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Adam Lambert Splits with Boyfriend Drake LaBry

Adam Lambert Splits with Boyfriend Drake LaBry

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, interior designer Drake LaBry, are calling it quits, a source close to the couple exclusively tells

“The relationship just ran its course,” says the source. “The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

Adam, who is dressing up tonight as a glammed-out vampire, is celebrating Halloween with singer pal Katy Perry, who is dressing up as the ass of a camel (it’s a two-part costume with actress pal Shannon Woodward).

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • t

    sad, i’m loving his single i hope the album does well

  • whatever, yo

    “The relationship just run its course,” says the source. “The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

    That should be written/said, “The relationship just RAN its course.”


  • Denise

    This honestly makes me sad. I want Adam to be happy so whatever makes him happy but…I hate breakups. D:

  • jorge

    that’s cool w/ me. was not feeling drake’s facial hair haha!

  • Stan

    Too bad. But honestly. I like the idea of Lambert single. And he has seemed in good spirits lately if you judge by his tweets. Er. Twats.

  • Kris

    ..Now all we have to do is get rid of Katy.

  • LuckyL


  • viky

    Happy Halloween to me!!! Yeahhh!!

  • Yar

    I saw this coming but I didn’t think it was going to be so soon.

  • elin

    Want to see adam with hot new guys,drake is too Girly for my taste,sorry adam.

  • katy

    ICU Kris!

  • Kate


  • Pandora

    I hate break ups too, but…not knowing the dynamics. Things change a lot when one of the two gains notoriety. I agree # 10. Let’s see Adam w/ new hotties. Drake? Euh. Should be interesting!

  • Stella

    Drake was just starting to grow on me. Oh well, I hope Adam’s happy and he seems to remain pretty good friends with his exes. I flove the new singe, “For Your Entertainment”. I can’t wait to see Adam perform this song at American Music Awards.

  • missy

    did adam split with drake just to sell more records, what adam wont
    do to sell records, ???? i guess now he’ll say hes dating Katy Perry
    just to sell more records,

  • SuzyQ

    Very sorry to hear that things didn’t work out for Drake and Adam as a couple but hopefully they will stay friends. The strain of a long tour, Adam working flat ot to release his album and being constantly thrust in the limelight must have taken its toll. Adam has millions of us to love him in his professional life, but I also want him to find love and happiness in his personal one. Good luck Adam in finding him!

  • Sarah

    LMAO @ “kris and katy” comments. Too funny.

    All I hope for adam is happiness and success.

  • Sarah

    @missy: wow… you really are ridiculous. Adam and Drake haven’t been dating that long, only since the end of Idol. Adam’s been very busy and it’s pretty obvious when they are out in public that Drake isn’t fond of all the attention.

    I doubt Adam will claim to be dating a girl… he’s gay in case you missed the memo.

  • Kaylie

    YES, that big nosed twinkie is way beneath Adam. Adam deserves someone equally has hot as he is.

  • Jane

    @missy: Missy that is truly pathetic. Adam deserves to find someone and be happy and you obviously don’t follow him at all if you think he is that type of person. It was becoming obvious that Adam’s fame was hard for Drake to handle and I am sure the lack of privacy didn’t help either. I wish them both well and hope Adam eventually finds the love he has been looking for.

  • kris


    like me? =)

  • kami

    when you’re in a relationship strictly for sex it does “run its course” really quick. there needs to be a deep friendship and compatibility along with the sex to have a lasting relationship.

  • StarLight

    @Missy, are you always this ugly, maybe though it’s happened to you ,so sorry if that was the case, Adam is not that shallow, maybe you should listen to the interview with Micheal Sarver who definitely did not agree with any Adam at the beginning of AI but during the tour Micheal said he learned the most from Adam and not about music but about being a good human being, with openess and compassion. Love the man, love his music, love his beautiful soul, you Rock Adam babe, so proud of you, I know you wil attain greatness!

  • Wondy

    Actually Drake was around during most–if not all–of AI. Celebrity makes stable relationships difficult. They probably didn’t get to see one another that much. Just hope Adam finds happiness with another close relationship.

  • rosita

    Drake seems like a wonderful, creative and caring person, who has stuck by his boyfriend Adam for a long time, before Adam auditioned for Idol and reached this level of fame..

    We wish Drake the very best in his future, and hope they can find a way to transform their relationship to a healthy friendship..

  • queeneetha

    I could never ever see them together – the boy had no class. Honestly – didn’t he seem rather sleezy to anyone besides me. Of course I want Adam to be crazy happy – but not with a Klingon.

    Adam needs to focus on his career and let the right person come into his life that he can trust and who will support his crazy life style. That will happen for him … I just know it.

  • queeneetha

    I’m just saying he really gave me the weird vibes. The other day Adam was with a songwriter guy and they looked adorable together- very happy and comfortable together. I sensed Adam was kind of edgey around Drake… Oh well I am obsessed with Adam and I truly want him to be happy… just saying… his new relationship is his career and he needs to let it grow.

  • OLI

    I don’t know if this is true and frankly it’s none of our business. But I have to admit that Adam and Drake just wasn’t right IMO. Drake might be a nice guy, but for some weird reason I just wasn’t feeling him and Adam as a couple. If they have gone their separate ways, I wish them both happiness in their own right. If they are still together and this article is just a sham, well then I’m sorry about my negativity towards their relationship and I wish them hapiness regardless of my personal opinion.

  • only truth

    Drake was only using Adam. Let’s face it Adam is not very good looking and kinda over weight. It’s all make-up and hair dye.

  • doriangrey

    @Kaylie: @Kaylie: Looks are everything, right? I think your description of Drake is quite homophobic and not at all giving any credit to Adam’s choice in a partner.

  • adamfan12345

    I still think this is a rumor. Until I here it from Adam or Drake, it’s not a done deal.
    Also, what’s with the snarkiness about Drake? I’m sure he is a sweet guy and I think he’s cute.
    Adam’s not a shallow person and would not be with someone because of their looks.
    We don’t know…they both may be hurting right now.
    Please give them a break and let their relationship be their personal business.

  • doriangrey

    @adamfan12345: Well said.

  • beerfeast

    yeah yeah…whatever! These bloggers are full of shit…they are all liars!

  • yes way

    I actually think Drake is too hot for Adam. The only reason why people thinks Adam is so hot is because he’s famous but if he wasn’t famous I think any gay man would rather date Drake.

  • coco

    if this is true I am sure Adam will find another boy to date

  • LuckyL

    I kind of can’t wait to see who Adam’s going to be dating though LOL

  • LuckyL

    elin @ 10/31/2009 at 10:29 pm

    Want to see adam with hot new guys,drake is too Girly for my taste,sorry adam.

  • nottoospicy

    @only truth:

    only truth, your comment is disgusting. Adam is good looking and incredibly sexy and just because he is not stick-thin it doesn’t make him overweight.

    That’s what’s wrong with society these days and people like you who perpetuate physical perfection as the end all and be all.

    No matter what you look like, you seem pretty ugly inside.

  • LuckyL

    ^^^And then in another breath they’d complain another gay man looks too girly, thin etc. even though Adam’s is very masculine and sexy (he has no belly). No one can win and that’s why they should simply be the weight that healthiest for them/ makes them feel happy.

  • adie

    Nothing against Drake, but maybe Cassady Haley is still single.
    Adam and Cassady would make the hottest couple ever! Check him out on youtube. (Whiskey in Churches, etc.) Looks, voice, songwriting ability, sweetness, intelligence, creativity (plays the guitar, designs clothes with Skingraft); he’s got it all. Adam, call Cassady!

  • LuckyL

    ^^^I just looked up this Cassidy. Yeah, he’s cute. Apparently he and Adam are already friend’s as he tweeted a congrats or something before.

  • DeDe

    Kidding, right? This was relationship was on the rocks as soon as the tour ended. Anyone with eyes could see it. Started when each were in a different place. You are obviously an Adam hater.

  • lola

    @ Elin, Adam likes twinks, going by Drake, and Brad, the love of his life going by unreliable gossip.

  • Mandy

    @Missy, you seem like a really rotten person to be posting on an Adam thread just to put him down. You must be a fan of one of the other idols and are just jealous that Adam is getting all the attention, even more than the winner. Everyone who has ever worked with Adam have nothing but nice things to say about him, he has countless friends and fans who love him, as well as a loving and supportive family. He always comes across as down to earth in interviews and he has helped raise a lot of money for charity even before he has received any proceeds from his album. This was a guy living in a bug infested studio apartment in Hollywood, has worked extremely hard, and deserves all the success he is receiving now. Why on earth must you attack his character, which has only been shown to be impeccable? And he even supports the other idols even though they may not do the same for him. That’s true character – he is extremely loving, caring, and supportive of others without expecting anything in return.

  • Trisha

    May I suggest for consideration: Neil Patrick Harris. He was standing by himself on the red carpet near where Adam was at the This Is It premiere. Neil just broke up with his boyfriend of five years. So he is available. He is bright, rich and cute. Just right for Adam. Just saying…..

  • LuckyL

    ^^^That’s actually rather unfortunate =(

  • jolie

    I’m not surprised. You could so totally tell that Adam was not into that “forced kiss” initiated by Drake at the 7-11. Not only that, he looks much happier in those photo’s with Cheeks!!!!!

  • maryann

    Well, breakups are always inevitable. But frankly, i love to see Adam single and available!!! Yippee…

  • **Jamie**


  • n_n

    Adam goes now for Bill Kaulitz!!!