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Sienna Miller Has A Tough Day

Sienna Miller Has A Tough Day

Sienna Miller walks her dog, Bess, through New York City’s Soho and has a bit of an emotional moment on Thursday.

Looks like Sienna just wanted to walk Bess in peace without photographers capturing the moment.

Despite recent reports that the 27-year-old actress, who’s currently starring in Broadway’s After Miss Julie, has rekindled her romance with Jude Law, a rep for Jude recently said any such story is totally false.

Jude and Sienna are just friends and are seeing each other socially occasionally as they are both on Broadway, performing just one block apart,” his rep told Glamour.

Hang in there, Sienna – everybody has those days.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller walking her pup through Soho…

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sienna miller dog walking 01
sienna miller dog walking 02
sienna miller dog walking 03
sienna miller dog walking 04
sienna miller dog walking 05
sienna miller dog walking 06
sienna miller dog walking 07
sienna miller dog walking 08
sienna miller dog walking 09
sienna miller dog walking 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • British Latin America

    What man will she get her claws into next

  • Snapper

    Make-up does a body good! I thought she was better looking than this. Oh well.

  • jane

    Her & Jude/Balthazr etc were all fake showbiz couples. Just like Rene Zelwager & Bradly Cooper.

  • carmen

    Sienna has a tough day or emotional moment? So she tried to ride on Jude’s coattails and since that didn’t work, she is back to playing the victim. If she is so disturbed by the paps, she should stop calling them.

    So how long before she is spotted with the married man?

  • Evelyn

    She looks pretty bad in those pictures. That is what a diet of alcohol and cigarettes will do to you. And I’ve said it before, Jude is not stupid enough to take Sienna on again. Why would he want to get back together with her when he knows that it’ll be non-stop drama. Look at Getty, his hair turned grey after his affair with Sienna, although he definitely deserved that faithless dog.

  • lana

    @Jared – this dog of sienna’s is Porgy… not Bess. Love her – give her a break… her rep is totally media created.

  • cute

    that was a quick denial.
    her dog is cute!

  • dolorescraeg

    i thought this was a jude law site but it seems to be sienna miller and samantha burke….how about giving us some more photos of jude with the kids…he took iris and rudy to see hamlet. raff saw it in london….please keep it strictly a site for jude….that would be nice.

  • mike

    Her and Jude would go well together, they were both sluts then and they’re both sluts now!

  • groundcontrol

    That photo shows she has a naturally beautiful face and bone structure.

  • Pole

    She looks quite plain here. Cudos to her makeupartists.

  • **Jamie**

    @ groundcontrol

    i wouldn’t call her beautiful.

    She is a plain jane without make-up

  • James

    She is savagely attactive and cool– make up or no make up her face, bone structure, everything– flawless and sexy. Why don’t the paps just leave her alone, she is clearly not in the mood for them.

  • Fiona

    That’s a shame…..she always seems to be on her own with her dog. Maybe she needs some friends to hang out with! When I feel crap after a rubbish day at work I go and get myself a takeout coffee and a cupcake and then I feel a lot better lol!

  • Dakota

    Ah, the perils of homewrecking…

  • Ashley

    She’ll sleep with anyone. who cares

  • lakers fan in boston

    im surprised that jude and her are even friends
    she should really stop smoking
    she’s getting kinda rough and she’s not even in her 30s

  • belinda

    Man, why all these posts on this stupid wxxxx, who is famous for sleeping with with any Tom, Dick or Harry and not for her excellent acting skills? She is a haggard, false, wingy and cheap peace of rubbish that should eff off. And you Jared should stop posting on her, she is boring and useless and full of shit.

  • Eduard

    Hmm, right. Give me a break!

  • A

    she’s good at crying, isn’t she. one of the best.
    she must be heading to the restaurant “Balthaxar” on Spring street, just to refresh some memoires. but, all of a sudden, the papz ruined her little plans.
    “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. yeah, almost. poor Sisi.

  • carmen

    JL people denied that there was/is anything going on between JL and Sienna and now there are reports that she broke up with her sister’s ex boyfriend. So Sienna is gearing up for a reunion with the married man on Thanksgiving. And people wonder why people won’t take Sienna seriously when she says that she has changed. Well we all knew where this was headed, so the public will be bombarded with photos of Sienna and Getty spending Thanksgiving together. It wasn’t matter of “if”, but “when”. After she did those Vogue interview, she showed up in Italy with the married to celelbrate their anniversary. So now she is going to show up in London or NY or LA, to celebrate their anniversary again. Then their will be another holiday trip to Mexcio and then more complaing about how there is no sisterhood even though she is kissing another sister’s husband.

  • A

    I guess you’re right. eventually there’s gonna be another ‘reunion’ story.
    but even though she never changes, her life has changed, almost irreversibly, to the point that now for her there’s no difference of what people will say. now she has nothing to lose.
    and that ‘hope’ thing never really works, but it keeps her in denial perfectly well.

  • Dink

    She and Balthazar are back on! What a liar!

  • A
    yeah, what a liar. )))))
    but who really cares what this duo of s*cumbags does. they just deserve each other

  • carmen

    And just like people said, it wasn’t a matter of “if” she saw the married man again, but “when”. So SM and BG have “reunited” because for some odd reason she thinks the time is “right”. Sienna must have the worst pr team in the world.

    And why is the media acting all shocked because she “reunited” with BG? The public wasn’t buying her “I’m a changed person” act and knew that she was lying and was seeing the married man under the pretense that she was dating the DJ, JH, and JL?

  • james

    @lakers fan in boston: What do you think people look like on a regular basis? Because the day that sienna miller is considered ‘old looking’ pigs will also fly. Seriously, that picture depicts a healthy woman in her late 20′s who is not wearing kilograms of make-up or is photoshopped to the extreme. She looks pretty darn beautiful in those photos, I think. No wonder people have so many self-esteem issues in our society– nobody can live up to such high standards.

  • Hollyb

    @james: I dunno. I think Sienna scrubs up well but she definitely looks older than her age. I also think she is pretty average looking without makeup and hair, etc, as demonstrated here: I have to say, I look MILES better than Sienna does without make up and that is not an idle boast. I also look a lot younger. I don’t know what she is doing to herself, with the drinking and the tanning and smoking (and running around with other women’s husbands) but she needs to stop because she is going to look like HELL in a saggy (and scrawny) crocodile skin by the time she hits her mid 30s.

  • James

    @Hollyb: Personally, I think she looks beautiful in that picture. I also think she is someone to admire for going out without make-up, and going out natural looking, showing people what a person actually looks like. Again, I think she looks incredible and that she does not need make-up in the first place. People could learn something from a woman who is not completely self-obsessed and doesn’t have a lifestyle that excludes doing things that might or might not age her a tad. Clearly, sienna miller does not have a problem with her lifestyle, so I do not understand why so many people do. Also, you must really be a knockout if you claim to look ‘MILES better than Sienna Miller’, who is actually considered to be one of the sexiest, most desirable and most beautiful women in the world…

  • Natasha

    Point, I believe that people are giving this woman more credit than she might deserve. I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one might think is beautiful, stunning or gorgeous, the other might think the opposite. Also, she seems to really depend on her looks instead of talent as an actress. She can be considered, but yet isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. There are millions pretty girls out there more stunning and sexier than her.

  • Hollyb

    @James: I rarely wear make up – I cannot be bothered with it most of the time. I certainly look better than she does without make up! I agree with Natasha – Sienna’s charms are exaggerated and she does seem to rely on her looks and reputation as a fashionista a bit too much when she should focus more on her acting. Yes, she scrubs up well but without make up, hair and clothes, I doubt she gets that many second glances. Certainly no more than many pretty girls wandering around the streets – despite her supposed “most sexy and desirable woman in the world” status. Which, I have to say, she isn’t (according to the lists that capture these things).

  • A

    “…we love you!”
    she sure does have some sanctum of perpetual fans. who can sacrifice everything in the name of truth of life of poor Sisi.
    watch carefully if you can stomach it. turn down the sound and watch her face. clearly this is a tormented woman with daemons close to the surface

  • James

    If Sienna Miller was not one of the most beautiful women in the world, then why was she named #2 in’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women? and Why was she #11 on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100? Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if we are going to run by that logic, then I will say that my 98 year old grandfather is more gorgeous than her. Sienna captivates people– her frantic and free-spirited lifestyle is interesting to society. Why else does she keep getting photographed constantly? We can choose to ignore it but it’s clear people would much rather talk about her, for the better or for the worse. Sienna is attractive and all the credit she earns for it, is well deserved. Now we can go into technicalities, but her style icon status and beauty are undeniable. Of course she is not the MOST beautiful, but she has charm, star-quality and is appealing to the vast majority of men and women in terms of ‘beauty’. If she relies on her ‘fashionista’ status too much, then that’s because people like her style and she gets attention for it, nothing wrong with that. Her films speak for themselves– her groundbreaking turn in ‘Factory Girl’ as Edie Sedgwick, her artful performance as Katjya in ‘Interview’ or her most recent ‘compelling’ turn as Miss Julie in ‘After Miss Julie’ show her range and willingness to challenge herself as an actress.
    In regards to those videos posted, they do a good job at exposing the abusive behaviour of the papparazzi.

  • teri


    She is a selfish, soulless person who targets other women’s husbands because it makes her feel powerful. She pleads the case of poverty in the Congo, and then spends $27,000 on an ugly dress she will only wear once. She’s a spokesperson for Global Warming, and then flies all over the world for vacations and other silly reasons. She lies and says stupid, insulting things all the time, and then never takes responsibility, but blames them on the interpretation or the journalist for printing them. If this is beauty, I would say, is there no triuth in beauty? Because she is one of the ugliest people I’ve seen. As far as the abusive paparazzi, she is on recotrd as having outlandish bhavior if the paps ignore her, so she can’t hate them that much.

  • Hollyb

    @James: Maxim and Ask Men? Do they speak for everyone? How do you know she is appealing to ‘the vast majority of men and women’? Have you asked them? Because she is kind of scrawny, according to most of the men I know…

    And what a pity the reviewers do not agree with your glowing summary of her talent. I suspect you would have to be a bed buddy to find out where her real talents lie…


    I have always found sienna miller very average looking and even with makeup I don’t find her attractive. I totally agree with Hollyb! Magazine’s like mazim and websites such as are full of crap because it’s only based on the readership which I’m sure are total neanderthals and definetly don’t speak for the masses!