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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Done With Eclipse

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Done With Eclipse

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart catch a flight from Vancouver and arrive at LAX airport on Thursday (October 29).

Robert, 23, and Kristen, 19, headed home after wrapping up filming their latest Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Director David Slade confirmed the news on his Twitter yesterday morning.

Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4.30 am October 29th,” David tweeted. “Physically and emotionally exhausted.”

The new movie is set to be released June 30th, 2010.

Check out more details on Just Jared Jr.

25+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart headed back home…

Just Jared on Facebook
robert pattison stewart home 01
robert pattison stewart home 02
robert pattison stewart home 03
robert pattison stewart home 04
robert pattison stewart home 05
robert pattison stewart home 06
robert pattison stewart home 07
robert pattison stewart home 08
robert pattison stewart home 09
robert pattison stewart home 10
robert pattison stewart home 11
robert pattison stewart home 12
robert pattison stewart home 13
robert pattison stewart home 14
robert pattison stewart home 15
robert pattison stewart home 16
robert pattison stewart home 17
robert pattison stewart home 18
robert pattison stewart home 19
robert pattison stewart home 20
robert pattison stewart home 21
robert pattison stewart home 22
robert pattison stewart home 23
robert pattison stewart home 24
robert pattison stewart home 25

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  • addds

    woow great =]]

  • celia

    They filmed that a little TOO fast. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. And they both cease to amaze me at how much they look like druggies.

  • Chris

    Yay, now let the promotions begin. I love Rob interviews.

  • Chris

    It took 3 months to film. What more do you want?

  • Chris

    It took 3 months to film. What more do you want?

  • lauren

    i love his interviews too
    his voice & sence of humor…. yes)
    btw, his was born in London and lived there for at least 20 year out of his 23, but he doesn’t have that strong British accent – suprised me at lot

  • ann

    Look who`s happy to be home! I missed Kristen`s smile. You go girl!!

  • Lieo

    Oh My God! She can smile!

    P.S. : I’m ironic for those who’ll probably think that I’m a hater…

  • gee

    love Kristen …she looks happy

  • oan

    Rob has said some real stupid things lately. good to see k happy for once. get away from rob!

  • ADT

    Um hello, they are having to crank these movies out fast. Three months is a good amount of time. Also, who cares how they dress? If that’s their personal style. Also, you would look like a druggie too if you were working 18-20 hour days and had the paps after you 24/7, they can’t take a crap without having to worry someones watching them. And lastly, they were filming the night before until after 4 am and probably had no sleep.

  • Dawn9476

    I seriously don’t get their appeal at all.

  • lala

    @Dawn9476: THANK YOU! I couldn’t agree more

  • khristi

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the books because when you read something you get to see it how you want to see it, but just like anything, when Hollywood gets their hands on it it immediately loses the appeal because they try and make it a certain “way”-meaning that the film is crap and totally geared towards a twelve year old audience.

  • k-stew fan

    anyone noticed kristen’s hair?? She still looks lovely! Go girl! :-*

  • sharon

    i thought rob was american right? im pretty sure he is

  • Amalie

    This makes the end all more real. Makes me kinda sad, too. 8(
    Love her shoes and his jacket! Yay for the beanie being back!
    && Can I just say: I’m really freaking proud of these two!!!!!
    Love Them!!!

  • Amalie

    Nope, he is def. british..born in London.

  • carol

    Bla, bla, bla robert pattinson, bla, bla, bla kirsten stewart. what they got ? to me they’re not so hot, they’re not so awesome. u.u

  • To Celia

    They DON’T Look like druggies!!!!! Just because they are not dress up in Nice fancy dosen’t mean they are druggies!! So Celia don’t be jealous cause they are famous.

  • helen w.

    no, they dont look like druggies.
    and.. oh.. is that kristen smiling? this should shut some people up, shouldnt it?

  • Twilight Loverrr

    @celia: stop hating!!!

  • Twilight Loverrr

    umm… no he’s from england thats why he has a english accent!!

  • Paula

    @Khristi- The books were geared toward 12 year old girls. They are under the YA category which is 12-18. I’m 48 years old and loved the books.

  • amy

    he doesn’t look great here, i cant believe im saying this but he’s growing on me :O

  • Ana-Lexie

    @Paula: Actually, the books for geared toward adults. Before this whole hype with twilight began, stephanie said it herself that it was for adults. But of course, with the movie out and all, I guess she decided to not mention it afterwards.

  • xxx

    The first film was ATROCIOUS, so I’ll be avoiding the remaining three films like the plague…. and after the TERRIBLE acting of EVERYONE involved in the first movie.. I’ll also be avoiding any future projects of the cast………

  • kay

    omg JUNE? that is sooooo soon! New moon hasn’t even come out yet! But that’s coming up super soon too. Shit, they really rushed it. I guess high demand pressured them, but seriously, I’m not THAT impatient.

    I dislike the movies because the lead actors irritate me to no end, but Twilight in general is awsome, I’m still excited to see the films =D. Just not AS excited as I would be if I actually thought the movies are 5/5 stars amazing. Cuz they’re not. They just feed Twilgiht fan’s unhealthy obsession.

  • kai

    theyre so f**king

  • Ashley

    They are so perfect together! –

  • Erin

    Does he purposely button his shirt wrong???

  • gael

    Why are they considered attractive?They are fugley , i can honestly say i look far better than him and my girlfrien(and all girl friends i have) look like godesses compared to her!!!!! And NO I`M NOT HATER, if they were Megan Fox and Henry Cavill i would shut my mouth, but they are so ordinary!!!!! And i would understand if they were great actors, but they suck at acting!!! So what`s the point?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks horrible
    is there not a day this fug faced chick decides 2 look decent instead of dirty

  • mia

    Love them, can’t wait to see New Moon. To the haters…jealousy gives you premature wrinkles :)

  • Robsten


  • avery09


    Me too! :)

  • dream is over

    At least with Rob he does’nt go around acting like he’s all it and knocking his fans that have helped make him popular unlike other celebraties do especially Zac Efron he thinks he’s all it.

  • KA


    PPL should keep the Drug comment to themselves… we do not appreciated it here …

    they dressed down … so what… what’s your problem .. smoking isn’t good but it’s not a crime…

  • KA

    @lakers fan in boston:

    Please reframe yourself for such rude comments …
    not every so called celebs needs to dress up all the time …
    they are human beings too, they dressed down and have no makeup on…
    stop thrashing on KRISTEN! STUPID immature jealous haters…

  • KA


    just ignore it, why bother to comment…lol…

  • Kfan

    God they both looked awesome :)

    Imagine looking good with simple dress up …

    Kstew rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such lovely pale skin ….

  • Khristi

    I’ll bet everything that I have that these two people aren’t even dating. I think that it’s really good publicity. As someone mentioned early on, the film sucked ass-the books were so amazing, and Hollywood dumbed it down for people that would watch just about anything and enjoy it. There was no acting involved and they cannot act there way out of a paper bag.