Can she still fill the seats?

  • MadamBotox

    Not sure. At first I thought it was the chin. But then I saw the nose and the chin out together, together and I’ve decided that the entire composition needs work.

    I do like Reese. Who among us is exactly the way we behave in public, or in front of company? I would hope we put our best, sweetest, kindest, nicest selves forward. I find it laughable that people accuse her of being different in private. First, how would you know, and second, please remember, this is her job. She is a famous person. She gets paid for it. Of course she is different in private! What planet did you come from that you would expect otherwise. Fools!

  • Reese is lying b!tch

    Everyone should behave in public, but Reese Witherspoon is a hypocrite and fake-nice lying b!tch.
    Here is just one of Witherspoon’s PR lies:
    Who knew that the upscale all-girls high school Harpeth Hall had a chapter of Future Farmers of America? Rex didn’t until he saw a little nugget last week from HH alum Reese Witherspoon on the Web site.

    Asked if she liked to cook, Silverspoon, er Witherspoon, replied, “I do. And Jake [Gyllenhall, her beau] is a great cook. He does a lot. We spend the weekends outside L.A, in Ojai, where I have a farmhouse. We have chickens, and we grow cucumbers and tomatoes. I love it. It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennessee.”
    Really? There are chickens on Woodmont Boulevard in Green Hills? At your parents’ house? Really? Rex guesses that the only chicken she saw when she lived in Nashville was Kentucky Fried or in the salad at the Belle Meade Plantation restaurant.

  • HaHa

    Reese has booked the next year with film shoots and fragrance promotion = no time for my children ! No wonder the kids look happier with Dad.

  • seen it

    There is a big difference between being different in public vs. private time and playing a full on character when in public that was developed for you specifically to ingratiate yourself to the masses.

    The role she plays in interviews or when in the public eye has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with her real life personality or belief system.

    This fake persona should not be your role model. The real life ball busting succeed at any cost Reese would make a good role model for many women….but you’ll never see her.

  • Reese is gross

    Reese Witherspoon is ugly inside and outside.

  • line

    People, people, people………….To ALL of you who have dissed Reese’s looks and personality, do YOU really look or act any better than she does?! Look in the mirror before trash talking others!!!

  • Pattycake

    @line: I’m OK with people I admire not being beautiful. Celeb’s need to know that beauty is a contest you will eventually lose because there’s always someone coming up younger and cuter. But Reese seems to have vested more of her energy in being the cute girl next door than she has in developing her acting career. Edgy she is not. Tiny little blonde is what she has mapped out for herself and what people turn around and judge her on. It is what it is.

  • anon

    Oh Pleaaaaaase Jolie fans leave Reese alone! At least she is classy and doesn’t sleep with married men or sell her baby pics for millions.

  • seen it

    I’m not parading myself around trying to be a role model. Reese is. If she isn’t who she says she is then I think it’s ok for people to point that out.

  • IMO

    @anon: Neither jolie nor Jen fans care to comment about Reese much . They don’t hate her or like her she just alright. They are not attracted to her.

  • truth be told

    I totally disagree
    I saw penelope for the first time and I thought it was great…
    I was glad reese did produce a great film that even though it was not a box office success will be one of those films that will be around long after jens romcom horrors are gone.

    the problem with these haters is that reese is a great oscar winning actress.. has better acting ability than Jen and has produced better rounded films than jen.

    four christmases was very funny.

    but as usual tabloids were busy reporting that reese did not get along with Vince which a total lie.

    Reese is much classier than jen will ever be.
    she does not pose haf naked to promote her films
    she do4es not go on Oprah to talk about her ex to promote her films
    she does not go around bringing a fake boyfriend to the oscar.

  • Pattycake

    @truth be told: Sorry but what does Jen Anniston have to do with it? Saying someone is better than Jen is setting a low bar. As for the fake boyfriend, don’t be so sure.

  • Reese is white trash

    Who gives a d*mn about Reese Witherspoon’s shittty movies?

  • lakers fan in boston

    the movie doesnt sound that exciting but at least it’s something

  • everyone who saw 4xmas’s

    Four Christmas’s was excrement.

  • Not so sure anymore

    I am not sure Reese really is what she portrays herself to be in the media. Yes, she is from the South but why does she always refer to that as if she is some sweet, innocent southern belle with this perfect life she had growing up Um, BOTH her parents worked which means her Mom probably wasn’t around too much. Reese was ambitious herself from an early age. No one can accuse Reese of being lazy , in fact she is too ambitious at the extent of hurting her children. Reese has been on the East Coast for months now, the summer anyway and when does she ever spend time with her kids anymore? I used to think Ryan was a douche but honestly he seems to be emotionally there for his children and takes time to be with them. I don’t see Reese dropping Deacon off to Karate or taking Ava horsebacking riding. Reese probably uses an assistant or nanny for many things where Ryan is more involved. Reese is no shrinking violet or some sweet southern belle. She comes across as calculating and a PR wizard. She knows how to work the press for sure. Can’t take that away from her. She may be talented actress and making more than her ex-husband financially but Reese doesn’t seem to be putting her time where she should and that is being there for her children -physcially and emotionally as much as possible. Don’t get a sense she really does.

  • Pattycake

    @Not so sure anymore: It’s always wise to question the story that a celeb wants to sell you. But it’s not as wise to venture too far off the known path and guess as to what flaws they have. I base my assessment of Ms. Witherspoon on what is known. She has admitted to being obsessive/compulsive about order and control. She has repeated private conversations with her children on talk shows just to seem cute and to amuse. Everytime I see that I cringe for those kids who Ryan works so hard to shelter from fame blow back. I have also seen the children out and about quite a bit with a nanny/assistant when the spin is that they are with Reese. Let’s be fair, however, maybe that could be for privacy since she draws the cameras. But she also has a list of projects as long as your arm and hasn’t taken any significant time out of performing to spend time with her kids…spend time with Jake, yes, kids, not so much. I think as much as she claims that they are her priority, that she’ll be one of those people who looks back in 10 years and wonders where the time with her children went. I think she is manipulative and capable of being quite the *itch. She has never stepped in to stop the avalanche of gossip about her ex’s behavior before the separation. Yet at the time the gossips were full of talk that they were separated long before the announcement. She seems to draw some kind of perverse pleasure out of him being villified. Yes, the father of her children. He, on the other hand, has never had a bad word to say about her nor promoted others doing so. It seems that it’s not enough for Reese to be loved, others must be hated. All of these things guide my opinion of her.

  • Reese The Beard

    “spend time with Jake, yes, kids, not so much”
    Reese is doing a lot of photo ops with gayfriend Gyllenhaal – fauxmance with Jake got boring Reese tons of publicity, and publicity is MONEY in her Avon and romcom business.

  • BS Eagle

    The kids changed Ryan’s life. He was not Mr Wholesome but went to extremes to parent appropriately and give the kids everything he can to the detriment of his career and personal life. It wasn’t until Abbie came along that he started to believe that he could break away and be a good father and get his own life together too. Now he has and he has the kids constantly. They are much better off and have a consistent and quiet life with Ryan and Abbie. Reese is still reeling that she can’t control him anymore. I think she is stunned.

  • Car


  • Crack Helen

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